The first time I saw my daughter naked as a woman, she had just turned eighteen. Passing by her bedroom, I caught a glimpse of her through the crack of her door, which wasn't properly closed. She had come out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around her. I stopped for a moment and was about to move on, when she undid the towel and let it fall from her.

Standing before me was a gorgeous sight; a naked young woman with her back to me. Her backside was beautiful, smooth and rounded.As she leaned forward to pick up a hair brush from the dresser, I caught a momentary sight of her right breast, her nipple in side profile. I could hear her humming to herself and I watched, fascinated by the sight of her brushing out her long auburn hair. Every now and then, as her hands moved in the act of brushing, her right breast would pop into view, but only from the side.

I felt a familiar stirring in my groin at this unexpected encounter, as I wondered what she would look like if seen from the front. A mischievous idea came into my head that would make that possible in a way that would seem entirely accidental.

I pushed open the door and started to step in, saying 'Laura, would you like to...' but I never finished the sentence.

Hearing her name, Laura turned towards me. She gave a little squeal and quickly brought her hands up to cover her breasts and pubic mound, but not before I saw what I had hoped to. Her breasts were nicely developed, of a size that invited them to be cupped in my hands. Her nipples were small but the surrounding roseate blush from which they protruded was disproportionately large. The bushy mound she was trying to cover with her left hand was the same dark auburn as her hair, and untrimmed.

I stammered an apologetic 'Sorry sweetheart, I didn't mean to break in on you, but the door was open' and backed out of the room.

Later, she came down to the kitchen, dressed in simple jeans and checked lumberjack shirt. I was drinking a coffee and looked up at her. The top three buttons of her shirt were undone and it was clear that she didn't have a bra on.

'Laura, I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to cause any embarrassment.'

To my relief, she giggled. 'My fault for not closing the door properly, I suppose. Don't worry, no harm done' and she leaned forward and kissed me on my forehead.

As she did, my eyes were presented with a fine view of the tops of her breasts. She pulled back and the show ended. Had she done that deliberately, I wondered. But the moment was ended and life returned to normal, father and daughter having a chat in the kitchen.

That happened in May and the thought of her naked stayed in my mind. In July, things changed dramatically. My son, Josh, went off on a school geography field trip to Wales for two weeks. At the same time, Maggie, my wife, attended a business seminar in Birmingham, which would keep her away for a week. So it was just Laura and I at home.

Laura had finished school and was waiting for her exam results, hoping to get into university. She'd tried to get a holiday job, but there was a lot of competition and she couldn't find anything that really interested her, so she was hanging about with time on her hands.

The day Maggie left for her seminar was a beautiful day, hot and still. Late morning, I was working in the dining room when Laura came in. She had a bikini on, barely decent. The two triangles of cloth did little to conceal her breasts, and the thong below left nothing to the imagination and she'd obviously trimmed the edges of her pubic mound since I'd seen her and there was the hint of the outline of her vagina.

'Wow' I stammered, as she stood before me.

She gave a slow twirl, presenting me with a close up view of her buttocks. The string of the thong was buried between her cheeks and once again I felt a stirring in my groin. Seeing me staring at her, she laughed.

'Like what you see, Dad?' she asked with a coquettish grin.

'Amazing. Whatever happened to my little girl?'

'She grew up, or didn't you notice? If you spent less time working, you'd have seen it happen.'

She was right, of course. If I'd spent less time with my head down, earning a decent living to support the f****y, I would have noticed. But I was certainly noticing now.

'So what's on your busy agenda today?' I asked.

She poked her tongue out at me, then said 'Thought I'd catch a few rays out on the patio. Why don't you come and join me?'

It sounded like a wonderful idea, but I still had work to do. 'Tell you what, sweetie, I'll come out in an hour or so, OK?'

That seemed to satisfy, and with a cheery 'See you later, then' she turned and pranced out of the room, her buttocks doing an incredible dance before my eyes.

I had recently left the company I worked for and taken on a new position that let me work from home. Graphs and spreadsheets and analysis took up the next forty minutes, by which time I had reached exasperation point. It was too hot to work, so I went and changed into a pair of baggy shorts and made my way out to the patio. We had an extension built onto the back of the house, which left a courtyard, open at the garden end, which had turned out to be a nice little sun-trap. Sheltered by the back of the house and two side walls, the front gave out onto the garden, which had a thick beech hedge at the end, affording us with complete privacy.

Coming round the corner from the kitchen, I was presented with the sight of Laura spread out on cushions which she had removed from a lounger and placed on the patio floor. She was lying on her front, her head resting on her crossed arms. The top of her bikini was undone and lay spread out beneath her chest.

Hearing me, she turned her head toward me and lazily asked 'How long have I been out here?'

'About three quarters of an hour' I said.

'I probably need to top up with the suntan cream. Would you do the honours, Dad, it's so hard to get to the middle of your own back.'

How could I say no? I dragged the cushion from the other lounger over and put it down next to hers, then knelt down beside her.

'I think this might be easier if I sort of straddle you' I said and did so, one knee on either side of her.

My crotch was positioned just below her buttocks. I reached over the sun cream and drizzled some onto her back and started to rub it in. I started on her shoulders and neck, trying to knead her shoulders as you would if giving a massage, which she seemed to like, or at least, she didn't complain. After a minute of two, my hands moved down to the centre of her back and then down her sides, lightly brushing the side of her breasts. Again, no complaints.

Her back was mostly done, so I shuffled down a bit until I was positioned over the backs of her knees. From here I had an unobstructed view of her buttocks, with the string of the thong running up between them, where it joined the string that ran across the back. I playfully twanged the string and she wriggled beneath me, laughing.

'If you don't want a white line, this ought to go' I said, twanging the string again.

She turned her head and sort of looked at me over her shoulder. There was a grin on her face as she said 'Can't have that can we, Dad. Undo the bow at the side and pull it away.'

I pulled at the bow and the knot fell apart. The string across the back fed through a loop at the top of the centre string, so I pulled it through and let it fall to her right side. This left the string between her cheeks. After a moment of hesitation, I bit the bullet and started to pull back the remaining string. With a giggle, she clenched her buttocks together, trapping the string firmly between them.

'Resistance is useless! Unclench those buttocks, girl'. And I playfully swatted her right cheek.

She laughed again. 'Oh, please don't hurt me, kind zur' she said in mock imitation of a West Country milk maid. 'Hang on, I'll make it easier.'

Her buttocks relaxed and she also, to my surprise, spread her legs just a little bit.

I quickly pulled the string from between her crack and let it fall between the slight gap between her legs. Now I could see not only her cheeks, but also the rear of her outer labia, just visible in the small gap she had created. I squeezed some cream onto her buttocks, and then purposely rubbed from the back of her thighs towards her hips, so that her cheeks were spread further apart. This gave me a nice view of her puckered anus.

I let my thumbs stray around her hole and since there was no adverse reaction, I let them wander down a bit further, brushing them against her outer labia. 'That's nice, Dad' she all but purred at me.

'I don't think there's much chance of getting sunburnt down there' I said.

'That depends on how you do your sunbathing' she replied.

I abandoned her cheeks and started to work on her thighs, using the full span of my hands to rub up from the back of her knees. As my thumbs ran along the inside of her thighs, I felt her muscles tighten as I got closer to her vaginal lips. My thumbs worked their way up until they were either side of her lips, where I gently pressed inwards, forcing her lips to push together and out. She gave a little shudder and I could see that she was starting to get moist.

As my thumbs pulled back, she whispered over her shoulder. 'Do that again, can you? It felt so nice.' She pulled herself up so that she was resting on her elbows, which let her breasts come free from beneath her, and then spread her legs a bit further apart.

I now had a clear view of her cheeks, her anus and her vagina, the lips slightly engorged.

'It's a good job I'm not a dirty old man' I said, 'because the sight of you like this is enough to drive any man wild.'

'Well you're not a dirty old man, you're my Dad, and I feel perfectly safe with you.'

I couldn't help myself, really, I couldn't. 'What, even if I do this?' and so saying I pushed my right hand between her thighs, palm up and cupped her vagina in my hand.

She squirmed again and said 'Especially when you do that. But it's a bit uncomfortable like this, let me make it easier.'

She pushed back on her elbows, and I scooted back a bit further as she raised her back until she was kneeling on all fours in front of me. I had kept my hand in place as she moved, lightly cupping her pudenda and she pushed back onto my hand. Spurred on by her apparent willingness, with my left hand, I reached forward and found her left breast, which was now hanging freely. As the fingers of my right hand gently rubbed her vagina, my left hand played with her nipple, which I stroked and them lightly tweaked between thumb and forefinger.She moaned and lowered her head, at the same time spreading her legs a bit further apart. Her nipple was erect between my fingers, a stiff little bud under the attention it was receiving. I let the middle finger of my right hand play between her lips and as it brushed her clitoris she squirmed yet again. I allowed my finger to press further between her lips until it was in up to the knuckle. She was so moist that it was easy to pull back and then re-enter with two fingers.

She let out an 'ooh' and pushed back on my fingers. My left hand left her breast and I reached down until I made contact with her most intimate pleasure zone. Laura lowered her head to the cushion and arched her back up as far as she could. I now had two fingers inside her from behind while with my left hand in front I sought out her clitoris. She started to pant and I felt the muscles of her vagina contracting and relaxing in time to the thrusting of my fingers. I applied some pressure with my right thumb to her anus, gently pushing against her tight little hole. She started to spasm and let out a series of 'oohs' and 'aahs', until she suddenly gave out a prolonged 'Oh my Goooood' and shuddered before me as her orgasm swept through her. She fell forward onto her right side and lay there panting, eyes closed.

Looking at her, I considered what I had done. I had brought my eighteen year old daughter off to orgasm. Whatever the rights or wrongs might be, the moment had been so erotic, so sudden and unexpected, that it didn't seem to matter. I don't claim to be the best-endowed man in the world, but I was sporting a hard-on the like of which I probably hadn't experienced since I was a lusty teenager.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. 'Thanks, Dad, that was wonderful.'

'I'm glad you enjoyed it' I said and leaned forward and lightly kissed her on her lips.

She seemed to recover herself and propped her head up with her hand, her elbow supporting her, but she was still on her side, and her breasts hung lopsided, giving them a slightly unreal appearance. She grinned at me and then said 'Mum was right, you know. She said you had a delicate touch.' Then she laughed again.

It took a moment for the words to sink in. 'What? What do you mean? Mum says I have a delicate touch?'

Laura looked embarrassed and her face flushed. 'Ah, well, you see, I was having a chat with Mum about the birds and the bees...'

'Didn't she do all that when you were first a teenager?' I interrupted.

'Yes, of course, but there were one or two things I wanted to know, so I collared her when she'd had a couple of drinks, figuring that she'd be more receptive. She really opened up to me, if you know what I mean?'

There was a hint in her words that was intriguing. Just what had my wife and daughter been up to? I lay down next to her and asked her 'Care to let me in on your little secrets?'

She blushed again, but then seemed to make her mind up. She settled down with her hand lying on her arm and I idly reached out and stroked her right nipple. She watched as she started her explanation.

'I'd heard a couple of things from a girl friend which didn't sound right and I figured that if anyone knew, Mum would. So I caught her one evening, you were at the rugby club with Josh, I think, and Mum had had a couple of drinks and seemed to be in a mellow mood. So I asked her about..., well, about masturbation, to be blunt. Martine, you know her, don't you, she told me that she lost her virginity to her hair brush handle, which didn't sound very nice to me. So I asked Mum about it.'

I switched from her right to her left nipple, my mind a-buzz with what she telling me.

'And what did Mum say?' I asked.

'Mum said it was more than possible. She said that if I was going to masturbate, then to do it carefully, so as not to break my hymen. But I said that I wasn't bothered about saving it for 'Mr Right'. And then she said that if that was the case, she could show me how to do it myself.'

'What?' was all I could stammer.

'We went up to her, your, bedroom and she undressed me, then stripped of herself. She took out the vibrator she keeps in the bedside drawer and she showed me how to use it properly.'

This was almost too much for me to comprehend. My wife and my daughter? Together? 'Go on' I said, letting my fingers move from her nipple down to her belly button.

'Mum had me spread-eagled on the bed and started to caress my breasts with it. The vibrations really got to me and in no time at all I was really turned on. Then she ran it down my stomach, to the top of my pussy and she teased around my lips, until she let it play over my clit, and I really thought for a moment I was going to explode, but she pulled it away. She had me draw my knees as far up and apart as I could, and she said that she had to check that I was wet enough and she rubbed my slit with her fingers. I was wet, I know, I was on the verge of coming, and then she slid first one, then two, then three fingers in. My whole body was on fire and then she rubbed my clit with her thumb, her fingers still inside me, and I just let it all out. It was an amazing feeling and I just sort of collapsed. Mum took her fingers out of me and said that she thought I was ready. She slowly started to push the dildo into me, and that feeling of building up to a climax started again, as it vibrated away inside me. Once it was about half way in, we could both feel the resistance of my hymen, and Mum said something like 'To infinity and beyond!' and pushed harder. There was a bit of pain, but I was past caring, and then Mum took my hand and put it on the vibtator, saying I should do it myself, so I did. At first it was a bit strange, knowing Mum was kneeling right there next to me, watching me, but when I looked down, I could see that she had a hand between her own legs and the other was playing with her breasts. I had both hands on the vibrator, easing it in and out, and then Mum reached out and started to gently rub my clit. Then she took one of my hands and placed it on her pussy and I started to caress her. Her clit is smaller than mine, but it was easy to find, as it was sticking out of its little hood. So there we were, me spread-eagled with a vibrator going in and out and her hand on my clit, she kneeling next to me, legs spread wide with my fingers in her as she played with her nipples. Both of us were breathing hard and then we both came, more or less at the same time. Mum laid down next me while we both got our breath back. We had a little chat and she told me that you always seemed to know what she likes. I guess she was right, because whatever you did, it worked on me too.'

'And that's all she told you?' I asked, as if that wasn't enough.

'Well, she did tell me a couple of the things that you like' she said archly, a wicked little grin appearing on her face.

'She did, did she? Such as what?'

The summer heat made the air shimmer and time seemed to slow down, as I watched her hand reach out and her fingers flutter across the front of my shorts. My penis, which had been semi-flaccid, came back to attention again and created an obvious bulge at the front. Laura laughed and said 'See?' as her fingers continued to excite me. After what seemed seemed an eternity, she stopped and slid her hand up my thigh and into my shorts. Her delicate fingers found the top of my penis and she rolled the skin back at the top. It felt beautiful and I groaned, happy in the delicious feelings she was causing to course through me.

'Mother knows best!' she said, and I had to agree. 'I think maybe we should let the honourable member enjoy the sun for a bit.'

And so saying, she withdrew her hand and sitting up, started to pull my shorts down. I raised my hips and the shorts were quickly slid down my legs, where I kicked them off. I rolled onto my back as Laura arranged herself cross-legged by my side. Turning my head to the left, I was afforded an unhindered close up view of her young vagina. The short pubic hair that formed a line down to her labia was glistening with the moisture that had gushed out of her when she came. Her lips were less engorged now, but I could still see the tip of her clit peeking out and her nipples were both still stiffly erect, so she was obviously enjoying the moment as much as me.

Laura now brought both hands into play. Her left hand snaked out and cupped my balls, while her right hand moved back to my penis, which was now proudly standing fully erect. She wrapped her fingers around it and then used her thumb to softly rub the underside just below the tip. I was in heaven, as this is one of my most sensitive spots. She released her grip, so that her thumb stayed where it was, while her fingers were able to manipulate the skin of my penis up and down in a sensuous massage that quickly had me moaning in pleasure. Suddenly she leaned forward and the tip of her tongue darted out and flicked across the tip of my cock. An electric shiver ran through me, as she ran her tongue around the top, while her fingers continued their gentle stroking motion. Her left hand was juggling with my ball sac and I knew I couldn't hold back the inevitable for much longer. I tried to think of England, the Chancellor's latest economic forecast, anything at all to delay the final moment, but nothing was going to stop it now.

As I called out to Laura 'I'm coming, sweetheart' she slipped both her lips around the top of my penis, which was the final straw. I gave in and let the sensation of orgasm have its way with me. As waves of pleasure coursed through me, sperm literally exploded out of me. Laura quickly drew back her head and watched as the whitish goo shot out in bursts, covering her hands, my belly and my thighs. She squeezed her fingers around the girth of my shaft, easing out the last drops. I was panting, my eyes now closed and there must have been a mile-wide smile on my face.

After a moment of silence, I was brought back down to Earth as Laura said 'That was pretty messy, wasn't I?' I had to laugh, and she joined in as well. She took my discarded shorts and proceeded to wipe off as much of the sperm as she could. When she had finished, she lay down on her side next to me and let her fingers play with my pubic hairs.

'That was some chat you had with Mum' I said. 'What else did you talk about?'

Laura hesitated and lowered her eyes towards my belly. 'Not so much talk, more what she showed me' she finally said.

'Show you what?' I questioned her.

'Well, after we'd recovered our breath on the bed, Mum said that I needed to have a shower, to clean the bl**d, from where my hymen had been broken. I was still a bit sore and she said that she would help me, so we both went into the shower together. When we were both wet, she had me stand facing the wall with my hands over my head and she lathered up the sponge and started to wash me all over. She had her hands all over me, which felt really good. After she'd rinsed all the soap off, she told me to lean forward with my hands on the wall with my legs as far apart as I could get them. Then she took the showerhead off, so the water was just pumping out in a big stream, and slowly inserted it into me. It was like a big soft squishy dildo, and even though she didn't put it in very far, the water was pumping right up to the back of my vagina and I started to get all turned on again. But she pulled it out and asked me if I had liked that, so of course I said yes. She told me to lean forward and spread my bum cheeks and when I asked her why she just said 'If you liked that, you'll love this', so I did as she said. She put the showerhead back on and set it to the power-jet setting and turned it on to me. I nearly fell over as the first blast hit my bum hole, but it felt really nice and then she started to play it over my pussy as well. When it hit my clitoris, I nearly jumped out of my skin. It felt almost electric and I was squirming about all over the place. Then Mum told me to lie on the floor and hold myself behind my knees and draw my legs apart. So now I was lying there, with my pussy wide open and my bum hole ready for inspection, as it were. Mum used the shower on me a bit longer, then put it down. She slid her index finger into me and I was so wet, and then she took it out and started to push it into my bum hole. She told me to relax and it slipped in quite easily. It felt really odd having it waggling about inside me. When it was up to the knuckle, she slipped her thumb between my lips and started to massage the flesh between her thumb and finger. With her other hand,, she spread my lips with two fingers and used another to rub my clit. She could see I was about to come, 'cos I was wriggling about all over the floor, but she stopped and pulled her finger and thumb out of me. Then she said 'There's something else you should know. Fingers are good, but tongues are better', and she leaned forward and started to run her tongue up and down my pussy, just letting it tease between my lips. Then she leaned in a bit further and started to suck on my lips. Her tongue buried deeper into me and it felt completely different to everything else she'd done so far. I grabbed at her head and tried to f***e her into me, it felt so good. She pulled back, saying 'Don't suffocate me, Laura, just go with the flow' and leaned down and carried on. That lovely feeling was welling up in me again and I literally screamed as I came. Mum kept licking at my clit until I couldn't take it anymore and I came a second time. I had to scoot away from her, or we'd probably still be there now.'

I couldn't quite believe what I'd just heard. While she was talking, Laura had continued playing with my pubes and my penis, which was once again standing straight up. She turned her eyes to mine and said 'I think that turned you on just a little bit' and she started to gently stroke my rigid member again.

I had to ask, because it just seemed to be the right thing to do. 'Would you like it inside you? See how it compares to the rubber version?'

She nodded yes and so I got her to straddle me. Her slit was poised above my waiting penis and holding her hips I started to slowly lower her down until the tip pushed through her outer labia, lubricated by the juices liberally coated inside. Once the bulb of the head had disappeared I held her back and asked her 'Are you ready for this?'

She didn't answer, but f***ed herself slowly down my shaft. She was quite tight, so I tried to let it go slowly, and we started to wrestle for control. Eventually I gave way, letting her take the lead, figuring that she was young and I didn't want to hurt her. And do it herself meant that she could take it in as fast or slow as she wanted. What she did do was let out a breath and relax her muscles, then push down on me, impaling herself. She settled herself on me, getting comfortable with the bl**d-engorged flesh that was now buried inside her.

'Lean forward' I told her, and as she did so, her breasts were brought to my mouth. I suckled on the left one first, gently pulling her nipple with my lips, and then flicking my tongue over it in between sucking it into my mouth. With my right hand, I reached down between us and cupped her right breast in my hand, again rubbing the nipple between thumb and forefinger. She slowly started to raise and lower herself on my penis, and threw back her head with her eyes closed.

She continued this rocking motion for a couple of minutes while I played with her breasts, picking up the speed as she bucked about on top of me. It took all my concentration not to come, as I didn't want it to happen inside her, but I didn't want to withdraw before she'd had enough. I didn't have a condom on and I didn't know if she was on the pill and life suddenly seemed to be complicated enough without the worry of an unwanted pregnancy.

Laura was moving more swiftly now and panting, as the sweat rolled off her. I moved my hands back to her hips, so that as she pushed back onto me, I could f***e her further back so that her clit received some attention as well. Suddenly she let out a series of little cries, which changed to yelps of 'oh, oh, oh, oh' and I felt her vaginal muscles clamp tight onto my penis. She held it there for a few seconds and then with a final drawn out 'aarghhh' she collapsed forward onto me. Her backside was raised up as she fell forward and my penis was painfully pulled from within her and left standing up between her cheeks. The sudden release of pressure sent a smaller stream of sperm onto her buttocks and as she lay there panting on top of me, I could feel it running down her crack and back onto me.

Laura was lying on top of me, her breasts squashed out under her on my chest and I could feel her nipples pressing into me. I wrapped my arms around her back and hugged her to me, where we lay in the sun without saying a word. Finally I felt her stir and released my hold on her. She moved her head and brought her lips to mine, and we tongue jousted for a while, savouring the taste of each other, basking in the heat of the day.

We spent the rest of the week while Maggie was away enjoying each others bodies, and we decided that when she returned we would all need to sit down together for a chat about it all, and I looked forward to that in anticipation of what that might bring about.

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Hot Story, Let us know how the talk went when the wife returned
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hot hot hot!
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Great story
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Excellent story
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tanning always seems to lead to more around here as well
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I loved this story I do want to hear more of what happen when honey got home and they all talked about it . Very hot