Best Friend's Son

Greg and Sarah Murphy pulled into their driveway after going to the store to retrieve a few last minute items for their cookout. The gathering was intended to celebrate a number of occasions from their 19th wedding anniversary to the return of Greg’s longtime friend, Edrick, from Kuwait. They grabbed the bags and walked inside the comfortable split-level home they had purchased seven years previously. Their marriage had been like any other – plenty of good times and a few bad ones as well. They were the proud parents of three c***dren.

The oldest was Fallon. She was twenty and born eleven months before her parents got married at the courthouse. She was brilliant and already a senior majoring in economics at Connecticut College, a prestigious Little Ivy. The middle c***d was Amari. He was an eighteen year old aspiring fashion designer taking his core classes at the local community college and working part-time as a waiter. The youngest was Jasmine. The twelve year-old had been a bit of a surprise to the couple. She was as precocious as her older s****r and loved tinkering with computers and gadgets.

Sarah called out for her c***dren to come out and help them finish prepping for the cookout.

Greg received a quick call from Edrick letting him know he would be there around two o’clock. Edrick and Greg were both 40 years old though Greg had his bud by two months. They met when, at five years old, Greg’s parents moved across the street. Their friendship cemented as they went through high school. They joined the military together. Both exited after a six year stint. As adults and veterans, they still lived in the same city. Edrick was constantly at Greg and Sarah’s house. The k**s called him ‘Unc’. By all accounts, the six-foot-even dark brown skinned man was Greg’s b*****r and a member of the f****y.

While Greg had gotten married and was the consummate f****y man, save for a couple of brief affairs with white women, Edrick was the player. He had a new girlfriend every six months or so and had still not settled down. Sarah did her best to introduce the well-paid government contractor to friends. Edrick would date them, but never would he commit. Edrick had gone to Kuwait to work for a defense company two years ago. He was back with plenty of money saved after working for a hefty six figure salary both years.

The barbecue was a great time for all. They were dozens of people talking, laughing, playing dominoes, and sampling everything that came off the grill. Sarah was with the ladies. Greg was serving chicken. Edrick arrived and walked around back. Sarah saw him first, gave him a hug, and introduced him to one of her divorced coworkers. Edrick made small talk then found Greg. As the two were catching up, Sarah brought over the k**s.

“Wow,” Edrick said. “Y’all are all grown up!”
“That’s what they do,” Greg sighed.
“You know what that means don’t you,” Sarah inquired.
“No. What,” Edrick asked.
“Y’all are getting old,” she laughed.

Sarah disappeared and Edrick hugged each of the c***dren. He grabbed a plate and continued talking to his homeboy of thirty-five years. While they stretched the truth, Amari returned asking for some fish. Greg stepped away from the grill looking for his b*****r-in-law who was supposed to be manning the Fry Daddy. He mumbled how undependable the nigga was under his breath.

“You hit a growth spurt,” Edrick shot at Amari.
“A little bit,” Amari said confirming his slight advantage in height. “How have you been, Unc?”
“Good. Glad to be home. You had a birthday not too long ago, right?”
“Yep. May thirtieth.”
“Hang on. Here,” Edrick replied handing his slightly effeminate nephew a hundred dollar bill.
“Thanks Unc,” beamed Amari.
“No problem, man. It’s the least I can do. I should take you to lunch one day next week.”
“Well, I don’t work on Wednesdays and I get out of class at noon.”
“That’s a plan. You got your phone on you?”
“Take my number.”

Amari texted Edrick on Wednesday morning asking if they were still on for lunch. Edrick replied that they were asked Amari to pick the restaurant. Amari chose Panera Bread as it was the six-foot-one-inch, two-ten-pound caramel skinned student’s favorite. Edrick met him there at 12:30. They ordered their food and grabbed a table.

“Thanks,” Amari said.
“You’re welcome. Your dad said you was studying fashion.”
“Yeah. I wanna be a designer.”
“Good deal. He didn’t seem real happy about it,” Edrick pried.
“Unc, you know I’ve never been the ‘play football type’. I think it hurts his pride a bit that I’m gay.”
“You are,” Edrick feigned believable surprise.
“Yes. I told them last year.”
“Well, you gotta do you, sport,” Edrick replied.

They continued catching up on a number of topics as they dined. Amari had the broccoli soup and half a chicken Panini. Edrick had ordered a ham and Swiss sandwich. All of his time living abroad with the army and the defense contractor had yet to broaden his palette.

“You’re finished for the day, right,” the well-toned forty year old inquired.
“Yes I am, Unc.”
“You wanna come chill at my place and watch a movie on Netflix.”
“I don’t wanna monopolize your day,” Amari replied.
“Naw, it’s all good. You know I always devoted an entire day to you and your s****rs on your birthdays.”
“True. I think a movie is a good idea.”

They ended up at Edrick’s two bedroom luxury apartment across town. Amari sat on the couch scanning through movie titles when Edrick walked up behind him and began massaging his shoulders.

Shocked, Amari asked, “What are you doing?”
“I’m trying to make you feel good,” Edrick answered.
“I don’t think I understand,” Amari countered.
“Yeah you do. You like dick and I got dick. I wanna feel that ass on it.”
“Are you serious, Unc?”
“As a heart attack. You gon’ tell me you never thought about fucking me.”

“I always noticed how looked at me. I was waiting till you hit eighteen so I could fuck the shit outta you,” Edrick revealed.

Amari stood up and turned to kiss Edrick with his juicy lips. Edrick savored the taste of the young cutie before him.

Edrick whispered, “There’s some douche in the bathroom. You want a drink?”
“Sure,” the u******e bottom confirmed.
“I got Henny. Cool?”
“Yes sir!”

Edrick went into the gallery kitchen to retrieve glass and pour up their drinks. He delivered a tall serving to Amari who had begun the process of flushing out his ass.

“You smoke,” Edrick asked.
“Just a little Kush,” Amari admitted.
“That’s what I’m talkin’ about.”

When Amari exited the bathroom, Edrick was puffing away on a blunt. “Have some,” he offered. Amari accepted the doobie and downed a bit more of his drink.

“When I saw that ass at the cookout, I knew I wanted to fuck,” Edrick broke the silence.
“Oh yeah,” Amari coyly quizzed.
“Yeah, it’s fat as hell,” Edrick added as he slapped Amari’s thick booty.

They smoked and had another drink before moving into the master bedroom. There, they kissed passionately. Edrick pulled out his dick and Amari took the cue. Amari positioned his naked body so he could suck on the stiff seven inch cock. Edrick enjoyed the head coming from his best friend’s young son. Amari slobbered all down Edrick shaft making it completely wet.

“You want me in that big ass,” Edrick asked.
“Yes sir,” Amari cooed.
“Bend over!”

Amari got on all fours and tooted his ass in the air. Edrick moved behind him and slapped his dick against Amari’s hole. He worked to put it in with gentle f***e. Amari whimpered as his anus grudgingly opened to accept his lover’s meat.

“Spread your ass, baby,” Edrick ordered.
Amari pulled his cheeks apart moaning, “Ohhhh!”
“Mmhmm,” Edrick panted as his tool slid into Amari's tight brown hole. “Damn, baby!”
“You like that, Unc!”
“Unh huh,” Edrick could only grunt.

Amari took the lead and threw his ass back. This was only his fifth time getting fucked, but he acted like a pro. Edrick’s cock reveled in the feeling of Amari gripping walls. As they stretched open, Edrick began to thrust harder.

“Take that dick, baby,” Edrick whispered loudly with his deep voice.
“Ooh,” cooed Amari.
“Fuck this dick with that ass!”

Amari put all of his effort into slamming his ass into Edrick’s steamy loins. Edrick’s extremely horny dick became overwhelmed. Amari worked his tail so good that the strokes were long, full, and deep. Several minutes into the lovemaking, Amari pulled up a little too far and Edrick’s dick seeped out.

“Sorry, daddy,” Amari apologized.
Edrick unfazed announced, “I’m cumming baby.”

His dick erupted all over Amari’s juicy ass. The white baby batter was paint on the caramel on the skin on Amari’s rotund rump.

“Happy birthday,” Edrick chuckled as he collapsed on the bed.

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