"Suck It k**"

Was on my knees last night in the lav of my local boozer giving some well-hung scally-boy a quick blow-job & it reminded me of the 1st time I sucked some bloke off in a public toilet.This is how it went.

So there I was,this permanently boned-up 13 year old k** who'd been squirting a pretty decent load of thick,greasy boy-spunk for a few weeks & had learned that I really fuckin' loved swallowing it! Anywho,I'd decided to meet some mates in the park for a kick-about & lob stones at the ducks & geese,piss-off the park-keeper,lol.And I liked eyeing up my mates 'cause we generally just played footy in our shorts,so it gave me something to letch over.Now this was back in the early 70s when footy shorts were quite skimpy & usually plain white thin nylon or polyester.So you'd get a good eyefull of boy-cock flopping around in the shorts.Thing is,when I got to the park there was only my mate,Dave,or Ginger,as he went by 'cause of his amazing ginger hair.Well,why else would he be known as Ginger,lol.He hadn't brought his football with him so I was a bit miffed.
"So,what we gonna do all sodding day,mate?"
Ginger made me eyes bug out when he says,
"Dunno.Suppose we can always nip in the lavs & have a look at the dirty stuff on the walls,have a bit of a wank"
Fuck me! Now I never had him down as a perv',but I'd seen his knob enough times in P.E. and for a skinny,wirey k** he'd got a well big boy-knob,I reckon a good 6 incher,with pale ginger pubes above his knob.And his bollox were pretty heft as well for a k** & they hung bl**dy low.So of course his dirty talk got me instantly rock-hard & I could feel some pre-cum leaking out my piss-slit.Ginger has a look and wiggled his eyebrows,
"Reckon ya think it's a good idea,mate judging by that lump in yer shorts"
Well my heart's banging as we headed over to the lavs,but my knob's still rigid & drooling.Making a right slimey mess in my short I was.The layout of the lavs is in an L-shape with 3 urinals & 2 cubicles.So if you were standing at the urinals you wouldn't see the cubicles.Probably designed that way to stop the pervs getting a look-see at blokes' cocks at the pissers from the cubicles & vice-versa.As we went through the door Ginger gave me arse a squeeze! Fuck me,what was he on?! I mean,it aint like he's ever done anything like that before.Not that I was complaing like,hahaha!Anyway,Ginger passes me stands in the doorway to the 1st cubicle and quick as you like he reaches down the front of his shorts & flops his knob out & shakes his hips so his knob swings side to side.Itell you my bell-end was flooding my shorts,almost like a mini spunk-of!
"Well,you gonna flop yer cock out or what? You aint shy,are ya?"
I never need asking twice,if you know what I mean.So in a jiffy I'd got my slimey rock-hard knob out & me bell-end was half poking out my foreskin & string of drool was hanging of my piss-slit.
"Fucking hell,mate,you's frigging soaking wet.I wish my knob got like that"
I gave Ginger a sly smile & said,
"Well come here,then,& I'll rub me bell over your knob-head & then you'll be all slimey like me".
Grinning like a Cheshire cat Ginger steps over to me and swipes his fiery red knob end over my drooling bell-end.
'Cause we were both laughing we didn't hear anybody come in the lavs till we both nearly went through the ceiling as a voice sneered,
"Oy,oy.What we got 'ere then? Coupla nancy-boys,have we?"
Shit,neither of us had time to shove our knobs back in our shorts before this big meaty hand slapped down on my shoulder.Oh fuck,I thought.And judging by the look on Ginger's face he was thinking the same,Oh Fuck!
"Well,well.Looks like we got a party happening,eh? Nice big fuckin' k**dy-cocks you both got".
He gives me a prod in my back & says,
"Right k**,get on yer fuckin' knees & start noshing on yer mate's pisser"
I kind of didn't have much choice 'cause the bloke was pushing me down. I quickly glanced up at the bloke & saw he must've been in his 40s or 50s I reckon,really old,'bout as old as me dad.And grunting at me,
"Fuckin' get on with it,k**.Aint got all sodding day.Suck yer mate's k**dy-pisser & make sure you swallow his muck!"
So I lean forward and Ginger slips his rock-hard hot boy-knob to the back of my throat & he starts panting and hissing as he gives me tonsils a hefty battering.
"Fuck yeah,that's the way k**,**** yer mate's fucking slutty mouth.Fucking do it"
Bleeding hell,he was being well filthy.I heard a zipper being pulled & next thing I know this huge fuckin' hairy un-cut man-cock's poking at me face!
"Yeah,dirty fuckin' nancy-boys.Fucking pervert's dream this is!" Jesus,with a grunt he bloke starts pissing all me face as I'm slobbering over Ginger's knob!
"Don't even think 'bout coming of his cock,k**,you just keep noshing on his dick!"
Just then,Ginger pushes forward a bit sharpish & I'm gagging & me eyes are watering.
"Oh fuck me,yer mate's shitter's good & tight,fucking tight boy-cunt he's got on him"
Seems the old perv's stuck a finger up poor Ginger's arse-hole! Must've done something for him though 'cause next thing I know is Ginger gives a grunt & he lets rip in my mouth!Squirt after squirt of hot bitter spunk's hitting the back of my throat.Christ,I thought,he spunks more than me!
"Fuck yeah,that's it k**,fill the dirty fucker's slutty mouth with that steaming load of baby-spunk"
by now I noticed the bloke's sliding his fist up & down his huge thick hairy man-cock and his skin rolls back and forth over this fat drooling bell-end.He got a deep piss-slit & he's flicking a grimey thumb over it & he scoops up some slime and shoves his thumb in Ginger's mouth.
"Now THAT'S what an old perv's slime tastes like.Fuckin' loving it,aint ya,k**?"
Judging by the slurping sounds Ginger's well into this dirtyness.Soon after Ginger flops his softening knob out of my mouth but before I have time to take a breath the pervert's shoved his huge cock in & his size stretches me to almost splitting!
"Fuckin' dirty little slut aint ya,eh? Fuckin' love sucking me massive hairy daddy-cock,dont'chya?"
Fuckin' hell.Snot's bubbling out me nose,spit's escaping out the side of me mouth and my eyes are watering.Then,with a deep growl the bastard pushes deeper and his smoking hot adult cock's slipping right down into my throat! He's got a handfull of my hair and he's hissing and mumbling all kinds of dirty stuff.I really thought me chest was gonna burst open.
"Yeah,look at yer filthy mate,k**.He's fuckin' deep-throating me huge fuckin' k**dy-fucking daddy-cock"
I could just make out Ginger's face in the gloomy cubicle & even though his eyes are wide open I seen he's stroking his fuckin' knob,so he's clearly getting off on seeing me get face-****d! The bastard!
"Fuck,yessssss,gonna fuckin' fill yer belly with me huge greasy loada nasty daddy-spunk,yer little cock-suckin' slut"
Well,his big old knob weren't going anywhere so I guess that's what I was gonna be swallowing!
"Right you,k**,shove a couple of yer fingers up me hairy shit-hole,I'm gonna flood yer mate's belly while you finger-fuck me shitter"
Ginger was fuckin' drooling out his mouth,the sodding perv',and he quickly jammed his fingers up the old perv's arse-hole.
"Fuckin' hell,k**,yeah you know what's what,don't ya,eh?That's it,get yer fuckin' hand right up me arse"
Hell,by now me face is in the old fart's scratchy pubes and my throat's stretched round his massive drooling knob.
"Sweet-fuckin'-jesus.So gonna fill yer little belly real soon,k**.You's gonna be burping spunk for days.Yer mate's up to his sodding wrist in me hairy shit-hole,gonna make me squirt a huge fuckin' load of daddy-muck"
And he weren't lying either.'Cause seconds later his hairy legs are quivering & with a deep rmbling growl is knob-head swell even more & what felt like a garden hose started gushing down my swollen throat.
"Aaaaaaaaagh,fuckin' yesssssss,nasty little pervert.Fucking helllllll,swallow me nasty fuckin' loada junk,oh fuckin' yesssssssss"
I could hear Ginger puffing and huffing and right then the bastard aimed his rigid boy-knob at me face and lets rip with his own greasy load,coating me face in his k**dy-muck.And at the same time I felt me own painfully rigid knob belch a hefty load of spunk in my shorts.
Damn it,the sound of feet crunching on the ground outside the lavs had the old perv' whip his slimey cock out of my mouth and hisses,
"Get the fuck up quick-smart,and get the hell outa here"
I have never moved so quick and Ginger was a good few feet ahead of us. I half walked half stumbled behind Ginger just as the park-keeper reached the outer door.
"What the fuck you two been doing in there so long?You dirty bastards been fiddling' with yer knobs,have you?"
He looks down at my shorts and sees me boy-spunk oozing through the front and he smirks at us.
"Ah,I get it.You two little nancies HAVE been fiddlin' with yerselves.Dirty fuckers"
He lunges towards us,hand out as if to give us a slap.So we legged it as quick as & he's shouting out,
"Dirty little bastards.Don't let me see either of you in here again,you fuckin' here me?"
We were at the park gates in double-quick time but we didn't stop running till we were almost at the end of the road.When we stopped we were both stooped over hands on knees panting and sweating like crazy.
"Fuckin' hell,mate.His knob was like a friggin' horse's cock.How the fuck you get all of it down yer throat?"
I looked up at Ginger and rolled my eyes.
"How the fuck you think I did it? It weren't like I had any choice,were it?"
Laughing,Ginger slapped me on the back and winked at me,
"Any time you wanna suck me off mate,any-fuckin'-time"

Well that's a different story for another time. ;-)
Hope this got you all steamed-up!
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1 year ago
I'm boned!
1 year ago
Very hot story
2 years ago
hey man yr stories are gr8. love kids wanking, public fucking and incest ... u got the lot. thanks babe x
2 years ago
Wow what a horny story, i use to have a ginger mate too!
3 years ago
Awesome! love it xxxxxx
3 years ago
Very hot story!
3 years ago
mmmm yes nice story loved it reminded me of my young times mm
3 years ago
like this brought back good memories, do you still get park keepers, ours was a proper perv haha
3 years ago
Yeah,cheers for the comment,'modelmaker',& you're so right,'specially scally-boy spunk!
3 years ago
Nice one, nothing nicer than a mouthful of cum.