A young man has intimate sex with his lovely grandma
and then his mother, while growing up on a farm. He has
also done, like many other big dick country boys, and
buggered the horse and mule too. (MFF, inc, rom, b**st)


Two days into my summer I had to stay with my
grandparents. Grandpa was gone to the fields where he
would spend the day working cotton, soybeans and

Normally, I would have been in the city with my older
b*****r, Harry. But two weekends before school was out,
I had been at Harry's house when he and his wife Julie,
went to the grocery store.

My city friends Ralph and Manny Jr., had come by and
picked me up to ride to the department store.

When we got to the store, Ralph for some stupid reason
stole a pack of silk underwear. We didn't know he would
do it. We had not discussed it. But as things go, he
was arrested and Manny and I were handcuffed and taken
to the police department as well.

We got a royal grilling from the cops and questioned
about whether we had ever stole anything. We said no
and told the truth.

The cops said they were keeping Ralph's car until he
was released. We were f***ed to sit in the chair until
Manny's mom came to get him and my b*****r Harry came
to get me. We were given warnings and told not to re-
enter the store for a year.

The fact that we nothing about Ralph's intended theft
meant nothing to Harry. Harry called my grandparents
that Saturday morning and they picked up my mom who
lived down the road.

Within an hour, they came and got me. I was grounded
for the summer, which was two weeks away.

I got whipping at age 15, by my 36 year old mom, my
grandma and grandpa. They took me back to the country –
5 miles from anyone, where I was to spend the summer.

Back then, in 1962, you couldn't get pussy in the
country because when you visited a girl, her parents
allowed you to sit in the parlor while they sat there
listening and talking to you.

When you did get some pussy, it was quick, up against
the house, or out in the field and you fucked like a
rabbit – real fast so you didn't get caught and shot by
her father.

Most times I just drew pictures of pussy in the dirt in
our back yard and jerked off there. On occasions when I
could get away with it, I would take the mule or the
horse out for a ride through the woods and fuck them.

Mules and horses got good pussy. I think it's better
than a woman's. You wipe that big old black pussy with
a warm rag and they get hot and start 'winking' at you.
That's when they squirt a hot stream of piss mixed with
lubricant out of it. Then they move that tail to the
side and start looking back at you.

When they do that, b*****r let me tell you, you get on
a five gallon bucket, run that dick into her and have
at it.

Mule and horse pussy is good and hot too. They get to
backing up on you sucking that dick into them.

I have fucked a many mules and horses growing up,
watching them tighten them pussy muscles and make my
cum drop out. Then they'd be ready to fuck again. I
have fucked a mule for four hours in a row and after I
fucked her, she never did get ornery with me again.

Only problem there is you have to keep them away from
people for a couple hours until their tails go down.

When you fuck a horse or mule, their tails stay cocked
up about 90 minutes to a couple of hours until their
pussies cool off. I say this to say, you couldn't get
no pussy in the country hardly. It was as hard getting
pussy out there as it was to find a $100 bill walking
down the street – just didn't happen much.

That's the reason country boys have big dicks. Fucking
big pussies made them grow. I had learned about fucking
them from my older b*****r George.

But anyway, Monday rolled around and I was told I had
to help grandma around the house when mom left for work
at 6 a.m.

Mom worked in the city, as a librarian for a public
school where they had buses to haul the k**s to school.

She worked throughout the year. We lived on our
grandparent's farm, about 100 yards from their house.

That morning grandma was doing her typical thing,
washing, cleaning and fixing pear and peach preserves
to sell to city folks.

I told grandma I was going fishing, where I would
typically spend at least three hours. But as I got
halfway through the pasture, I remembered that I had
left my new hooks in the bedroom, on the top of the
shelf attached to grandma's bed.

I turned around and headed back. When I walked up the
back steps and into the kitchen, I saw grandma was
staring out of the window at the horse pen.

She was leaned over and her dress was up around her
waist. Her apron hung down in front of her. Grandma was
working the tip of her finger slowly around in her
vagina, watching Bubba, the stud horse, fucking a mare
no more than 20 feet away, at the edge of the fence,
near the house.

I stood there amazed, saying nothing, just watching.
Grandma's pussy was long and pouty. It was covered in
gray hair. The 62 year old woman looked marvelous from
my view, as she slowly worked the tip of her finger in
and out, around the lips and over the clit of her

I must have stood there for five minutes, afraid to
move, afraid to walk backwards and ease away, afraid to
say anything.

Her white cotton drawers were around her ankles. Her
pale skin seemed to shine as she started to wiggle her
ass in unison with her fingertip – Yes, only the finger
tip working around on her. My dick got hard, staring at
her and at Bubba's long dick invading the mare's huge
black pussy.

I stood there, staring and grandma laid her head down
onto her left arm. I could tell her eyes were closed as
she ran the finger now, in and out of her pussy, then
she would make a circle around it, then run her finger
lengthwise across it – really, really slow.

Grandma was breathing differently, seemed she was
taking gulps of air. I took a few steps closer and was
within three feet of her, smelling her mature pussy as
the breeze blew through the air.

A thousand thoughts went through my head as I'm
standing there. I wanted to say something, I wanted to
leave the room and go fishing, I wanted to take my dick
out and jerk off. Then I wanted to fuck her too, just
ram it up from the back into her wide open, slightly
musky smelling pussy. I knew the smell of an excited
woman, just had never equated it with my 5'9'' grandma
who must have weighed 150 pounds and had salt and
pepper hair that she either wore hanging down or
wrapped in a bubble style around her head.

The German-Irish woman's olive oil colored skin was so
lovely as her bubble ass wiggled in that window that I
guess I forgot the respect that was due a grandma.

Grandma was mumbling, 'ooh, I need a dick grandpa...I
need a dick in me.'

The sight and the smell was too much for me. I thought
about the days when I had peeked under grandma's skirt
and stared at the crotch of her snow white panties
while she shucked corn and peas on the front porch, her
thighs parted to hold the hulls in her apron.

I thought about the times when she had seen me looking,
and told me 'something's going to bite you if you keep
that up,' then would grin.

I thought about the times when she had on no panties
and I would stare at her pussy, get a hard on and then
ease off to the bathroom to jerk off. Or in some cases,
I'd go to the lake and cum three or four times thinking
about what I had seen.

When I got back, she would always smile and sometimes
close her legs, having allowed me enough of a view to
get lustful urges. I even thought about her moving
around the house some nights with just panties and a
bra on, as grandpa lay back in his bedroom snoring,
being d***k off the peach brandy he sipped on every
night, never fucking her.

I decided to do it. All reasoning went to the wind. I
pulled out my dick and dropped my pants. The pre-cum
had the head of my dick wet.

I eased right up to grandma and 'wham,' stuck my dick
in. Grandma jumped, straightening up, grabbing the
window sill and turning around all in one motion.

"Ted! What?"

I didn't say anything. I grabbed her hips and closed my
eyes, fucking her slowly from the back.

Grandma didn't say anything else. She leaned forward on
the window sill, laying her head onto her arms and
started to wiggle her ass as she pushed back toward me
moaning, 'oooh, yes.'

Inch by inch, I got deeper into grandma, running my
finger across her clit as I slowly, gently went back
and forth satisfying my lust. After I had gone to the
bottom of her shallow, wet pussy, grandma turned around
and whispered, 'too rough Ted. Let me lay down.'

I pulled out, my dick slapping my belly hard and
glistening. Grandma rose up, picked up her panties from
the floor and grabbed my hand. We went to her bed. She
pulled back the sheets and placed the comforter on the
floor as I stood behind her, finger fucking her and
squeezing her breast.

Grandma untied the apron and unbuttoned the dress,
dropping them to the floor. She told me to take off
everything as she unbuttoned her bra.

Damn! I thought as her snow white tits dropped down
near her stomach. Her nipples were massive.

I stripped in seconds, my big dick standing straight
up, her dried cum that coated it had turned into white
dandruff like flakes.

She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me to her,
grabbing my dick and putting in her hole, as I stood
there, pushing in and out.

Grandma's right hand continued to hold my dick, keeping
me steady to the pace she wanted. Her left hand
remained on my chest holding me back somewhat. For a
good while, grandma never looked up. She was looking at
about half of my 9 inch dick go in and out of her
slowly as she rolled her pussy up to meet my slow

She was looking at the action as her bright red pussy
lips gripped my dick. On the in thrust, her lips
disappeared into her pussy.

On my outward pulls, the lips showed up again, wrapped
around my dick. Grandma started rubbing her left
nipple. I moved her hand and put her tit into my mouth
and sucked on the nipple as my left hand rubbed circles
around her right nipple.

Then grandma pulled me on top of her as she laid down,
her legs dangling off the side of the bed. She started
kissing me, tonguing like she was obsessed, taking deep
breaths as I started to fuck her deeper and harder.

My legs were shaking as I fucked her. I eased her onto
the bed completely and laid her in the middle of it.
She had her arms around my neck, holding me close as
she pushed her tongue into my mouth, moaning.

I was about to cum when she started blowing her breath
into my mouth, moaning, 'Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!

I felt her shudder and her pussy suddenly got wetter.
She had cum. She broke the kiss and looked longingly
into my eyes, smiling and looking down at my dick go in
and out.

I placed my hands beneath her ass, now thrusting deep
and fast into her pussy as she started saying, 'Oh yes.
Ahh, yeah. Yes baby.'

She moaned again, grabbed my ass and pulled me closer
in. I came, pushing into her and she closed her eyes
and started rolling her ass harder than she had before.
She came again and I felt it as her pussy clamped down
on my dick.

I kept on fucking her as my dick remained hard. Grandma
opened her eyes, my sweaty body dripping sweat onto her
like a water faucet.

"Change positions Ted. I want on top," grandma said. We
flipped around and grandma sat up, riding up and down
on my dick. I was holding her tits, alternating them in
my mouth and finally placed both nipples inside my
mouth and sucked.

Grandma was going ape shit! She was so juicy that cum
ran from her pussy all over my pubic hair, down my ass
and onto the bed. I grabbed her ass, squeezing it,
helping her to ride me as my as I refused to let one of
her nipples leave my mouth.

She had not been on top of me more than five minutes
when she froze and closed her eyes, her body shivering.

For the first time in my life I heard her cuss. 'Aaaw
SHIT! Damn, that feels so good in my pussy!' she said
over and over and then she collapsed onto my chest,
breathing hard.

I flipped grandma over then, laid her onto her back and
I got up. I was overwhelmed by the sight of her body,
her scent and my young hormones that I went down on her
and started licking her pussy.

Grandma raised her head, gave a surprised look, then
started rubbing the top of my head. Her other arm lay
beneath her head, giving her enough elevation to see me
licking her.

She came again instantly. I continued, licking her,
sucking and pulling on the fat labia and her erect

Grandma had cum more than six times in less than two
hours. My dick was aching to get back inside her.

I remounted her and started to fuck like a man trying
to get his wife pregnant.

Grandma laid there, her eyes closed and her hand behind
my head. After two or three minutes, I came again, this
time, collapsing onto her.

A cool breeze blew through the window, touching our
sweat covered bodies as we laid there, kissing,
grinning and rubbing one another.

After a bit, we got up, took the sheets off the bed and
she washed them in that aluminum foot tub, with Borax
soap. We hung them out to dry and she put new ones on
the bed. We then went about our chores.

It was about 3 p.m., when we sat down at the dinner
table talking. All I could think of was fucking again.

I knelt down and lifted grandma's dress, pulled her
panties to the side and stuck my tongue into her pussy.

Grandma freaked, pulling back and asking what I was

I told her it was OK. Just let me do it for a little

As I licked grandma's already wet pussy she started to
cum immediately. She started twisting around in the
chair and I pulled her onto the floor where I licked
and sucked on her pussy, the fat, deep red lips
quivering as she came over and over.

I rose up slightly, pulled out my dick again and put it
in her wet pussy and grandma grabbed me around the
shoulders, pulling me into her as she stared into my
eyes, just staring. I kissed her and she had the look
of love in her eyes.

She was fucking with passion now, saying nothing, just
giving little grunts. I started fucking her harder and
started to kiss me so hard that she was blowing spit
into my mouth.

I came again and wiggled around in her. We got up,
washed off and she changed dresses and panties because
those were wet with cum now.

We talked. Grandma had never had her pussy licked
before. She told me she had only been with grandpa
since she was 15. She had never sucked a dick either.
Nor did she know anything about vibrators, which my
mother used.

Over the next three weeks it continued just like that.

Come rain or shine, grandpa was up and out by 8 a.m. He
didn't come home until it was almost dark.

And after eating dinner, he'd sit there in the f****y
room and watch TV or listen to the radio.

By 9 p.m. or so, he'd be fucked up from drinking that
peach and pear brandy. He'd tumble into bed and snore
through the night.

He had the rear bedroom, overlooking the barn where he
kept some of his best whiskey hidden in a secret floor.


Grandma and I went at it throughout the summer, at
least twice a day with the exception of most Sundays,
when we would do it later at night, after all the
visitors had gone and grandpa was snoring back there,
knocked cold, dead to the world from that brandy he had
to have every evening.

When school started in September when the crops had
been harvested, we would do it each morning after
breakfast and I'd head on off to school. Then some
evenings we would do it and some nights. But at some
point, we did it every day. That's no lie. She had been
deprived for so long and I was just a knuckle headed
boy with a hard dick all the times.

Then one night in October, I had been with grandma and
when we finished, I walked back to our house which was
100 yards away on a dirt road. I forgot to wash up
before I left.

Mom was sitting up watching Porter Waggoner show. I
walked in and all was normal until mom walked over to
me as I sat at the table and sniffed my shirt collar.
Then she sniffed my face and asked where I had been. I
told her talking to grandma.

She asked if I was sure, if I had sneaked off somewhere
else. I told her no. She sat there with a puzzled look
on her face, just staring at me wide eyed.

We chatted and I put two buckets of water on the stove
and heated them so I could take a bath. Where we lived,
there was no running water back then. So we used well
water and we had to heat it on the pot belly stove and
pour it into an aluminum tub where we bathed and then
tipped the tub off the back porch to drain it.

It came to me as I brushed my teeth, mom had smelled
pussy on me. She knew what she smelled.

Knowing mom had smelled sex on me upset me a little
bit. But I was tired and the bath had relaxed me. I
went to my room and lay down. Mom was watching the Lone
Ranger on television. She had on her typical bed time
wear, the long peach colored robe.

I said goodnight and I dozed off. The next morning she
had oatmeal and smoked sausage cooking when I woke up.

Mom walked around the house this morning different
though, as she got dressed for work. She had nothing on
over her bra and panties. I have to say I got an
instant hard on and immediately sat at the table,
trying not to look at her body, just her face.

She got dressed in front of me as we chatted. When she
put on her stockings, I sat amazed looking at her body
and the way she pulled those stockings up, over her
sexy legs, giving me a view of her hairy bush poking at
the front of her snow white panties.

For the first time I can remember, she came to me and
kissed me on the jaw and said she'd see me later.

I got dressed and headed toward grandma's house,
knowing she would be waiting for me to fuck her before
I went to school.

Grandma was on the front porch, rocking in her chair
and asked me to sit down. We chatted and she told me
that mom had told her and grandpa about the smell of
pussy she had detected on me earlier.

Grandma blamed herself, saying she had not washed up
after we fucked that morning. So that evening, her
scent was strong.

Grandma told me that grandpa would want to speak with
me after he came home that evening. He would talk to me
about girls, safe sex as it was back then – sticking a
gob of petroleum jelly as deep as you could into the
girl's pussy, then pushing it deep so it kept the sperm
from penetrating.

Grandma also told me to say if I was pressured to say
it to grandpa, that I had screwed little Mary Hatten,
who had a reputation for giving up pussy. I agreed I

We went right into the house, then grandma laid back on
the bed and I ate her pussy, then fucked her as I was
accustomed to and trained to do.

Afterwards we cleaned up and I went to school.

True as clock work, what grandma said would happen, did
happen. That evening before mom came home, grandpa came
in and as grandma fixed dinner, he told me to walk with
him. We went and sat in the barn as he told me about
the birds and bees.

I told him I had fucked Mary Hatten and he laughed and
laughed, telling me he knew I was a man now.

We went back into the house and grandpa was already
high. He was drinking that brandy like tomorrow didn't

Grandpa sat on the couch after dinner, nodding. Grandma
woke him up and he went on to bed, snoring as usual.

A rain was on the way. Grandma and I walked into the
house after sitting on the porch chatting. Grandpa was
out as usual. Grandma and I went to chicken houses, fed
them and we stopped back by the barn and gave the mare
and the mule some hay and a basket of half rotten pears
that we had picked up on the way there.

Grandma pulled up her apron and skirt and I did my
usual, licking her pussy as she stood against the
inside door of the barn. I rose up and started to fuck
her. We fucked quickly and passionately.

We had our routine down pat. I never started the quick
fucking until she had gotten her orgasm.

I could tell because she would tense up, just get
stiff, breathe hard and sort of hold her breath in.
After she had cum, she would let out her breath really

After that fuck, we wiped off and went to the house and
each quickly wiped up.

A few minutes later, it was around 7:30, mom came
walking down the road. She went into the house and ate
the tripe, fried corn and biscuits. We all chatted and
mom and grandpa woke up from his whiskey high.

He told mom and grandma that he and I had talked about
birds and bees and women and girls.

"That boy got a dick like a mule," grandpa blurted out,
much to all of our embarrassment, as he slapped me on
the back, rubbed the top of my head and walked toward
his bedroom.

Me and mom said goodnight, then headed back down the
road to our house, roughly 100 yards away.

As soon as we had gotten outside of my grandparents
wooden gate, the rain hit hard and we both got soaked
running down the dusty road.

We got inside, slammed the door and started laughing
about getting wet.

We went separate ways, changed clothes and met back in
the main room of the house. Mom had on her gown, but I
could tell nothing was beneath it because her tits were
standing up and her nipples were hard.

"So you and grandpa had a talk huh?" my mom asked me.

"Yea. We talked about some stuff," I replied.

"Who was the girl you were with yesterday?" mom asked.

"What do you mean mom? What girl?" I asked her.

"Well, I understand you like to keep things to
yourself. But you'd better be careful. Don't want no
babies popping up as young as you are," mom said.

We giggled about it and she let the conversation die

We spent the next few minutes going on about grandpa's
lecture on sex as mom was rubbing her hair, trying to
dry it with a big white towel.

She asked me if the girl who they thought I had fucked,
was the first one I had ever had. I told her yes. I was
savvy and knew what to say. Grandma had schooled me in
how to avoid being caught.

Now mom propped her legs up on a stool and her gown
came open, showing her snow white panties. Man, she
looked good.

Mom was 37 years old. She was short like grandpa,
standing about 5'1'' and weighed about 125 or so. She
had long black hair that curled up on its own. She had
green eyes, piercing green eyes and full lips. Mom's
milky white thighs were firm, her legs big and her
breasts on the small side, but firm.

Mom had a boyfriend who would come one weekend a month
and spend the entire time with her in the bedroom. Mr.
John was a good friend of grandpa's, as he was 62 years
old and retired from the Illinois Central railroad.

He was good to me. He would give me money, buy me
things and always talk with me. Sometimes he would have
a drink with grandpa, but he would never get d***k like
grandpa. Grandpa, every day I can remember, would drink
until he passed out at night.

But back to the story.

Mom's behavior was so different. She had never exposed
herself like she doing tonight.

I just stared at her crotch, not knowing any better.

We continued to talk and mom asked me to get her a RC
Cola from the ice box – that's what we called
refrigerators back then.

I got the soda and couldn't cover my rising hard on.
Mom was staring straight at my dick. She looked me up,
then looked down at my hard on. Naturally, I was
embarrassed as I handed the soda to mom, who told me to
sit and talk with her.

I sat down on the couch opposite her and we chatted
about school. She then apologized for making me spend
the summer with grandma, but said she wanted to make
sure I didn't get into any trouble.

Then mom rose from her seat and came over to the couch.
She lay back on the couch at the opposite end and laid
her feet directly onto my dick!

She asked me to massage her calves and thighs. I felt
like I was trapped and couldn't get up for fear my dick
would show too much.

I massaged her calves and mom opened her legs, her
panty covered pussy right there in my face. I remember,
mom stared at me the whole time, never letting her cat-
like eyes lose their focus on my face.

She had sort of a smile, but then again she was
expressionless. I tried not to look at her body because
my dick was so hard it felt hot.

I finished her calves and she slid further down,
bringing her thighs to my hands. The back of her knees
were now over my dick and I knew she could feel it.

I remember the rain was beating down on the tin roofed
house and thunder was growling in the distance as the
lightning filled the sky, and mom just stared at me,
saying nothing as she held that green soda bottle in
her left hand, near her face.

I didn't go up far on her thighs, just sort of paused
when I had halfway up her leg.

"Go on up baby," mom said. "Massage me all the way up.
It's alright."

I continued massaging mom and when I got to the top of
her thighs, I looked at her hoping she would tell me
that was enough.

Her face was emotionless as those unflinching green
eyes just stared at me as she said "keep rubbing up."

Mom dropped one leg to the floor and I massaged her
thigh to the top, careful not to touch her pussy, when
mom told me, "Pull them down."

I looked in her eyes and I knew what she meant. I
paused, staring into her eyes again and she repeated

"Pull them down. Take my panties off," mom said firmly.

I gripped the top of her panties and pulled them down
slowly. I could smell her sex before I saw it, right
there in my face. Mom's pussy was covered in thick
black hair. Her lips were glistening with moisture and
slightly parted. Her clitoris was erect.

As I pulled the panties off her feet, I laid them on
the arm of the couch. We looked at each other and I
knew what to do then.

I leaned forward as mom put down the soda and opened
her gown to reveal her tits with the large, fat

I licked her pussy and mom grunted hard and grabbed my
head, pushing me into her pubic mound. Mom was rolling
her hips, fucking my tongue as I licked into her sweet,
musky pussy.

"Awwwww... awwww... ooooh," mom purred as she rubbed
her hands through my hair. I felt her tense up and she
spewed her cum into my mouth, then pulled my face
harder into her crotch, grinding with all she had. It
was like she was trying to pull me into her pussy.

After a few more minutes, mom started to say, 'fuck me.
Come on and fuck me. Fuck me now baby."

I rose up, kissed her breasts and decided the couch
wasn't long enough or wide enough to do it right. I
rose up and mom lifted her head, grabbed the waist of
my pants and pulled them and my underwear off with a
constant tug.

There before her eyes, her 6'3" 180 teenaged boy was
carrying about 10 inches of long, Irish dick, with a
deep purple head that had a string of pre-cum dangling
from it.

Mom's eyes popped wide open. She couldn't say a thing.
She'd never seen my dick naked, totally exposed and so
hard before. She rubbed it, looking like a deer caught
in the headlights.

I reached down, lifted her in my arms and carried her
to her bed, us kissing, exchanging tongues as I walked
the few steps.

I laid mom on her bed, not taking the time to cut off
the lights. I mounted her as she held her head up,
looking at the dick going into her.

Within seconds of me topping her, I was slowly pushing
into her wet pussy, as she held her right hand to my
chest, to keep me from blocking her view. We fucked
like that a few minutes and she went crazy moaning,
pulling me close to her, kissing me so hard her saliva
was running down the sides of my mouth.

I recalled her breath tasted somewhat like bologna. And
she never let up on my face, kissing, kissing feeding
me her tongue, and sucking in mine when I tried to
break free,

Mom came hard. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass, her
legs open as wide as they could go, pulling me closer
into her, despite the fact that I was touching her
cervix. I was totally implanted into mom's pussy.

After she came mom started crying, sobbing softly.

I stopped my thrusting and asked her what was wrong. I
asked in I was hurting her.

"No baby. Dick so big, dick so good, I never had it
like this. All my life I heard about men like this and
I've got one in my house. My big dick son!?

She resumed the kissing and bucking beneath me. I
started to really fuck her hard now as she made moans
like, 'Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh YESSS!'

The cherry headboard on the bed was tapping the wall
like, 'bop, bop, bop, bop,' really fast as I came,
holding my dick deep in her as the cum let loose.

Mom moaned loudly, 'OH BABY! Ohhhh baby! I love you
baby! I'm in love with you,' she said as she pushed my
head back, holding my face with her hands, those green
Irish eyes wide open, piercing my soul.

I didn't stop, couldn't stop. I was still hard as hell
and I continued fucking mom. That went on probably an

Neither of us left the bed after I had cummed in her
the third time. Next thing we know, it was morning and
the rooster was outside the window crowing.

I rose, kissed her awake. She woke smiling a smile I
had never seen before.

I wanted to fuck again right then, but she wouldn't let
me. She said we both needed to get going. My dick was
standing up slapping my stomach as I got one last kiss
as she left the bed and we both rushed to wash off.

She left for work after fixing grits, eggs and salt
pork for breakfast. We kissed and she headed up the

I did the usual, went to grandma's house on the way to
school and fucked the hell out of her right there in
her bed in the front room.

My i****tuous affair with my mother and grandmother
continued many years. I got married after I got my
certification as an agricultural cotton specialist.

My wife and I had five c***dren, lived on a spot of
land between mom and my grandparents and were rich
early on. I built my mom a fine home next door to us
and everything was rosy.

When grandpa died, I kept the farm going. But I never
made whiskey like he did.

Grandma stayed lovely and active. We fucked regularly
right up until she turned 81 and just didn't have the
strength anymore. She lived to be 93.

Mom and I stopped fucking a few years back. We still
live in the country, but we live in mansions, thanks to
the hard work and the skills my grandpa had back then,
buying all that land.

We still own 154 acres. We sold more than 150 years ago
to developers who wanted to build an upscale
subdivision. We got more than $1.6 million after taxes.

I have to admit, now and then I ease out to the barn
and run my dick up into that hot mare's pussy, but I
have gotten so old I can't hold out like I used to.
Besides, my wife is 22 years younger than me.

That's the story. That's the way it really went.


88% (19/3)
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2 months ago
written like a 15yr old which was fine till the end when all that other stuff was hurriedly added on which made it sound like it was written by a semi literate adult, aww shucks, i's a big ol boy with a big dick and i live in a mansion with my young wife, lost all credibility in a couple of sentences with a lazy ending
11 months ago
liked the store except for the animals
1 year ago
great story. too bad it wasn't video was filmed.
3 years ago
wonderful story..real family love incest and you got to fuck a horse too..that's hot
3 years ago
Fascinating work with the horse, but a cow is shorter and the bucket will work better.
3 years ago
Very good