My wife and I have never really had what you would call an exciting sex life. When we did have sex, it was usually the garden-variety missionary position. So with the lack of excitement from the real thing, I started trying to fantasize about different things and people. To aid in my fantasies I got in the habit of watching porno flicks late at night after everyone in the house was asl**p.

To my surprise, most of the porno’s that are shown on the erotic networks involve young girls. Barely Legal and Real College Girls seem to be the most popular themes. Being in my upper thirties, I had never really thought about the younger generation until I started watching these movies. I realized that the young girls were hot.

The other thing that came to my attention was the fact that girl on girl scenes were quite popular. I began to become quite involved with young girls eating each others smooth, wet, and usually bald pussies.

Watching these movies for fantasy began to change my daily life as well. I have three teenaged girls that I began to take notice of. I watched the way they dressed, the way they walked, and the way they acted. My girls became an obsession with me. I watched closely when they woke up in the morning to see their nipples poking against the fabric of their pajamas. I started noticing the swing of their developing tits as they moved around the house. I watched as they grew into fully developed young women.

Karen is the oldest. Karen is the sole brunette out of the three. She also has the biggest tits, easily a d-cup, probably a little bigger. Karen’s face isn’t much to look at, but she is not ugly. I doubt if many men look at her face anyway the way her chest is. Karen also has a nice shaped, but big “bubble butt”. She has the kind of butt that you would normally see on black women. Karen’s biggest problem is her maturity level. Even though she is the oldest, most of the time she acts about half her age.

Michelle is the youngest. Michelle probably has the best looking face of all three girls. Her problem is that she is lazy and sits on her ass doing nothing most of the time. So, her ass has gotten quite wide. She doesn’t have much in the way of tits yet either. And to add to all that, she is a tomboy, so I question her sexual preference. She is much more comfortable around girls than boys.

Ashley, the middle teen, has the best body of my girls. For me, she has the ultimate fantasy body. She has a perfect hourglass figure with b-cup, or small c-cup tits. Her blonde hair goes slightly past her shoulders and her blue eyes shine. Ashley’s problem is that she is a bitch. She is always trying to start trouble. She also knows that she has a great body and wears clothes that accentuate it. Of my girls, Ashley is the main source of my fantasies. Every time I fuck my wife, it is Ashley that I imagine.

This story begins with Karen and her friend Cindy. Cindy is a year younger than Karen, but they are very close friends. Cindy spends the night with Karen at least once a month. Cindy is very thin, with tiny tits, a small b-cup at most, but she is a very sweet girl.

One night when Cindy was spending the night, I started watching my porno’s as usual. I have the sound turned off so that I can hear if anyone in the house starts moving around. Anyway, I started hearing noises out of Karen’s bedroom. I figured Karen and Cindy were just doing the teen thing and staying up late talking about boys and school, or whatever teenaged girls talk about. However, the sounds I started hearing did not sound like talking. Although I did hear a giggle once in a while, my curiosity ended up getting the better of me.

I walked down to Karen’s door and started listening a little more closely to what was going on. Most of the sounds I could hear were muffled. I thought it was probably because of the door being closed. Then I heard a loud “ Oh yes!”

I pushed on the door to try to open it quietly. I must have succeeded because the scene that was revealed before me was quite surprising and unchanging. Cindy and Karen were lying on the floor with my baby Michelle between them. Cindy had her head between Karen’s legs and Michelle’s head between hers.

Once my eyes adjusted a little better to the darkness, I saw Karen’s chest heaving up and down from the heavy breathing. Her tits were a lot bigger than I expected. Her hands were pinching her large nipples as Cindy licked her clit and had two fingers buried in Karen’s pussy. Karen’s eyes were closed in ecstasy from the attentions Cindy was giving to her pussy. I continued to watch the scene until Karen’s legs clamped around Cindy’s head and she looked as though she was going to rip off her own nipples as she obviously came all over Cindy’s face. It seemed as though Cindy came at almost the same time, because she looked up from between Karen’s legs with pussy juice dripping down her chin as her whole body shook and I heard “ Oh shit!” escape from her lips.

I moved back from the doorway and felt a body against my back. As I turned, I saw Ashley standing there. Ashley looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and asked, “ Did you enjoy that?” Then she looked down and grabbed my hard cock. “ No need to answer, I can see and feel that you did.”

“Why don’t you take off those pants and join us?” she asked as she slid her hand inside my pants and gave my cock a squeeze.

Although I really wanted nothing more than to join my girls I told her, “ I can’t, your Mom would kill me.” I heard Karen as I walked away. “ You don’t know what you are missing!”

The sad thing was I knew exactly what I was missing. I was missing a chance to have not one, but four hot, young girls. It would have been my fantasies coming true.

I went back to my bedroom and slid into bed with my wife. Usually when Dawn and I have sex it is a dually satisfying experience. This time when I rolled on top of her I fucked her hard and fast. I came within a few minutes, unable to remove the scene I had witnessed from my mind. “ What about me?” I heard Dawn ask as she reached for my still hard cock.

Dawn climbed on top of me and rode my cock. It was the first time she had taken charge for sex. I think it was the first time she had been on top as well. Dawn rode me and I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit as she fucked me. Feeling her trying to get herself off turned me on again. I reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them as I imagined them to be Karen’s tits in my hands. I pinched her nipples between my fingers, harder and harder, unable to stop myself. She squealed in delight as she bucked up and down, her fingers pressing hard against her clit. It was the first time I ever felt Dawn shoot her pussy juices all over me. She came harder than she had ever come before. I wondered if she had truly been satisfied in the past with our sex. Dawn collapsed in a heap on top of me, obviously spent. I still had not come a second time, so I rolled her over and got on top of her. I took her nipples in my mouth and began nibbling on her. I was fucking her with energy that I never knew I had before sexually. I felt my own end coming soon. As I got closer I began biting her nipples rather hard, which sent her to her own orgasm again. And as I felt her pussy contracting around my cock I shot my load deep inside her for the second time within thirty minutes. I rolled from on top of her exhausted. “ That was great!” Dawn said. “ You should be like that more often.”

When I awoke the next day, I was alone in bed. Instantly the images from the previous night flooded my mind. I closed my eyes to enjoy my thoughts and let my hand slip down and begin stroking my hard cock. I was just starting to really get into it when I heard, “ Why don’t you let us take care of that for you?” I opened my eyes to see Karen and Cindy standing by my bed. I came instantly as the image of Cindy’s face coated with Karen’s pussy juice flashed through my mind. “ Oops, too late!” Karen said as they left the room.

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I was just about done when Dawn pulled the curtain open and hopped in the shower with me. “ The girls just left. Let’s have some fun.”

Dawn got down on her knees in front of me and took my soft cock into her mouth. As I began to harden she kept her mouth where it was, with her tongue rolling around in her mouth completing the task of getting me hard. I grew more and more in her mouth and felt the head of my cock slide down her throat. Still she did not move back and kept her lips pressed against my pubic hairs. Then I felt her imitate swallowing, the constrictions of her throat felt like warm wet waves on my cock. This was again a first for us. It felt amazing, something I had never experienced before was a deep throat. My wife obviously had talents that she was hiding from me.

Slowly Dawn allowed my cock to slide out of her throat into her mouth and then suddenly back inside her completely again. She looked up at me with my cock buried inside her mouth and slowly slid it out again. “ Do you like that honey?” she asked. Before I could answer she had engulfed me once again, swallowing me whole. She began moving me in and out of her mouth, all the way in and all the way out, watching me the whole time. Dawn began to steadily increase her tempo until I thought I couldn’t take anymore when she suddenly stopped. “ I want to get something out of this too, you know.” She said.

Dawn stood up and turned around. She bent over in front of me, pressing back against me. My cock started to press against her asshole so I adjusted it to slide into her pussy. “ Who told you to move that wonderful tool?” she asked. “ Put it back where it was!” She reached around and placed my cock back at her asshole, something I have done before, but not with her. Slowly she pushed back against me. I got to watch as my shaft bent against the pressure, the head of my cock pushing against her asshole, but not entering. Suddenly, it slid inside her, just the head. She cried out, “ Oh fuck!” Yet, she still pushed against me and I watched as I slowly slid completely inside her ass. I could not resist the temptation, I grabbed hold of her hips and pushed even harder against her making sure I was completely inside her. I rotated my hips, rolling around, ensuring she would feel every inch of me inside her; I was mesmerized by the sight of my cock buried deep inside her ass. Slowly I pushed her forward sliding out of her ass. When I was almost completely out of her I pushed again burying myself inside her once again. The next time I did pull completely out of her and then teased her, rubbing my cock against her ass. Then I pulled away completely and slammed my cock to the hilt inside her pussy. I instantly pulled back out again and shoved it inside her ass again. I continued alternating between her pussy and her ass, sometimes sliding in slowly allowing her to feel me completely and sometimes slamming it in hard, the roughness sending her into a frenzy. Before too long, I was on the edge of my own impending orgasm. She must have sensed it because she started playing with herself trying to assist in her own orgasm. Fortunately, she made it before I did. Once I felt her starting to come, I started pounding her ass. I watched her ass shake with each thrust. She began to moan louder with each thrust. Once she began to come she didn’t stop until I finally shot my load inside her ass. I pushed myself in as far as I could go and let myself loose. Dawn screamed at the intensity of her continuing orgasm as I continued to spew my load deep inside her ass. Finally, I finished, but she came once more as the head of my cock slid past her sphincter for the final time on its way out.

Dawn washed me off and then pushed me out of the shower. I went to our room and changed. I had just finished changing when Dawn got out of the shower and appeared in the room. “ That was really nice.” She said. “ Maybe we should do that again some time. Go watch your football.”

The girls, at least mine, minus Cindy came home from church a little while later. Everyone acted completely normal. I got to watch football, and they did whatever they normally do on a Sunday afternoon.

The rest of the week was normal as well. The girls all went to school and Dawn went to work each day, nothing was said or even hinted about from the previous weekends activities. Dawn was too tired each night from work to do anything with her. The girls all acted like nothing had happened either. I was beginning to wonder if I had just imagined or dreamed about the scene with the girls by the end of the week.

When I got home from work on Friday, the girls asked if some friends could stay over. Cindy wanted to spend the weekend again and Ashley wanted her friend Amy to spend the weekend as well. I liked Amy. Amy was gorgeous. If I were a teenager again, I would definitely be trying to go out with Amy. She, like Ashley had the perfect hourglass figure, with b or c-cup tits. The difference was Amy also had a beautiful face; she could easily be a model if she wanted.

Friday night everyone went to bed early. Everyone was worn out from the week’s activities, whether it was school or work. When we woke up on Saturday, everyone decided that I should have one of my winter barbecues. So, Dawn took all of the girls to the store with her to figure out what to have to eat. I got to relax for a little while to myself and take a shower. My work would start when they got home from the store.

When they finally got home, it seemed like they brought the whole store with them. I had to break out both grills that I had in order to get everything done at about the same time. While the grills were warming up, the coals getting heated, I prepped all the meat. I had to marinate the chicken and the steaks and also spice the burgers. Finally everything was ready to be cooked.

By the time I got outside to cook it had started snowing. Not really a big deal though because I loved to barbecue. It just makes the food taste so much better than being fried or baked.

Every once in a while one of the girls or Dawn would bring me a beer while I was cooking. With all the food they bought it took about two hours to cook all the food. I was covered with snow and freezing by the time I got done. When I walked in the house, nobody was in the living room or the kitchen. “ Hey! Where is everyone?” I shouted. “ It’s time to eat!”

“ Yes it is!” I heard from Karen’s room. Still nobody came to eat. “ Hey, what’s going on?” I asked. “ Doesn’t anyone want to eat?”

“ We are!” was the response, all from Karen’s room again.

I walked down to Karen’s room and found the door slightly open. As I looked in I saw all the girls in various states of undress. I pushed the door open a little more, “ What are you all doing?”

“ Waiting for you.” Ashley said as she grabbed my hand from behind the door and pulled me inside. “ We let you get away with peeping last weekend, but this weekend you won’t get off so easy.”

“ I told you, your Mom would kill me!” I countered.

“ No, I won’t!” I heard Dawn say as I saw her lifting her head from between Karen’s thighs. “ These girls want you! Who am I to refuse them?”

Ashley pulled on my hand and led me to the middle of the room. It was then that I realized that she was completely naked. I looked down at her body. It looked even better than I had imagined. Her tits were large but stood up on their own with her nipples pointing straight out just begging to be taken into my mouth. “ Who am I to refuse them?” I thought to myself as I leaned over and began sucking on her nipples.

I felt Ashley’s nipple harden against my tongue, so I took it between my teeth and nibbled on it. As I was nibbling on Ashley’s nipple, I felt a hand undo my zipper and pull it down. Then I felt the hand reach inside and pull out my hard cock. I looked down just in time to see Amy take my cock into her mouth and start sucking it. I allowed my hand to roam down Ashley’s body to her bald pussy, and slid my finger inside her. I could feel the heat from her pussy and the wetness as my finger slid inside her easily. I tried to push deeper inside her, but something stopped my progress.

Ashley looked up at me, “ Yes I am a virgin, and your finger is the first thing that has ever been inside my pussy. I am hoping that your dick will be the second.” I leaned down and kissed Ashley, our lips seemed to melt together, it was the perfect kiss.

Meanwhile, Amy was still giving me a blow job. Her efforts were becoming obvious to me as I looked down to see the top of her head bobbing up and down my shaft. I did not want to waste my first load of the day down Amy’s throat with the option of Ashley’s virgin pussy in front of me. So, I pulled out of Amy’s mouth. “ We can continue that later.” I told her.

I pushed Ashley onto the bed, laying her down gently. I kissed her again and then began kissing my way down her body. I spent some time on her neck, leaving a small mark for her to remember this by. Next I moved to her chest, taking each nipple in my mouth and sucking on it in turn. This got several low moans from her in return. When I bit her nipple she jumped a little as if being shocked. I slowly moved down to her belly, kissing it and hugging her at the same time. Finally I reached her virgin pussy. I inhaled her rich beautiful scent. I buried my nose between the folds of her flesh and inhaled deeply. The smell of her virgin pussy was almost intoxicating. When I stuck my tongue where my nose had just been, it was even better. Just tasting her pussy for the first time almost made me come. Ashley was already wet in anticipation of things to come. My cock was bigger and harder than it had ever been in my own anticipation of being inside her and being her first.

I kissed my way back up Ashley’s body and once again melted into her lips as I pushed my cock against her virgin pussy. Ashley wrapped her hands around my neck and her legs around my waist trying to pull me inside of her. I could feel the heat of her pussy against the head of my cock. I was not going to be able to hold off for long once I got inside her. I knew she was going to be hot, wet, and very tight.

Slowly I increased the pressure against her pussy. I could feel her lips starting to spread to accommodate me, the wetness of her inviting me in. The heat of her pussy was enveloping the head of my cock as I slipped inside her. I continued to push in slowly even though I wanted to plunge in completely. Finally I felt her hymen, the final barrier between her being a virgin and becoming a woman.

I leaned up to look into her eyes. “ Ash, this is going to hurt a bit, but I promise it won’t hurt for long.” I felt her legs wrap around me even tighter as I began to push through her virginity. Finally I broke through. “ Oh shit Daddy! It hurts!” She said with tears forming in her eyes. Her pussy was clamped down on my cock, the muscles obviously tensing from the intrusion and pain.

“ Just relax baby, it will go away in a minute.” And I pushed in slowly until I was completely inside her. I stayed motionless once I was buried completely, allowing her to get used to the feeling. “ Are you ok?” I asked. She nodded her head. “ I just feel full, it’s kind of weird. But it feels good at the same time.”

I started to pull out slowly, just a couple of inches, and then push back in just as slowly. I was worried about hurting her, but at the same time I didn’t want to shoot my load. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of her pussy for as long as possible. I guess she started getting in to it, because her head tilted back and her eyes closed. “ Mmmm, oh yes! I can definitely enjoy this!” She said.

I increased my thrusts, pulling out almost completely and sliding back inside slowly, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy on my cock. Ashley began rolling her hips in time to my thrusts. Our tempo and our passion for each other was increasing. I leaned down and kissed her neck and her shoulders. Each movement of our bodies was moving me closer and closer to the end

“ Oh fuck me Daddy! Fuck me! I think I’m coming!”

“ I am too baby!” And I slammed inside her one last time, pushing against her trying to get as much inside her as I could as I shot load after load into her pussy. I could feel our juices mixing and seeping out of her pussy down onto my balls.

Ashley’s body was shuddering under me, her arms and legs pulling me into her. I pulled out slightly and shoved my cock back deep inside her as my cock finally emptied itself completely.

I looked into her eyes and kissed her. “ Ashley, that was the best sex I have ever had.”

I forgot that we weren’t alone in the room. “ I heard that!” My wife said. “ We’ll just have to see if we can change your mind!”

With all these girls in the room, I realized my fun was just beginning.

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3 years ago
a wife, 3 daughters, & 2 friends and all we get is twice with with & once with a daughter
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
Great story! Got to get out the hitachi now
3 years ago
Very sexy story
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