Chris's Step-dad,(Part 4).

Bear in mind the usual disclaimers.

And thanks for the feedback to the story so far,I appreciate it.I should point out that whilst much of what's written is true,there will be embelishments & outright fiction included from here-on-in.

As lunchtime approached I found myself thinking over the last 24 hours or so,to the point where Mr.Whitehead threw a piece of chalk at my head and told me to,"STOP daydreamning,Dixon".Now seriously,just how many k**s are actually interested in some old king from,like,hundreds of years ago,right?! The stuff going through my mind was way more interesting to me,so much so that my boy-knob had barely softened all morning.Chris had been fidgeting all through lessons too.His leg kept whacking against mine as he rapidly opened and closed them.I nudged him at one point and asked him what was wrong.Like,did he need the toilet or something.He'd giggled and shook his head,'No'.So I asked him again what he was doing.He'd leaned into me and whispered,
"It makes my willy feel all good when I squeeze it between my legs like this"
I'd looked down and sure enough his dicky was tenting his grey school-shorts.Chris gave me a smile when he saw me looking and said I should try it too.Blushing a little,but kinda excited I did try it and WOW he was right it DID feel good.The familiar tingling kicked in and I actually shuddered a bit.I kept it up which made Chris giggle,a bit too loudly it seems 'cause the teacher barked out,
"What is WRONG with you two? If you need to go the toilet you know what you have to do"
Chris dropped his head and in a barely audible whisper urged me to say that we did need the toilet.Well,I wasn't sure what he was up to but I tentatively held up my hand and asked if we could go to the toilet,please.Mr Whitehead 'harrumped' and told us to be quick about it,no messing about and to not forget to wash our hands afterwards.Maybe he was one of those pervs I later became so knowledgeable about and was wondering if we'd be 'messing about' with each other in the toilets.Anyway,we quickly made our way to the toilet block and Chris dashed into a cubicle,
"Come on Paul in here,wanna show ya something"
Whoah! Now,unless he'd hidden something in his shorts pocket,like some toy or other,the only thing I could think of that he'd want to show me in the toilet would be his WILLY! As I hesiated Chris urged me again,telling me we hadn't better be too long and that I'd really like what he had to show me.So in I went.Now,as these were school toilet cubicles there wasn't much room and we were stood real close to each other.I was surprised,and a tad disappointed,to see that Chris hadn't pulled his willy out,my own willy was rigid in my shorts. Chris dipped his hand in his pocket and whipped out a condom!Now I hadn't any real experience of them,I was just a k** after all,but I knew what one looked like.But what WAS different was that this one had white blobby stuff in it! Chris was grinning as he held it up.
"Look at all that spunk,isn't there a LOT?"
There was that word again.What my daddy had told me about,the stuff which comes out of an adult dick.But surely this couldn't be Chris's stuff?! He was only a few months older than me and I wasn't making any so I couldn't believe he was.Seeing my puzzled look he giggled and explained it wasn't his.It was his step-dad's spunk! Laughing,he waved it under my nose and I almost banged my head as I backed up against the cubicle door.But then he did something which made my eyes pop out.He untied the top and stuck his little finger inside the rubber! AND,even more strange,he pulled his finger out and slipped the,now,gloopy covered ddigit in his MOUTH! Eugggggh,I was horrified.Chris smacked his lips together and then grinned at me as he held out the condom to me,
"Now it's your turn.Just do what I did and it'll make us best friends forever"
I shook my head,no way was I gonna do that.Yet my knoblet was tenting the front of my school-shorts,how weird.Chris just kept wiggling the rubber at me and he giggled when he said,
"Look,I can see you gotta stiffy,so I know you want to.Come on,it doesn't taste bad,promise"
Oh boy! I was so confused.I mean,I liked Chris and wanted him to be my best friend and all.And I had had that tingly feeling seeing his step-dad in their bathroom with the underpants.So,taking a gulp,I nodded and Chris gave me a huge grin,
"Yeah,that's cool.Ok,so just stick your finger in,make sure you get some of daddy's spunk on it and then just lick it off like I did."
Oh god,this was freaky.I was actually going to be getting some of his step-daddy's spunk in my mouth! I was really nervous as I slipped my little finger inside the condom and I almost pulled it out as it connected with the thick blooby stuff.Chris was almost hopping from foot to foot by now and I noticed he was rubbing at the bulge in his shorts,
"Go on Paul,it's really nice,honest it is"
No turning back now,I thought.I drew my finger up to my nose and sniffed.Whew,there was that smell again.It was like bleach but with another odour to it.Chris urged me to lick my finger quickly as we'd be in trouble if we took any more time.So I closed my eyes and slipped my finger in my mouth! I ouldn't really know what I should expect,never having tasted spunk before.But it wasn't too strange.Yeah it was all slimey on my finger,and it tasted a bit salty and maybe sour,but it was ok.Chris gave a little 'whoop' and he gave me a little punch on the arm,
"Yesssss,see it weren't bad,was it? You and me are bestest friends now,forever.Gonna save the rest for later when we get to my house,we'll have a lot of fun with it for sure"
And just then the outer door to the toilet slammed open and a booming voice called out,
"You two,get out of that cubicle,RIGHT NOW".
Oh damn.Mr.Whitehead sounded well pissed off.Chris hurriedly slipped the condom in his pocket while calling out that we were coming,Sir,and sorry,Sir.As I fumble to open the cubicle door Chris grinned and winked at me,just like his step-daddy ahd done the day before,and then we left the cucbicle together.Mr.Whitehead stood glaring at us,arms folded as usual,towering over us.
"What on earth were you two up to in there?Cubicles are for ONE boy at a time only"
Chris looked suitably 'chastened' and he gave Sir a whimpering look,
"Sorry Sir,I felt sick and Paul was just looking after me,right Paul?"
I could only blush and nod my lowered head.
"Well ok,but I'm not convinced.I'll be keeping an eye on you lad.I know you're new here but you still have to follow the rules.Now,it's time for lunch so off you both go.But be warned,I am watching you,both of you"
Phew,that was close.As we made our way to the lunch-hall Chris was almost wetting himself laughing and he kept nudging me,
"Did you see him,dirty old bugger,had a hard-on"
WHAT?! I hadn't noticed.But then I'd kept my head down the whole time we were stood in front of him.AND,Chris had just swore! Chris nudged me again just as we got to the doors to the lunch-hall,
"Right,now we're best mates we have to say what we think to each other,all the time,right? Sir's a perv'.Go on,you say it now"
I frowned.What was he up to? He'd gone weird.He nudged me harder again and told me to repeat him.
"Er,Sir's a perv'"
Chris grinned as he pushed open the swing doors,
"And from now on,it's not 'willy' it's cock,ok? We're best mates now so we talk dirty to each other,not like little boys,right?"
I just muttererd 'Yes' and shrugged.He seemed satisfied and he patted my back as we headed to the lunch counter.Yayyyyyyy,beefburgers and chips,my favourite.As we sat side by side eating our lunch I felt Chris's leg pressing up against mine,like in class.So I knew what he was doing.And yup,my willy,sorry,cock instantly become bone-hard! Munching on my burger I had a feeling that going to Chris's house after school may well just be fun!

Well that's part 4 finished.Hope you're all enjoying this still.More as soon as.
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1 year ago
Soo good.
3 years ago
Paul is a great story writer and the excellence continues. I, too look forward to the next chapter.
Thanks, buddy, we appreciate the work you put into these.
3 years ago
It's a good story.When will you post the ext part?