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The crowd cheered profusely as the Francis Marion High School Swampfoxes dominated the opposing team. The home team had been led by the five-foot-eleven-inch junior Anton Jones. The slender point guard ended the night with a triple double – 21 points, 11 steals, & 12 assists. The scouts loved him and he loved them. He was being looked at seriously by numerous Division One colleges and he had designs on the University of Kentucky. His parents were steadfast Apostolic Christians and told he would attend whatever school gave him the best scholarship. Secretly, they hope their son would make it big and be their meal ticket out of the projects.

As the team and fan celebrated the 86 to 41 victory over the Henderson Bobcats, one spectator, Adrian Davis, left the gym. The short, slender mixed dude headed to his fire engine red 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. He ran his fingers through his soft curly Afro and fired of a message through a messaging app to Anton congratulating him on the win. Adrian started his sports car and headed home.

Anton Jones smiled broadly for the cameras and onlookers. He was happy about his performance tonight as he knew a writer from the leading online high school prospect recruiting site was in attendance. He met with the digital reporter briefly before heading to the locker room. After his shower, he unlocked his cell phone. He saw the message from Adrian and replied with a thanks. He also saw the picture Adrian had sent of his luscious ass. Anton replied saying he wanted to feel that big booty all on his dick.

Adrian was in his two bedroom condo when he heard the notification. He smiled when he saw it was from Anton. He took a gulp of his Merlot and the responded asking the sports star what time he would be free. Anton replied that it would take him about thirty minutes.

Anton hugged his parents as exited the gym, “Can I borrow the car tonight?”
“You sure can,” his dad smiled.
“Where are you going,” his concerned mother inquired.
“Out with the team,” he lied.
“Okay. Just be careful,” she retorted.

Adrian put on a new neon green fishnet mini dress that had fishnet stockings attached. He loved watching his big dick teenage hoop star play games. He began applying his make-up so he could be as pretty as possible for Anton. In addition, he activated a music listening app on his tablet and connected his external speakers. The playlist was dedicated to slow jams. It would be the perfect background since Anton loved long, deliberate head.

Anton rode home with his folks and didn’t even go inside the apartment. He was the youngest c***d of five and usually got his way since he was the only boy. He navigated the dark green metallic 2004 Chevy Suburban out of the parking lot and onto the expressway. He sent another note to Adrian saying he was ten minutes out.

Adrian gushed at the impending meeting. He wanted it so bad. He was a full twenty years older than his fuck buddy. Admittedly, the future NBA star laid the best pipe Adrian had ever had. He wasn’t sure if the dude loved his gifts of shoes and cash or genuinely craved his ass, but it was fun nonetheless. And, Anton never asked for anything. The hoop standout was appreciative of anything he was given.

Anton rushed to Adrian’s house. In the past year, the gorgeous, effeminate man was the only person he had fucked. He needed his dick sucked something serious and he knew Adrian was pro at handling all seven inches of his super-fat uncut dick. He pulled up to the posh gated complex and entered the code. He drove slowly until he reached a good parking space. He strode up the stairs to the top floor and knocked on the door.

Adrian answered wearing the newly purchased outfit from the porno shop. Anton’s eyes bulged.

“Damn! You look sexy as fuck,” the high school basketball star opined.
“Thank you! You look sexy too,” the juicy booty bottom replied. “Want something to drink?”
“Yeah. You already know I want a beer.”
“Okay cool.”

Adrian returned with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

“You look sexy as fuck,” Anton replied.
“You think so,” Adrian purred.
“Hell yeah! I wanna slap this jumbo dick on that phat ass.”
“All night long I hope.”
“You already know,” the younger top added.

Adrian grabbed the already hard dick and dropped to his knees. He pulled down Anton’s athletic shorts and began sucking. Wrapping his mouth around the thick member was tough, but he made the best of it. He sucked it slow and methodically just the way Anton liked,

Anton grabbed the back of the cocksucker’s head. He moved to sit down on the brown leather sofa. He gulped down his beverage and said, “Suck that dick with them pretty lips. You sexy as a muthafucka. You my bitch.” The sissy moaned affectionately and continued worshipping his dick. “I’m staying the night,” Anton added as he stood and dragged his faggot towards the kitchen. All the while he was thankful the bitch did not stop sucking him. He took another beer from the refrigerator. His meat was throbbing. The slobber felt amazing running down his shaft. “I love how suck my jumbo dick. Keep it up, slut,” he said as they went back to the couch.

The blow job continued for three more beers and well over an hour.

“I’m ready to fuck you,” Anton declared.
“Yes sir,” Adrian muttered with dick still in his mouth.
“I wanna do it on ya balcony.”
“Yes sir,” Adrian said rushing away.

Adrian grabbed the jar of petroleum jelly from his bedroom nightstand and rushed back to his lover. He had already put a sizable amount in his booty hole prior to the sexy slim athlete arriving. He handed the container over and opened the sliding glass doors. He turned around in time to see the eager beau stick his massively thick cock into the lubricant. He walked out and bent over bracing himself against the railing.

Anton fetched another PBR and systematically admiring his math tutor’s bountiful derriere. He smacked the soft pliable cheeks repeatedly and announced, “I been ready to fuck you all day.” He gulped and placed his dick against the waiting hole. He loved how Adrian wiggled and squirmed to swallow his meat.

“Owwww,” Adrian cried out.
“Hell yeah,” Anton shoot back. “Take this dick.”
“Oh my god! It’s so big.”
“Mmhmm,” Anton acknowledged.
“Fuck me!”

Adrian tried hard to relax as his lover assaulted his plump ass. Soon, he felt open and was fully able to take the pounding he was being delivered. “I love that big dick,” he wailed.
“Yeah, you love this jumbo dick, right,” replied Anton.
“Yes sir!”
“Hell yeah, faggot! Take this jumbo dick. Tell me how big it is.”
“It’s the biggest damn dick I ever had,” confessed the thirty-seven year old.

Anton smacked his fuck doll’s butt. He banged hard as the cunt sissy moaned passionately. He pulled out and said, “Let’s get in the bed. I’ma get another beer.”

Adrian sashayed to his bedroom while the teen got some more beer and took a long, loud piss. The super sexy hoopster appeared as he was downing his beverage. “It always smell so good in here,” the masculine aggressor voiced. The next thing Adrian felt was the dude’s tongue down his throat. He returned the favor.

Anton kissed the older bottom as he oriented his manhood back to the open hole. It slipped in with some resistance. It felt so good. He started with calculated strokes still lip locking with his prissy vixen. He made love to the pussyboi as they continued to smooch.

“Hell yeah,” Anton said lifting his face.
“You like that,” Adrian sighed.
“Hell yeah,” he replied going back down for another kiss.

They made love for another quarter of an hour while tongue wrestling.

Anton jerked away suddenly and barked, “Oh shit! I’m finna nut”
“Cum in that faggot ass,” Adrian begged.
“Hell yeah!”
“Nut all in this sissy boipussy. Give it to me, daddy.”
“Cum in my loose asshole.”
“Oh yeah!”
“I want it, sexy!”
“Awwwwww fuck,” Anton groaned.

Anton tensed and he shot nine pulses of his baby batter inside of Adrian. His sweaty body collapsed on top of the passive femboi. He kissed his lover again before they drifted off to sl**p.

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6 months ago
fantasticly erotic made me cum all over my panties
6 months ago
good story!