Online Hookup

Jamie Harris typed in the user name and password of his account with his favorite online amateur porn hosting site. He was alerted to a new message. He clicked the envelope icon and viewed the correspondence from screen name ‘DLdriller’.

Damn fembunnybttm!!! I wanna get in that ass. Where are you located? I think we stay close.

Jamie fired off a reply with his location along with his email address and the number to his spare prepaid phone. He logged off the computer and hopped in the shower before heading to work at the clinic where he was the administrator. Later that day, Jamie returned to his office and checked his phones. On the touchscreen Tracfone by LG, there was a message from a number he did not recognize. Upon reading the message, he learned that it was ‘DLdriller’ confirming that they lived only 90 miles apart.

The light-skinned bottom with dark chocolate eyes hurriedly fired off a text. It was answered nearly as quickly with a request for pictures. Jamie sent four images – one of his yellow ass covered in soap suds; another featuring him squatting on a dildo; the third was a naked full body shot; and the final showed him all made-up, or wearing his war paint as he called it.

Jamie then received two snaps of his admirer’s body. He turned out to be a brown-skinned man with a nice physique containing a toned chest, thick muscular thighs, and a long dick that curved downwards. Jamie replied telling him how handsome he was and described in detail what he wanted to do with the stud. He sent back a smiley face and said he had to do some things so they would connect later on.

As it was Monday evening, Jamie headed to the dance studio where taught advanced ballet. Jamie studied dance in college, but after spending four years touring he headed back to school to get his master’s in healthcare administration. The pay was much more lucrative, but the work not nearly as fun. Teaching dance kept him sane and allowed him to earn a small income on the side – which helped out considerably come tax season as he could write off trips, phone bills, Internet expenses, and countless other charges.

That night, Jamie was catching up on a reality TV series when, he got a call from his newfound friend.

“Hello,” Jamie answered in his soft effeminate voice.
“Damn, you sound sexy as shit,” the baritone replied.
“Thank you!”
“When we gettin’ up?”
“Soon. Are you coming here or me to you?”
“I can come to you. But it’ll be this weekend before I got gas money. But she works nights starting Friday, so you could come here and kick it with me then.”

“How about I just come there and get a room,” Jamie asked.
“For real?!? That’s wassup! We gon’ get real freaky?”
“Yes sir,” purred Jamie.
“Bet. I gotta go. Stay in touch. I’m for real about Friday.”
“Me too. You smoke.”
“No. I drink though. And I don’t mind if you smoke.”
“Shit, that’s wassup. I’ll hit you later.”

Though the conversation had ended Jamie’s thin eight inch dick was rock hard. He pulled out his iPad and selected one of his favorite porn scenes. He stroked himself while playing with his nipples. All he could think about was having his plowed by deep voiced man. He shot a huge load in his hand then licked it up.

The week had gone by in a very uneventful manner. Jamie packed his overnight bag and hopped into his 2011 light blue Toyota Camry. He headed up the highway. A few miles from the exit he needed to take for the hotel, he turned off to hit the liquor store. He bought a large bottle of vodka, cranberry juice, a flask of cognac, and cola. He paid for the beverages and headed to the hotel.

The pair of them had been texting all week, but the messages were swapped in a frenzy in today. He settled into the room and jumped in the shower where he shaved his legs then oiled up his body afterwards. He replied to the most recent message from his soon-to-be master.

-Room 219
-Bet. Get off work in 30 min. Ima go home & shower. You want sumthin to drink?
-I’m good. Picked up some vodka & cognac already.
-Dat wassup. C u in a hr

Jamie answered the door wearing black leather thigh high boots, a red corset, a pink thong, and a bright orange wig.

“You look so fuckin’ hot. Just like a bitch. Look at that ass,” he remarked as he hugged Jamie and squeezed the cheeks.
“Thank you! You smell great,” Jamie beamed.
“You do too.”
“What something to drink?”
“Yeah let me get some of that cognac.”
“Mixing it with cola. Is that cool?”
“Yeah. Mind if I blaze?”
“Go right ahead.”

Jamie poured the drink as Rob lit the blunt and inquired, “What’s your name.”
“Rob,” he replied.
“What kinda work do you do?”
“Oh I work at Wendy’s and I go to JSU.”
“What’s your major?”
“Criminal justice. What do you do,” he inquired.
“Healthcare administration.”

“So…um…I never told you this, but this is my first time messing around with a dude,” Rob confessed.
“That’s cool. How old are you?”
“Twenty-three. You?”
“For real,” Rob inquired with disbelief.
“Yes,” Jamie confirmed.
“You don’t look it. Why you sittin’ on the other bed?”

Jamie stood up and moved next to Rob. They began making out while Jamie squeezed his massive erection. Jamie leaned down to remove the member from Rob’s sweatpants. It was an uncut nine inch monster. “Oh my,” Jamie mused before wrapping his lips around it. “Mmmmmm,” he moaned.

“Suck that dick,” Rob ordered enjoying Jamie’s wet mouth.
“Mmhmm,” mumbled Jamie.
“Damn, that shit feels good.”
“Thank you.”
“You might as well take that wig off. We gettin’ wild tonight.”

Jamie removed the hairpiece and threw it on the desk across the room. He stood up and offered to refresh their drinks. As he walked away, Rob grabbed him by the waist and turned him around. Rob stroked Jamie’s long dick and then put it in his mouth. Jamie was in shock. The blow job felt fine but amateurish.

“Ooh,” Jamie delighted.
Rob pulled his mouth away and said, “Just wanted to try that.”
“It felt good,” Jamie replied. “But you don’t have to do it.”
“Cool. Hurry up and get back on this dick.”

Jamie returned with their liquor and started sucking again. Rob removed his shirt. Jamie admired the African-American god of a man. Rob who stood at six-feet-three-inches and towered over Jamie who was on five-foot-six. He picked up the much shorter bottom and placed him on the bed with his ass in the air. Rob pulled the thong aside and dove right in. He licked away while working to remove Jamie’s corset. When the lingerie had been removed he flipped Jamie onto his back.

“I love those perky nipples,” Rob commented before sucking on them.
“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh God yes,” Jamie squealed.
“I’m ready to fuck you,” Rob announced. “Get on your knees!”

Jamie bounced up and retrieved the bottle of baby oil. Rob took it from him and lubed up his junk. He stroked it as he watched Jamie wiggle his ass and sniff away at something.

“What’s that,” Rob quizzed.
“What’s it do?”
“Helps your muscles relax.”
“That’s wassup,” Rob approved as he pushed his dick against Jamie’s anus.
“Oh yeah,” Jamie cooed as his orifice opened to accept Rob’s manhood. “Give me that dick!”
“Take it all in!”
Jamie cried out, “Ooh that dick feels good in my pussy.”
“Hell yeah!”

Rob held onto Jamie’s round butt cheeks as slammed in and out. His tool was quite fat and it spread Jamie’s hole open. He plowed away enjoying every moment.

“You like fucking that boipussy,” Jamie asked.
“Yeah I love fucking your boipussy,” Rob professed while increasing the pressure of his strokes.
“How nasty do you wanna get, baby,” Jamie exhaled.
“Nasty as fuck. I wanna piss on you,” the younger top groaned.
Jamie delighted, “Ooh yes! Piss on my faggot ass!”
“You like that shit, faggot?”
“Never done it before. But I’d love to try it,” Jamie confessed as his ass was pummeled.
“After I nut, Ima piss all over you.”

Rob hammered Jamie and after six more minutes he began to howl.

“I’m finna nut!”
“Oh yes. Nut in that boipussy,” moaned Jamie.
“Shit yeah. I’m finna nut in yo’ faggot ass.”
“Ooh Daddy.”
“Ahhhhh! Argghh! Boipussy,” Rob shrieked.

Rob’s load flooded Jamie’s hole. He could feel the five pulsations that released the hot sticky protein-filled goodness inside of him. Rob wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Take all that shit off and get in the tub,” he ordered. Jamie stripped and ran into the bathroom. Rob aimed at the slutty bottom and began to urinate on his chest. “You want it on your pretty face,” Rob inquired. Jamie shook his head and Rob moved the stream upward. Jamie opened his mouth to let some in.

“Oh my god,” Jamie squealed. “My make-up is gonna look a mess.”
“It’s cool. You’re a faggot anyway. Wash up and get back out here,” Rob said nonchalantly as he walked away.

When Jamie returned, Rob was puffing away and sipping his drink. Jamie oiled up his body then began sucking on Rob’s dick. It grew fairly quickly. This time Jamie sat on Rob’s dick facing away from him. Jamie inhaled his sexual stimulant and bounced on Rob’s love stick as if it were a trampoline. His boipussy slurped and farted.

“Damn that boipussy talkin’ to me,” Rob approved.
“Yes sir,” Jamie smiled still jumping up and down.
“You a cock hungry li’l slut!”
“For you, daddy!”

Jamie rode and Rob reached around to pinch his nipple with one hand and fondle his dick with the other.

“Oh damn,” Jamie wailed.
“You workin’ this dick. You gon’ make me nut again.”

In a flash, Rob picked Jamie up and threw him on his back.

“I’m finna fuck that boipussy like a girl,” Rob said getting on top.
“Please,” Jamie begged.

Rob stroked rhythmically. Jamie reached to pull his down so their chests were connected. They kissed while Rob fed Jamie’s sissy hole. The friction from Rob’s stomach titillated Jamie.

“I’m gonna cum,” Jamie yelped.
“Nut faggot,” Rob commanded.

Rob rose up just in time to see Jamie’s shoot his load half way up his stomach. The sensation of Jamie’s sphincter and contracting anus took Rob by surprise.

“Oh shit, bitch. I’m nuttin’ again,” he hollered.
“Yes! Gimme that nut!”
“Ahhhhhh shit! Ahhhhhh! Oh FUCK. Boipussy,” he barked as his cum rushed in Jamie’s inner sanctum.
“Oh that feels good,” Jamie divulged.
“Shit, Yo’ ass is the truth,” Rob avowed.

They lay there for the next few minutes with Rob’s dick still inside Jamie’s ass. As they cuddled, they drifted off to sl**p.
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10 months ago
Damn hot as hell. I too love receiving golden showers as you can see from my profile.
1 year ago
I love this one
1 year ago
This was so good came all over myself I even stuck my favorite dildo into my ass pussy and fucked myself I cam allover me
1 year ago
mmm imm horny