A day of moving things from storage turns out to be a
fun day for Rick and his mom when she has to ride on a
bumpy road in her sons lap. Things really get heated
when they get back home and have a different kind of
bumpy ride.


Jean, his mother's younger s****r, arrived at the house
bright and early on Saturday morning.

"Hi squirt," she said. Rick didn't resent the slam it
was a nickname she had given him when he was born. At
the time, she was six and thought the name was cute.
They had always been closer than most nephews and
aunts, with a typical little girl thought process she
felt it was her duty to help take care of him. "Hi
Jean," his mother and he said in unison. "What's up?"
his mother added.

"Don't you two remember, you promised to help me take
some furniture out to the storage shed at Mom and Dad's
farm. Didn't you have some too Terri?"

"Oh, I completely forgot, but it doesn't matter for
it's all separated in the back bedroom." She turned to
her son. "Can you help Rick?"

"Yeah," He said. "I've got nothing planned for the day.
Todd's out of town and Jeff is sick in bed, so there's
no one to hang out with."

As husky as Rick was, it was still a lot of work to
load the bed, chest and boxes from his aunt's house and
from his own into the pickup. Finally after two hours
they were ready to go. Rick covered the load, because
it looked like rain and even had to move a couple of
the boxes inside the truck setting it on the seat next
to Jean.

"You're going to have to sit on Rick's lap," Jean said
to Terri, "There won't be enough room otherwise."

"That will be alright, won't it Rick?" his mother said.

"Well as long as you don't weigh a ton, and take up the
whole side of the truck," he said laughing.

"I'll have you know I weigh one hundred and five
pounds, young man, and I'm only five foot three, not
six foot three." She was grinning when she said it, but
there was a little bit of pride in her voice. At
thirty-six, his mother had the body and looks of a high
school senior. Although few high school girls had 36C
boobs that were full, firm and had such prominent
nipples, plus a number ten ass. Calling his attention
to her body was not the best thing she could have done.

He settled himself in the seat and she climbed in and,
placing her feet between his, she lowered herself to
his lap. She was wearing a thin summer dress and he had
seen only a bikini panty line and bra under it. He
immediately felt the heat from her body flow into his
crotch area. He turned his mind to the road ahead. Jean
pulled away, and moments later they were on the country
road to the farm, twenty miles away.

The road was under construction for more than five
miles and the truck bounced with a steady rhythm as it
rolled along the ridges left by the road grader.

Jean and his mother kept up a constant chatter about
girl things, leaving Rick with his own thoughts. In
time, he became aware of the rhythmic bouncing and the
heat emanating from his mother's ass as it pressed
against his crotch. Suddenly, to his horror, his cock
began responding to the movement. He felt the first
stirrings of a hard on. He tried to think of other
things, but the more he tried thinking of other things,
the more he thought of his cock.

Gradually, his dick became firmer and began to rise,
until it was contained by the ass pressing down on it.
This pressure only succeeded in causing it to become
more rigid, until it was like a bar of steel. He could
feel the crack between his mother's legs, and finally,
her pussy, as the rigid shaft f***ed itself against the
spread cheeks of her ass.

There was no doubt she could feel the hard bar against
her pussy, but she made no motion or comment that
indicated she was aware of his predicament.

Terri at first ignored the hard rod pushing against her
ass. Then without thinking, she adjusted herself
slightly and the pressure switched directly to her
pussy. In the beginning, she was irritated that her own
son would get an erection from her sitting on his lap.
But the more she thought about it, the funnier it
became. What a waste of a good hard-on she thought;
getting rigid for your mother. Terri almost laughed out
loud. The bouncing of the seat caused the hard member
to slip back and forth along her lips. Then a sudden
bump drove his cock head against her forcing her
panties and thin dress between her lips for just a
split second.

A minute later, thinking about the incident, Terri knew
that technically, for that split second, her son's cock
had been in her pussy. True, it had just been the very
tip and it had been covered by panties and dress, but
was that any different then being covered by a condom?
The thought was so erotic, that her pussy flooded with

She had certainly never considered her son a sexual
being, or partner. She was happily married, and
although her husband had had a stroke three months
earlier and the doctor had suggested no sex for a
period of six months, she was not sexually frustrated.
Her husband's fingers and her vibrator had provided all
the sex she required.

The bouncing cock rubbing against her pussy slowly
demanded her full attention. She couldn't help but
squeeze her ass cheeks together, to try to close her
exposure, but it had the opposite affect, it reminded
her that an eighteen-year-old cock was thrusting itself
against the lips of her wet pussy. Terri felt what she
thought was an answering thrust from Rick's prick to
her movement.

Why that little brat, she thought, he is coming on to
me by flexing his cock against me. But instead of
getting angry, she actually responded by again pushing
against his rising rod. Minutes later, they whipped
into the drive at the farm, and Terri breathed a sigh
of relief. She had been dangerously close to starting
something that could have ruined both their lives.

The road got a little rougher and the motion of the
truck added a side-to-side sway to the jogging motion.
Rick would have sworn the heat coming from her thighs
and ass increased more and more. It couldn't have been
more like fucking if they had been in a bed. Just when
he was about to blow his load all over, they turned
into the farm drive and the truck rolled to a stop.

"There," said Jean, "that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"I thought it worked out perfect," his mother said. She
turned on his lap, grinding her ass against his hard
cock, and slowly slid out of the truck to the ground,
her dress sliding up until her panties were just
peeking from underneath. "I don't think Rick minded a
bit. Did you honey?" She turned to him and winked.

He couldn't believe what she had said.

"Ah, no, I agree with you, it was just perfect. The
time just flew by," he said.

"Great," Jean said. "Why don't we go in and see where
Dad wants this stuff put.

"Rick," his mom said, "why don't you stay out here and,
ah, maybe untie the covering, you know get things
settled down." Her eyes flicked to his crotch and
returned to his face. He blushed, when he realized his
hard-on was standing out tent like from the front of
his shorts.

"Okay, I'll... I'll get things ready to carry in," he

She grinned and walked around the truck to join Jean on
her way to the house.

Within twenty minutes, the load was in the house, and
they were ready to start home. But as usual when they
visited grandma, she insisted they take some home-
canned fruit home with them, so they ended up with
three large cardboard boxes. Just as they were loading
them, it began to rain. Grandpa suggested we put the
boxes in the truck to keep the cardboard from getting
wet and falling apart, so again there were boxes taking
up the middle of the truck seat and Terri had to ride
on Rick's lap again.

Within a short distance, Rick's cock achieved its
original proportions and began rubbing her pussy. There
was little doubt he knew it was exciting her. If her
panties hadn't slipped into her crack, and began
rubbing her clit each time the truck bounced his cock
against her, she would have been able to keep herself
under control.

Actually, Terri accidentally made the first thrust.
Although later she was to wonder if it had been all
accident. Her leg was falling asl**p because of the odd
angle she was holding it and she raised her foot
slightly to move it. The resulting loss of support of
her ass had allowed it to rest heavier on her son's
cock. When he pushed back in response, she was unable
to keep her wet pussy from answering the hard rod
tapping at its portal.

The trip home was slower due to the rain, but just as
rough, and within the first mile his hard-on was back
in full f***e. His mom adjusted her ass so his rigid
cock fit exactly between her legs and his cock was
thrust tightly against her pussy.

After a few rough jolts, he felt what appeared to be a
soft push downward against his prick from his mom's
ass. It was hard to tell. He waited for a moment then
was sure he felt another push. He was afraid to return
the push, for fear he was imagining things, doing a lot
of wishful thinking. Then it happened again and there
was little doubt his mom was pushing her pussy against
his hard-on. In answer he flexed his cock.

He knew the movement would be so minor she would barely
feel it, but if she had pushed, it would be enough, if
she hadn't it wasn't so strong that it would feel like
he was trying to fuck her if he had guessed wrong.
Immediately he felt an answering push. He answered with
a strong thrust toward her pussy. Her response was
immediate, and within seconds they were dry fucking.

The boxes stacked between his aunt and he and his
mother prevented her from seeing anything but their
heads and shoulders. They were keeping the thrusting
below their waists. Rick first placed his hands on his
mom's hips, then finally he reached around her and laid
them on her thighs. Terri inhaled sharply, but she
continued to thrust her ass against his cock and flex
her ass muscles which was squeezing Rick's cock like a

Rick began to slowly pull her skirt up her legs. He
hoped to get his fingers under her panties for a quick
feel. Just when Rick was about to blow his white cum
into his shorts, they arrived back in their drive.
Terri again twisted on his cock and slipped to the
ground exposing her crotch-wet panties to him. He
followed her out, and she reached for one of the boxes
on the seat and handed it to Rick.

"Here, honey, you can take this in the kitchen for me.
Her smile told him she was again giving him a way to
keep his hard-on out of sight.

"Thanks for all your help, you guys, I'll see you both
get a reward for the effort," she said laughing.

"Hey, we enjoyed it. It was fun," Terri said. "I think,
Rick especially enjoyed the drive."

"Yeah, aunt Jean, I really enjoyed going out to the
farm. It's fun to ride in a truck for a change instead
of a car, it bounces around like a ride at Disney

"If they had rides like that at Disney Land," his mom
said, "I'd have been going there a long time ago."

"Ah, you know what I mean, like a once in a life time
thrill," he said.

"That I agree with," she said. Terri was sure, that it
was in fact a once in a lifetime thrill. It certainly
couldn't go any further.

Rick carried the box inside and set it on the counter,
then went into the f****y room and grabbed the remote.
He flicked the switch twice and MTV was blasting from
the screen. He chose a straight chair, because he knew
his mother would say something if he sat on the sofa in
dirty shorts. Terri followed him into the room. She
stopped next to him.

"You didn't mind my sitting on your lap, did you?"

"No, mom. Like I told aunt Jean, the trip was a once in
a life time thrill."

"And my weight didn't bother you?"

"Mom, you don't weigh anything, I could hold you all
afternoon, and it wouldn't bother me."

"Oh really? Maybe I'll take you up on that and sit on
your lap now."

Rick quickly looked up at her. "I... I wouldn't mind
that at all."

Terri stared at him for a minute. My god, she thought,
what am I doing. This is my son. If I sit on his lap,
things are going to get out of hand. But her inner
self, convinced her that she was old enough to keep the
situation from going past the point of mother son
joking around. Her eyes locked on his for a moment then
she stepped in front of him, and sat down on his lap.
But this time her legs were outside Rick's and she was
more open and exposed.

Rick couldn't believe that his mother had just spread
herself and sat on his lap. It was instant hard-on. His
cock rose quickly to lodge itself against her pussy,
covered only by her thin dress and panties. A moment
later, she pushed down against his rigid boner as she
had been doing in the truck. Rick thrust back. Making
little pretense of doing anything but pushing his cock
against her pussy. She returned his thrust with one of
her own. The thrusting continued and there was no sham
between them; they were dry fucking.

Rick reached his arms around Terri and laid his hands
on her thighs. She looked down at them, but said
nothing. She was panting hard as she worked her ass
against his hard member. Rick began clutching bunches
of her skirt in his fingers and slowly her skirt crept
up her legs. Terri watched her tanned legs become more
exposed, but it felt like it was happening to someone
else. Her mind was concentrating on the hard cock
pressing against her inflamed pussy lips.

Finally her panties came into view, and the dress
continued up her body until Rick had bunched it at her
waist. He lowered his hands back to her thighs and laid
them with fingers pointing in on her legs just below
her pussy. Terri stared, but said nothing.

Slowly his hands moved up, and she gasped as they
touched her panty clad mound. Rick rubbed his mother's
pussy and smeared the wet juice he found there around
until her whole crotch was soaked in her flowing
liquid. He allowed his fingers to trail between her now
spreading lips and trace a line from the bottom of her
puffy lips to her clit, which was prominently outlined
against her wet panties.

He flicked his finger against the nubbin, and Terri
groaned. Rick lifted his hands and pulling the
waistband of her panties out with one hand, he slipped
his other hand against her trembling belly and slid it
down to her pussy.

Stopping there he turned his palm upward and with his
other hand thumbed her panties down over her hips.
Terri raised slightly as the panties slipped under her
ass and crept to her knees. Rick didn't bother to
remover them entirely. He liked to see the panties
there to remind him that she was naked below the waist.
He pulled his hands back up her legs and Terri watched
in awe as her son buried his fingers in between the
puffy lips of her pussy, spreading them and slowly
inserting two of his fingers into her channel.

Terri's orgasm roared through her like a train through
a tunnel, the shear f***e s**ttering debris on both
sides. Roaring like an a****l, huffing and puffing she
hunched her ass forward onto his thrusting fingers.

"Oh my god, I'm coming on your fingers, mommy's coming.
Oh god, what have we done?"

Rick didn't wait for an answer, he lifted her up,
forcing her to her feet while she was still out of
control, and tore the buttons from his shorts,
releasing his massive cock. With much effort, he
managed to pull the throbbing monster from his
underwear, and suddenly there under Terri, was his
eight-inch pillar of flesh, red- headed and throbbing.

Terri was totally unaware of Rick's actions for she was
still foaming from the intensity of the orgasm, and was
barely able to stand in the position he was holding
her. Rick lowered her ass slowly. As she sat down he
positioned his cock directly below her dropping pussy.
Terri thought it was his fingers spreading the still
burning lips of her hot cunt. But they kept spreading,
and spreading and suddenly reality ate through her
fogged brain.

She screamed. "Rick, no. No you can't fuck me."

Rick released his support of her ass. With nothing
holding her up and with her legs too weak to support
her she slipped down the massive shaft taking the
eight-inch cock into her saturated depths.

"Ohhhh, Ohh my god. Ricky, oh god you're so big. Ohh
you shouldn't be putting your cock in me, I'm you
mother." Terri's fall was stopped by Rick's legs. She
was firmly impaled by the hard cock. "Unhh," she

Rick immediately lifted her a little and dropped her
again on his shaft. Burying it to her womb. Then again,
and again. Moments later, Terri was assisting him by
raising and lowering herself on the red meaty pole. A
couple of strokes later, Terri's fingers strayed to her
clit and she began rubbing the stiffened little knob.

"God, Ricky you're a stud, a fucking horse."

"Mom, I'm going to cum. I'm going to shoot. I'm going
to shoot."

Terri threw her head back against Rick's shoulder. "Me
too ,baby.

Mommy too. Your cock is making me cum again. Cum in my
pussy, honey.

Cum in mommy's cunt."

"Ohhh, Mommmmmm." Rick's cock spewed hot white threads
of cum into her.

"Shoot in me, honey, shoot your juice in mommy. Bury it
in me. Uhhhhh."

"Oh my god, you're fucking," Jean screamed out. "Rick,
you're really fucking your mother."

Terri slumped back against Rick as her orgasm drifted
off its peak.

She turned her head toward the voice coming from the
kitchen door. "Not really, s*s," she said. "We're
really fucking each other, and if you think I'm going
to let him take that massive cock out of me just
because you've caught us, you're wrong. You can either
watch and finger fuck yourself, or turn your head."

Terri turned as far around as Rick's cock would let her
and planted a kiss full on her son's lips, her tongue
slipping inside. "Honey your cock still feels hard. Why
don't you fuck mommy again, we'll sort this all out
later, after we fuck. Unless you don't want to do it

For an answer Rick lifted his mother's ass up about
five inches, then dropped her. Again she was impaled on
the massive rigid meat."

"Oh, honey. Mommy loves the way you answer," she cooed.


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