I have always dreamed of fucking my mom and her mom ,my nephews mother I want to fuck her two. For years they have filled my spank bank and made me shoot gallons of cum, unfortunately not inside eather one.
My best friend from c***dhood, well his mother is no different as far as my cock is concerned. And to fuck her is not as good as sex with my own mother, but it is the next best thing. Especially the way I fucked her. I mean the way we fucked her. Well I guess I mean the way me and my best friend of 40 years fucked his mother. But its not like they had a choice last night.
Elanee and her son Chester immigrated from Poland when he was 10 and she was only 27. A rich man twice Elanee's age brought her and her illigetment son Chester to the USA and they landed 3 blocks from my house, enrolled in my school and soon we were best of friends. His Mother treated me like I was her own son. They all ways feed me and took me on vacation with them.
Next to the females in my f****y that I have fantasizes about screwing , since I grew hair on my nuts, no other woman has made my cock as hard for as many years.
Last year at Chester step dads funeral, when I hugged his crying mother and felt her squeez me tight into her black sweater covered 40D brests and allowed me to press my growing cock against her lower stomach and did not flinch as it grew into a full blown erection. She said that she loved my like a son.
She no longer was a fantisy of mine. She now was a full blown plan. A plan that will insure My cock would ejaculate in every hole of he 69 year old body.
That afternoon I made the promise to my self that I was going to take her in her own bed. She was going to be fucked and sucked, bound and blind folded ASAP. What I did not plan on that day that my buddy Chester would be joining us on his moms king size bed.
My plan was simple and full proof. Let's just say for 9 months I crossed every T and dotted every eye. I could share all the details of the plan another time. For now I'm going to tell you the jucy details of a 69 year old mother ,her 49 year old son and how me and my cock made them an offer they couldn't refuse.
Friday the 13th proved to be a very lucky day for me. Every thing went as planned. I know I came 5 times, Chester came as many times as me if not a couple more. I m not sure how many times moms came considering her pussy was wet and dripping the entire night. With the gag in her mouth or a cock or too filling it when ever it was off it was hard to tell. And who really cares if she even orgasimed. It wasn't about her it was me and my best buddy motherfucking.
My story starts at 8pm in Elanes kitchen. Mom just poured two cups of herb tea for her and her grown son like she does every night after they have dinner. Tonight the tea will not only relax them both and help them digest their dinner, it will knock them both out cold for an hour OT two. When they wake up they will find them selves both tied to the kitchen chairs facing each other.
Both of them are bound in the same way fully clothed with wrists tied under their seats on the chairs back legs and ankles bound to the bottom of the front legs. The chairs are a foot or so apart and Chester is the first to wake. I made sure that I gave him enough Viagra his uncircumcised dick would get hard the moment it feels a cool breeze let alone when I f***e his face between his moms legs
For 10 min he struggled and squirmed . Remember he is also blindfolded and has no clue is right in front of him.
The moment mom wakes up she begins to scream and fight. Chester now stops and try's to listen. I wait a min and get behind his chair. My plan is to strip his mother of all clothing except for the gag and blindfold but remove his so he can watch me play with her tits and spread her pussy lips right in front of his face. I bet my buddy will have a ragging hard on before I. Even get her bra off.
His blind. Was not even off for 30 seconds when I saw a bulge in his sweat pants.
When I ripped her night gown I thought she had a bra on because a 69 year old woman tits should sag. Not these buities. Her nipples were the size of half dollars and hard as a stone. Fuck I couldn't wait much longer. When I had her naked except for her black panties, we both had hard cocks stuffed inside.
I found a pair of sicciors and cut along her hips on both sides and the panties dropped exposing a huge black and gray bush. I could not help my self and dropped to my knees and buried my face in her surprisingly wet puss. Fuck she tasted good. And this bitch was getting into it. Fuck I wanted to dick her right in front of her son but stopped my self. Mommies little boy would fuck her and she was going to love it. I pulled away from her snatch and took her blindfold off. I got Chester's pants unzipped and watch a dick bigger then mine stick strait up in the air. Moms eye were huge. Fuck ya I'm going to fuck her with his dick.
I untied moms legs and pulled her chair on to her sons and lifted her above him and dropped her pussy with all her weight onto his huge cock. Fuck he turned mom into a kabob. Moans replaced muffled screams and soon I found them in rhythm. Slap slap slap her ass ground into his crotch.
Then he began to scream and soon mom screamed. Cum began to flow and I new I was in for one hell of a night
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