Hello, my name's Tony Richards and this is the tale of my 18th birthday. I was quite handsome around this time, standing at 5'9 with a muscular build from going to the gym twice a week, so I had no problem with girls.

It was on the evening before my birthday, my mom had just told me about the party she had been planning with my dad. I didn't mind since I didn't have any other plans other than to try my luck with my uncooperative girlfriend, Emily, who decided we should wait for the right time, whatever that means. I had already agreed to see her that day so I figured I should invite her over.

"Is it alright if I invite Emily?" I asked my mother, praying to god that she would say yes.

"Hmm, I suppose, but only if you promise to behave yourself." She replied, almost sounding like she was talking to a young c***d.

"Oh I don't know about that" I said with a mischievous grin.

"Very funny, so it'll be dinner for five then" she calculated, the five being me, her, Emily, my dad and my older s****r.

I began walking to my room with a big grin on my face, already thinking of ways to seduce Emily the next day. I masturbated while thinking about how great it would be to see her naked and even fuck her. Emily was a gorgeous girl standing at 5'6 with a figure most girls would kill for; she had flowing blonde hair which reached just below her shoulders and a pair of nice, big 38DD tits, which I knew from stealing one of her bras to masturbate to. She also had a slim waist, lovely long legs and a beautifully perky ass that anyone would love to give a good smack.

When I was finished I called Emily and told her about the party, she gladly accepted the invitation as she and my f****y got on very well and of course she was glad to be with me on my birthday. As soon as she hung up I drifted into a deep sl**p, the last thing I noticed was that my door was slightly ajar, but I thought nothing of it as I was so tired.

It was already 11:00am by the time I woke up in the morning, so I quickly had a shower, got dressed and went downstairs. Once in the kitchen, hoping for a nice breakfast, I found my folks preparing for the party with music, preparing the table, a film just in case and even a few bottles of booze, which I could legally drink now. My dad was the first to greet me "Hi son, happy birthday."

Then my mom chimed in "Happy birthday Tony, so how does it feel being 18?"

"I don't feel much different than yesterday, really." I answered "Do you need a hand with anything?"

"No, I think we've got everything pretty much covered, why don't you watch TV, or play a game or something" his mother answered.

"Alright, I'll just make myself some breakfast." I said as I reached for a frying pan.

After I cracked an egg and put a couple of pieces of bacon on the pan my s****r, Chloe walked in and snatched it from me, saying "Let me take care of that for you b*o. You can just go and relax for today."

I get along quite well with my s****r. We don't fight much and help each other out when we need to. I thanked my s****r and went to the living room to watch some TV. After about 5 min's my s****r brought me in my breakfast and I couldn't help but look down her top when she bent down to give me it. Now I had never looked at my s****r as much other than that, but I was horny, looking forward to the night, and I noticed she was wearing some rather sexy clothing. She had on a low cut top, almost exposing her cleavage, a short, black mini-skirt which stopped quite high up her thighs and, as I had just learned, she wore a lacy black bra. All of which left little to the imagination.

Chloe was about 5'5, so a little shorter than Emily. Her hair was straight, black and about shoulder-length. She also had quite nice, shapely breasts, maybe a C cup, and a nice bronze tan from sun-bathing. She had the smoothest skin, which I knew from rubbing in lotion and a cute tiny ass that admittedly I would sometimes imagine while rubbing lotion on her lower back.

I think she noticed me looking down her top as she grinned and turned, walking slowly up the stairs. I'm lucky it was my birthday because otherwise she might have started shouting and calling me a pervert.

At around 5 o'clock my mom started work on the food; preparing sandwiches, making sausage rolls and other party foods. Soon after she started there was a knock on the door, "I'll get it!" I yelled as I went to answer the door. Sure enough, it was Emily standing there, wearing tight jeans and a small tank top; I was stunned when I saw her as she usually dressed more conservatively. "Come on in" was all I could muster as I stood gawking at her, not that she minded at all.

We both headed to the kitchen, making small talk as we went; nice weather, you look nice etc. When we reached the kitchen, mom was still working on the food.

"Would you like some help?" Emily asked my mother.

Mom smiled back and said "No dear, you two go and have fun. The food will be ready in a few minutes."

After watching some TV together we were all called to the table for dinner. I was sitting directly opposite my s****r and Emily was next to me on my left. When I felt a foot rubbing around my left leg, I figured it was Emily and decided to play along, rubbing back around her foot. When she started getting rougher, I must have pulled a weird face, or something since my dad started asking what was wrong. Our game of footsie stopped when he asked and I assured him that it was nothing, getting back to my meal.

It was about 5:30 when everyone was finished and we decided that we would watch the film my parents had rented, no point wasting the money they paid for it. It was an action-adventure movie that lasted over 2? hours, I forgot what it was called but it was a fun movie to watch.

It had gone past 8 o'clock now and was time to make my move. "Hey Emily, it's getting pretty late, would you like to stay here for tonight?" I asked trying to sound concerned. "You never know who could be around after dark and you live pretty far."

"Hmm, I don't know, what do you guys think?" she looks to my mom and dad.

To my surprise, they reply "It's true that it can be dangerous, but the decision is yours."

And to seal the deal she says "Well OK, but where will I sl**p?"

I start telling her that she can take my bed and that I'll take the couch, but my s****r cuts me off, saying "No, I'll take the couch and you can have my bed." Then looking at me she continues "You're not sl**ping downstairs on your birthday."

I smile ear to ear, thinking about how lucky I am to have such a loving s****r; not realising her true intentions.

When it was time to go to bed we all went our separate ways, my parents to their room, Emily went to Chloe's room and Chloe got out a sl**ping bag to sl**p in. I went to my room and waited for everyone to fall asl**p so that I could sneak into the room where Emily would be. I had already planned out how I was going to do everything and I was ready wearing only some boxer shorts and a bath robe. The lights in my room were out as I went towards the door, only to find someone else opening it. I couldn't make out who it was, only that it was a woman and that she was only wearing her underwear.

"Um, hi, what are you doing here?" I asked, not letting on that I didn't recognise her.

She giggled a little and said "I came to give you your birthday present," Throwing her voice a bit.

With that said she ran right up to me and planted a deep, wet kiss smack on my lips, wrapping her arms around my neck as she did. By now I assumed that it was Emily and relaxed as she shoved her tongue deep into my mouth, dancing with my own. I complied by sliding my own tongue between her soft lips. Her soft, wet tongue playing with mine felt wonderful and I soon felt a stirring in my loins as my cock was beginning to harden; I'm sure that she felt it hitting her just below her stomach. After about five minutes of deep kissing I was fully hard and I'm sure Emily knew it. She removed her hands from my neck and started pushing me back, towards the bed, her mouth never leaving mine.

When we reached the bed I fell back with Emily lying on top, still deeply kissing me, her hands gently holding my head and mine wrapped around her. Her hands soon left my head as she started moving them towards my chest, opening my robe as they moved down. She broke the kiss as she asked me "So what do you think of your present so far?"

"Oh, I love it; I can't wait to see what else you have planned." I replied

"I'm sure that you'll be very satisfied." Was the last thing she said, still throwing her voice, before starting to slowly slink down my body, giving little kisses as she went down on my neck, then my chest and trailing down until she finally reached my waist area. By now she was off the bed and leaning on the floor between my legs. Without a word she gently brushed her fingers along the bulge in my shorts. I'm quite proud of my cock, which stood a full 7 inches long. How I wish I could have seen the look on her face when she found this out.

After a few more slow strokes, she started tugging at the waistline of my boxers, which got caught on my dick. I helped move my pole so that she could finish getting them off. When she finished, I could feel Emily staring at my cock for a few seconds, before taking it in her hand and slowly pumping it up and down. I could tell that she was nervous by the way her hand was shaking, so I tried sitting up and put my hand around her free hand in an attempt to calm her down. It seemed to work as her hand had stopped shaking and was now pumping me much faster than before, forcing a slight groan from me.

Emily seemed to consider my groan almost as a start signal as she soon started licking my shaft up and down, holding it at the base. Her confidence had been given a huge boost as she was being much more f***eful. This allowed several more moans to escape from me as I was breathing hard. Before long I found she put the head of my cock in her mouth, licking all around it. Her mouth felt so good on my dick, especially when she prodded the slit on the end and I couldn't believe how bold she was being as she started to shove more into her mouth, reaching past to her throat; though she only got some of my 7 inches in, but it still felt absolutely incredible. She was making loud slurping noises, obviously on purpose, which only proved to turn me on further.

She eventually got used to the feeling and was able to take more of me into her mouth. It was unbelievable when she was able to take my entire length deep into her throat when just a few minutes ago she could only get about 4 inches in.

Before long I started getting that stirring feeling in my balls. "Argh, I'm gonna cum." Was about all I could say.

Upon hearing this, Emily didn't stop, but instead increased the speed of her head. I groaned loudly as I grabbed her hair and shot my load deep into her throat, making her cough a little, but she managed to swallow it all down. Knowing that she just swallowed my jizz aroused me enough to keep me hard.

I moved my hands and fell back on the bed, panting as Emily released my cock from her mouth and got up. When she took a step back I assumed we were done for the night, but was wide-eye surprised by what she did next. She reached behind and undid the clasp of her bra, sliding it off. She then came a little closer, faced away from me and removed the rest of her underwear, bending right over to take them off and giving her sexy ass a jiggle before getting back up.

She faced me again and said "We aren't finished yet. Now it's your turn."

Emily lay down flat on top of me and started kissing me again, pushing her breasts and nipples into my chest while our crotches rubbed together. She was rubbing her clit on the head of my prick and it took all I had not to shove it inside her right then. After just a couple of minutes she sat up on her knees, straddling me while furiously rubbing her wet pussy on my cock. I soon reached up to grab at her tits, one in each hand, while occasionally twisting and pulling on her nipples. Her breasts were full and firm, not sagging at all and her nipples half an inch long.

All this made her pussy start pouring love juice until she finally came, flooding her nectar all over me. My shaft, balls and some of my stomach were drenched in her love juice.

Not satisfied with just cumming once, Emily shoved my entire cock into her pussy in one straight shot, screeching when it reached to end. Her juice from earlier providing plenty of lubricant and She was giving loud moans as I penetrated her juicy pussy. I couldn't believe how tight it was, almost like a virgin, but I knew that she wasn't. She left it there for a moment, adjusting to the 7 inch invader. She moved after a couple of minutes. Starting out slowly, her hands on the bed either side of her, she began riding up and down on me, slowly getting faster.

The feeling of her wet folds squeezing around my cock was making it difficult to hold back when I suddenly heard a sound by the door. I turned to see what it was and was shocked when I noticed a woman's silhouette watching us. I'm not certain but I think she was masturbating, which would explain whatever I had just heard. It had to be either my mom or my s****r, so I assumed it was Chloe.

Knowing that someone was watching me fucking my girlfriend only served to arouse me even more as I began thrusting hard into Emily's pussy, deciding to give my s****r a good show.

When I started doing this Emily let out a wonderfully erotic voice as she was panting "Oh yes, that's it, right there, give it to me, fuck my tight cunt with your dick. OH FUCK YEAH!"

I was shocked and afraid when I heard this as it was the first time I found out what I was doing. I was having sex with my big s****r and maybe taking her virginity at the same time. Which means the person at the door could only be one person, Emily.

Lying there, I managed to spit the words "Um, Chloe, is that you?" I asked, just to be sure.

"So you found out." She replied between gasps as though she had just been caught pulling a bad prank.

"This cannot be happening, you have to stop, now get off." I was saying in a huge panic.

Very nonchalantly, she replied "Oh calm down, lets at least finish this; besides you've been thrusting even faster since you found out."

She was right, even in my panicked state, I was pounding into her even more and it's not like this would all be undone by ending it here. These were the kinds of thoughts I had when I shut up and went back to fucking my big s****r.

Now knowing my position, I was actually more turned-on than I was earlier which I found quite unsettling as I grinded into my s****r even harder than ever. This feeling was the best I had felt all night and I know she enjoyed it just as much as me, since her hole began tightening around me.

It wasn't long then until Chloe had an explosive orgasm and her pussy contracted around my cock, letting her fuck juice run all over me, pushing me to my own orgasm, which I shot deep inside her. I shot every drop of cum deep into her and for those few seconds I was in heaven, I came harder than I had in a long time and it was a big load, despite it being my second one. It felt so good that I completely forgot that this was my s****r; or rather I didn't care anymore. Chloe then collapsed on top of me, exhausted with my now flaccid cock still sitting inside her.

As we lay together, I realised that she had actually been flirting with me most of the day. It must have been her foot at the dinner table; I thought it was moving in strange directions. And when she gave Emily her bed, it was probably because she wanted us to have my bed. I'm surprised I didn't notice until now, there were plenty of signs; she had planned this out throughout the day. I didn't say anything as we were just lying on the bed comfortably.

When we had both regained a little energy my s****r found her way off me and had gathered up her clothes, by now Emily had ran back to her room. My s****r tried to speak, but I shushed her and told her that it was a wonderful present but we really couldn't do it again. Even as I was telling her this I wondered if I would actually be able to resist doing it again.

I was relieved when I didn't find any bl**d anywhere, so I hadn't taken her cherry. Now I had to face Emily and try to explain; not something I was looking forward to.

The next morning I headed into the kitchen to find everyone had started breakfast and to my surprise everyone (including Emily) was acting normally, as if nothing had even happened. I decided to wait until we were alone to talk to Emily about last night's events and started with my own breakfast.

The day went by normally and soon after we finished with breakfast I asked Emily to come to my room to talk. When Chloe heard me ask, she looked worried, no terrified of what I was doing; probably thinking her actions could ruin my relationship with my girlfriend.

In my room I asked Emily if it was her outside my room last night and her reply shocked me. "No, it wasn't me, why? Did I miss something interesting? Perhaps something I'm not supposed to see?" She answered with a mischievous grin.

It honestly sounded like it wasn't her and Emily certainly wasn't a good liar, I could usually guess when she was lying by now. I just played it off and told her that I thought I heard someone by my door and wanted to know if it was her. She accepted that and dropped the subject, clearly surprised that she was called to my room for what she thought was a pretty irrelevant matter. Heck, if she really didn't know anything then why the hell should I tell her about it, and as they say 'Ignorance is bliss.'

It wasn't long after this that Emily needed to be getting home before her parents got too worried. I saw her out and retreated back to my room to think about what had happened to him and where he should go from there. The first thing I realised was that if it wasn't Emily at my door then that only left one person, my mother Claire.

Before another thought entered my mind, I went to confront my mom without thinking of a plan, not knowing what I would say or anything; BIG MISTAKE!

When I got to the kitchen I found mom cleaning the dishes from breakfast while Chloe was in the living room watching TV and dad had already left for work. I stood next to my mom and blurted out "Uh, mom can I talk to you for a minute?" to which she stopped cleaning and turned to look at me.

"Sure hun. What's the matter?" She asked with a smile.

"Well I don't know how to ask this but here goes. Well about last night..."

Mom cut me off "So you figured it out huh, or did Chloe tell you?"

By now I was just stood there gaping at her, a dumbfounded look on my face. I eventually managed to start again "wait, wait, back up, Chloe knew you were there, did she see you, have you two talked?" I was asking questions before she had any time to give an answer. I finally stopped for breath after saying "Please tell me what's going on."

My mom chuckled "He he, so you haven't figured it out, I suppose you just saw me by the door and came here for an explanation." After a pause she continued "Well I guess there's no point in hiding it any more. Follow me; we'll talk in my room."

We went to her room and she sat on the edge of the bed, motioning for me to sit next to her. I complied and she took a deep breath before starting "Now Tony, before I say anything I want you to agree that you won't freak out or get too angry, okay?"

The first thing I thought after hearing that was 'Oh this can't be good'. I then said "I'm not making any promises but I'll try to stay calm."

Mom began her story "Fair enough, well I guess this started about a month ago; it was around that time that I started to feel different around you, though I didn't understand why at the time. After a few weeks I began to recognise the feelings I was having towards you, I was attracted to you and I still am to this day. I realised that I took motherly love way too far and tried to forget about my feelings but it got harder and harder (no pun intended) as time went on. Before long I found myself looking at you with lust in my eyes and masturbating to the thought of your cock deep inside me."

She paused there to see my reaction, but I was surprisingly calm and she continued.

"This was still going on until about a week ago when Chloe confronted me about my behaviour. She had noticed everything that I was doing the past few weeks, but decided that it was something she shouldn't get involved in. However, somehow watching me staring at you made your s****r start looking at you as more than just a b*****r as well. Finding herself in the same position as me she decided to talk to me. At first I was worried that she found me out, but set me at ease when she told me she felt the same way. After our conversation our lust towards you grew rapidly and within just a few days we were discussing ways of seducing you, knowing full well how wrong it was. By this point the thought of committing the ultimate taboo only served to arouse us even more and we had decided to take you on your birthday."

Mom heaved a sigh of relief after getting all this off her chest and asked "Did you follow all that son?" To which I just nodded in amazement. "Do you have anything to say, any questions?"

Snapping back to my senses I thought for a minute and I eventually asked "Um, if you're thinking of me like that then you must be pretty frustrated, isn't dad looking after you, you know at night?"

She wore a pained face as she answered "No, Paul hasn't touched me like that for at least a year now."

I give a heavy sigh, thinking how thoughtless that was of my dad. Every woman needs to have a man to keep her occupied he thought and since his dad wasn't doing his job, she came after me.

The silence seemed to worry my mom even further. "... So what are you going to do now?" She asked me.

I already knew my reply. "Give me the day to think about what to do and sort some stuff out. Could you also tell Chloe that I know everything; I would feel way too awkward talking to her about this now after what happened last night."

I locked myself in my room for most of the day, thinking of a way out of the situation I was in. By the end of the day I decided that there wasn't much I could do, I can't change people's feelings. I just decided to give them what they wanted, rationalising everything with 'my f****y is in pain, I can take the pain away' and 'I've already had my s****r, it wouldn't change much to have mom too.'

When I decided to do this, I just decided to endure it, but it never occurred to me how much I could enjoy it.

With this in mind I headed to the living room to find my mother and s****r watching TV together, it was after 9 o'clock so my dad was in bed exhausted after work, kinda early, I know. They both turned to me and my s****r asked "Well?"

"I'll do it." I said in a quiet voice.

"Do what?" Chloe questioned.

I took a deep breath, firming my resolve and answered "Whatever you guys want."

My mother and s****rs eyes lit up with a mixture of shock and excitement when I said this. Now my mother spoke "This is unexpected, what brought it on?"

Not really having an answer, I just said "Well I couldn't leave you two to drool over me, and there wasn't really much else I could do. I just hope I don't disappoint you."

"Don't worry about that, you've just made two women very happy." Chloe said with a big grin on her face.

"Glad to hear it" I replied, genuinely happy to be helping them. "So are we starting tonight, or...?" I stopped talking there as both women stood and had each grabbed one of my hands, leading me to my s****rs' room.

When we reached the room they released my hands and started undressing slowly. Starting with their tops Chloe soon pulled hers over her head while my mom was unbuttoning her blouse. Both women now stood in bras, skirts, socks and whatever kind of knickers they had on. My mother's skirt was about knee-length while Chloe wore a mini which showed a lot of thigh.

I just stood there, amazed as I watched these two beautiful creatures baring their flesh; I was completely unable to move or do anything, so I just watched. The room light was on so I was able to watch properly for the first time as my mother and s****r undressed.

When both tops were off, they smiled at each other, then at me before simultaneously reaching back to unhook their bras. My s****rs' breasts were nice, average sized but very well shaped; but moms' were something else. They were absolutely enormous; even bigger than I imagined Emily's 38DDs would be, I would assume an E-cup or maybe even more. On top of that there was still very little sagging, mom kept her body in very good shape and I'm almost ashamed that I hadn't noticed until then.

After taking a better look I found my mom to be a sexy version of my s****r. They were so similar, except that mom filled out some places much better. She had long legs, a round bubble butt, a tight figure and a pretty face with long fiery red hair that came half way down her back. Add her huge tits and you have an image of my mother.

When both women's bras hit the floor they took my hands again and pulled me to the bed with them. Chloe motioned for me to sit and I complied, letting them set the pace.

With me now sitting on the bed my mom sat next to me and wrapped her arms around my head and pulling me into a kiss. She seemed conservative at first so I decided to go for it and started to worm my tongue into her mouth; she seemed surprised at first, but soon opened up to let my probing tongue roam inside her mouth, playing with her own tongue. Mom shoved her own tongue into my mouth and we kissed deeply for what seemed like hours, but could only have been a few minutes.

The sight of me and mom snogging must have gotten Chloe hot since after a short while she was kneeling in front of me and undoing my belt buckle. My belt now gone, she removed my zipper and pulled my hard member from my boxers, now getting a really good look at it she grinned.

Mom had stopped kissing me now and was staring intently as Chloe wrapped her hand around my shaft and started pumping slowly. She gradually got faster and faster and started licking all around the head, her eyes never leaving mine.

This felt absolutely incredible and I could already feel my loins starting to stir; I thrust upwards involuntarily, pushing the head of my cock into my s****r's mouth.

So focused on Chloe's hand-job, I didn't notice my mom get off the bed and kneel next to her.

Seeing my reaction my mom stopped Chloe's assault on my rod, which was killing me in the state I was in. After mom whispered something in Chloe's ear they both grinned and started kneeling up higher. The next thing I knew, my dick was being sandwiched between four lovely mounds of flesh.

That's right; I was getting a DOUBLE TIT-FUCK!

The feeling of two pairs of hooters wrapping around me was exquisite. Right now, the only thing that could top this feeling was the sight of my gorgeous mother and s****r shoving their breasts against each other, knowing my cock was jammed in there. Mom's tits were almost twice the size of Chloe's so naturally they covered much more, but I'm sure I felt one of Chloe's nipples running along the length of my shaft.

Not long after my prick was between them they started licking the head, which was barely poking up from inside their bosoms. Upon seeing this mom and Chloe both started to lick it and this brought me right to the edge. Their tongues and breast's sent electricity through my entire body and I was jerking u*********sly on the bed, but somehow still sitting up to watch.

When their tongues met on my head they stopped, looked at each other and slowly engaged in a passionate kiss; I watched as my mom and s****r had a very hot and sexy kiss. Their tongues swirled about in each other's mouths, twisting and tangling together. This sight soon put me over the edge as I felt the stirring in my balls quicken and my cock start to pulse.

"Oh god, here it cooooooomesss" I grunted just as I was about to come.

The girls soon broke off their kiss and both moved to catch my spunk on their faces. After spurting one shot on each of them my mom took the head into her mouth and sucked up all the rest, this was incredible but Chloe didn't look too pleased. I collapsed back on the bed, my cock started drooping now.

"That's not fair, I wanted some too," Chloe started moaning.

To which my mom only said "I can see why, that's delicious. Sorry sweetheart."

After a moment, Chloe continued "Because of that I should get to fuck him first, it's only fair."

Upon hearing this, my prick soon jumped back to life. "No way, you had him yesterday, it's my turn," mom whined.

"That was a whole different thing, besides, who said we're taking turns?" my s****r replied.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing; my mom and s****r fighting over who would fuck me first. They looked like a couple of c***dren fighting over the last piece of candy.

Finally, my mom backed down looking dejected. My s****r however was happy as could be as the two of them stood to their feet.

While my mom walked around the bed I lay properly on the bed, giving Chloe more room. She soon hopped on the bed and straddled my waist, my cock resting under her pussy. She started grinding against me; she had already taken off her knickers, I have no idea when she did it or if she had them in the first place.

As Chloe was grinding into me, my mom had gotten onto the bed and was crawling closer to my head, she had already removed the rest of her clothing. "Do me too, son." She requested, straddling my face and giving me a perfect view of both her pussy and anus.

This was the first time I had ever eaten a girl out before so I was a bit nervous, but I soon learned some tricks and already had a general idea of what I was doing. I started by licking the folds of her slit before probing into her vagina, roaming and exploring the inside of my mom's fuck hole.

I entered heaven when I felt the walls of Chloe's pussy around my cock as she once again lowered herself onto it; the feeling was as good as I remembered from last night. She started moving up and down on my cock, bun unlike yesterday she just got straight to it, thrashing fiercely on my prick while I continued to work on my mother's pussy.

It wasn't long after Chloe had started this that she started to cum, her cunt swivelling and tightening around my cock. Having already cum once earlier, I still had a little energy left and decided to make my mom cum too before moving on.

I reached round with my right hand and started playing with mom's clit; it was easy to find since it was hard as a rock a sticking out quite noticeably. I began gently squeezing it and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger, which seemed to work as my mother gave several moans of approval. "OH YES! THAT'S IT! RIGHT THERE! OH MY GOD, YESYESYESYES IT'S SO GOOOOOOOD!"

My mouth left my mother's cunt lips a moment and I decided to try a different hole; this was a great idea on my part. The second my tongue touched mom's anus, she arched her back and squealed loudly as she came, letting loose a large torrent of juice all over my face. I tried to swallow as much of this as I could and I enjoyed the taste much more than I had expected.

After watching her mother cum over her b*****r's face, Chloe must have been really turned on because she once again started riding me. Her thrusts were again very quick and rough, this time bringing us both to orgasm in seconds. I fired a steady stream of cum into my s****r, though I don't think it was as much as last time.

As me and Chloe were glued to the spot, literally unable to move, mom hopped off my face and sat next to me looking none too happy. "That was supposed to be mine!" She moaned, reverting back to her c***dish school girl routine. "Well I'm having my turn now, get off!" She said, practically pushing Chloe off me.

She looked so disappointed when she saw that dick had gone flaccid, which wasn't really a surprise after cumming twice. "Noooo, I wanted his cum." She almost looked tearful as she uttered this.

I got an idea upon hearing this; if she wanted it so bad, there was one other place she could get it.

"Hey mom, I have an awesome idea!" I started yelling with excitement.

My mom got a twinkle in her eyes and my s****r also got back onto her knees to listen. "Well what is it, don't keep us in suspense." Mom urged.

I answered, stifling a grin, "If you want my stuff that badly, you can just lick out what I just deposited into Chloe."

Both pairs of eyes grew wide as I said this and they looked at each other, then back to me. They both admitted to having no experience with other women and stated that they weren't lesbians.

I had already thought of an answer for them. "But this way mom will get the spunk that she seems to want and it will make it easier in the future if you two can cooperate better with each other, not just fighting over me, but enjoying each other as well."

My mom is the first to start "But I wanted your stuff from the source."

I grinned at this and said "Well with a good show and enough time, I might be able to recover enough for one more time."

My mother and I had been looking at each other and she then said "Good enough for me. Chloe?" She asked, turning towards her daughter.

Chloe was already lying on her back, unzipping her skirt which she had left on all this time; I guess that was a 'yes' from her.

My mom dived to Chloe's pussy as soon as she finished removing her skirt, lapping up all the juice and sperm that was oozing out from it. I left the bed and sat in a computer chair as I took in the incredible sight of my own mother slurping and sucking at her daughter's wet cunt.

In seconds Chloe was screaming in pure ecstasy from having her mom eat her out, "Oh YES! That's right, slurp it all down. Suck that cum from my cunt you horny BITCH! OH FUCK! YES!"

It surprised me that mom hadn't reacted to being called a horny bitch, she must have been enjoying this too.

Watching the two of them was extremely exciting and before too long I was hard again, but I decided not to let on and just enjoy the show a little longer.

From where I was sitting I was able to make out my mom's hand between her legs, rubbing her slit up and down before finally letting one and then two fingers slip into her hole.

This was easily the most erotic sight I've ever seen; picture a gorgeous 19 year old girl (Chloe) lying on her back, head on a pillow and legs spread wide, with her sexy mom on all fours below her, ass sticking out and eating her pussy while masturbating.

I started stroking my rod as I watched my s****r being licked to orgasm by our mother, but soon found that I needed more and it was time to step in.

I positioned myself behind my mother and told her to keep licking. After saying this I positioned my cock and started rubbing it against her wet folds. I did this for a while to tease my mom and she soon turned to me and actually started to beg "Oh honey, don't tease me, I need it and I mean now. Please just fuck me. Shove your hot cock into my pussy and give it to me hard." She said looking back with such a look of longing, I had to do it.

I started prodding her hole with the tip and she sucked me in all the way to the base of my meat. The longing look was changed to one that could only be described as ecstasy just as she started to moan. I began pumping slowly, but mom was having none of that; she soon started wailing "OH MY GOD, SON. I'VE WAITED A WHOLE MONTH, JUST FUCK ME! HARDER, HARDER! OH YES!"

Mom was writhing beneath me as I thrust into her as hard as I could, moaning and screaming loudly as I fucked her. These moans were muffled when Chloe took mom by the hair and pulled her back down to work more on her wet pussy.

Now it was Chloe's turn to moan as she had our mom eating her pussy and drinking all the pussy juice and cum that she had left in her. Then I saw mom's head drop down to below Chloe's cunt and I wondered what was going on, but I soon figured it out... mom was licking Chloe's asshole.

I was extremely aroused when I noticed what was happening and increased my efforts. Apparently, my mom was also stepping it up as Chloe's moaning was getting even louder, if that were possible. I was afraid the neighbours would hear.

Chloe was the first to cum this time and she let out the longest loudest scream I had ever heard from her. When she was through, I peeked round, past mom's ass and saw that Chloe had passed out from the intensity; I remember thinking 'Wow, mom must be a natural' as I continuously pounded her pussy from behind.

Before long, I came again as well. I felt the first couple of shots spurt through me and mom's walls wrapped tightly around me as she too had an orgasm. Mom's pussy clamped down hard as she came, milking as much of my sperm as she could get. She screamed through this "OH YES! GIVE ME YOUR SPERM; I NEED IT! MORE, MORE, MORE, I NEED MORE! OH FUCK!"

I pulled my now flaccid dick from mom's pussy and turned her around, holding her close and giving her a hard kiss; not one given to most mothers. We fell asl**p in each arm's next to my s****r.

I still can't believe how much I was able to cum that night as I had never been so spent before, or since then for that matter.

I woke that morning to a blowjob from Chloe and mom asking what I wanted for breakfast. I told her that I wanted something that would give me lots of energy; which I certainly needed.

From this point in my life I had been living the dream, living with two sexy, insatiable women. It no longer mattered that they were f****y and none of us could stop if we wanted to anyway.

About my dad and Emily, well maybe I'll tell you their stories another time.


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