Chris's Step-dad - Part 2.

So the usual disclaimers apply,you know how they go!

I'm writing this with the hang-over from Hell so apologies for any inevitable typos,lol.Hic.

After I'd left Chris's house and returned home with mam I just couldn't seem to get out of my mind what I'd witnessed,seeing Chris's srep-dad seemingly sniffing his underwear,the pair he'd used to wipe up my boy-piss.To my innocent mind it had seemed so weird seeing this.Yet in another,(maybe not so innocent),part of my mind it had seemed,well,I don't know,just sexy.Yeah,what would a k** of my age know about sexy?! What I do know is that sat at the table with mam and dad eating dinner my knoblet was bone-hard and tenting my pj bottoms! I kept dropping my hand into my lap & squeezing my stiffie.I think I must've groaned a little 'cause my dad asked me,
"What's wrong with you,son? You got a tummy ache or something?"
I shook my head 'no',but he got up from the table & put a hand on my shoulder.Oh hell,he'd be sure to see my boner now!If he did he didn't give any indication right then,& he placed the palm of his hand on my tummy,just above the waistband of my pj's.Crikey,I was willing my knoblet to go soft.I mean,what would dad think seeing his own son with a hard-on?!
"Hmmm,your tummy does look a bit swollen.Does it hurt when I press it?!
I was concentrating so hard on my boner that I didn't answer at first.When he asked again I looked up at him and shook my head,
"Not really,daddy,I've just got funny tingles."
Dad had a strange,faraway look on his face and he lowered his hand so that it was just resting against the tip of my knoblet inside my pants!
"Does it hurt here when I press it?"
Oh my god,surely he must be able to feel how stiff I was!But just then mam tutted and gave me a look which said,'I know your game young man',
"Oh for goodness sake,John,you know what he's up to,he's trying to get off school tomorrow.He does this nearly every sunday.Now you finish your dinner and then off to bed with you,or you won't be going to see your new friend after school"
Dad chuckled and ruffled my hair & nodded,
"Yeah,I guess so.You little scamp,your old man nearly fell for that'un,again"
I'd been in bed about 5 minutes,my mind spinning over what,(I think),had happened with daddy & my hand was inside my pj bottoms squeezing at my boner when the bedroom door opened and daddy popped his head round the doorway,
"You should be asl**p by now,son.What's up,you got something on your mind then?"
Before I had time to answer daddy came and sat on my bed.He was wearing only his pj bottoms & in the unlit room I found myself staring at his chest and thinking,he's got really big nipples.Well,I've no idea where THAT thought came from,but it was true,they WERE really big & they were sticking out like littel bullets.
"So,son,you gonna talk to me or are you just gonna lay there looking like a dope?"
Huh? Oh right,he'd asked me if anything was wrong.
"Er,no daddy,I'm alright,honestly.
He gave me a funny look,like he wasn't convinced,
"Really? Are you sure? Is it 'cause you had a stiffie earlier at dinner?
Oh hell,my eyes almost popped out.Daddy patted my arm which was all goose-pimply at his touch.He chuckled and said,
"Listen,it's no problem.All men and boys get hard-ons.Hell,your old man gets 'em every day,so you're no different."
I was flummoxed as we'd never discussed anything like this before,but weirdly,knowing my daddy got boners made me all tingly 'down below'.He obviously noticed where my hand was & he wiggled his eyebrows up & down,
"Yeah,I reckon you've got a stiffie right now,haven't you eh?"
Oh,pooh I thought as I whipped my hand from under the sheet feeling myself go red.
Daddy gave a laugh and patted my little leg through the sheet,
"Aw,son,don't worry about it.It feels really good playing with your dick.You do it whenever you want.But I'd advise against whipping it out just anywhere"
He laughed at that part which relaxed me enough that I joined in the laughter.
"Yeah,and you wait till you start spunking off,boy you'll love that,best feeling in the world"
Huh? What was he talking about? I had no idea what 'spunking off' meant.
Seeing my puzzled look he explained,
"Well son,you're too young yet,but in a few more years you'll learn that when you wank,er wanking is what you do with your stiffie,like you were just doing,white stuff called spunk shoots out the end of your dick"
My eyes were out on stalks by now,and my knoblet was achingly hard listening to daddy talk about this.I noticed then that his big hairy hand was in between his legs and he seemed to be squeezing a big bulge in his pj pants! WOW,was my daddy actually playing with his own stiffie right in front of me?
And right at that moment mam called up the stairs,
"John.....John,what are you doing up there? The lad's never going to get to sl**p if you keep pestering him for pity's sake.Besides,your favourite programme's just about to start,I'm putting the kettle on,hurry up"
And the 'spell' was broken! Daddy gave a cough and he patted my leg again,a bit higher up this time,almost near my stiffie!
"Right,well your mam's right,you should be asl**p.But don't forget what I said,play with your stiffie whenever you want,within reason of course.Tell you what,I bet you your new mate wanks,and his daddy.You just think about that.Like I say,you're no different to any other lad or man out there."
And then he did what I don't ever recall him doing before.He leaned into me and kissed me,ON THE MOUTH! His stubbly face felt really weird against my smooth face,but it actually felt nice!
"G'night,son.Daddy loves you very,very much.Sweet dreams,see you tomorrow!
Oh WOW,my daddy had kissed me just like he kissed mam! By the door he turned round and winked at me,
"Have a good old wank for your daddy"
It seemed really strange hearing daddy talk like this,wank,spunk,& saying about Chris and his step-dad doing what all 'men & boys' do.And it did nothing to make my knoblet go soft! But eventually I drifted off,after thinking about daddy and his bulge,& Chris & his step-daddy wanking.I don't really know where the thought came from,but I found myself wondering if Chris wanked with his step-daddy! Strange,the thoughts you have! Well,it wasn't actaully to be much longer before I found out just what Chris and his step-daddy got up to.
But you'll have to wait for part 3 to find out for yourselves.I know,I know,I'm just a tease,lol.

Comments/criticisms welcome.
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1 year ago
Great story... Really hotting up.
3 years ago
Very hot!
3 years ago
Thanx.I promise to write the next part within the next 2 days.I know the 2nd part didn't really contain a large sexual content but there will be more sex content to come,with me and Chris,and with Chris,myself and his step-dad.Will my dad join us? Wait and see,:-)
3 years ago
3 years ago
When will appear the next part?