Meeting an incredibly good-looking man might sound great - unless he's close but untouchable. My older s****r Kelly was the one lucky enough to meet and wed Barry first. He was an older man, a builder whose work had always kept him strong and fit. Being an active sportsman helped tone all those muscles too, I guess.

My s****r and I had often been attracted to the same men and I had always fancied Barry like mad but then something happened which blew my desire for him right out into the open. You'll have to promise to keep what I tell you a secret.

It happened several years ago when I was staying with Barry and Kelly for the weekend. Neither Barry nor Kelly got on all that well with our parents and were planning to emigrate back to Barry's hometown in America, so we all knew this would probably be the last time we saw each other. I loved their home, which Barry had built largely to his own design, but every now and then I noticed something around the place which made me think about sex. Yes, even more than I usually do.

For a start, there were the fridge magnets from an entertainment company specialising in strippers, suggesting Barry and Kelly had employed some on at least one occasion. My suspicion was backed up by the photo on their dresser showing Kelly embracing a male stripper in his G-string while Barry was supporting a topless girl who had her legs wrapped around his waist! They all seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely and I wished I had been there to see what happened - before and after.

Then there were the 'glamour' portraits of my s****r prominently displayed on various walls, her cleavage amply revealed to any visitors. I found that a little strange, but more than anything, it made me wonder about my s****r and b*****r-in-law's sex life. How often, what positions, where in the house, any toys or kinks... all sorts of ideas crossed my mind.

The three of us enjoyed a nice lunch together on the Saturday with plenty of wine and friendly banter. Kelly and I are fairly similar in appearance, both tall, slim and sensuous brunettes and I couldn't help thinking Barry's eyes were wandering all over my body as we ate. Knowing I was attracting his attention made me more than a little turned-on, and a glance down told me my nipples were protruding at him quite clearly through my light bra and T-shirt. It transpired Barry and Kelly would both be going out that night to a function they couldn't escape. I assured them I would be happy to stay home and amuse myself quietly.

Of course, in reality, I immediately planned to go snooping around after they had gone. I just can't help it sometimes - I get so horny, I find myself driven to doing all kinds of weird things to satisfy my urges. And I was extremely curious to see whether their bedroom in particular had any little secrets to reveal.

After they had left, I finished the last bottle of wine we had opened and purposely made myself watch TV for a while in case they forgot something and came back unexpectedly. Barry had a huge stack of videos available and I noticed "Girls of Penthouse" was one of them. I put it on with a mild sense of anticipation but found it was fairly docile. While there weren't any nude men to drool over, I had to admit, most of the boobs on display certainly looked natural to me - the lucky bitches. Although men have told me many times how much they love my tits the way they are, like most women, I can't help wondering sometimes if I wouldn't feel happier with something really worth showing off in a tight top.

Anyway, after half an hour, I decided it was safe to start my investigations. I began by looking under their bed and in their bedside drawers. Nothing much there - some fancy underwear, condoms, a tube of lubricant.

They had a large walk-in robe so that was my next stop. Lots of shelves with lots of clothes and a few boxes of this and that. I decided to look lower rather than higher, and was instantly rewarded: inside a shoe box hidden under a pair of Barry's boots was an unmarked video tape. I trembled as I weighed it in my hand for a moment. It might be nothing or it might be...!

I replaced the box very carefully and went straight to the lounge to view the tape.

Wow! It was shocking. It was thrilling. It was so hot! The action began almost immediately and I couldn't possibly have hoped for more. The first thing on the screen was the bedroom I had just left, with loud music playing. The major difference was that my s****r was lying on the bed, stark naked except for a sl**per's mask over her eyes. I hadn't seen her out of her clothes since we shared a room when she was a young teenager, but she had certainly developed a lot since then. I noted with interest how similar her nipples were to my own, although her breasts seemed larger. As a momentary fantasy, I speculated whether Barry would be able to tell us apart, by touch alone, if we were all naked in a dark room together. Didn't most men have a fantasy about going to bed with s****rs - or was it twins? I was very excited already.

The other interesting difference was my s****r's pubic hair - or lack thereof. I've always kept mine trimmed and waxed in a fairly conventional way, but she had obviously decided - or been persuaded - to dispense with it entirely. All, that is, except for a tiny square tuft about two centimetres above her clitoris, perhaps preserved purely to emphasise her bareness everywhere else inside her tan-line. I pondered, in my semi-d***ken state, whether I should raise the subject with her at some point. Or perhaps I could just drop it into conversation with my next lover, to see how quickly the idea of shaving me made his cock go hard.

My s****rly train of thought was diverted to much bigger and better things when Barry entered the frame. To my intense delight, he was also totally nude. He had a terrific body, very lean and tanned with only the slightest of paunches. Before he did anything else, he came close to the camera and tipped it further towards the bed, making me wonder for the first time if Kelly was actually aware of the camera at all. Perhaps Barry had masked her first and told her to wait for him while he secretly started filming her. In any case, seeing my b*****r-in-law's cock revealed in all its glory for the first time was a major, major, turn-on. Though still only semi-erect, he appeared to be hung like the proverbial quadruped. Not for the first time, I longed for the chance to be with him in bed, to massage his manhood with every part of my body, to let him do everything - especially anything Kelly denied him.

I paused the video before it rolled any further and quickly checked the curtains and door to make sure no-one could see in. Satisfied, I stripped off completely, depositing my clothes neatly on the far end of the couch. I just love walking around in the nude in someone else's home, especially their living room, and I knew for a fact that I would be stretched out and strumming my clit like crazy in the very near future.

I had a hot thought about giving myself a climax on their bed, right on the spot where the screen showed my s****r waiting with her legs spread wide. That's something else I've done in other people's houses when I've had the chance, and I really recommend it for a big come every time, but I decided against it here, at least for the time being. The sight of Barry's nudity and the prospect of seeing his cock: a) get totally hard and b) work its way into my s****r's open and willing cunt, so similar to my own, made it certain the remote would be staying in my less dexterous hand!

After pressing 'play' again, I spent the next half-hour in a masturbator's agony, not knowing whether I should come to what I was watching or wait for an even more arousing sight. As it happened, I kept myself on the edge for as long as I could, during which time I witnessed my b*****r-in-law do a series of incredibly erotic things to my s****r. First, he licked her all over (and I mean all over); then he sucked on her tits until she groaned and started rubbing her pelvis up against him.

He rubbed the head of his cock all over her face while she tried in vain to lick it properly until at last he let her accept it into her mouth for just two or three hot suckings before he withdrew it. Then he spent ages stimulating her clit and lower lips with his fingers, mouth and penis, from time to time slipping one of his little fingers in and out of her anus while he nibbled on her clit. She really got off on him doing that, I noticed. Eventually, he placed her legs up over his shoulders while he knelt and at long last slid his extremely stiff shaft inside her, to the absolute hilt. After a few long slow thrusts, he pulled out and turned her over, sliding under her and positioning her bum directly facing the camera so that while they fed on each other, his tonguework on her pussy would be recorded with maximum clarity, especially when he spread her denuded petals apart to reveal her special shade of pink.

One thing which really got to me was, no matter what he did to her, Kelly kept her mask on the whole time, ensuring her mind focussed on every sense other than sight. What she was seeing in her mind's eye while Barry lay beneath her and licked her all the way to a loud orgasm I could only half imagine; likewise, it blew my mind with jealousy to imagine how it must have felt when he moved behind her again and, shifting them both sideways, pushed his swollen cock back in and started to pump in and out of her with fast, hard strokes, over and over. At long last, he pulled his cock out of her and, rubbing it in the groove between her buttocks, spurted what looked like a month's worth of semen all over her taut, raised buttocks, squeezing them hard as he ejaculated between them.

Watching Barry's big dick shoot its slippery load of sperm all over my s****r's bare body was way too much for my mind to handle. Immediately, I went for gold on my clit, ending up on the carpet as I clamped down on the two fingers wedged inside my honeypot while I polished my clit to slippery perfection. The excitement of doing myself in their lounge room, while seeing and hearing my s****r and her hubby having the fuck of their lives, was out of this world. I shook with each of the explosions emanating from my drenched pussy, over and over and over, a series of the best I've ever had, a truly earth-shattering world-class all-over come.

I rolled over in a divinely relieved stupor to witness Barry leaving the bed drowsily to turn off the camera, his cock still hard and dripping with his cum. I guessed he wanted it to be off when Kelly finally removed her mask, ensuring it remained his own little secret - at least for the time being.

The next I knew, I woke with a start to realise my orgasm had dropped me without warning into a deep slumber. My energy level was incredibly low but I knew it would not be good for Barry and Kelly to walk in and find me rolling around in the nude on their carpet with their videotaped fuck on the screen. Forcing myself to focus, I rewound the tape, took it back to its covert home and, gathering all my clothes, headed for the guest bed.

Waking the next morning, I realised I hadn't heard my hosts come in. I had naturally slipped straight between the sheets without putting my nightie on and again I enjoyed the sensation of finding myself naked in a strange bed, rubbing myself enjoyably into the mattress. Even better was remembering what I had seen on the tape. Recalling the most vivid images made me seriously consider an orgasm before breakfast.

Looking at the bedside clock decided me against it however. It was almost ten. No wonder I was feeling hungry! I rose and donned my forsaken nightie, deciding nothing more formal was really required. Barry had seen me in a bikini a few times and this really wasn't any more revealing. It was short but not particularly sheer and besides, I just didn't feel like wearing anything else on top or underneath. It was like I was on holidays, free of stress and looking for fun.

After a quick stop in the bathroom, I went to the kitchen. To my secret pleasure, Barry was sitting there alone, in running shorts and a singlet, sipping a coffee and reading a Sunday tabloid. I suddenly remembered Kelly saying something about going to some craft markets - just as he looked up. I blushed immediately for three main reasons: 1) the knowledge that we were alone together; 2) the way his eyes loved to linger on certain parts of my body; and 3) my new, secret knowledge of his body and a few of his sexual preferences. He seemed amused at my sudden shyness and invited me to partake of cereal, coffee, toast and fruit, never once taking his eyes from me.

I walked past him to the bench, selecting a banana to slice on to my Special K. It was crazy - just holding the peeled banana in my hand made me think about sex with him. Perhaps I was on heat. I calculated the date and realised it could be one of my "high" times, but really I knew the cause was Barry. I also knew I needed a moment to reflect.

To do so, I took my cereal into the lounge room, settling into the couch, unable to stop myself from examining the area to see if by some chance, I had left a clue to my activities the night before. There was nothing. I ate steadily, ignoring the butterflies in my stomach as I struggled with my ethical position. Should I try to seduce my b*****r-in-law while my s****r was out, or simply purloin the tape and enjoy reliving it over and over later? I didn't know how much time I had to do it but the fact I was never going to see either of them again finally persuaded me. That cock of his was just too good to miss.

I left my cereal half-finished and looked up. Barry was just rising and he went into the bedroom to visit the ensuite. I seized my chance.

As quietly as I could, I crept to the bedroom door and waited until I heard him start to urinate. Very softly, I removed the tape from under Barry's boots and returned to the lounge. Sliding it into the VCR and pressing 'play', I curled up comfortably on the couch, one heel pressing into my moistening pubis as I allowed one of the shoestring straps on my camisole to fall from my shoulder, revealing most of my left breast.

Barry came back into the lounge just as his nude on-screen image moved to the bed and began licking Kelly's neck. I pretended to be glued to the screen.

"What the fuck?!"

His voice almost broke at the shock of being revealed. I adopted a knowing smile and glanced over my shoulder at him. He looked stunned.

"It's alright, Barry," I purred. "I don't mind seeing what you and Kelly do together. In fact, it turns me on." To reinf***e my statement, knowing it was now or never, I stood and slowly slipped the other strap from my shoulder, allowing the thin satin garment to slither down my body and fall softly to the floor. If Barry had ever wondered what his twenty-year-old s****r-in-law looked like in the buff, he knew now.

"It's made me all wet," I continued, my right hand gently caressing my pubic patch. I held up two glistening fingers. "See?"

Barry was still staring at all of me with his mouth slightly open, but I could see something definitely happening inside his shorts. His bulge there was growing noticeably bigger.

"Come and watch it with me," I said, sinking gracefully on to the couch and turning to the screen, knowing he was still staring at my exposed breasts with their pebble-hard nipples.

As I had predicted, he was unable to resist, coming closer, hesitating at the edge of the couch, torn between Kelly on the screen and me in the flesh.

"Barry, why don't you... get more comfortable?" I asked, staring provocatively at his crotch.

He swallowed and slowly slid his shorts off. He wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"And your singlet."

He pulled it off with one hand, thus achieving my first goal: to see him naked and erect. His penis was as swollen now as it had been on the tape, the head as purple as a juicy plum. I licked my lips.

"Come on, I'm not going to bite you... just yet."

He sank gingerly into the far end of the couch, watching me with trepidation. I knew I had to play it very carefully now: short of him actually going berserk and r****g me, it was important for me to make him aroused. Very aroused.

I turned to face him, spreading my legs and teasing my labia apart with both hands.

"Does my pussy look like hers?" I asked. "Is she as pink as me down here? Does she get as wet as this when you show her your cock?"

Barry swallowed again, muttering, "Uh, no, I guess not."

"Well, here's the big question, Barry," I murmured. "How would you like to make another video, but with Kelly and me both in it at the same time?"

He closed his eyes and groaned at the mere image of my lewd suggestion and reached for his cock. Fearing he might be about to come spontaneously, I jumped up and stood over him.

"Take your hand off it and listen," I commanded. "This time, I'll be the director. Here's what we're going to do."

For the next few minutes, he listened very carefully indeed. The impressive state of his organ as I finished told me he very much liked what he had heard.

It was only about a quarter of an hour later when Kelly arrived home. I had packed as rapidly as I could and hidden my bags in my room with only just enough time left to hide under my bed, still nude, as I heard her come into the hallway and stop suddenly. I knew exactly what she would be seeing.

"Barry? What's the matter? Why are you..."

I heard him step towards her. He had not put his clothes back on and he had now been seriously aroused for quite some time. I had made sure of that.

"Listen, Kelly," he said. "Joanna's left. Some friends rang up and invited her over for dinner. She said she might as well keep going, and she thought you'd understand. So it's just you and me now. And I've been so horny here, waiting for you all morning."

He sounded so genuinely desperate to fuck her, it sent a shiver through me as he continued: "Can we please go to bed right now, darling? I want to do everything - and I can't stop thinking about you wearing your mask again, that was so hot last time."

I smiled, knowing the last part was certainly true.

They seemed to kiss for ages before the long, welcome descent of Kelly's dress zipper. The state of Barry's lust was obviously making my s****r rapidly agreeable to his idea.

"Let me just go to the toilet first, then I'll be waiting," Kelly said breathlessly. Her shoes came off and she practically jogged into the ensuite. Barry followed and I visualised him carrying out my instructions.

According to Barry, the blindfold idea was actually Kelly's from the start. She liked to undress and wait in bed for him to blindfold her. Then he would leave her there for a few minutes to let the tension build before returning and taking her by surprise.

Hearing the funky music come on in the bedroom, evidently Kelly's favourite CD for sex, I smiled. He had remembered to turn it up loud enough to cover extraneous noise, but not loud enough to annoy the neighbours. The music meant Kelly was on the bed and he was in the process of quietly setting up the camera on its tripod and starting the recording. His next step would be to join Kelly on the bed and do something worth filming. Those were all the instructions I had given him - what happened next would be up to me.

I crept to the bedroom door, again enjoying the thrill of sneaking around their house undressed, the adrenalin rush increased by the risk of Kelly catching me.

The scene on their bed juiced my pussy instantly. Barry's hand was in Kelly's crotch already, his fingers frigging her mercilessly as she massaged his cock with both hands. Her eye-mask was in place and they were kissing passionately. A quick glance at the camera assured me the little red recording light was on and all was well. It was time to enter the frame. The important thing was to get to Barry without touching Kelly or in any way letting her know she was no longer alone with her husband. My s****r's nudity was not such a shock to me after seeing her on tape although it still excited me to imagine I was seeing myself on the bed in the throes of passion with such a well-endowed lover.

Barry was lying on his left side to caress Kelly with his right hand, so my first move was to tiptoe to his side of the bed and sc**** my nails very gently across his gorgeous butt.

He reacted with a shiver and broke away from Kelly's mouth to stare at me. Urgently, I gestured him to continue kissing and fondling her as though I were not there. He did so with a rather frightened expression, as though he had suddenly realised how much strife he would be in if Kelly removed her mask now.

I continued to caress his beautiful tight bum, then moved smoothly up his back with both hands, carefully avoiding Kelly's own fingers as they occasionally left his cock to stroke other parts of his body. I massaged his neck for a while, the way I know men love, before I leaned over and delivered a quick, featherlight peck to his cheek while his mouth was still locked with Kelly's. I had put on a double coat of scarlet lipstick especially for the occasion: let's see him explain that later on, I thought.

It was time to develop the plot. I grasped his foot to get his attention. When he looked up, I pointed directly at my s****r's uncovered pussy and then at Barry's mouth, making several extravagant swipes of my tongue through the air to make my desire crystal clear.

Obediently, he partially removed himself from Kelly's embrace but kept his tongue on her skin, dragging it down over her body, pausing for some obligatory nipple sucking that made me pinch my own little peaks in sympathy, before parting her legs and placing her thighs on his shoulders to give himself maximum access to her recently shaved pleasure zones. He began with long slow tongue strokes up and down, deliberately missing her clitoris for the time being. I wished now I had made him do that to me when I had the chance.

Fortunately, his posture for cunnilingus provided me with excellent access to most of his body. My left hand slipped under his awesome buttocks to fondle his scrotal sac to my heart's content. He moaned as he continued to lap at Kelly's cunt. My right hand reached around to encase his cock, stroking it firmly but gently. He moaned again, louder. As I caressed his manhood, I was perfectly placed to turn and look straight down the camera lens, blowing it a mischievous kiss. I didn't want any of our viewers to forget that I was directing this feature.

Abruptly, I abandoned his cock and balls, softly padding around the bed so he could see all of me while his tongue now repeatedly penetrated the vagina most similar to my own in all the world. I came as close to the bed as possible, then squatted slightly and spread my petals so he could see right up inside me. His tongue went crazy, making Kelly gasp, and I knew without a doubt he may have been sucking on her but in his mind, mine was the clit between his lips. Daringly, I bent down very close to Kelly's nearest breast, holding my breath as I poked out my tongue so he could watch me almost but not quite wet the tip of her stiff nipple. Barry made a strange sound of desire and practically pushed his jaw inside her. She was so close to coming now, but before he could bring her off, I gave him another set of gestures to show him what I wanted next.

Understanding, he knelt up and brought Kelly's left leg over and past her right, not altogether gently, forcing her to roll over on to her hands and knees. She was a little slow to respond, perhaps disappointed he hadn't continued and brought her to what seemed to be a rapidly approaching first climax. In any case, the implication Barry's cock was about to penetrate her from behind couldn't have displeased her. That wasn't what I had in mind, however.

As I had indicated, Barry rolled on to his back and slid his face under Kelly's pelvis, reaching up to guide her thighs down so he could continue sucking her pussy from beneath. The beauty of this position was that it now left him on his back, his sensitised genitals completely exposed and at my mercy.

I made sure I was well balanced, with no part of me touching the bed in any way. Then I went directly for his beautiful balls. As soon as the tip of my firmly pointed tongue made contact with an orb, his whole body jerked and bounced. Kelly, naturally assuming his consumption of her pussy juices was driving him wild with lust, responded by grinding her mound harder into his face.

I made sure his silky bollocks were dripping with my saliva before I went for his appetising sceptre. This time I very gently raised it with two fingers to make it easier for my lips to slip over the tip. Restricting my mouth's movements to a fairly open encircling of the head, I tantalised him with a range of unpredictable tongue lashes, up and down, around and around. Naturally, it wasn't long before he was squirming all about, and I released him from my lips just in time for Kelly to announce the dramatic, delayed arrival of orgasm number one. The music drowned out some of her cries but there was no mistaking the way she held his head in place throughout the crest, almost suffocating him in the grip of her thighs as she threw her head back and rode his face in extended ecstasy.

There was a moment of fear for me when she raised her hands to her mask as the waves of pleasure ebbed. But thankfully she was only keeping it in place as she rolled off him and collapsed at his side, still half-gasping, half-laughing with the pleasure of it.

After a few moments' recovery, she reached for his cock, smiling when she found it was still hard and eager to come. Bending down, she made as if to begin fellating him herself, an intention abruptly halted by Barry when he noticed my lipstick all over his cock. It would surely have spelled disaster if she had tasted a new flavour to her husband's dick!

Instead, since I offered no objection, he encouraged her to lie back for him to roll on top of her. At long last, he was able to slide his cock deep into her saturated cunt, and, making mutual sounds of heartfelt satisfaction, they began to fuck with a passion. I knew he wouldn't last long so I moved like lightning to the kitchen, opened the right place and extracted what I wanted.

I was back just in time. Barry had endured so much build-up, showing gargantuan sexual stamina in preventing himself from coming, but now there was absolutely no detouring. He grunted like a b**st as he hurled his almighty rod in and out of Kelly and she responded by pulling on his buttocks for even more of him. Before my eyes, he began to make the most deliberate of all penis strokes, those calculated final thrusts which proclaim that nothing on heaven or earth is going to stop a cock from gushing an absolute bucket load of sperm into the hot vulva engulfing him. I watched and waited for the exact moment: four, three, two,...

And at the precise instant Barry joyfully plunged himself in and unleashed the most brilliant come in his memory, with a stiff finger I pushed my tiny ice cube straight up his puckered bottom.

The effect was awe-inspiringly sensational. His eyes burst open, his enormous jaw dropped a mile and he could do nothing but simply howl over and over at his wholly unexpected arrival into a new universe of pleasure and pain as his hips continued to buck uncontrollably and Kelly clung to him with everything she had, emitting screeches of delight as she bucked with him and climaxed hard a second time.

Barry came forever. When he finally fell on to Kelly with most of his weight, he simply lay there, unable to move a muscle as she struggled to make room to breathe, eventually resorting to digging her nails in to make him shift over.

I believe the scene concludes this way: he revives some time later to find Kelly lying next to him with her mask off, smiling widely as she strokes her husband's back soothingly.

"Barry, darling, that was absolutely wonderful, but what's with the camera in here?" she inquires. "You're lucky I can see there's no tape in it, naughty boy, or I'd be kicking your backside right out the door."

Barry, well aware that lying on his front and covering his cheek will continue to mask the existence of my lipstick until he has a chance to wash it off, risks a short glance at the camera. Sure enough, the light is off and the ejected tape holder is clearly empty. He's still too tired to think it through, but he's pretty sure he's safe. Maybe.

At least, that's what I imagine it was like. Even while Kelly was wrestling her way out from beneath him, I had the tape out of the camera and was in my room throwing on my prepared clothes. In less than a minute, I had my bag slung over my shoulder and was out the door and looking for the nearest taxi. I had a bad need for an orgasm of my own, but I knew for sure the tape of our bizarre threesome would give me more than enough satisfaction later on. Naturally, I took the other tape with me too. I had a feeling Barry would only get caught with it sooner or later, and it seemed a shame to restrict such a spectacular performance to a single viewer.

And even today, on the rare occasions I get a call from Kelly and Barry in the U.S., I still get a kick out of reminding my b*****r-in-law just how often I enjoy seeing him - every delicious part of him.

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that was awesome. wish you were my in-law!