Calm down,its only a penis!

The noise didn't fit! Arriving home I entered our house and stopped to listen. The sound of the woman was familiar yet wrong. What I mean is, the orgasm sounds was that of my wife,but it was accompanied by sobs yet not distressing sobs. - "You fucking shit,your cums right up inside me you idiot!"

Now that was my wife in orgasm,but the sob bit was out of place! - Do I charge in and destroy the cock that was in her? - Who is in her? I am inclined to always ascertain what's going on before - metaphorically speaking - killing the person found to be at fault. At the same time this was not a normal dispute this was I suspect my wife being either ****d by an attacker or guilty of adultery.

Neither of which has ever been apparent before! - I plumped for stealth. creeping towards our bungalow's bedroom I quietly as possible pushes the door open. I'm gob-smacked! There before me is our son pulling eight inches of hardened flesh from his mothers vagina. Flesh I say,it was his flesh! His cock had just fucked his mother,the tears were on her cheeks to prove it. - Shocked even more as I felt my own cock become a full erection as his penis drooped slightly on completely freeing from her quim and the drool of his sperm hanging over his helmet was of the same sperm as a glob that hung between her tanned labia lips right at the centre of her pink pussy hole.

Instinct again had me ripping his balls off of his body as my wife on seeing me standing looking, got in, - "He's just ****d me,his own mother!" - Our son pushed past me, - "Yeah! Now tell him why you bitch!" - "Steady k**,get in your room,I'll get the facts from both of you in a minute!" - "That all you can say, FACTS! FACTS! That's all I ever hear from you pillock, just look at the facts - She pulled at her pussy, opening it as wide as she could,that's your son's cum running out of me. If I'm pregnant,It'll be your fault,you eighputh"

"Calm down! Calm down! All this ranting is doing nothing. So I'll talk to you and him and then we'll come to a conclusion. - Her head went in the pillow and I knew as always it was all my fault! So what? That's nothing new,I still had to sort it and that's what I intended to do! - Then I'd tear his head off and piss down the hole in his neck. Bios? ME!!! OF COURSE... I'M NOT! - Now understand,our son at twenty five was no surprise, penis wise,we done sporting activities like swimming and stuff,so we knew what our attributes were because of the locker room.

That doesn't mean because he's carrying eigth inches that I would assume he'd parked it in my garage,unlike his auto. Cheeky beggar. By the time I'd got to his room,he'd wiped the cum into his tee shirt - all he had on when up his mother,but now discarded on his bed - but his cock was now exposed and dangling over the edge of the bed. Out of order I know,but I had to start somewhere. - "Hope its not waiting for me now!" - Bad taste I know and he never responded. - "Look dad,she had it coming" - "COMING?" - "Listen,let me speak" - Go on then,say something!" - "Well she stole my hundred - I said nothing - That hundred, you know? I've never had that much and she up and stole it!"

"I know mum's a devil for money" - Go on" - "Well,I had it in my bank account and went to check,it was so embarrassing,they said its not there,it was taken out at an atm. She's the only one that know's my pin! She didn't even deny it or apologise,she just said 'I needed it' I saw red,grabbed her,chucked her on the bed and told her... OH,THAT'S ALRIGHT IS IT? WELL I NEED PUSSY AND YOU'VE PINCHED MY MONEY I'D USE TO PAY FOR IT! - "You just came in at the end dad!"

"I haven't spoken to mum yet,I know its better to let her settle" - I Noticed two things during this conversation. - One my cock was hard again as he told me why he'd fucked her and two I noticed he stiffened up again as he relived his moments with her. - I think he was relieved having got it off his chest,when I winked as I left the room,- "We'd,better see if I can save your ass as far as living here goes. Clearly he expected to be thrown out. BUT! and its a big BUT! I'd known years of financial surprises with my wife. I loved her dearly and wouldn't dream of leaving her,but she was a very deceitful woman. A tigress in bed and had got away with murder because of her prowess in love making.

So you can see,it was just possible she saw a way out by letting our son use her as he'd intended using his funds. If I hadn't have caught them,she could have blackmailed him even further possibly. - I smiled as I made a cuppa for myself and her,she had had him over. I would get at least three fuck from her for my hundred pounds! Oh no,she was no whore,but she had a very clever streak of getting money out of me using kinky sex as a weapon. but that's another story!

"I know what your game is,the tea's a softener,you're going to side with your son. I know!" - "Hang on,you want me to sort him without you having your say?" - "Yeah! Dirty young swine,What if I am pregnant,you won't smile then" - I wasn't aware of smiling,but I suppose I was being pleasant as I handed her her tea. - "Hang on there,I'll deal with him right now!" - I shot back to his room, - "Right you! Stand up like a man and take your medicine. - He looked puzzled, but stood up - Grunt and gasp as I hit you, he looked menacing - I whispered 'not for real' while lifting the palms of his hands. WHACK! SLAP! WACK! WACK! I added a couple of real loud slaps across his more fleshy ass cheeks while still pasting his palms in mock training.

"Fucking idiot It'll be all your fault if she bins you out of here" SLAP! SLAP! - A call from the other room. "Richard,stop that,you'll kill him,you can't kill him,you haven't even let me say what it was about!" - I desisted and headed back for her, - "You bl**dy bully,you might have killed him,he's only a boy!" - "BOY BE FUCKED! He's taller than me,and that was no boy cock I saw him pulling out of you!" - "That's filthy,you shouldn't say things like that,I suppose being crude about it give you a hardon does it?" - "You can't kill him for that. He is only a boy. He didn't think what he was doing. That's all" - "Oh so its just fine now I've wacked him, fine that he ****d you! fine that I witnessed you committing adultery!"

She just killed me with ther response to the adultery, - "Stupid,that's not adulterous,he's my son,you can't do adultery with your own flesh and bl**d!" - I laughed. - "Yeah! That's you all over,seeing the funny side of it are we,bet you wouldn't think it so funny if I got him in here to do me all over again!" - I shouldn't have but I couldn't resist it, - "Well I do get three goes for a hundred and some head! - The thunder on her brow was formidable,she shot into the attack. Crying,screeching. "You bastard! You rotten bastard! You're a horrible husband,a bruttal father and deserves to have your balls kicked"

Her knees were trying to do just that,but I'd been here before. - Panting and quietening down as she clung to me, - "You're horrible,I know I shouldn't have took that money,but he shouldn't 'well done me should he?' I didn't let him,he just held me down and done me!" - "And the orgasm? " - "Yeah! Oh that! You heard me I guess" - I nodded a yes, - "Well that was all his fault,he was so frantic on me. - Why would he go so frantic in me if it was all about his bl**dy stupid hundred? - I kissed her temple and quietly said, 'perhaps it wasn't only about the money,perhaps he fancied an older woman' OOPs! - "I'm not an older woman and I'm not a pro' and anyway,why did you hurt him like that? - "Does that mean you'll not chuck him out?"

"I never mentioned chucking out!" - "And if it happened some more,now he's got a taste for mummy puss puss" - "You filthy bastard,Oh yeah. You'd be in your delight to come home everyday to find your precious son stuffing his mother,you fucking horror,I suppose you'd jump on me straight after him. - "Stop it now! its your precious son as well,you're making yourself randy again!" - "Ok you filthy bastard,tell him I forgive him" - "Reggie,in her a minute,mum's has something to say" - His head appeared around the door,but not before my wife had pulled just a sheet over her middle region and dropped her tee shirt down over her ample breasts which until she did,I'd not noticed he'd obviously pushed the top up to see them or perhaps squeeze them as he fucked her!

Now in boxers, - "Mum,I'm sorry,but I was just so mad,it was so embarrassing up there," - "I know,I didn't think for it to happen at your bank,I just thought you'd find out at an atm. You know what I'm like about money" - Knelt on the bed now and she hugged him in - dirty me,my cock twitched as I watched her pull him down on her tits and belly,She kissed at his face and he at hers until they separated, - "Right dad we're all sorry now" - That was my wife speaking for all. While I eyed them separating as I adjudged his cock was very near my wife's pubis. Sure enough as he raised back from the bed,his boxers were tented and she must have felt the hardon against her pussy,no wonder they stayed that close that long,she was reliving her orgasm I bet!

She knew I saw it as well,because as he went about his business,she whispered, - "Its not going to happen,you're not going to see anything like you want too" - "Of course not,what with you being made pregnant by the first time" - Was that a broody look I spotted on her face for just a second then??
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very good
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great story was so horny when i was reading it
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very horny, please continue story