Chris's Step-dad,(Part 1).

So,you all know the routine by now.Don't read if it's gonna get the police where you live crashing thtough your door.I have never,and will never advocate abuse of k**s in any way,shape or form.My experiences were all CONSENSUAL,no-one 'groomed' me or f***ed me.Some of the language I use is exaggerated so don't go all puritan on me.It is what it is! Enjoy!

Chris was probably my closest mate.We'd first met when we were both around 7 years old and he and his f****y had moved into the avenue where I lived.My mother sent me across the road to their house a few days after they'd got settled in with one of her 'world famous' apple pies! So there I was waiting for the door to open when I noticed the lace curtains at the window twitching.Funny,my mam used to do that all the time,lol.Seconds later,the door opened and there was this tall,slim man in grey track-pants and a white vest and bare-footed.Now even at that tender age I always got this tingling in my little belly whenever a handsome man was in front of me.Even my own daddy would make me all tingly and fluttery inside.
"Hey up,what we got 'ere,then?"
The tall man was grinning down at me which really made the butterflies flutter in my belly.
"Er,uhm,er,my mam says to give you this and to say we live at number 46 if you need anything"
I held the pie forward and felt myself blush,almost hopping from foot to foot and clenching my bum-cheeks together 'cause suddenly I felt this overwhelming urge to pee!Laughing,the man said,
"You alright,little fella? You look like you're ready to pee yerself"
He reached down and,oh,his arms were all hairy with that thick tracing of veins which I've loved ever since.I just couldn't help staring at them,and,bl**dy hell,my little knoblet started tingling!The man gave a chuckle and then said,
"Well,we can't have you peeing yer undies,can we? You better pop upstairs and use our loo"
My eyes opened wide when he said this.Mam had always made sure I knew never to go into a stranger's house.But my little bladder DID feel in danger of exploding.
"Er,alright,thank you"
He grinned and put his big hairy hand on my shoulder,
"In you come,then,k**.My son's in his room so you can say hello to him when you've finished yer widdle"
He stood aside so I could enter the house and as I tepped onto the stairs he shocked me by putting a hand on my little arse-cheek,
"Straight up the stairs,k**.You'll know where the toilet is,and my lad's in the front bedroom"
Oh my word,he'd TOUCHED my**dy hell,no other adult had done that,apart from my dad when he bathed me,but that was different.By the time I'd reached the bathroom and pulled my shorts down my knoblet was stood straight up and was all tingly.Now that in itself wasn't new to me.My little pecker would go stiff if a leaf blew past me.And it would stiffen up whenever daddy washed it,pulling the skin back to check there was no 'muck' as he called it under there.Dad would just chuckle when it happened and he'd spend a bit more time making sure it was clean.But like I say,he WAS my dad,it was what dads did,right?! I thought I'd never start to pee my knob was still so hard.And worse the door suddenly opened and in walked this k** about my age,
"Oops,sorry.Er,who are you?"
It was just at that point my bladder decided to empty and as I half turned,holding onto my knob the pee sprayed away from the toilet bowel and splattered against the bath! I felt the burning heat in my face and I spluttered an apology whilst trying to hide my knob.The boy giggled like,well,a little boy as it happens & that set me off giggling even though my heart was beating in my chest.I hadn't heard anyone else enter the bathroom but all of a sudden,
"Oi,oi,what you two little buggers up to,eh?"
Hell,the man was stood right behind us,strong veiny hands on his hips.And,was that a lump in his trackies?! Yeah,I'm sure it was!Strange!
"Oh,Hey dad.I found this k** havin' a pee,don't know who he is.I scared him and he missed the toilet"
'Dad' let out a throaty laugh and slapped the boy on the bum.What WAS it with him and bums?
"Is that right,then? Well,k** don't sweat it,Chris 'ere is always missing the toilet.Finish up and I'll wipe the mess up"
Well,as much as I wanted to finish I could hardly do so with a k** AND his dad stood there watching me.So without even shaking off the drops I quickly popped percy back in his shorts and then turned to leave.
"Aw,dad,you made him all shy"
Hell,was I blushing but I'd lost the power of speech.I just stood in the doorway looking down at my feet.
"Chris,now you behave.We don't want the lad to think he can't ever come back here,do we?"
The man then took the lid of the laundry bin and reached inside.He pulled out a man sized pair of white y-fronts,said something about 'these will have to do',and then proceeded to clean up my puddle of pee with them! My eyes were out on stalks at this.Then I felt a poke in my arm,
"Wanna look at some comics in my room,what's-ya-name,can he dad,pleeeeease,dad,can he?"
The man smiled at Chris,as I now knew his name to be,wiggled his eyebrows up and down and said,
"Oh is that what you lads call it now,eh,looking at comics?Yeah,go on,then.But don't make too much noise,yer ma's having a nap as she's on nights at the factory.You know how she gets when she doesn't get her sl**p"
I hadn't even thought about whether my own mam would wonder why I was taking so long.All I knew was I wanted to see his comics,see whether his were the same as mine.I loved The Beano and The Dandy.Seconds later we'd crossed the landing and were in Chris's bedroom.He flung himself on his bed and pointed to a spot next to him.Giggling I imitated his 'flinging' action and he let out a 'whoop' as I crashed next to him.Seems we were going to be good friends.As the door was slowly closing I caught a glance at the bathroom and I was really puzzled to see Chris's dad sat on the toilet and he'd got the underwear under his nose and his eyes were closed! His other hand was INSIDE his track-pants and there was movement! I stared and stared until the door closed fully and had a silly idea that his dad was playing with his thingy! But why would he be doing that,and why was he seemingly sniffing the undies he'd used to clean up my pee?! Dunno,maybe he was blowing his nose! Anyway,Chris distracted me when he knudged my arm and said,
"'Ere,d'ya like Superman comics? I love him,he's my hero"
With that the image of Chris's dad was instantly forgotten as we pored over his Superman comics and I lost all track of time until I heard my mam shouting from outside,
"Paul.PAUL,where the heck are you,you little sod?"
Chris laughed and said,
"So that's yer name.Pleased to meet you,Paul.She sounds just like my mam,always shoutin'.You'd better go before she blows a fuse.That's my step-dad's word for it,a 'fuse',s'funny,innit?"
As I got off the bed the door opened and Chris's dad,or step-dad as he called it popped his head round the door,
"Er,there's some mad-woman calling the odds outside.Would she be your old woman by any chance,k**do?"
Well I'd never heard her being called THAT before,but I guess she was old to me,lol.
"Yeah,sorry,I betetr go.But I'll come back again tomorrow,if that's alright?"
As I was sidling past Chris's step-dad he did it again,he put his hand on my bum and squeezed,
"Oh yeah,definitely k**,you can come anytime ya like"
There was that funny tingling again,in my belly AND in my little knoblet!!! Chris looked up from his comic,smiled and said,
"Yeah,cool,see ya tomorrow Paul.I'm glad I gotta new friend"
His dad followed me downstairs and as I opened the door he ruffled my hair,my dad did this a lot too,and he bent down and whispered in my ear,
"Yeah,my Chris is gonna love playing with you,k**"
And with one final squeeze of my bum He gently pushed me outdoors.
"'Ere he is,missus.Sorry,he had to use the lav' and then him and me son got looking at comics.Safe and sound he is though,so no worries"
My mother was stood by their gate,arms crossed,foot tapping with her usual frown on her face,
"Well yes,but he knows not to go into anyone's house he doesn't know.Anyway,welcome to the avenue,and as I told Paul to say,if you or your wife need anything while you're settling in,just ask".
Chris's dad gave a grin and assured mam he surely would do that.Then winking at me he reminded me about seeing Chris the next day and with a wave he closed the door.
"He seems like a nice enough man.What's his son like?Hope he's not a trouble-maker like the last so-called friend of yours who lived there?"
I gave a quick look back at their house,and there it was again,the lace curtains twitching,
"Er,yeah mam,he is a nice man.And Chris is a nice boy,I already like him a lot"
Mam snorted and reminded me how much I'd liked the last k** who'd lived there.The one who'd pushed me almost under a car the year before! Eddy,the lad,was a right nutter.He was always getting into sc****s even at six years old.And then suddenly,one day,the whole f****y simply weren't there.And the house had stood empty for a while until Chris and his f****y moved in.
I crossed the street with mam and just before we went indoors I glanced around.There it was agin,the curtains twitching.But this time they were more parted and I could make out Chris's dad at the window,part in shadow but I could just amke out he'd got his hand inside his trackies again! Strange man!
If you want me to continue just let me know! Lol,I'm clearly never gonna get used to shortening my stories,so it seems easier to break it down into sections.
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1 year ago
Great start.
2 years ago
nice beginning but we need more
3 years ago
Please post it faster.
3 years ago
Part 2 coming at the weekend,all being well!
3 years ago
Tell us more please
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