When 3 of the older boys from the high school down the block from me, told me that they were going to the drive-in movie that weekend and asked me if I wanted to come along, I didn't think anything was wrong. But when I asked my step-uncle later that night if I could go, he gave me a strange look but finally gave-in because one of the boys only lived 2 houses away and said, " Ok ". Did he already know why 3 older boys would want to take a 5th grader to the a drive-in movie with them, when all of them were in high school already? Had older boys taken him somewhere, when he was my age or even littler? Had older boys done something to him when he was around my age or gotten him to do something to them, like these older boys were getting ready to do with me?

When we got to the movie, the one driving headed for the back row and looked for a good place to park. I wanted to sit up closer but didn't say anything because I thought that if I did, that they'ed never bring me again. So, I kept quiet.

They were arguing about finding another space, where there weren't any other cars around and I didn't understand that at all. What difference did it make anyway?

As soon as we were parked, one of them got out and opened up the trunk, pulled out a bottle and everybody yelled, " Let's Party " and one after another they took a drink from it and then calmly handed it to me.

" Nooo"

" What's the matter boy, are you chicken?"

" Am not."

" Sure you are, otherwise you'ld drink some."

" Even though it burned when I put it in my mouth, I did drink some, I don't know how much of it I drank but when they said, " More " and I turned the bottle up again and swallowed more of it.

I had never drank anything before and right away started feeling sl**py or something like that. I wasn't sick, just feeling drowsy or whatever and that's when it happened.

I could barely hear one of them saying, " Make sure nobody's around and can see you, before you do it."

And just after I heard that, I felt someone's hand rubbing lightly on the front of my jeans, rubbing where my little dick and balls were and the next thing I heard, was my zipper coming down slowly. It was like it was all in a dream or slow motion and I couldn't stop it and somehow they knew it.

Once again he started rubbing on it and feeling my little boner, [ Yes, I had a little boner by then, well kinda had one ] and then he undid my belt and started to slowly slide my jeans down. I wanted to stop him but I couldn't. I don't know why.

" Take his shoes off to, so you can get his pants all the way off."

As soon as he had my shoes and pants all the way off, he slowly pulled my underwear down, exposing my little dick and balls and letting everybody look at them.

And that's when one of them up in the front said, " Oh shit, look at that, he's getting a boner, it's little but it's still a boner, Suck it Billy, suck it." " See if he likes to have it sucked on."

And without even trying to say " No " he bent down over me, took ahold of it, slipped his warm mouth down over the end of it and started sucking on it, while the boys up in the front seat watched him, as his head bobbed up and down on it.

As soon as he stopped sucking on it, he opened the door and one of the boys from the front seat took his place and without even being told, he bent down and started sucking on it to, just like the first one had, only this one was using his tongue and making my dick feel really strange. I don't know how long he had been sucking on me, when the driver made him stop, so he could get at it to.

When all of them had finished sucking on me, the driver pulled my underwear back up and as he was trying to get my jeans back on, someone in the front seat whispered, " Hurry up before he comes out of it " and that's when I knew that they thought that I was asl**p or passed out, so I kept my eyes shut, so they wouldn't know that I knew what they had done to me.

I waited something like 10 or 15 minutes, maybe it was only 5 min, before I pretended to wake up and they laughed at me because I had fallen asl**p and missed part of the movie.

Finally the movie was over and when they dropped me off at my house the driver said, " Did you have fun k**?" and when I said, " Uh huh. " he said, " Good, then we'll have to do it again sometime, ok?"

" Ok."

When I got into the house everybody was sl**ping except my step-uncle and he had the strangest look in his eyes when he said, " Did you enjoy it?" And once again I had the strangest feeling that he knew that they were taking me to the drive-in movie to do something sexual with me but he just hadn't figured out what yet.

I don't remember if it was the 5th or 6th time that they had taken me there and each time, each one of them had sucked on my little dick and gotten me a boner, before it happened.

What I didn't understand is that by taking me there and having me each one of them sucking on my dick, just a little. That they we convincing my mind that it was alright to be a boy and to suck on another boys dick and that's what they wanted, to get their dicks sucked by me, only to take it one step further and get me to suck on them, until they squirted. They wanted me to [ Go down ] on them, even though I didn't understand what [ Go down on someone] meant yet. Why they had picked me to do it, I'll never know, they just did. Maybe it was because I was so little or whatever, I don't know.

They had once again taken me to the drive-in movie and found a space away from everyone before once again giving me something to drink, knowing that tonight was the night but I sure didn't.

This time after they saw the drink working on me, instead of pulling my pants down and sucking on me, the one in the back seat with me undid his pants and pulled his boner out, reached over, took my hand and got me to play with it. When he saw that I didn't seem to mind doing it, he reached behind my head and gently pushed me down towards it, trying not to scare me away from it, as it got closer and closer. He was holding it with one hand, while he had his other hand behind my head holding me there, as I heard him start whispering again and again, " Kiss it, Kiss it " and before I knew it, it was touching my mouth and the next thing I knew he had me kissing it, just like they had been kissing on mine, so many times before.

Even though I could smell and taste the pee on the end of it and didn't want to do it, I kept kissing on it and eventually licking on the end of it, just so they wouldn't get mad at me and stop taking me to the drive-in movie with them. Still being to naive to know that they wanted more from me, much more and were going to get it, before the whole thing was over.

I don't know how long he got me to lick on it, 2 or 3 minutes I guess, before they changed places and one of the other boys from the front seat , pulled his dick out, gently pushed me down to it and got me to lick on it, just like the first one had. This one didn't smell or taste like pee, I guess because he hadn't peed after he'd showered to come to the movie, like the first one must have.

" Oh shit, grab the blanket, somebody's coming."

Someone in the front seat threw a blanket down over us, just as a young couple walked by looking for their car.

As soon as he pulled the blanket away, he told me to lick on it again and even though I didn't want to anymore because of the couple, he made me do it anyway. Somewhere along the way I forgot all about the young couple and how they had almost seen what they were getting me to do to them and started running my little tongue around and round in circles on the little head, just like they had done to mine, in the beginning.

Eventually the driver wanted to get me to do his to and they changed places. Even though by then I knew why he had gotten into the back seat with me. I still couldn't believe it as I sat there watching as another boy undid his pants in front of me, pulled his dick out and while showing it to me said, " Lick it baby, lick it " and without saying a word, I just bent down and started licking on it, like he wanted me to.

When I got home my uncle was still up and instead of asking me what movie we saw, he just looked at me with the wildest look in his eyes and more or less whispered, " Did you enjoy it?" And as soon as he heard me whisper, " Uh huh " he let out a little moan and I felt my face getting warm, very warm and had to run into the bathroom. Did he know what they were doing to me and were now even getting me to do to them? If he knew, why didn't he stop me from going with them?

Did they make me do it? " No." Did I want to do it, I don't know. All I know is that they were for whatever the reason willing to kiss, lick and even suck on mine and I was getting more and more willing to play with, kiss and lick on their's.

Every weekend they were coming to my house and offering to take me to the drive-in movie with them and I always went but only after my step-uncle said, " Ok, if that's what you want to do." It was like after he said it, that he expected me to say, " No " or whatever but I never did and he always gave me that strange look, as he watched me following them out the door.

It didn't take long for them to [ Break me in ] to sucking on it and it was just a matter of time before the first one left his 3 or 4 drops of boy cum on my tongue and then as he held me down on it, they coaxed me into [ Eating it ].

The feeling that I had as they took me home that night can never be explained. To say that I felt like I had been [ Had ] would be an understatement, to say the least. It was like before that they had just been getting me to kiss and lick and suck on [ It ]. But now it was different, now one of them had squirted in my mouth and my mind wasn't handling it very well at all. Because no matter how I wanted to look at it and wanted to call it something else, there was no way that I could. A boy had [ Fucked ] me in my mouth and I had let him.

They didn't ask me to go to the drive-in movie with them for almost 5 or 6 weeks. Probably because they wanted to see how I felt about what had happened and wanted me to calm down or whatever before they tried to do me again.

The first 2 or 3 weeks I was still pretty upset but then when they hadn't asked me to go with them again, I thought that I had done something wrong and that they didn't like me anymore. I guess what I'm trying to say is that when they did finally ask me to go with them again [ I WAS READY ] and somehow all of them knew it.

This time they hadn't even gotten the car parked, when the one in the back seat started undoing his pants and pulled his dick out. He didn't have to tell me what he wanted or even push my head down to it. I knew why they had brought me to the drive-in movies with them and and so did they, as he sat there and watched as I took ahold of it and started playing with it until he had a boner. Not caring that the other boys in the front seat were watching, as I worked it up and down slowly until he begged me to suck it and I did. Once again feeling 3 or 4 drops of boy cum hitting my tongue, as he moaned real loud and grabbed my head. Holding me down on it and making me [ Eat it ] while his friends were sitting up in the front seat and watching.

As soon as he finished, another one from the front seat took his place and it all happened again. It wasn't until the driver was getting me to suck on his, that something happened that really embarrassed me.

Once again somebody walked passed the car, I learned later that it was 2 more high school boys from their school,just as the driver was squirting but instead of covering me up with the blanket, he held me down on it and let them stand there next to the car and watch, as he [ Fed me his White Candy] and got me to [ Eat it ].

I hate to call my step-uncle a " Dirty Old Man " but the look in his eyes was getting wilder and wilder, everytime he watched them taking me to the drive-in movie. I honestly didn't understand that he was getting hornier and hornier, just by thinking about what they must have been doing to me.

It was the driver that pulled my jeans and underwear down the first time and tried to fuck me, on the backseat of the car. He had already gotten me to suck on him but this time that wasn't enough for him, he wanted more and the next thing I knew he was undoing my jeans and for whatever the reason, I was letting him. Even when he finally had my jeans down and was turning me over onto my stomach and jerking my underwear down, I still didn't understand that he was going to try and fuck me, believe it or not. I didn't know that older boys and older men liked to fuck little girls and even little boys up the butt, yet. I was that naive.

By the time he found my little asshole and had started to push it up into me, I was screaming and begging him to take it out but nothing was coming out of me, so he must have thought that I liked it and started working it up into me even deeper. Not caring that I was crying, he wanted to fuck me and he was doing it, right there in the backseat of the car, while the other 2 boys were watching him.

Just when It started to feel good, [ Yes, the pain did go away and I had started to like it ] another car pulled into the space that was next to us and ruined it all. Being afraid that someone would see him fucking me, he jerked it back out of me,covered my bare bottom with the blanket, slowly closed his pants back up and pretended to be watching the movie.

They never did try and do me in the backseat of the car like that again. Instead one of the boys borrowed a van and each time they wanted to do me in the movies and did me that way, where nobody could see what they were doing to me or getting me to do to them.

One night after they had taken me to the drive-in and all 3 of them had done me, I came home full of cum, fell across my bed and woke up in the middle of the night, just as my step uncle was slowly sliding my underwear down. He had already gotten my pants down and off of me and I hadn't even felt him doing it.

I wish that I could say that I stopped him but I can't because as soon as he saw the older boys cum, that was still oozing out of my little asshole he knew that I had been had back there and for whatever the reason, that seemed to tell him that he could have me like that to, as he slid his zipper down and gently crawled on top of me. Since I was still wet back there his dick slid right up into me. [ I found out later that it was only about 5 inches long and not much thicker than the older boys were.

The little moan that came out of me, as it slid all the way up into me, told him that I wasn't going to fight it and next thing I knew he was fucking me, really fucking me, harder than any of the older boys at the drive-in had ever done me.

Even I was shocked when I felt my little hips raising up off of the bed and my little butt started grinding on his warm stiff cock. Clamping down and squeezing out it, trying to pull it up into me, so he could squirt me.

I could hear his breathing getting louder and louder and all at once he was mumbling something in my ear and all at once he stiffened-up and drove it all the way up into me and held it there, as I felt it jerk " Once "...Agghhh, " Twice "...Agghhh and then three more quick times, Agghhh. Agghhh, Agghhhhh, as he left his cum up inside of my little asshole and then crawled back off of me and went into the bathroom. Leaving me laying there on my bed, on my stomach, with my underwear pulled down and his warm white cum slowly oozing back out of me and down onto the bedspread.

When he finally came out of the bathroom, he stopped and looked down at me but didn't say a word, as he slowly turned and went back into his bedroom and closed the door.

The next morning at breakfast, I couldn't even look at him, I was that embarrassed or ashamed of what I had let him do to me. He knew that I couldn't tell on him, even if I wanted to because if I told my aunt what he had done to me, then he would just turn around and tell my aunt what the 3 older boys had been doing to me at the drive-in movie. His secret was safe and he really took advantage of it with having his way with me.

Pretty soon just fucking me wasn't enough for him and eventually he was making [ yes making ] me suck on him, even though I didn't want to.

It's strange because I didn't see anything whatsoever wrong with the older boys sucking on me and getting me to suck on them but he was a grown-up and something about sucking on a grown-up [ at that point in time ] was wrong for me, even though that did change later, I don't know why.

He never said " No " when the older boys would offer to take me to the drive-in with them again. I guess because he always knew that he was going to [ Get some too ] when they'ed bring me back home and I'd fall asl**p across my bed again, with their nasty white cum still slowly oozing back out of me and down into my underwear.

I never tried to stop him from doing me. I guess because by the time he got to me, my little asshole was not only used to the feel of a cock up inside of it but was needing to feel it, more and more.

He fucked me for about 6 or 7 months and was getting more and more adventurous about when a where he was getting me to suck on him. Eventually he was even getting me to do it while my aunt was taking a nap in the next room and that's what eventually ruined it because she woke-up one time and saw what he was getting me to do to him. He had me in the bathroom with him, kneeling down in front of him and sucking on him, as he sat on the white toilet with his pants pulled down and his legs spread.

She woke up and had to pee and when she opened the bathroom door, she saw me kneeling down in front of him, with his cock in my mouth and both of his hands holding onto my head as he worked it up and down on it.

I heard the little whimper or moan " Ohhh " that came out of her and tried to pull up off of it but he wouldn't let me and she finally closed the door and let him finish doing me in my mouth, until he moaned real loud, pushed the end of it all the way down into my throat and held me there the whole time that it was squirting, " Agghhhh, Agghhhhh, Agghhhhh, Oh shit yes agghhhhh." " Eat it, eat it, that's it baby eat it, Agghhhhhh squirt, eat it."

Even I was embarrassed by all of the little"Gulp..gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulping noises that were coming out of me, as he held me down on it and [ Fed me ]. Fed me his " Candy, his White Candy " and watched me eating it, just like the older boys at the drive-in movie had done.

My aunt never did say anything about it and I thought that she had forgotten about it or whatever. But 3 or 4 months later, when we were home alone, she came up behind me and whispered, " Did you like it?" and I almost peed my pants just hearing her say it that way. I didn't know what to say and she could see that, so again she whispered, " That's ok baby, I like sucking on it to, there's nothing for you to be ashamed of." I wanted to tell her that I didn't like sucking on a grown-ups dick but I couldn't and the next thing I knew I was whispering, " Uh huh " and felt my face getting all hot and knew that I was blushing.

Before it was all over he was getting me to do it again and again, so many times that eventually I got to like it and he made me do it every chance he got, even when she was home and eventually she ended up watching him getting me to do it almost every time and didn't seem to mind at all.

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2 years ago
mmmmmmmmm I LIKED IT!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Wow another wonderful story mmmmm
3 years ago
Best story ive read so far
3 years ago
I lik it. it good an mak me horny
3 years ago
Very good.
3 years ago
not too bad...
I enjoyed the "white trash" element the most probably