Lets be honest, a large majority of men have imagined fucking their own mother. Very few of these guys allow this secret desire to be known by anybody else. And even less number of sons can concoct a scheme that replaces his right hand with moms mouth.

Speaking honestly, ladies if you have a son and he has hair on his balls, his dick will gets hard if he thinks of fucking you. If he sees you naked enough times, masturbation will not fulfill his lust for you and he will spend a life time dreaming of your vagina. He will pray you walk in on him with his huge boner pointed right at you face and that mommy will make him feel all better by sucking him off.

Guys, if you must have sex with dear old mom, you will not get your cock anywhere near her naked body by just surprising her with your hard cock. Even if its much bigger then dads it's not leaving your hand. If you think she will drop her panties when your crotch bumps into her ass one morning as she drinks her coffee, think again.

If you want to taste that pussy one more time and suck on both of her huge breasts just like you once did then read the following short stories of men who did and tonight you just may get to come on her stomach instead of your own.

Just before my dad died 10 years ago he told me a few things about my mother and his sex life. It was a few days short of my 21st birthday and we were shit faced together for the first time. My mom was passed out on the lazy boy with her bare feet at eye level. My dad had been maintaining until the last shot. His clear eyes went red and he began to talk shit about my mom.
"Look at her passed out like that with her legs spread wide open" I had a direct view of the inside of her milky white thighs. " She has not spread them for me in months" My father had prostate surgery and had not had a good fuck in a while this I knew. "There was a time when all I had to do was let her know I was hard and she would drop to her knees and suck me off where I stood, or she would bent over and grab her ankles if she didn't find a table to bend over on and she always without fail shove it in foe me."
"Why did she do that" I managed to say as my mouth began to fill with drool.
" Your mother loves my cock inside her and has never been able to say no when she sees it get hard. She once told me that seeing it grow gets her pussy so wet that when she grabs hold with her hand she begins to quiver and as soon as she places it in her mouth or between her legs she begins to orgasm."

I knew then what I was going to do with the huge erection fighting for space to grow behind my button fly jeans and it involved that passed out cock-loving mother of mine. But first I had to get the only cock she has ever known out of this room.
"Come on dad lets get you in bed" I had him on his feet and behind his bedroom door within a minute. But not before slipping him a sl**ping pill to knock his ass out cold. I grabbed a pill for mom and found a make shift blindfold to block her view.

Once I finished binding her for my pleasure, I began to finger her pussy. I t was dry to the toach at first but that changed as soon as I touched her clit. Soon she began to feel moist and began to move her hips back and forth, This went on till my second finger entered and the dam began to break. Her stomach heaved up and down as I began to finger fuck her now wide open legs. When I saw her bound right hand act like it had a fistful of cock I felt my knees begin to get weak. If I didn't get my dick inside her soon I would nut in my pants. I mustered what stregth I had left and was out of my jeans and shoving my meat in moms open mouth. All I remember is trying my best not to scream-with no luck "FUCK MOM YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME FUCKING CUM IN YOUR MOUTH=OH FUCK ME MOTHER SUCK MY BIG MOTHERFUCKING DIDDDICK AHHHH UG SHIT

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2 years ago
Grate story would love to read more
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nice story
2 years ago
omg i wish it was me
2 years ago
good start,is there more?
2 years ago
i love my mom & I would like to fucking her
2 years ago
Thats it,really?
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
great story post more
2 years ago