Best Mate's Cock

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All others,this is a true story.It was all consensual and I had an absolute blast!
Enjoy alone with your cock,or with an equaly sleazy partner/friend.Happy spunking!

Marky and me had known each other since he'd come to live in my street when he was six,I was almost 7.We quickly formed a strong friendship,and he was a right dirty little fucker,always flashing his knob off to any of the k**s who happened to be around!Course,most groups indulge in that 'you show me yours. . . . ' when you're randy little k**s,mostly not understanding what's really happening.But,as I found out,there's always one who wants to take it that one step further!That,in this case was Marky.I was in no way an expert in cock-size,jeeze,come on,I WAS only 6 and 3quarters,lol!But,to me,Marky's cock seemed much bigger than mine,or the other boys.Seriously,his knoblet must've been close to 3 inches,with a extra long overhang of foreskin.One time,in his dad's shed,he actually measured it and soft it went to just shy of 3 and a half inches and when it got stiff it almost touched 4 inches!Straight up,I am telling the truth!My own poor little fucker only managed just at the 3 inch mark when hard!Now,Marky being a fairly in-tune k** clocked how fascinated I seemed to be by his size and when we were on our own he'd whip it out and wiggle it in front of me,the dozy twat,lol!The first time he got me touch it,shit,I thought I was gonna pass out!It rapidly acheived the full stonk and even then the skin didn't move over his cock-head,like mine did when it was stiff.Seeing my puzzled look he told me,
"You got to slide that bit back to see my pee-hole"
Grimacing and feeling like a right daft sod I let go of his stiif knoblet,
"Urgh,no way,Marky,that's dirty"
Marky chuckled and gave me a push so I landed on my arse on the shed-floor.Then he launched himself o n top of me and we started rolling around,him with his shorts still round his ankles.Quick as a flash he'd pulled off my t-shirt and scooted up so he was astride my chest.Heaving from the impromptu wrestling I looked at his throbbing knoblet which was inches away from my face!
"Give it a kiss and I'll let you go"
WTF?! Was he joking? No way was I putting that anywhere near my mouth,yuk,boys peed out of it!He inched closer so that the tip of his knob was almost at my mouth.I squirmed and shook my head from side to side.
"Oh,go on,just a little kiss,Pauly,promise,I'll let you go if you do"
Sensing that he wouldn't quit if I didn't I nodded and mumbled,"Oh,ok,then,but just a quick'un"
And at that Marky pushed forward and his uncut knoblet was right against my pursed and firmly closed lips!Eyes squeezed tightly shut,I could feel his hot end at my mouth,and he squirmed against my lips,
"Go on then,give it a kiss,you said you would"
Oh,hell-fire,this wasn't right.But,my own boy-cock was all stiff now!What was that all about?Why was my knob stiff?This was wrong,and dirty.Boys didn't play with boys,did they?!
"Look,Pauly,see,my pee-hole's come out!Kiss it,go on,kiss the end for me,oooh,go on"
I opened my eyes and sure enough,there it was,his red knob-head was on show and his pee-hole was visible!Oh,my god.The heat in the shed was overwhelming and I just wanted to get out of there.So,I puckered up and gave his knob-end a quick kiss.Marky shivered and he grasped his stiff cock and began stroking it along it's length.
"Ooh,that's nice,Pauly.Do it again,pleeeeease"
Shit,before I had time to say anything,Marky pushed forward and,bugger me,his knob slipped into my mouth!
Marky gasped out loud and leaned into me so that all his knob was in my mouth.Oh,god,I thought I would choke!
"Urgh,urgh,ooooh",Marky hissed as he pumped into my mouth,"Oooh,suck it,Pauly,suck iiiit"
Eyes wide in shock,and tears creeping out the corners,I just couldn't move,or perhaps didn't really want to,as Marky continued to push himself into my mouth!
"Hmpf,hmmm,yessssss,suck it,Pauly"
He was almost cooing and his knob seemed to become harder.Then,with a deep shove and a heavy shudder,Marky collapsed on top of me,almost choking the breath out of my lungs!
"Oh,Pauly,that was brilliant,really cool,I cummed"
Then he totally surprised me when he kissed me full on my mouth!Now,hang on a moment,lol! Cummed? What was he going on about?
I hadn't got a clue what that was!
Laughing out loud he tickled my ribs and said,
"Hahahaha,you don't know cummed is,do you?"
Now,we all know what it's like when you're a k**.You just do not want to appear like you're out of the loop with your mates,so I shouted out,
"Do too,yes I do,so yah-boo to you"
And at this I shoved upwards and heaved Marky off me.He quickly got to his feet and standing there with his shorts still round his feet,knoblet semi-hard he scowled at me and shouted,
"You stinky liar,no you don't.I cummed in your mouth,so there,and you don't know what that is,and I'm not your friend anymore"
Pulling his shorts up and muttering as he struggled with his zip he shot me a glare and stormed out of the shed!
Oh,hell,now he was gonna go home and tell his mum he wasn't speaking to me anymore.And in my c***dish mind I was petrified he'd have to explain why and then his mum would tell my mum and I'd be in soooo much trouble!Crazy how your mind works when you're a k**,lol! I ran after him,shouting,
"Markeeeee,Markeeeee,wait up,hang on,pleeeeease,don't be mad"
From a few yards away Marky spun round and glared at me,
"You don't know what cummed is.Say it and I'll be your friend again.Go on,say you don't know"
Feeling like a prize pratt I shrugged and hung my head down.Working my foot at a stone stuck in the mud I mumbled,
"Oh,ok,no I don't know"
Coming right up to me,Marky poked a finger in my chest,
"Louder,Pauly,say it out loud,you-don't-know-what-cummed is.Won't laugh at you,promise"
Blushing madly,and still looking down at the ground I answered,
"No,I don't-know-what-cummed is.happy,now are you?"
And suddenly,as if we'd never argued,Marky grinned from ear to ear,
"Cool!Tell you what,let's go back to the shed and I'll show you,it's really neat"
He pushed past me and looking over his shoulder he laughed,
"Come on then Pauly,you're gonna like it so much.I'll make you cummed,like I did"
Feeling a bit funny,and tingly in my knoblet I followed Marky back into the shed and closed the door.This seemed strange but somehow it seemed right.I mean,Marky was my bestest friend and he was happy when he "cummed" so maybe it wasn't scarey or wrong,and boys DID play with boys!
Marky came over to me and smiled.He placed his hand on the waistband of my shorts and tugged at it,
"You gotta take these down,Pauly,and your undies"
I felt a bit silly in a way cos I had never done that before,stood in front of anyone else with my willy on show!Well,yes,my mum or dad had seen my knob when I was in the bath,and one of them had shown me how to wash my knob properly,under the skin and all that.But,jeepers,that was different,but I did always spring a stiffie when that happened,especially when dad did it cos he always took longer than mum!
Laughing at my reddening face,Marky giggled,
"Come on,Pauly,you saw mine,AND you had mine in your mouth,AND made me cummed.Now it's your turn,so come on"
That was true!Yes,it WAS my turn,and the stirring in my cocklet told me I was going to like it,A LOT! So quickly wriggling my shorts down to my feet and before I could anything else,Marky giggled and grabbed my spiderman undies and tugged them down past my skinny knees to join my shorts in a heap round my ankles!Pointing at my groin he snickered and said,
"Pauleeeee's got a stiffie,Pauleeee's got a stiffie"
Oh,god,someone would hear us and find us and we'd be in BIG trouble.I gave him a slap and hissed at him,
"Markeeeeeey,shushhhhhh,we'll get in trouble"Yet my little knoblet was still proud and hard,harder than it'd ever been,and was really bobbing up and down and I had that tingly feeling in my little balls.Marky tittered to himself and pointed at my knob,
"S'not as big as mine,Pauley.Dad says mine's really big and when I'm a big boy the girls are going to like my cock"
Now,THAT stunned me!Did Marky's dad really say that?I mean,my dad didn't say anything about my willy,even when he had to clean it and it got all stiff! Maybe he didn't like my willy,and that,strangely,made me all sad!
I was shook out of that thought when Marky took hold of my knoblet and gave it a tug.
"See,Pauly,your willy is happy to see me" Jeeze,my mate is such a daft silly-billy!But,his little hand on my knob DID feel soooo good and it pulsed in his hand!
"Now,Pauly,I'm gonna kiss it,like you did to mine"
And with that he stooped down and gave the end of my stiff knob a peck.Although I was uncut,like him,as my knob was as stiff as a board,the skin had rolled all the way back over my head,which was an angry red and a shock ran through the whole 3 inches when he put his mouth on it!I gave a shudder at this and my eyes almost rolled back into my head.It felt great.I whimpered when he ran his wet little tongue over my knob-head!The only thing I could think to do with my hands which were clenched into fists was to reach out and take hold of Marky's head.This had the effect of moving me forward so that my knob,now wet with Marky's spit,was pushed against his mouth.And the warmness of his breath on my knob felt wonderful!
"HMMMM.that's nice,Markey,Do it some more,pleeeeease"
He didn't say anything,just opened his mouth and there it was,my knoblet in my best friend's wet mouth!Oh,that was AMAZING!I slid the rest of it in and Marky moaned as he closed his lips around my throbbing little boy-tool.Holding tight to his hair,and with his hands on my naked little arse-cheeks,(how did THAT happen?),I slid forward,as he had done to me,and I began a rapid pistoning of my cocklet.Wow,this seemed really cool,definitely RIGHT,and not dirty at all! I could hear Marky slurping at my throbbing little stiffie and the sucking noises really made my balls tingle.It kinda hurt a little but it also felt really good as Marky's wet mouth made my knoblet all slippery.
"Ooooooh,Marky,s'gooood,mmmmmmm,suck me"
I remembered that's what he'd said to me when I was sucking him,and right now I desperately wanted to be just like my best friend!
"Ooooooh,yesssss,Marky,suck iiiiit,suck iiiiiit,pleeeeeeease"
Now,I don't know if he was any better than me as I'd never experienced anything like this.All I knew was IT FELT REALLLLLLLLLY GOOD!
I was squeezing my eyes shut and my breathing speeded up.Was this cummed? Did it feel like I needed to pee?Is this how it was meant to feel?
"Aaaaagh,ooooooh,Markeeeeeey" I hissed through my teeth.Then,as if my bladder was going to drain itself,(oh god,pleeeeease,don't make me wet myself), I heaved a great shudder,my legs buckled and I pressed myself against Marky as stars went off with a bang in my head!I don't know what happened after that cos I woke up on my back on the shed-floor!
"Oh,Pauly,I thought you were dead"
Marky was on his knees and was holding my head which was really sore,and tears were streaming down his face.
"Are you dead,Pauly?Say something,what happened?You fell over,Pauly and I got scared"
Groaning a little and feeling whoozy I looked at Marky,
"Wow,Marky,I cummed,just like you.I did cummed,didn't I Marky,didn't I cummed?"
Letting out a 'whooo',Marky laughed and then whooped out loud,
"Yesssss,Pauly cummed,Pauly cummed.I made Pauly cummed"
Even though my head stung from the little lump growing I joined in the laughing,
"Yaaaaaay,Markey made me cummed,Marky made me cummed"
Just then,in the distance,I could hear mum shouting,
"Paaaaaaaulllll,where ARE you?It's time for you to be home now"
Eyes widening,I got to my feet,a little wobbly,but feeling sooooo good,
"Ooops,Marky,I better go,mum will be mad if I don't get home right now."
He looked a bit sulky at this,and scowled when he saw I was putting my soft willy back in my shorts.
"Awwww,wanna do it again,Pauly"
I shook my head,OUCH,that hurt!
"Noooo,we can't,not now,I'll get a slap if I don't go now.But,we'll do it some more tomorrow,if you really want to"
With that,Marky jumped up and down smiling broadly,
"Yesssss,we gonna cummed again,we gonna cummed agaiiiiin"
And then,he hugged me and planted a kiss right on my lips.
"We's bestest friends,forever,Pauly.I love my bestest friend"
Like all 1st time,c***dhood burgeoning 'romances' we didn't stay 'bestest' friends.Marky discovered girls!And as he hit the teens,his cock developed a reputation!Apparently,it grew to the size of a 'baby's arm with an apple on the end of it'From what I gather,most of the girls around experienced that monster and he ended up being dad to a small army of little Markys!
Me?Oh,well,I went on to be a real cock-sucker,a total pig for cock and spunk,and I never looked back,lol! I became quite the expert as it happens,and regularly had a belly-full of the old cock-slime!
Thanks for reading,if you did.Comments,criticisms,whatever,more than welcome!
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1 year ago
thanks, raised alone. in the country! Very few friends that were boys! Very naive! Can only wish!
3 years ago
great story,reminds me of my younger days.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Thanks for posting - I really enjoyed it as it seemed so real. Brought back many memories of that time period in my life - the joy of investigation with another lad and the experience of the first cum. Thanks again - I do enjoy this type of story.
4 years ago
you continue to educate the masses thanks
4 years ago
thanx for the comments,keep 'em coming! it strokes my ego,lol!
4 years ago
Very cool story and well written thanks Paul. I will look forward to future postings.Hank
4 years ago
works for me! ; )
4 years ago
Sometime it takes a well written story about kids haveing fun and learning w3hat its all about to really get a super hard on the imagination works wonders just a point of interest you have me jacking off to all your stories and thats gret thanks
4 years ago
dont remember mine but i want more now. thanks
4 years ago
Ok,1st,thanks for reading!Secondly,who called it 'kiddie-porn'?! I sure didn't!As I'm sure you guessed,duh,it was me,as a kid,with my friend,a kid,lol!Two kids,having a mess around.Not kiddie porn.Did I imply this?I think not!But,as I said,thanks for reading!
4 years ago how is this kiddie porn?