The house was full of f****y, and she was trying to finish up the Kitchen so she could go back out there with them. Standing at the sink she would look out the window as she wash the dishes, wishing she was alone with her favorite Uncle. Just thinking about him got her body heated up. She saw his rolling home on wheels, as he called it.

He sat quietly listening to his b*****rs and they’re wife's chatting. He was not into them much, he came here for one reason only and that was his niece. Just thinking about her was making his cock hard. He needed a drink.

“I am heading to the Kitchen for a drink, anyone want anything?” he told them.

A chorus of no’s followed him. He walked into the room, and saw her standing at the sink. He walks up behind her, putting his arms around her, leaning down to whisper in her ear.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite niece. Mmmm, you smell wonderful, and taste just as good.” he said softly in her ear.

His hands moved up her sides, as his mouth kissed around her ear first, then moving down to her neck and shoulders. Meanwhile his hands slowly moved up under her top, stopping just under her breasts. He looked down at her rising and falling breasts, he wanted to take them in his hands, and squeeze them, but he did not push it yet.

She took his hands and moved them to cover her tit’s, pressing his hands tightly against them. She shifted her feet back and forth, she could feel her ass brushing against his cock. It was growing harder each time she rubbed her ass across.

“Oh Baby, I love your tit’s, they fit perfectly in my hands.” he groaning as he whispered in her ear.

They both heard someone laugh just outside the kitchen door, and they broke apart quickly. He grabs his drink, and asked her if she like college. She plunged her hands into the soapy water to wash, and answer her Uncle’s question.

“I think I will go for a walk around the Lake.” her Uncle said.

She just finish wiping the sink off when she felt her daddy press himself against her.

“Oh baby, daddy’s so hard for you right now, and if we did not have the company in the next room I would shove my hard cock up your hot pussy.” he whisper harshly in her ear.

“Ooooooooo.” she moaned, pressing her ass back against her daddy’s hard cock.

“HURRY UP WITH THAT WHISKEY HONEY!!” her step mom yelled from the living room.

“I’ll take it out to them, met me in the upstairs bathroom.” she whispered in his ear.

Grabbing three different bottles and all the mixes, glasses, and the ice bucket. She took it out to them.

“Daddy had to go to the bathroom, he said that you guy's wanted this stuff.” she told them, sitting it down on the coffee table.

She left them to there’ re drinks and went upstairs. As she came to the bathroom door was open and there her daddy was leaning against the sink pumping his cock hard. She walks in and closes the door, sliding the lock in place and she kneels down.

“Let me daddy, oh ya, hard. I can feel him throbbing.” she softly said.

Her hand ran up and down the length before putting it in her mouth. She sucked him deeply, and quickly, knowing that he had to cum soon. They did not have much time.

“Oh God Baby, Daddy’s going to cum, oh god now baby. Aaaaggggghhh!!!!” he groaned harshly.

She swallowed every drop, stood up, licking her lips, leaning in and whispering.

“Some how, some way, I am going to have both you and Uncle Larry in my bed soon. Tonight I am gong to sneak out to his bus and show him just how much I love him. Just in case you come looking for me daddy.” she whispered.

He steps back looking at her for a long time, then he smiled and told her He would find some way to get rid of everyone but Larry and him.

She stopped in the Kitchen. Everyone had gone to bed hours ago. Quietly she open the door and stepped out. It was a cool night, the wind was blowing good, and it was making her robe flap open a little. Slowly she made her way around the yard to her Uncle’s bus. Her hand on the handle, she found it not lock. Thanking god, she open it and went in. No lights were on, but a soft glow came from the back of the bus. She dropped he robe and walked back there.

(meanwhile in the house)

He slips out of bed, his wife was out cold, she pass out as she was sucking his cock. He was not happy. He went down to see if his daughter was still up. He opens her door and went to her bed finding it empty. He smiled knowing where he would find her.

He stood by the door of his b*****rs trailer, carefully he open the door and step in.

“OH GOD BABY SUCK ME!!!” he heard his b*****r groaned.

He smiled knowing just how that felt to be in his daughters mouth as she sucked him. He stayed there and listens to them.

Her Uncle laid back watching a porn of a young blonde getting fuck from behind by an older man, while he stroke his cock. She stops in the doorway watching her Uncle stroking his cock.

“Hello Uncle Larry, may I cum, mmm join you?” she asked him.

He looked up, and saw her standing there naked. He feet hit the floor and he sat up facing her. Holding out his hand to her, she took it and straddled his lap. His hands went to her back,

“Are you sure Baby?” he asked her.

She reached down between their body’s, grabbing his cock, and rubbing it up against her already wet pussy.

“Yes, very sure Uncle.” she said harshly.

He leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth and she cried out as he bit it gentle. She pushed him back and went down on her knees. Her hand wrapped around his throbbing cock, pumping him up and down slow, and tight.

He lifted his head and watched as her mouth came down and swallowed his cock head.

“OH GOD BABY SUCK ME!!!” he groaned.

She played with his cock, she licked, sucked, and caressed his cock till he begged her to let him cum. She did once she had his cock deep in her throat. He was still hard when she pulled her mouth away.


She stood up and crawled on top of him. Grabbing his cock, she rubbed it against her pussy.

“Oooooooooo.” she moaned.

“Feels good don’t it baby, oh ya it will feel a lot better once we get it inside you, for both of us. Oh yes!, that’s it baby, push down. Aaaaaaaaaggggghhh!! Fuck baby, Your so fucking tight.” he grunted, and groaned as he thrusts up into her pussy.

He pulled her down to him, grabbing her ass, pulling her harder towards him.

Her daddy heard enough now he walked slowly back to them, saw his daughter’s ass with his b*****rs hand squeezing her ass cheeks. He walked up between his b*****rs legs, leaned down and ran his tongue up and down his daughter’s ass crack

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH!, FUCK!, YES DADDY! SUCK MY ASS HOLE!!” she screamed when she felt her daddy’s tongue.

Larry jerked up, saw his b*****r standing there smiling, and jerking on his own cock.

“Hey b*o. Sorry I cannot help wanting your daughter.” he told him.

“Hell Larry, I have not had her in a week, Stef was home all week getting ready for you guys. After you left earlier, met her in the bathroom for a quick one, that’s when she told me that she was coming out her to you tonight. So I came out to fuck her ass.” he told Larry.

“In that door beside you is some stuff if you need it.” Larry said, then went back to fucking his niece.

He watched his daughter and b*****r gong at it hard, he reached in and grab a bottle, poured it on her ass hole and his cock. “Ya he was slick enough to get it in her ass.” he thought as he rubbed the had against her puckered hole. Slowly he pushed his cock into her tight ass hole, stopping here and there till he had all eight inches buried up her ass.


(meanwhile in her parents bedroom)

He stood looking at his s****r-in-law, his wife was passed out cold. he wondered why his b*****r-in-law was, but he really did not care, he wanted her, has sense he attended their wedding five years ago when he saw her naked. His fantasy’s were hot and made sex with his wife ten time more pleasurable. He went over to the bed and slowly pulled down the sheet covering her body.

His cock started throbbing at the sight of her naked body. He eased his body down on the bed and moved his cock closer to her mouth. Rubbing the head back and forth across her mouth and lips. Slowly he eased his cock inside her mouth when she open it for him.

“Mmmmm yes oh Stef love your mouth, ooooooooohhhh godddddddd!!!!” he groaned, and thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth.

On hand went to play with her tit’s, and the other went to rub her pussy. After about 20 minutes of this he was close to cumming, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and went around the bed, spreading her legs wider. He moved, careful not to wake her, between her legs. Took his cock and press it against her pussy, and slowly pushed in.

She opens her eyes to find her b*****r-in-law on top of her and then she felt his cock.

“OH GOD!, YES!, FUCK ME!, FUCK ME TOMMY.” she told him.


Uncle Larry, her daddy, and her stood listening.

“OH GOD!, YES!, FUCK ME!, FUCK ME TOMMY.” her step mom yelled.

“OH GOD!, YES!, FUCK ME!, FUCK ME GREGG.” Mary yelled.

“OH GOD!, YES!, FUCK ME!, FUCK ME Frank.” Stacy yelled.

“OH GOD!, YES!, FUCK ME!, FUCK ME James.” Becky yelled.

They smiled at their own secret.

“Guess i have who I want and they each have who they want.” her daddy said.

“Daddy what would you think of me if I tell you that I would like to have all my uncle’s and you too for one night.” she said.

He looked at her, then to his b*****r.

“Then Baby I will try and, get them just for you.” he told her.

All the women were gone shopping. He had the men sitting around the living room. He looked at each and everyone one of them.

"Ok guys. I know that last night that each one of you guys were not fucking your Wives." he said.

Boy that got their attention quickly.

"Now I don't care that Tommy you were fucking Stef, Gregg was fucking Mary, James was fucking Becky, or Frank was fucking Stacy. What I would like to know right now is if you would like to have a day and night with my daughter." he told them.

Both him and Larry watched the shock of surprise look came across each one of his b*****rs.

"I think I can talk for all of us and say yes , hell yes we would love fucking her, better than the ones we fuck last night." James stood and said.

Plans were made and each would leave for a camping trip up in the mountains, a mans night out. He went upstairs and told his daughter what would happen. She grabs the phone and called a man she knew would love a night in her step moms and Aunts company.

The next day she came down and called out for her Stef.

"Hi Stef, I am spending the night at Carla's house." she said and left.

She went straight to the cabin, once there she moved all the furniture out of the living room, and dragged the mattress's out. She stood back, and looked at what she did. She grabbed all the pillows tossing them down there to. Now she undress and put on a long sheer black grown with matching thongs, and lays down in the middle of the bed. She heard the guys pulling in.

"Are you sure you want us to fuck her Brad?" they asked.

"Tell me is your cock hard thinking about it. If the answer is yes then lets get inside I am sure she is already there waiting." he told them.

The door open, and one by one her Uncles came into the room. She got up and went to each of them, kissed them, hugged them, and her hand squeezed, and rubbed each of their cocks. She walked back and sat down. Looking at each one she then told them to undress and come over one at a time and give her their cocks to suck.

One cock after another she sucked slowly till she had cum all over her body. She told Tommy to lay down, she climb on his cock and rode it, then she called to Gregg to fuck her ass. One by one each Uncle fucked her pussy and ass hole. She went to shower as the guys cook something to eat.

Her daddy layed down and told her to come over and slid her ass down on his cock, she did. He looked at each of the men and told them that they were to slide their cocks in her pussy fuck a few strokes, then moved onto her mouth, keep going to each of them had cum in her pussy and mouth.

(at the house with the lady's)

They sat around and told one another what happen to them last night, then the door bell rang. Stef answer the door.

"Hello sexy lady's, I am here to dance for you." the young good looking man said, as he walked in.

Music started playing and he started dancing, one by one his clothes came off. Wearing just a g-string he went around to each lady touching their necks with a kiss and a whisper in their ear, how he would like lick and suck on each of their titties.

Stef knew him, he was a friend of her stepdaughters, and had been here many times. She had caught him looking at her a few times. It always left her wondering what it would be like with him. When he got to her, her neck bent, and he licked, kissed, and whispered in her ear.

"My favorite lady, you turn me on so much, I am hard as a rock whenever I am around you." he whispered, stepped back and rip away his G-string.

"OH MY!" they gasp.

He went over to the coffee table and sat down, lean back, closed his eyes, and started stroking his cock. His hips lifted as he was thrusting into someone. He stood up and walk to each lady, rubbing his cock against each mouth. A few licks were taken, then he went to the center of the room and layed down on the floor.

"Your more than welcome to join me lady's, in fact I would be greatly pleased if you did. I want to licked and sucked each of you. Tonight I am yours to have." he said, looking at each of them. With the last thing he said he look right at Stef.

Stef got up took off her robe, and walk over to him. She straddled his hips and lowered her pussy down on his cock. Each lady sat on his face, as Stef rode his cock, long and hard. When she was done she stood up and sat down and watch him with each lady. After pleasing each of them, they each went to their rooms, leaving Stef behind. He picked her up, carried her upstairs to the bathroom. Once in the shower he had her against the wall pounding his cock hard into her pussy. All she could do was whimper.

(the cabin)

She looked around the room, looked like they were all sl**ping, well except for Uncle Tommy. She walks over to him.

"What's wrong Uncle Tommy?" she asked.

He smiled down at her, seeing she still had nothing on made his cock takes notice.

"Nothing really Baby, just wishing some alone time with you." he told her, hugging her.

"Let's take a walk outside then." she told him.

Grabbing a blanket and two pillows, she took his hand and they went out.

They found a place by the little Lake, he laid out the blanket and toss the pillows, grabbing her hand he took her into the cool water. They swam awhile then he took her in his arms, pressing her back against his chest, caressing her tummy.

"I have a confession to make to you honey." he whispered.

"Mmmm, and what would that be." she moaned as his hand cupped her tit, squeezing it.

"I Love You, not as my niece, but as a Woman, I would like to make love to you without a condom, I want to have my baby." he whispered, sliding his cock between her thighs.

She turned in his arms and kissed him hard.

"I Love You to, yes I want your baby tonight." she told him.

He picked her up and carried her to the blankets. He took his time licking, and sucking every inch of her body, made her cum so many times she lost count. Then he slowly slid his cock deep inside her pussy, lifting her hips up so he could get deeper.


He pounded his cock hard into her, you could hear their bodies slapping against one another.

"OH GOD BABY I'M GOING TO CUM, AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!" he grunted loudly in her ear, jerking his cock deeper.

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