This is a story of this summers event on the water with my daughter. 100% fiction!

It was a hot day in july and we decided to take a day out on the water with the boat. My daughter Lauren, now a 18 year old long blonde hair beauty with firm B cup breasts and long legs and her friend Katelyn a somewhat shaplier young woman of 19 with brown hair and D-cup breasts. My friend Joe and my son William were also along.

We set off on a day on the river. We packed a cooler of beer and some snacks to munch on for the day on the water. As we left the dock and headed out, the two girls removed there shirts to expose there bikini tops. They stretched down on the front of the boat laying across there beach towels. Spreading oil upon there bodies was a beautiful site. Laurens firm breasts were fitting loosely in her red and white striped bikini top. When the wind would catch it just right, I would catch a glimpse of her pale pink nipple. instant daddy wood.

After about twenty minutes of running up the river, we came across a small beach on the riverside. A nice white sand beach surrounded by woods just inside a nice bend of the river. We pulled up to the beach and anchored with the front of the boat on the beach. We got the boat situated and one by one the girls slid over the side into the water. As they plunged down into the water, they bounced up with there heads back and chests heaved forward. How hot was my daughter. I could have whipped it out and jerked off right there and died happy. Getting ready to get out of the boat I grab a cold beer, when my daughter asks for one from the water. I handed her one and her friend then jumped into the water myself.

As we floated around and talked we mmust have drand a case of beer between me and my daughter. I hadn"t noticed how much sh was drinking. After thinking about it, she had a beer every time I did. She would get up onto the boat and get me a beer, and without my notice she was getting one as well. After we had been on the water a few hours we decided to head up river and look around a bit before heading back to dock.

As we got moving, my daughter Lauren moved over and sat next to me. Her friend Katelyn and my son sat up on the front of the boat looking around as we moved along. I noticed Lauren was a little woozzy and she started to lean against me for stability. As before, her top fit a little loose and as we got moving, my daughters nipples came into full view. I nudged her to pull her top to cover and she did with a d***ken grin on her face. As we went along, her top moved open again, this time her nipples were standing erect in the cold air. My daughter had soft pink nipples that were fat and short with an inward curve to the center opening. Goose bumps highlighted the fine hairs on her skin, making her even hotter.

Once again I shrugged at her to cover up as we continued up river. the more we drove the looser and woozzier she got. By the time we had gotten back to the dock, I had seen her firm breasts about 5 times. As we pulled up to the dock, she was making heart shapes with her hands at me to tell me she loved me, all the while with her d***ken grin.

We got home and unloaded the truck and boat and headed inside. I headed for the shower and Lauren was on the phone talking to friends. As I got out of the shower, Lauren was a mess. She was a sad d***k. She was crying and telling me how she missed everyone and all the wrongs of her life. As she sobbed away, I sat down on the bed next to her to comfort her. She still hadn"t taken a shower and was still wearing her bikini. As she layed her head on my shoulder, her top opened up again and this time I began to get hard. Trying to comfort her, I was becoming uncomfortable with the bulge crowing in my pants. She leaned against me telling me of her problems and I gently rubbed her back and stroked her hair, telling her it would all be alright. The more I stroked her hair the more she leaned over towards me. Soon her head was in my lap and Her bikini top was laying wide open exposing her firm breast.

As I stroked her hair she repositioned, placing a hand on my thigh. She moved her head back and at once, my hard cock came into contact with the back of her head. Her eyes opened wide and a grin suddenly came to her sad face. The next thing I knew, her hand was grasping my cock as she sat up. I didn"t have time to react. She looked at me and without a seconds pause leaned in to kiss me. Was this really happening. I pulled away in shock, yet still very pleased as to what happened. Her long blonde hair framed her innocent face as she stared at me with a devilish grin.

"What"s wrong daddy, isn"t this what you want" she said to me. I have been flashing my boobs at you all day trying to get you turned on. I even wore my bikini bottom that exposes my dove tattoo just to give you something to think about. With that she squeezed my cock tighter as the bl**d rushed from my head. "I want you daddy", "Will you fuck me", Please? I did not know how to respond to my daughters advances. She was d***k and obviously very horny. As I sat on the edge of the bed, she dropped to her knees and pushed my legs apart so as to get between them. She grabbed hold of my waist band and pulled it down so as to reveal my cock. With the other hand, she grabbed my cock and pulled it from my shorts. My cock was so hard at that moment, I think I could have pounded nails with it. Looking up at me, she slowly leaned in and licked the tip of my cock. She swirled her long tounge around the tip of my cock getting the first taste of my desire for her. She began to flick her tounge into the slit of my cock so as to get at the pre cum ozzing from it. After savoring my flavor, she began to slide her plump lips around my girth. Slowly she took my cock into the depth of her throat. Wow, this was great. Never had I felt so forbiden and so satisfied at once.

After several minutes of bobbing her head up and down on my cock, she slowly began to kiss her way up my chest, lifting my shirt above my head in the process. As she reached my lips, she reached around and undid her top. Letting the ties fall to her front and letting her breasts free to my view. I could not take another second of not getting one of them into my mouth. I was like a ***** nursing for the first time. My mouth and tounge were searching every inch of my daughters tits. I was in heaven. As I sucked and nibbled her nipples, Lauren removed the ties on either side of her bikini bottom letting it fall to the floor. What a beautiful pussy. Her blonde pubes encased a swollen labia which was a delight to see. She had large pussy lips just like her mother. I slid a hand down to rub her lips between my fingers. She was dripping wet with anticipation.

I stood up and turned my daughter around so her ass was facing me. I leaned her over the bed so that her ass was up in the air. I leaned over so that my cock poked the folds of her pussy. I kissed the soft skin of her back and worked my way down to her ass. How beautiful my daughters ass was. Each cheek was well defined and just as firm as a ripe peach. I kissed one cheek then the other. Breathing in the aroma of her womanhood as I worked my way to her wet pussy. With a hand on each of her ass cheeks I spread them apart exposing a tight brown spincter hole of lust. I never wanted to sink my tounge into something as much as I did my daughters asshole. My tounge worked in circles as I slowly sank my tounge deep into her ass. She squirmed against my face driving my tounge deeper into her assshole. Man did she taste good.

After thouroughly probing her ass, with my tounge, I turned my attention to her swollen pussy lips. Taking one of her labia into my mouth at a time, I sucked the honey that leaked from her pussy. She was sweet and yet a little salty at the same time. Her pussy was very musky. She had not showered yet, so she smelled of her days sweat and lust. I couldn"t get enough. I shoved my nose into her cunt and inhaled her womanhood. I could had sufficated myself in her pussy. With my nose deep into her slit I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to suck as I swirled my tounge around her sensative nub. It wasn"t long before she was shaking at the knees and falling backwards onto my face as a strong orgasm came over her.

As she lay there limp on the bed from her orgasm, I kissed my way back up to her asshole and up her back. As I got up to her neck, I realized she had passed out. There is no way I was letting her off that easy. I lubed my fingers up with her pussy nectar and began to work them into her ass. One finger at a time, slowly spreading her wider to accomadate me. After a couple of minutes, her ass was well lubed and relaxed for my cock. With one leg up on the bed I began to slide my cock into her asshole. As the head popped in past her ring, she squirmed a bit. My cock is about 8 inches long and thick with a big mushroom head. Even passed out, I new she could feel my large cock intruding her ass. I slowly slid it in inch by inch feeling her tight ass stretch as I sank deeper into her bowels. Once I was burried deep in her ass, I started to pump faster and with firm strokes. Her as was tearing from my girth, but I was going to enjoy her d***ken slumber. I pounded deep and long pulling out completely to see how her ass was a gaping hole from my cock abuse. What a sight. Her ass was all stretched out and gaping from her ass pounding. I could almost see her tonsils she was so loosened up. She was still passed out, even after a hard ass fucking.

I pulled her up onto the bed so that her head was toward the headboard. I went into her closet and found a couple of scarves to tie her up with. Tying her hand first then each leg, so that they were spread above her head holding her ass high into the air. I sure did a number on her ass, it was still wide open and loosened up. I burried my tounge into her pussy and began to lap at her juices. What a site. I got up and started to slide my cock into her pussy. She was tight and wet. Her large labia wrapped around my cock beautifully. I sank into her, till I felt her womb at the tip of my cock. My daughter had a long narrow pussy that fit me like a glove.

I fucked her pussy for several minutes before I felt the cum begin to urge forward from my balls. I filled her pussy with several steams of cum, watching it ooze around my cock as I filled her up. My daughters pussy was now full of my seed. What a pretty site. I slowly slid my cock from her pussy and let it slide down her crack till the tip was at her asshole again. I let the remainder of my cum drip into her gaping hole. I was in pure extasy. Seeing my daughter tied up and helpless to my cock was pure extasy. I slid back and licked her cum drenched pussy and asshole for a few minutes till I got hard again.

Now that she had been violated from every hole, I was going to make sure my daughter had something to remember me by. I once again slid my cock into her ass and began to fuck her like a rag doll. I pounded her ass till it was just an open orifice to behold. I stood up and unleashed a load of cum all over her face and tits. I made sure she was a slutty mess of my cum. I untied her legs, but left her hands bound, so that when she woke up, I could fuck her hard little body again.

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Nice story nothing wrong with a little incest game for all the family xx