Scally-Boys f***e Me!

Read only if ya know it's legal to where you are!This is a fictional account of a fantasy I have!

Walking through my local park late one night I could not have predicted what would soon take place,but I'm so flad it did!
Just up ahead,along the dark path I was taking,I spotted a group of about 5 young scally-lads.I was buzzin' from a really good night out and the sight of these lads in their trackies and hooded tops had me springin' a rock-hard boner in an instant!
" 'Ere,mate you gotta spare fag on ya?" This from a totally hot k** about 17/18 years old,a right cocky looking fucker!
I looked over at him and shook me head,"Nah,pal,aint got enough ta go passing' 'em around,ok?"
The k** sneered at me and winked at his mates,"Listen,ya tosser,I aint askin' I'm fuckin' tellin' ya,gimme a fuckin' fag or I'll knock ya teeth out"
Shit!Ok,I aint a wimp,but,ya know,5 on 1,weren't really safe odds!The lads began closing in and me heart gave a thump,fuck,this weren't going well!
The ring-leader was right up in me face now and suddenly he don't look too much like a k**!
"You a fuckin' queer cunt,aint ya?"
Now,the sensible thing would've been to try to leg it,but me sensitivities were fired up,weern't having this fickin' queere-bashing toe-rag call me on it,lol!Oops,big fuckin' mistake!
"Yeah,PAL,I'm a queer,what about it"
He smirked at me,looked over at his mates and said,"Oh,hard-job are we,well,we gonna see about that"
Next thing is his fist slammed into me belly and,whoosh,all the air left me lungs and I'm down on the ground!Laughing like a maniac the scally spat right at me and and sneered,"Yeah,tosser,you's gonna suck me fat knob and me mates knobs and ya gonna fuckin' swallow"
Well,whaddya know,me cock sprung to life,what the fuck,where was this coming from?!Yeah,I like the whole scally-lad thing,but this weren't what I had in mind!
Anyway,this k** pulled out of his trackies what turned out to be a thick,veiny un-cut teen-boy cock and he poked it in me face and shouted,"Fuckin' suck me knob ya dirty fuckin' queer cunt"
So I did what any self-respecting cock-sucking queer cunt would,and wrapped me lips round his hot,musky slimy scally-cock and went to work slurping all over it!
"Ooooh,shit,he fuckin' doin' it,he's sucking me fuckin' cock"
His mates were stood around me and getting all freaky,egging him on.
"Yeah,mate,fuck his dirty queer mouth" and "Oh,that dirty fuckin' perv',he loving ya big cock,make 'im gag on it"
Shit,what kinda dirty perv' was I?I was noshin' down on this slimy smelly teen-cock like a baby on a tit,and loving it!
"Nasty fucking queer,had this big knob up me lass's twat tonight,lick her fuckin' cunt-juices off me knob" Hmmm,so THAT was that weird taste! I could hear a bit of fumbling and I realised the other lads had got their rock-hard cocks outa their trackies and they were wanking like crazy,and slapping their knobs in me face!Fuckin' heaven!
Suddenly,a hot stream of smelly piss splattered over me face!WTF!
"Aaaagh,ya nasty fuckin' bastard,ya got all me piss in ya face,cunt"
The cock I was slurping on left me mouth and the lad pissing slipped it straight in and I was gagging on a heavy stream of hot teen-piss!
"Ooh,we got a right sodding perv' 'ere,yeah,drink me stinky piss"
And,there I was,on me knees with 5 rock-hard scally teen-cocks slapping their slimy,pissy bell-ends over me queer face!
"Oh,mate,get ya knob outa the fucker's mouth,gonna spunk me load"
With that the 1st lad shoved his throbbing un-cut slimy knob back in me mouth and his knob-head poked the back of me throat and with a grunt he spewed a huge,greasy loada scally cock snot right into me!
"Unnnnnngggghhhh!Oohhhh shiiiiiit,fuckin' spunkin'ooooooh fucccccccck"
I was gagging on his fat,slimy scally knob as he squirted his muck into me throat!And his mates were furiously wankin' away at their stiif,drippin' cocks!The smell of teen-piss and sweat and spunk was deep in me nostrils,and as soon as one cock left me stretched mouth another slimy cock slipped in and I could barely keep up with all these thick loadsa scally-boy muck floodin' me mouth!
I tell ya,I were glad it were dark cos I had to make me way home covered in scally teen-boy piss,and spit and sweat!But even better,I had a belly fulla slimy scally-boy spunk!

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1 year ago
not bad just having to such off 5 boys they coukld have gangbanged you too
3 years ago
love the story - we shd talk ... x
3 years ago
Damn, this story needs a followup, great!
3 years ago
great story!!
4 years ago
lucky cunt i would love a gang of horny young scallies to do that to me,i would suck them all and fuck them...lovely sweet retards...
4 years ago
HI m8, luvvin the scally boys story, fuckin luv scallies and wankin over stories/pics of em.
4 years ago
wow that was so hot did it ever happen again did you ever go looking for it that would make a great story thnks
4 years ago
fucking got me rocks on, dont really have the patience to read anything long so it was short and quick and got me rock hard in second, you have a way with words, down to a T
4 years ago
Loved the story and it's similar to fantasies i have,unfortunately that's all they are :-(
4 years ago
thanx for the comment.glad you got something out of it,fella!
4 years ago
hot story would be interesting to have happen to ones self thanks