Queers Anonymous Program * Follow and Go Gay

Admit you are powerless over your addiction - that your life had become unmanageable without cock.
Admitting that cock owns you is the first and probably most important step in your downward spiral into intense cock addiction. In order to reaffirm your addiction say this mantra out loud 10 times while looking into a mirror:

"I am powerless to cock and must give in to it." 

You must do everything to feed your addiction to cock, no matter the consequences.  You will complete all the tasks I outline for you with complete gratitude and enthusiasm.

Step 2: Come to believe that the Power of Cock is greater than yourself and can restore you back to sanity.
You have to truly BELIEVE that the power of cock is greater than you.  You have to look up to it, you have to pray to it and desire it more than food and water.  Cock is the only thing that will restore you back to sanity... yes SANITY! You were INSANE, stupid and naive to think that you could live your life without it.  Once you truly believe that cock is the only thing that will help you live a fulfilling life you would have officially accepted the TRUTH.
For this step you will print off the attached picture of cock and you will put it somewhere you can look at it every day.  Possible places to put it are:
- In your wallet
- Taped to the wall above or beside your bed
- Taped to your bathroom mirror
- Taped to the dashboard of your car, so you can look at it while you drive

Step 3: Make the decision to turn your will and life over to cock.
You will now be making the decision to turn your will and life over to cock.  So to cement this decision you will break off any relationships that you have with women.  If you have a girlfriend, you will stop calling her and seeing her.  If you have a wife, you will stop having sex with her.  If you have a co-worker or friend who you have been flirting with, you will now totally ignore them. The only thing you will be focusing your life on from now on is fueling your addiction to cock so having any relationships with females goes against your new life as a cock addict and will not be tolerated.
5: Admit to yourself and to another human being the exact nature of your wrongs.

Meaning: Admit to Me and to yourself that you are a cockaholic and your wrongs were the fact that you were thinking you were straight and could lead a straight lifestyle when you actually were a complete and total faggot.
The absolute most important and probably hardest part to this step will be admitting to ANOTHER person that YOU ARE GAY!!! This person can be your best friend, a f****y member, co-worker... or even better yet a female that you had or were having a relationship with.  You can also even tell a stranger or a cashier at a store... the point is that you tell another person and witness their reaction, whether it be good or bad.
This will be the step that will help you come out of the closet and cement your reputation as being gay, so that there is no turning back for you.

6: Be entirely ready to remove all these defects of character.
Your defect of character is the inherent flaw you have within your personality that won't allow you to accept the fact that you are a cock craving homosexual.  I will remove all these defects in your character if you simply obey My instructions.  One way to do that is to collect and listen to all My f***ed-bi MP3's.
I also want you to regularly watch gay porn and start feminizing yourself.  Gay porn should be watched at least once a day and you should simultaneously be accumulating a collection of sissy items such as panties, stockings, makeup and even feminine wigs.  You should be wearing your feminine attire while watching the gay porn.

7: Humbly ask me to remove your shortcomings.
Approach Me in HUMBLE submission and beg Me to make you even more gay.  Beg Me to be your mentor in your new gay lifestyle and surrender to Me as the One whom will guide you into what you must become.

8: Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

What you will do is make a list of all the people who are important to you in your life that think you are straight.  You will come out of the closet to each and every one of them by writing them a letter explaining that you were once in denial about being gay and you are now comming out of the closet ready to live a full fledged gay lifestyle whether or not they choose to accept it.  Include a picture of you sucking cock or wearing a gay sissy item to at least ONE OF THEM.

Step 4: Make a searching and fearless immoral inventory of your craving for cock.
Make an immoral inventory of your craving for cock.  What this means is you will list off all your deepest, darkest and most shameful fantasies about cock and will send it to Me via NiteFlirt.  You will do some deep thinking and you will be fearless about confessing to Me all your fantasies.  You will also contemplate on how long your desire for cock has been there and will report it back to Me.

It doesn't stop there... you will also make an immoral inventory comprised of hundreds of gay cock pics and gay porn videos on your computer.  You will jerk off to it each and every day and grow your collection of gay goods more and more every day.  A number to aim for is at least 50 gay pictures and 50 gay videos. 
9: Made direct amends to your list of people.
Meaning:  Bring out the list of people that I had you prepare for Step 8 on Part 2 of the Cockaholics Anonymous Program.  You will be making direct amends to them by sending them the letter or handing it in person to them, telling them to read the letter after you have left.  Once again, in the letter you will come out of the closet to each and every one of them by explaining that you were once in denial about being gay and you are now coming out of the closet and ready to live a full fledged gay lifestyle whether or not they chose to accept it.  The list of people who think you are straight will consist of any girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, friends or even your wife if you have one.  

10: Continue to make a personal inventory and when you are wrong you will promptly admit it.
Meaning:  The gay collection continues.  You will continue to build a massive collection of gay porn, pics and f***ed-bi assignments made by Me on your computer.  You will complete each and every one of My humiliating and degrading assignments.  You will humiliate yourself each and every time you jerk off by doing gay things like putting your fingers in your butthole and stretching it out.  You will also experiment using one finger at first and then graduate to using two, then three and possibly four fingers if your asshole is loose enough.  You will do these humiliating tasks all the while looking at your gay porn and pics.  You will put a gay cock pic into your wallet as well, as a constant reminder of your love of cock that you will carry around with you everywhere.
And when you are wrong... you will admit it! When you start to fool yourself into believing you are straight and can handle having a girlfriend and lead a straight lifestyle, STOP IT! Come crawling back to Me and beg for forgiveness as you admit your faults.  You will then continue with more humiliating assignments and butthole play rituals. 

11: Seek through prayer and meditation to improve your conscious contact with Princess Shimmy, praying only for knowledge of Her will and the power to carry that out.
Meaning: You will say the daily "Princess Shimmy Made Me Gay Prayer":

To you Princess Shimmy I pray
That you will turn Me gay
and be cocksucking every day
There is nowhere to run
There is nowhere to hide
I said I was straight but I lied
Please Princess take my pride
And teach me how to be gay.


While you are saying your daily prayer you will meditate and pray for the power to carry out all the gay acts needed in order to make you into a full blown homosexual lifestyler.  The only way you will get to that point is through constant conditioning and acceptance of your new fate.

12: Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, you will carry this message to other cockaholics and practice these principles in all your affairs.
Meaning: Congratulations bitch! You are now enlightened and ready to accept your new life as My gay, cocksucking, homo bitch!  I want you to write a testimonial on how My Cockaholics Anonymous Reverse Therapy Program has helped you become a better bitch for Me and send it to Me through NiteFlirt so that you can spread the message about My training to other gay boys who are in denial.  You will serve Me by being an example to others that My gay slave training really works and helps bitches make the gay plunge... ass first!! You will continue to practice all the gay principals you have learned through My gay slave training each and every day, and when you slip back you will repeat My prayers and meditations as well as confess your faults.

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1 month ago
To you Princess Shimmy I pray
That you will turn Me gay
and be cocksucking every day
There is nowhere to run
There is nowhere to hide
I said I was straight but I lied
Please Princess take my pride
And teach me how to be gay.
3 months ago
See my blog. I knew I was different from an early age before I knew what a hard-on was. I love cocks. I see a cock and I want to suck it. Love the feeling of a throbbing cock in my mouth. I love it when my feeder calls me a fag or cocksucker.
6 months ago
Wow...I am a cockaholic. I love having big fat dicks in my mouth! Outstanding program!!!!
8 months ago
Very nice post and from an early age until I turned 22 I was a cocksucking faggot. At work all I could think about was being on my knees and worshiping cock and I couldn't get into town fast enough to change clothes and find men who wanted to use my body as a cum dump. I would satisfy as many different men as I could before I had to go back to the base and on the weekends I never thought about food or drink, all I thought about was cock.
10 months ago
I'm Lola and I'm a sissy cock fag!
11 months ago
OMG BABY,AMEN TO THAT BABY,love it,sweetie!
1 year ago
This is a fabulous post, it's as if you wrote it directly to me ! I want to be a cocksucking faggot and with your help I know I will be because you have shown me that in my mind I already am ! Thank you so much for the program !
1 year ago
Amazing program. I am starting today. Bill wilson would be proud. I am going to go to any length.pun intended.
2 years ago
I am powerless to cock and DO give in to it
2 years ago
I am powerless to cock and must give in to it! Wheres the cock picture?
2 years ago
I am powerless to cock and must give in to it!