Megan is so happy that she's finally old enough to work
at Uncle Bob's car wash. She's even looking forward to
wearing the skimpy costumes. But even though she's hung
around the place for years, there are secrets she's not
aware of. Her curiosity about one secret gets her WAY
more than she bargained for. The result is, Megan gets
very, very wet. (M/f-teen, mf-teens, ped, 1st, inc,
reluc, preg)


Megan skipped along happily on her way to her very
first paying job. Not counting babysitting, of course.
She had eagerly been awaiting her 16th birthday so she
would be old enough to work at Uncle Bob's car wash. It
was a big bustling business down on the bay by the
beach, with 30 employees, almost all High Schoolers,
and five lines in which cars could be washed, waxed and
detailed. When a car came out of Uncle Bob's, it looked
brand new. Bob's always seemed to be hopping. It was a
loud place, with music blaring from speakers all over.
And with that music, a lot of dancing went on at Bob's

Megan looked at the place as she approached it. She'd
been there hundreds of times, hanging out, or visiting
with her favorite Uncle, but this time she looked at it
differently. She didn't know what it was before it was
a car wash, but now it looked like a light house, with
the car wash at the bottom, and the tall tower going up
four or five stories.

There was actually a light at the top too. Every New
Year's eve Uncle Bob or somebody turned that big light
on and made it do one complete revolution to mark the
new year. That light sparked different colors as it
went around, and it could be seen for miles. Everybody
in the county came to watch it light up. That tower was
the only part of the Car Wash Megan had never been in.
The door to that was in Uncle Bob's office and had no
handle. It was always locked, and Megan never could
even figure out how anybody could open it.

When she got there she went straight to Uncle Bob's
office. Everybody there knew her and lots of people
said "Hi" as she went in. Her Uncle was sitting behind
his desk and he looked up. "Hi pumpkin" he said,
writing something on a piece of paper.

"I'm ready Uncle Bob!" Megan said excitedly.

"OK, I'll bite... what are you ready for?" he said,
smiling at her. She noticed that his eyes slid down her
body and then back up. He'd been doing that a lot the
last couple of years. She knew he was looking at her
body, but she liked it. It made her feel special...

"UNCLE BOB!" she stamped her foot. "I start work today!
You know that!"

He grinned. "Ah yes, the most beautiful girl in town
has decided to entertain my customers." His grin got

Megan blushed. She knew what he was talking about. The
employees wore uniforms at Bob's Car Wash. They were
based on a Pirate theme, with tight blue shorts below a
thin shirt with broad horizontal red and white stripes
on it. It highlighted every muscle, rib, fold of fat
and anything else on your body and, when wet, was
fairly transparent... at least on the white parts.

The guys' shirt was a normal T shirt, but they had to
wear a stylized pirate head bandana that looked fairly
ridiculous. The girls had to wear huge hoop earrings.
The shorts were gym shorts, for all intents and
purposes. They were tight. Bob said they had to be for
safety reasons, so that the machinery couldn't catch
loose clothing and drag somebody around or hurt them.
Every guy wore a jock strap under his shorts, for
reasons that will become clear in a few sentences.

The girls' top had one shoulder strap. The neckline
then swooped down and under the other arm, leaving that
shoulder bare. So if you wore a bra it had to be a
strapless one. With all the leaning over, stretching
and all that involved in washing cars, those bras were

So most girls just didn't wear one.

That meant there were a lot of wet shirts, with stiff
nipples under them. Then there was the problem with the
shorts riding up into pussy cracks, making delightful
camel toes, especially if a girl didn't wear panties
under the shorts.

All THIS meant there were a lot of teen aged hardons
around, firmly encased in the strongest jock strap a
boy could find. Bob's Car Wash was a place that fairly
reeked with the smell of teenaged hormones. Megan's
tender teen breasts were naked under her shirt. She
didn't plan on wearing a bra and she was looking
forward to feeling sexy and having all the boys sneak
peeks at her chest.

But there was more.

Famous for counties around, there were what had ended
up being called "Speedo Days". Bob's had a tradition of
proclaiming one Saturday a month "Speedo Day". It was a
blatant business promotion through sexuality, and
everybody in town knew it. But it wasn't i*****l, and
it was extremely popular.

There were two kinds of customers on "Speedo Day".
First, there were the customers who stayed away. They
were the soccer moms, the up tight types, and the
moralists. Just about everybody else showed up on
Speedo Days because the boys were dressed out in little
blue Speedos and the girls all wore bright Yellow
string bikinis. Most customers on those days stayed in
their cars during the wash, because all the hard bodies
doing the washing pressed their scantily clad bodies up
against the glass in the process.

A lot of wives just happened to stop off to get the car
washed on Speedo Day, bringing their husbands along,
because all those wives invariably got a nice hard
prick shoved in their pussy when they got home. There
were two actual cases where people inside the car got
naked and fucked while the car was being drawn down the
line through the car wash!

So Bob's was a highly charged atmosphere, that
attracted teens in prime shape, in the prime of their
lives and under conditions that encouraged, rather than
suppressed sexuality.

Some parents wouldn't let their k**s work at Bob's.
But, because Bob let the k**s keep 100% of their tips,
and because k**s had been known to pay their way
through college on those tips, jobs at Bob's never went
unfilled for long.

And Bob didn't refuse to hire somebody just because
they were fat, or didn't have a gorgeous face. As
anyone who frequents porn sites on the web will attest,
there are all sorts of appetites out there. All
employees were required to wear the uniform, and if
they didn't like the way they looked in it, they could
quit. Most didn't. And, tips were good for everybody at
Bob's because he trained them to do good work above

Megan went into the locker room and changed into her
uniform. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed
happily. She'd wanted to put this uniform on for years.
She stared at her pale, almost white hair, drawn back
in a pony tail. Her proud round breasts pushed out
nicely on the top, and she knew that when the cold
water hit her nipples they'd shoot out half an inch.
She'd had to promise her parents she'd wear the bra
that was in her bag.

Feeling somewhat guilty, she put it on over her outfit.
Then she looked at herself in the mirror and said "OK,
I wore it." Then it went back in her bag. She planned
on putting it on before she went home, but she was too
excited about being all grown up and sexy to put it
on... and leave it on at work.

She went out on the line and was introduced to her
'mentor' a senior named Mark, who was going to teach
her how things were done at Bob's and assign her to a
team. His job was easy. She'd hung around Bob's for
years and knew every procedure inside and out. He knew
she was the Boss's niece, so he kept his hands off her
astonishing body, something he rarely did with the
others. It was hard. HE was hard by the time he
assigned her to line number three, where he knew Lori
and Chrissy would keep an eye on her.

It was everything she dreamed it would be.

From the minute she got on the line, she was soaking
wet. Being short, she had to lean to get to most places
on a car, so her body rubbed up against the cars
constantly. Her sensitive nipples loved the feel of
sliding across the wet car bodies. The boys on the team
stared at her. Lori and Chrissy rolled their eyes at
each other, knowing that Megan was going to get hit on
by ALL the guys.

That was OK, though. There were plenty of guys to go
around and both girls had steady boy friends.

Megan knew she was busted when she saw the familiar car
emerge from the mist of the prewash spray. It was her
dad's car and he was in it. Her assignment was the
front left quarter of the car, so she'd be working
right where he would have an unobstructed view of her.
She decided to make the best of it though and grinned
and mouthed "Hi Daddy" through the glass at him. Then
she washed her part of the car, pressing her lovely
teen chest against the glass an inch from his face,
just like she had on twenty other cars already.

Her b*****r came through in his Mustang about an hour
later. She knew both men got a good look at her stiff
nipples while she washed their cars, so she knew her
mother would be yelling at her that night.

But she didn't.

The only comment her mom made when she came home was
"How was your first day at work honey?"

Megan answered carefully. "It was great. I got $40 in
tips! Daddy and Boo brought their cars down and I got
to wash them both. She called her b*****r "Boo" even
though his name was Blaine. She had ever since she was
a toddler. Boo was a year older than she was and they
were the best of buddies.

Her mom smiled "Yeah, they told me. Said you did a good
job too. Set the table for me, OK?"

No explosion. While she was setting the table her
father got home from playing golf. "Hi Daddy!" she said

"Hi peaches" he grinned. He gave her a hug and
whispered in her ear "I didn't rat you out." Then he
grinned again and went to put away his clubs.

A little while later her b*****r burst in through the
back door. "Hey mom... hey Bumps" he grinned. "What's
for supper?

"BLAINE ALLEN MILLER!" barked Megan's mother, putting
her hands on her hips. What have I told you about
calling your s****r that?"

Boo had taken to calling his s****r "Bumps" when she
turned twelve and began to grow breasts. He'd made a
habit of poking them, touching them and squeezing them
every so often, telling her he had to give her
'reports' on how they were doing. Megan, indifferent at
first, had nonetheless refrained from complaining to
her parents that he did this. Over the years she got to
where she kind of liked it. It was a little like what
she felt when her Uncle's hot eyes raked up and down
teen body.

The fact that her 'bumps' were now 36 Cs hadn't stopped
him. He had called her that so long that neither of
them noticed it any more in particular. When people
outside the f****y wanted to know what it meant, they
both just said it came from all the bumps and bruises
she got as a k**, trying to keep up with her big

But while her nickname didn't bother her, it bothered
her mother. "I told you that is no fitting thing to say
to your s****r. She has a name, and your continued
reference to her breasts is sexist. I don't want to
hear that again. Is that clear?"

"OK Mom, I just forgot. Sorry. Don't have a cow. It's
just a nickname. I won't forget again." he said meekly.
Megan stared at him. This wasn't the b*****r she knew.

But as soon as her mother turned back to the stove with
a "That's better" comment, he grinned broadly, licked
the two first fingers of both hands, put them on his
shirt, on top of his own nipples and then rotated them
in little circles, like that goofy guy on Saturday
Night Live. Megan had to leave the room to keep from
laughing out loud.

She'd changed back to street clothes in the locker room
at Bob's, but she needed to dry her hair, so she went
up to the bathroom she and Boo used. She was combing
out her hair when Boo came in behind her. Both her
hands were up, dealing with her hair. She saw his hands
appear in the mirror and cover her 'bumps' as he cupped
her thrusting breasts in his hands. She hadn't put on
the bra, figuring she could always claim she'd
forgotten it, and his hands felt her
loose heavy tits.

"Mmmmmmmm Megan" he moaned. Your bumps looked sooo good
at the car wash today." He squeezed them and ran his
hands over the stiffening nipples. They popped up,
wanting to be played with.

"I know" she said, enjoying the feel of his hands on
her titties.

"It made me want to see em... and suck em." he rasped.

She stopped brushing and looked at him in the mirror.
"You know that's not allowed" she said. She'd told him
lots of times that only perverts touched their s****r's
breasts. She hadn't made him stop doing that, though
every time he tried to go further she shut him down.

"I know" he moaned, feeling her nipples with his
fingertips and squeezing them lightly. "But I still
want to. I bet they're delicious."

She felt his boner against her back. "OK, you big
pervert" she said, "Time's up. You're gonna have to go
to your room now and play with yourself, cause you're
done here." She had him well enough trained that she
didn't have to touch his hands at all. He reluctantly
took them away from her precious teen titties and slunk
out of the bathroom. He did go to his room, and he
closed the door.

Megan grinned at her reflection in the mirror. She
didn't tell him, but it was getting harder and harder
to make him quit. She thought the idea of his lips on
her nipples sounded just fantastic, but she knew if she
let him do that, she'd let him do other stuff, and
nobody had ever done that to her.

On impulse she decided to see if he really was playing
with himself. She put the brush down, got up and walked
quietly to his door. Very slowly she turned the handle.
It wasn't locked.


Then, to make it look like she hadn't been thinking
about what hung between his legs at all, she just
pushed the door open and walked in, saying "Hey, can I
borrow your..."

She didn't have to pretend to stop her voice in shock.
She WAS shocked. He WAS masturbating, and it affected
her in ways she wasn't prepared for.

For one thing he was standing up. For another he had
stripped completely. His loins were pushed out, making
it look like he was in the process of bending over
backward. His right hand was around the base of his
penis. She didn't know it, but he had just pulled his
foreskin back completely, baring the big purple knob
that was the tip of his cock. His face was looking up,
or would have been had his eyes been open.

Every muscle in his body was tense and strained and he
was frozen, like a statue. He was facing the door and
she had caught him a split second before his cum
rocketed out of his cock.

Had it been an ambush, it would have been extremely
successful, because she walked right into the kill
zone. As she said the word "your" his eyes popped open,
his hand jerked twice, out of habit, because that was
what it took to keep the cum going.

As she stopped talking and took one more step into the
room, she walked into a three foot long rope of silver
that shot out of the tip of his cock and into the air.
Or it would have been into the air, had not his s****r
been there. One end of that rope hit her left shoulder.
The other end hit her right hip. The rest of it made a
line between those two points right across her body.

"OH FUCK!" he gasped and lost his balance, leaning
back. His hand left his cock as he tried to catch
himself. He rolled toward his s****r as his cock fired
another round, this one hitting her knee.

Then it was a series of "OH FUCK's and "EEEWWWW's as he
hit the floor and she stared at the stuff on her body.
She instinctively looked at his penis as he landed more
or less on his back and was amazed to see it still
leaking big globs of thick white stuff that either
landed on his stomach, or ran down the side of his
wobbling pole. It was the first penis she'd seen up
close or not in a book, and it was doing an admirable
job of acting like it was performing it's intended
service when she saw it.

It had a profound impact on her whole life. As far as
she was concerned, it was the most beautiful, most
sexy, most DANGEROUS looking thing she'd ever seen.

The stuff it shot out was another matter.

She stood with her arms out, her hands waving. "IT GOT

He jumped up, flashing a look at the door, which was
still open and going "Shhhhhh, they'll HEAR you Bumps."
He snatched at the first piece of clothing at hand,
which turned out to be his briefs. He swiped at her
knee as she danced in front of him, whispering "get it
off, get it off, get it off".

He got her knee cleaned up, but when he started trying
to get it off her shirt it was obvious he was just
spreading it around and driving it into the cloth.

"Take it off," he whispered, and she was so unsettled
by the idea that his spunk was all over her that she
didn't even stop to think that she was naked under it.
She whipped the shirt up and off, turning it inside out
as she did so. That dragged the wet streak across her
face and forehead. She jumped up and down, going
"EEEWWWWWW!" again.

Blaine got his wish to see his s****r's bare titties.
Not only that, they were bouncing up and down
delightfully as her feet beat a tattoo on the floor in
her distress.

"It got on my FACE!" she yelled in a whisper. Ohhhhh
Booo, get it off, please, get it off me Boo."

He said "Wait right there" and dashed from the room,
his penis flopping between his legs. He ran to the
bathroom, grabbed a washcloth and ran it under the hot
water. Then he dashed back. She was still standing,
topless, arms out, hands limp, moaning, eyes closed. He
ran the warm cloth over her face and she sighed. Then
he ran the cloth down her neck and all over her chest,
including her delightful naked breasts.

He watched in wonder as her nipples stiffened up. He'd
seen those stiff nipples through the white strips on
her uniform shirt that afternoon, and he'd gotten hard
then. Now, there they were, only inches from his eyes,
pretty plump pink nipples on her full teen titties.

She batted his hands away. "You really ARE a pervert"
she said.

But she couldn't stay mad at him. "Was that REALLY all
because of me?" she went on. He stood in front of her
panting. He didn't think about the fact that he was
stark naked, that his cock was hanging between his
legs, and that there was a drip of cum strung out
toward the floor.

"Uh, yeah, I guess so," he said. "You're just so
beautiful," he went on, staring at her breasts. "Um...
I'm sorry about... that." He pointed at her shirt.

She looked at it and giggled. "Boy, guys sure go to
extremes to get what they want. You wanted to see my
boobs, well, here they are." She stuck them out
proudly, but backed up when he reached for them. "I
gotta get something on. Either one of our parents could
walk in any minute." She darted out of the room.

She was back in five minutes, face washed, hair combed
and a new shirt on. "By the way. I'm sorry for sounding
so freaked out about your... stuff being on me. It
really wasn't so bad. It felt hot. It was just weird. I
don't hate you or anything." She turned and left her
b*****r standing there, mouth open, prick stiffening

The next day Megan worked again, and, as luck would
have it, it was a Speedo Day.

When she put on the little yellow string Bikini Lori
gave her she couldn't believe she was going to be out
in public in it. The bottom was high rise on the hips,
with just two thick yellow strings tied in bows on each
side. She discovered they were permanent bows, sewed
together. Bob had learned to have that done the first
time they had been worn. It was amazing how often a
simple bow just fell apart for no reason in a car wash.
The top was made of two triangles that covered her
nipples and went a little way under her breasts.

Her cleavage was bare and she could see almost all of
the sides of her breasts. It turned out there were
strips of some kind of sticky plastic on the sides, to
keep them from sliding off of her nipples when she
reached and stretched - another thing Bob had learned
early in the program. It covered her buttocks. He
couldn't get away with having teenagers wear thongs,
but the girls had to constantly pull the fabric out of
their butt cracks, something the men just loved.

She took a breath, and, remembering that all the other
girls were dressed just like she was, she went out on
the line. Again she had a great time teasing the
customers by rubbing her breasts on the glass inches
from their face. She got good tips that day too - over
a hundred dollars!

At one point she heard Chrissy talking to Lori "If she
wasn't his niece he'd have had her up in the tower

During a break between cars she went over to Chrissy
and said "What's the tower?"

Chrissy blushed beet red. "You'll have to ask your
Uncle about that." Then she hurried off to another
line. The way she'd said it made it sound like her
Uncle would never ever tell her what went on in the

The rest of the day she asked different people what
happened in the tower. She invariably got one of two
responses. No guys knew anything about the tower at
all, and they and some of the girls usually said "I
don't know. Never seen it. Beat's me." The other
category was from girls who, as Megan began to realize
as the day went on, were the best looking girls in the
place. Their reaction was almost always a strong blush,
followed by darting eyes to see who was near, followed
by a completely unbelievable "I don't know" or "Why are
you asking me?"

By the end of the day she had figured out that some of
those girls had been up in the tower, but wouldn't talk
about why. If Megan had a flaw, it was her curious
nature. She couldn't stand a mystery. If you wanted to
get her going, all you had to do was tell her you got
her a birthday present... a week before her birthday.
She'd go to almost any length to find out what it was.
The thought of just waiting until her birthday wouldn't
even have occurred to her. And now she was curious
about the tower.

Maybe it had something to do with the big colored light
up there. But that only got used once a year. And if
the girls wouldn't talk about it, she wasn't sure he'd
talk about it either. She wanted to know but she didn't
know how to find out for sure.

In the end she decided to try to bluff her Uncle. After
work she hung around until everybody else left. That
wasn't strange. She'd done that lots before she was
hired. She went to his office and walked in, flopping
down on the big couch he had along one wall.

He looked up from his paperwork. She was still in her
bikini and it was still wet. Her legs were open and she
knew her nipples were poking out. If she could get him
distracted by letting him look at her maybe he'd slip
up and say something that would tell her what was in
the tower. "What's up Pumpkin? You still glad I hired

"Oh yes!" she bubbled. "I just love my job." She got up
and pretended to look at something hanging on his wall.
"I was just wondering when you were going to take me up
in the tower."

Dead silence.

She turned to look at him. He was looking at her...
that way... the way that made her feel... naked. He
stood up. He was so tall. His shoulders were so broad.
He walked over to stand right in front of her.

"So you want to go up in the tower." He said, his voice

"Sure" she quipped, acting like it was no big deal.'

"Megan, do you know what goes on in the tower?" His
voice was low. He was standing very close to her. She
could smell his after shave.

"Of course I know" she said, off handedly. This wasn't
going as well as she'd hoped. He wasn't saying anything
useful... she needed something that would give her a
clue as to what the big secret was.

"And you want ME... to take you up there."

"Of course I do!" she said. "You're my favorite Uncle,
after all." Surely he'd say something soon that would
tell her what was going on. He was standing so close to
her. It was making her knees weak.

"Well, well, well." he said. "I had no idea. You've
surprised me little girl" he said.

She tried to stand taller and stuck her teen breasts
out. "I'm not so little any more you know."

He put one finger under her chin and lifted her face
up. Then, to her complete surprise, he kissed her.

And it wasn't one of those Uncle kisses either!

It was a kiss like she saw the actors do in the movies,
where tongues were involved. Her weak knees began to
give way and she had to grab onto his shoulders to hold
herself up. His arms came around her in a crushing hug
and his kiss got... hungry. Megan suddenly felt like a
mouse, staring into the
mouth of a lion.

When he broke the kiss she was panting.

"Lets go," he said.


Bob stepped away from her and went to the desk. He
popped open the security console and keyed in a series
of numbers on the keypad. The door behind his desk...
the door to the tower... the door that had always been
closed and locked, popped open.

There was a spiral staircase behind it.

He held out his hand to her and led her to the door. He
pushed her through and she began climbing. He was right
behind her. Her mind was whirling. His kiss had been
so... so... so SEXUAL! Boys had kissed her like that,
while they were trying to get their hands in her
blouse, or in her pants on dates.

What was going on?

She was panting from the climb and they were only about
half way up. She stopped and turned.

"Uncle Bob" she panted. "That kiss..."

"Yes, it was good, wasn't it?" he said. He wasn't
panting. He stepped up to the step below hers. Now
their faces were on the same plane. His hands came up
to her waist and pulled her to him.

This kiss wasn't so violent. But it made her melt. His
lips were so soft and hot, and his tongue slithered
everywhere. She felt a ball of heat light up in her
stomach and a little sound leaked out of her lungs in a
soft moan.

He broke the kiss and said "You like that, huh." He
turned his head and nuzzled his lips into the side of
her neck. Shivers ran down her spine and her nipples
stiffened until they ached as he licked and sucked her
throat below her ear.

"Ohhhh Uncle Bob" she sighed.

His hand slid down to her buttocks and he slapped one.
"Let's go." he said and spun her around.

Megan was so shocked she didn't know what to do or say.
So she climbed and climbed until she was gasping for
air. Then, suddenly there was a floor above her with a
hole in it, where the stairway went through. She
climbed through that hole into a world colored red and
orange and yellow and green... all the colors of the
rainbow as the sun shone through panes of stained
glass. In the center of the room was a big contraption
that had a bank of lights on it, like the kind they had
at the football field at school.

It was on a pedestal that made it possible to turn the
bank of lights all the way around in a circle. Her
eyebrows rose as she saw a huge round bed, with satin
sheets on it. There were mirrors EVERYWHERE, on the
walls, in the ceiling above the panes of glass that
made a circle around the room. There were easy chairs
and a stereo and TV and all kinds of electronics.

She stood panting when she felt him come up behind her.
His hands slid around her sides to her stomach and then
up. The sticky plastic things in her bikini bra didn't
do their job at all as his hands slid under her soft
breasts and then up. The bra popped up and suddenly he
was holding handfuls of her naked breasts. His thumb
and fingers squeezed her sensitive nipples gently as he
put his lips on her neck again.

Her pussy spritzed as she sagged and she let out a
strangled "UNCLE BOB!"

He spun her around again. "I know baby, I know. You
have no idea how long I've wanted to bring you up here.
Ever since you were f******n. You made my dick so hard.
But I didn't think you wanted to. I had to bring other
girls up here and pretend they were you." He kissed her
again, his hands sliding down into her bikini bottom,
where they cupped naked buns.

Megan finally realized what the tower was for.

It was where Uncle Bob brought girls to FUCK them!!!

She felt conflicting emotions. First was panic. She was
a virgin and hadn't even thought about letting anybody
pick her cherry. Well, OK, there was that short time
last night, after Boo had shot his spooge on her that
she wondered what
that might feel like inside her body.

But the panic was pushed aside by the realization
that... Uncle Bob, her handsome favorite grown up man
in the whole wide world, except maybe for her Daddy,
the man who was so rich and handsome he could have any
woman he wanted... that man wanted to fuck... HER!!

She thought back to the girls who had blushed and
gotten weird when she asked them about the tower. THOSE
were the girls he was talking about. He had brought
those girls up here and put his penis in them and
pretended they were HER!!

And THEY were the gorgeous girls! The POPULAR girls!!
It made that ball of heat in her stomach get bigger and
bigger until her pussy felt hot and itchy.

She realized his hands felt hot on her butt cheeks and
that they were pulling her pussy against... a lump...
in the front of his pants. She felt his hands come out
of her bottoms, and slide around her hips. They went
between them, to the front of his pants. He was
unbuckling his belt!

"See what you do to me baby?" he growled as his pants
fell to the floor.

He wasn't wearing underwear.

"OH!" she yipped. But that's all she could f***e out.
Her vocal chords were frozen at what she saw. Her
b*****r's penis had been long and hard and pink, except
for the big round tip.

When she looked at her Uncle's, the word "PRICK"
flashed into her mind. There was no better word. It was
longer than Boo's, and while her b*****r's was more or
less straight, her Uncle's curved UP. Boo's foreskin
had been pulled way back when she saw his, but the hood
was almost covering the tip of her Uncle's. It looked
sleek, more like a snake. It looked like if he stuck it
in her it would reach all the way to her heart.

His hand came to it and he jacked it slowly once. That
hood peeled back and there was a pointy head under it,
not large and round like Boo's. Then his hand slicked
back up and a bubble of white oozed out of the little
eye of that snake.

She had to stop him. This wasn't turning out like she
had thought. She was distracted for a few seconds as
she realized she actually hadn't had any idea how
things would turn out. She took another breath, in
preparation to tell him to stop, as his head came down
toward her exposed breasts.

"Ohh sweet, sweet Megan, how long I've wanted to do
this." he moaned. His lips closed around one of her
stiff aching nipples.

Megan saw stars. There was a feeling so intense that
she cried out. It was pain... no, not pain exactly, but
streaking electric feelings that shot from that nipple
right to her belly and then into her itchy pussy. She
closed her eyes. Nothing in her entire life had ever
felt this good. He switched to the other one and the
same thing happened, though she was prepared for it
this time.

THIS was what Boo had wanted to do to her! As she swam
in a warm sea of happiness she wished she'd let him.
She knew she would the next time he wanted to.

She felt her leaden feet and legs moving and realized
in some dim part of her brain that he was walking her
backwards. Her calves hit something soft and she fell
backwards. Her nipple popped out of his mouth and she
cried out again, partly from falling, but also from the
loss of his oral stimulation.

Then his hot body was next to hers and she opened her
eyes to see herself and her now naked Uncle in a bank
of mirrors. She was disoriented at first, as his mouth
found her nipples again and she sighed, but soon she
realized they were on the big bed with the satin

She saw his hand on her stomach before she felt it.
Paralyzed, she watched in the mirror as the fingertips
of that hand, flat on her abdomen, slid ever closer to
the top of her bikini bottom. Then the nerves in the
skin over her fallopian tubes announced that something
exceptionally nice was happening.

There was a little voice somewhere inside her that said

She heard that voice, but then she saw that beautiful
snakey penis lying on her thigh, touching her. Her eyes
asked the brain what that felt like and got back the

The little warning voice gave a tiny shriek in her head
as her Uncle's fingertips reached the bikini and
slipped under it. She'd had to shave most of the hair
off down there to wear that bikini, and his fingertips
plowed through what was left. The tiny voice shrieked
again as her legs, of their own volition, spread wide,
making room for his hand.

"Hush" she told the little voice inside her mind. "I
can make him stop any time I want. Just let me feel
this one little thing."

The voice was railing at her when his middle finger
slid between slippery wet pussy lips, and penetrated
her pussy up to the second knuckle. The base of his
finger crushed her little teen clitty and Megan had the
first orgasm she didn't cause all by herself. If her
orgasms were like the warmth of the sun... this was a
Super Nova.

Her Uncle's fingertip slid past where her hymen had at
one time been, before it was sent packing by a poorly
inserted tampon. It slid further as he sent his
fingertip searching for a rough thick patch of skin
that might be on the top of her pussy channel. He found
that unused G-spot and tickled it.

She went crazy. She flopped like a fish out of water.
She babbled and spit flew as she forgot to swallow. Her
head flailed back and forth and she jerked so much he
lost his nipple lock and couldn't get his lips on her
nipples again.

He knew this was the time to make first insertion. Not
having felt any hymen, and remembering the casual way
she had suggested she wanted him to take her upstairs
and fuck her, Bob did something he rarely did.

He took her roughly.

Removing his finger from her sopping pussy, he ripped
the bikini bottom off, the little side straps breaking
easily. It was his, technically. He'd get her a new
one. Her legs were already spread. In an instant he was
up over her, fisting his cock, planting the tip in her
defenseless pussy mouth. Then, with a groan of finally
achieved fantasy, he slid his cock into his virgin

The result was less than satisfactory for both of them.

Truth to tell, had Megan not been in the middle of the
most fantastic orgasm of her life, it probably would
have hurt a whole lot more than it did. And, had Bob
been the size of Boo, it would have hurt a lot worse.
And, the fact that her pussy was literally running with
slippery female juices helped a lot too.

But it still hurt her and she yelled "OWWWW! OHHH!
OWWWWW!" in a voice that, had it been at ground level,
might have brought investigation. She was also SO tight
that the foreskin of Bob's penis stretched back MUCH
tighter and much more PAINFULLY than he had

The result was, they both froze. Bob pulled back enough
to ease his own pain. Megan opened her eyes and, seeing
her naked Uncle on top of her, raised her head and
looked at where the pain was. She saw that her pussy
was full of Uncle Bob's cock and finally understood
what the pain was all about. About the same time, Bob,
based on the tightness of the pussy currently impaled
on his cock, and the look on his niece's face, finally
figured out she was a virgin.

"Ohhh Megan honey I'm sooo sorry," he moaned.

She, of course, thought he was talking about sticking
his thing in her in the first place. She got confused
when he went on. "Oh honey, if I'd have known I would
have done it all differently."

Megan noticed that the pain wasn't as bad as it had
been. She felt very, very full, but not actually
uncomfortable exactly. Bob had been holding himself up
with his arms, and he moved one to get into position to
pull out of her. In the process he actually went in
half an inch further. He'd gone all the way to her
cervix on the first shove, and his prick tip kissed
that inner mouth gently when he moved.

Megan felt that kiss and her eyes opened wider than
they were, if possible. Now THAT felt pretty good!

"Uncle Bob?" she said, getting ready to ask him if he
could do that again, whatever it was. She had suddenly
gone from complete bewilderment as to how she happened
to be on her back with her Uncle's bone stuck up in
her, to wondering how to get him to make that feeling
come again. "It's not so bad now." she ended up saying.
"Can you... move it?" She didn't know how to ask him to
repeat what had happened.

"Sure baby" he said, and began drawing it out.

"NO!" she yipped. She could tell that the good feeling
was the OTHER way. "Not that way. Can you move it the
other way?"

Bob was confused. Not knowing what else to do he pushed
it back in. The tip hit that spongy mass at the end of
her pussy and she said "YES! RIGHT THERE! Ohhhhh Uncle
Bob that feels really nice right THERE!" Bob's brain
kicked back into operation. If Megan was a virgin, she
didn't know ANYTHING about fucking. That meant he could
teach her the right way!

Bob LOVED teaching virgins.

"Sweetie, that's your cervix. Some women don't like it
when there's pressure there... but some women LOVE it
when there's pressure there. You are one of the lucky
ones. That's why it feels so good to touch it. He poked
it with his cock tip, making very small in and out
motions. Her hips twitched "YES! RIGHT THERE" she
yipped. This was starting to get better and better. And
if she could get back to what she'd felt like BEFORE
the pain... she wanted to do that... a LOT.

"There's another thing you might like" He pulled
halfway out and she moaned her disappointment. "Be
patient Megan. You should have told me you'd never done
this before." He was trying to find her G-spot again.
That curve in his cock made the tip sc**** along the
top of a woman's pussy and sometimes he could fuck her
G-spot and get a quick cum. Megan needed a cum to wash
away the memory of that pain.

"I'm sorry," she said, reveling in the feel of his cock
scr****g along her channel. "I didn't know this was
going to happen. I sort of lied to you I guess."

He was so intent on getting his cock tip in just the
right spot that he almost missed it. "What? What do you
mean you lied to me?"

"Well, I heard Lori say something about the tower, but
nobody would tell me what happened in the tower, so I
told you I knew so you'd say something that would let
me find out and it didn't turn out like I thought it
would and that feels AWFULLY nice Uncle Bob could you
do that some more?" She gasped for breath, having used
every atom of air in her lungs in that statement.

Bob stopped. "You mean you didn't want me to fuck you?"

Megan, his sweet, sweet Megan, whom he loved and would
never hurt, looked up at him with her big blue eyes and
shook her head "No".

His face crumpled and he started dragging his cock out
of her. "I'm so sorry Megan, I misunderstood. I'll stop

He was stopped by a pair of healthy teenage legs
snapping together across his back. "NO!!!" she yelled.

"But you said..." he started.

"That was down there," she pointed a finger down, where
his office was. "I feel different now. Could you please
put it back in? Where my cervix is please? I really
like it there."

He slid back in and they both sighed. Knowing her mind
was made up, and that she now welcomed what he was
doing to her, he surrendered to his lust and began to
give her what she wanted. He liked sliding in and out,
but the tightness of her pussy, and the way his penis
tried to penetrate into her womb caused his foreskin to
bunch up around the head of his cock while he moved it
in her. It was very stimulating, and something he
rarely felt. It was like they were made for each other.

As for Megan, the repeated prodding of her cervical
opening started sending those sparks out again. "My
nipples," she panted, remembering how terrific that had

He took the hint and latched onto one, sucking and
nibbling it gently.

He had to hunch over to keep the same penetration and
get to the nipple too. That was what caused the tip of
his cock to defeat the cervix and slide into her womb.
Her cervix stretched and snapped over his glans,
trapping the head of his cock.

Her pussy spasmed and she orgasmed without warning.

One second it was a nice gentle fuck and the next her
pussy was milking his cock like a vacuum cleaner. The
stimulation on the head of his cock was extreme, and
when the shaft got milked as well, it was more than he
could take.

Bob ALWAYS asked the girls if they were on the pill.

Bob ALWAYS used a condom, regardless of what the girl

Bob NEVER shot off in an unprotected pussy.

Today he broke every rule he ever made.

With the head of his cock firmly sealed in Megan's
teenage womb, Bob's cock burped and then, like a fire
hose, washed her womb full of his sticky white seed. He
packed it so full that it f***ed his cocktip back out
through her cervix. His cock continued to spew his
i****tuous sperm into his lovely niece, filling her no-
longer-virgin channel with soothing warm spunk.

All Megan could think about through the whole thing was
"I want to do this every day for the rest of my life!"

Ten minutes later they lay, arms around each other,
kissing and talking as they caught their breath. "We
shouldn't have done that" said Bob.

"I thought that was my line" said Megan.

"I mean without a rubber," he explained. "I wasn't
k**ding when I told you I've wanted to do that with you
for years. But you don't want to have my baby."

"What will you do if I AM pregnant?" she asked. She
didn't think she was, but then teenaged girls NEVER
think they'll get pregnant, do they?

"I don't know," he said truthfully. "I'd marry you if I
could. I really do love you Megan, and I've felt this
way for a long time. But I doubt your parents would
allow that. The law either, for that matter. I have
plenty of money, so that's no problem." He stared off
into the stained glass.

"Thank you," she said softly.

"What for?" he said. "I just ****d you!"

"I know. But it was an accidental ****. And now that
I've been ****d, I'm really glad it happened." He
snorted and she explained "What I mean is, I'm glad it
was you. Not glad it was ****. Except that I don't
think I'd have let you do it if you'd have asked
nicely, and then I wouldn't feel like I do now. I like
this feeling." She was thinking about Boo, and how
she'd felt last night after his sperm splashed on her.
Now that she had actually felt a man's sperm splashing
her insides, she was even more interested in what her
b*****r's nice big cock might feel like.

"I hate to say this, but you'd better get going. Your
parents will be wondering where you are." He watched
her as she got up. With her bra hanging around her neck
loose, and no bottoms on she looked delicious. His cock
started getting hard again. "Go on, or you'll get ****d
again." he smiled tiredly.

"You just let that thing alone. I'll take care of it
tomorrow." she leaned over and gave it a kiss on the
tip. It grew another inch and she scooted away. She'd
left her bag down in his office, so he walked her back
down the spiral staircase and they got dressed together
in his office.

Their kiss confirmed that she wasn't unhappy with him
at all.


When Megan got home, supper was almost ready. She
dashed upstairs and jumped in the shower to get the
smell of Uncle Bob's cum off of her. She liked that
smell just fine, but if anyone else in the house
smelled it they might ask questions. Her pussy felt
normal to her as she washed it. She couldn't believe
that just an hour ago her Uncle's big prick had been
stuck in it, spurting it full of that wonderful warm
pearly cream. She left her hair wet and in a pony tail
for supper.

Supper was normal too, except that Boo mentioned
"Wasn't today a Speedo Day?" Her mother began to rant
about how it wasn't right at all for young girls to
parade around in outfits like that. All the while her
Daddy just rolled his eyes and smiled at her. Boo sat
quietly, knowing he'd opened a can of worms. As she
excused herself from the table Megan looked pointedly
at Boo and said "I'm going to go dry my hair."

She was in the same position as the night before when
Boo showed up. This time, though, he didn't sneak a
feel. "Sorry" he said.

"You just HAD to mention that at supper?" she said,
with mock severity. It hadn't been so bad.

"I was actually talking to myself," he said. "I meant
to bring my car by if it was a Speedo Day."

"You just got your car washed yesterday you boob!" she

"Yeah, but it would have been worth it to see you in
one of those bikinis. I don't suppose you brought it
home with you?"

She looked at him in the mirror. "You really are a
pervert, you know? I bet if you could, you'd cop a feel
of my pussy. Wouldn't you pervert?"

He looked down at the floor. "I can't help it," he

She got an idea. "So you really want to know what I
look like in the little yellow bikini?"

Hope dawned in his eyes. He was like a puppy, hoping to
be petted.

"You go to your room. When Mom and Dad go to bed I'll
come show you." She went back to combing out her hair.

"Thanks Bumps, you have no idea what this means to me."
he left all excited.

"Oh yes I do," she said under her breath.

Megan changed into one of her Daddy's old T shirts,
curled up on the couch and did some reading. She had
signed up for college credit she could get during the
summer, but she had to read a lot of books to get it.

Daddy came to kiss her good night. "Was today Speedo
Day?" he asked quietly. She nodded and he got a far
away look in his eye. "I'd have liked to see that" he
said, not realizing he'd said it loud enough for Megan
to hear.

"Why Daddy, you dirty old man! You've been to Uncle
Bob's lots of times for Speedo Day. You've seen all the
girls there in the bikinis."

He leaned down to kiss her cheek. He looked down the
neck of the T shirt and saw her teen queen breasts. "I
haven't seen you in one of those bikinis" he said. He
meant to kiss her cheek, but she raised her face and
kissed him on the lips. It was a soft warm kiss that
went too long for a Daddy-daughter kiss, but she kept
her tongue in her mouth. "Night night, Daddy." she

When he stood up his jammies had a tent in the front.
He looked embarrassed and she said, "My sweet, sweet
dirty old man Daddy. Go on to bed. Maybe Mommy will
take care of your problem." He ducked out.

She waited ten minutes and went to her room. She took
the shirt off. She put on some lipstick and a little
eye shadow. She had some pink lip balm with glitter in
it and she rubbed some of that on each perfect nipple.
She let her hair down and it fell around her shoulders.
She looked at herself critically in the mirror. It
wasn't ego that made her realize she looked good. She
really WAS gorgeous.

Megan quietly went to her b*****r's room.

Boo was lying on his bed reading when she let herself
in. He had only his reading light on, and an old pair
of gym shorts.

He expected to see her in a bikini. He'd been
fantasizing about it for over an hour. When she walked
in stark naked he didn't know what to do. The first
thing he thought was that she was suddenly older. She
looked twenty instead of sixteen. He licked his lips,
which were suddenly very dry.

She came to stand beside the bed. "I didn't bring the
suit home after all" she said. Her hands came up and
she pointed with each index finger. "But if I had, and
I was wearing it, it would be here" she drew a triangle
around her left nipple, "here" she drew a triangle
around her right nipple "and here" she drew a triangle
starting in the dark area between her legs then up and
around her pubic hair.

"There are strings that go here," she drew lines up
high on her hips and then turned around so her back was
to him. She presented her firm, round bottom "and cloth
that covers me here" she cupped her buttocks and looked
over her shoulder at him. "That's what it would look
like if I had it on". She blew him a kiss and walked
back toward his door.

"Megan?" came his hoarse whisper.

She turned. "Yes Boo?"

"You're so beautiful it hurts me to look at you," he
sighed. The front of his shorts were standing straight
out from his body.

"Thank you Boo," she said, her voice low and sultry.
"If you... need any help with your... problem... I'll
be in my room." She turned and left.

Her knees felt weak as she got into the hallway. WOW!
It was so much fun teasing men. She had the sudden
realization many women discover at some time in their
life that she could get most men to do anything she
wanted them to... if she could set things up right. She
hoped Boo WOULD come to her room. Right now she had
that itch again, and this time she knew how to scratch

She had just gotten on her bed and had lain back,
getting ready to scratch her itch, when her door opened
and her b*****r slipped in.

He was naked too. His erect cock swung and bobbed in
front of him as he came tentatively toward the bed.
"Bumps? Did you mean it?"

She lay in front of him, beautiful and naked. "Yes" she
said simply.

"Will you... touch it for me?" His hand closed around
it and he stroked it once.

"No, Boo, I won't do that." she said, staring him in
the eye.

"But... I don't understand" he whined. He was a year
older than her... and she was in complete control of

"I said I'd help you with it Boo" she said. She spread
her legs, pulling her knees up and letting them fall
apart. Her pussy was completely open to him now. She
slid one finger down, unable to wait, and stroked her

"Come here Boo."

His mouth fell open, his jaw working even though he
wasn't saying a thing. There was a hunger in his eyes.
He took a step, expecting her to close her thighs and
cut off his view of perfection. Instead she slid a
finger of the other hand alongside the first and pulled
her pussy lips apart. It was dark between those

"Hurry Boo," she said. "I need you now Boo."

He moved faster than she would have believed possible.
But the bed hardly moved as he bounded between her
thighs, his hand still on his jutting cock, aiming it
at that dark space between her fingers. The tip of his
prick touched her pussy hole before she could remove
her fingers. Everything about his body suggested he
intended to ram that monster in her in one lunge.

She put one hand on his chest and gasped, "Gently,
Boo... slowly... love me Boo, don't hurt me." The look
of hunger on his face melted and was replaced with a
look of tenderness that made her heart almost burst. He
leaned down and kissed her, a gentle, warm, wet kiss.

And while their lips caressed each other, he slid his
rock hard penis into his s****r's pussy.

An outside observer would have said he inserted his
cock slowly, gently, not too fast. Megan felt like
someone was shoving a baseball bat up inside her. Again
there was pain, but it was a sweet sort of pain that
promised something wonderful within minutes. Something
made him wait when he was fully embedded in her sex,
and she had time to adjust. The pain went away and the
pressure gave hints of good things to come. "That's
soooo nice Boo. Have you done this before Boo?"

He shook his head no, flinging sweat in the process.
She laughed "Good, because I don't want to share you
with any other girls." She coached him on how to move,
when to stop, and when to go deeper. He felt completely
different than Uncle Bob, who had reached deep into
her. Boo put all his pressure on the walls of her
pussy, and her pussy lips were stretched so that the
top of his cock sc****d along her clitty.

While she had wanted Uncle Bob to go in and stay in,
she wanted her b*****r to move... out and then back
in... and again... now faster... and faster... until he
was giving her rapid rabbit strokes. He was so turned
on, so excited that he couldn't cum at all. It felt
fabulous, and he couldn't believe it was happening, and
it was so much fun to see the look on her face. He
wanted to go all night long.

Megan learned all about the concept of multiple orgasms
as she had a string of them. They tumbled one after
another until she felt a surge of panic that she might
never be able to stop having orgasms.

Boo's orgasm took him completely by surprise. One
minute he was fine, and his s****r was having an orgasm
under him. The next second he felt fire in his loins,
and a stab of pain that made him pin his s****r to the
bed. She was skewered by his prick and his body weight
as his instinct made him jam it into her as deeply as
he could.

Then his adolescent penis was spurting over and over
again and strong, young streams of semen were soaking
her sex inside and out. He whimpered, a broken man at
that point in time, unable to do anything except
fertilize his s****r as every bit of energy in his body
lent itself to trying to make a baby in this delightful
woman under him.

He sobbed as he fell on her and, knowing that she
wouldn't be able to breathe, he rolled, with the last
of his strength, his arm around her. They ended up side
by side, holding each other's sweaty bodies, both of
them breathing like they'd just run a marathon.

"That... was... fantastic," she panted. "Can... you...
do that... every... night?"

He looked at her through half closed eyes. "Only
Twice," he gasped.

She giggled, and the muscular movement of her diaphragm
pushed his wilting penis out of her with a plop. "Ooo
I'm all sticky," she said. "You made a mess."

They heard a toilet flush downstairs.

Her eyes went wide, "Daddy," she whispered. Again she
was amazed by how fast her b*****r moved. In seconds
his naked buns were disappearing through the door as he
dashed for his own room. Within 30 seconds after that
she heard the creak of the stairs. She pulled the top
sheet over her body and grabbed a book from the night
stand. She had just gotten it open when he was standing
in her door.

"Megan?" he said.

"Yeah Daddy?"

"I heard a noise," he came in further. He was staring
at her.

"I didn't hear anything Daddy," she said.

He bent over, looking at the book. "Why are you reading
a book upside down Megan?" His head was right over her
crotch. He sniffed. "Megan? What's that?" he pointed.
The sheet had a round, wet spot on it where it fell
between her legs.

Her daddy reached out and grasped the sheet with his
hand. Megan held the top with the hand not holding the
book. Daddy was stronger. Much stronger. Very slowly he
dragged the sheet off of her naked body. Her legs were
partly open, and it was plain to see that her pubic
hair and the insides of her thighs were covered with a
milky white substance. Daddy ran one finger through the
gooey mess in her pubic hair and lifted that finger to
his nose.

His face began to get red.

He looked up, but not at her. He looked at the window.
Then he got up and went to the window. He checked the
lock, then unlocked it and tried to raise the window.
It was stuck... painted shut maybe.

"Who did this to you baby?" he said, his voice low and
ugly. He got down on the floor and looked under the
bed. He opened her closet, turned on the light in there
and went through it.

"Daddy?" Megan was scared now. "Daddy I can explain."
She had no idea how she could explain a cup of sperm
splattered all over the place.

He came back to her bed and sat down. He looked at her
naked body. "Somebody just fucked my little girl," he
said. "I want to know who did that."

"I don't want to tell you Daddy," she said. "I love him
and I don't want you to be mad at him."

He looked at her. "Some pimply faced punk comes in my
house, and fucks my little girl, after she kisses ME
like a woman kisses a man and you think I'm gonna let
him get away with what should have been MINE? WHO
FUCKED YOU MEGAN?" his face was only inches from hers
when he finished.

"Daddy he couldn't help it. It wasn't his fault Daddy.
I teased him. I made him do it. He tried to just beat
off, but I wouldn't let him Daddy, please don't be mad
at Boo, it was all MY fault..." He put a finger to her
lips and stopped her babbling.

"It was your b*****r?" he said.

She nodded once, fearfully, "Please don't be mad at him
Daddy. I teased him."

"Like you tease me? Like you teased me at the car wash,
shoving your pretty titties up against the glass an
inch from my face?"

She felt shame, "Yes Daddy, like that, only worse. I
let him see me naked Daddy, like I am now."

"Well, I can understand how he felt. And... if it was
your b*****r... that's not so bad I guess." he said,
standing up.

He had on his robe. When he dropped it he was naked.
His cock was a carbon copy of Boo's... or maybe it was
the other way around. The point was, she knew what a
cock like that felt like and she was still horny... or
horny again.

"Did he make you feel good princess?" he asked as he
climbed up on the bed, between her legs. His big, hard
cock dipped and kissed her spermy pussy lips.

All Megan could think about right then was how much
more experience her Daddy had to be than Boo.

"Not as good as you're going to, Daddy."


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18 days ago
Wish this was not the end . was hopping to find out if Megan was pregnant by one of the men in her family. and her mom finds out and joins in with her daughter and make a true family of making love together and have family gang bangs and more breeding of the women in the family .
1 year ago
excellent! just shot a load of cum into my wife's cottage cheese.
2 years ago
what a stroy i heard to read it at list five times try to picture me stumbling into megans family yeah haaaa
3 years ago
yes very good
3 years ago
Very good story