Scally Fucker.

Usual rules apply.Read only if it's legal where you are,or this stuff gets you off!

The lad in the flat above me was an absolute looker!About 20,slim,red hair,which I love,green eyes and the cockiest smile on his cute face.Jeeze,the times I'd tugged meself off thinking about him,surprised me cock hadn't dropped off!And what made it even better was a real gobby scally-lad.He was never in anything but trackies,footy-top and trainers.Fucking mind-blowing! His name's Wilf,NEVER Wilfred,as I learned when I heard him blowing his nutt cos his mother called him it one time when she came to see him!He's got a real attitude on him,lol!
And,christ,when he was shagging some lass he'd picked up,you'd think his bed were gonna come through the ceiling! He used a lot of heavy-duty verbal,(I just love that,and I wondered at the fact that usually whoever he was with didn't complain about it! Being a dirty sod meself,I'd lay on my bed,bollock naked with a pair of my skanky,spunk-stained undies and have a good old sniff & lick,imagining it was his loada scally-spunk.Tell you,listening to him banging some lucky bitch with that big scally cock of his would have me popping a hefty load every time,usually more than once,and I'd lay there,sweating and coated in spunk while he'd be going for gold! The more worked up he got the dirtier his mouth became,it'd be,"Ooh,yer dirty fucking whore" and "Tight fucking cunt,yeah,take my fat cock up that slimey cunt" One time I heard him tell the lass,"Lick my hairy shitter,ya slut" Oh,christ,when I heard that my piss-slit opened up like a tiny twat and I blasted out a huge thick loada spunk.It squirted right over my head and splattered over the wall.Chuckling away to myself I winked at the ceiling and said,"Cheers,matey"
The next day when I was popping out for a newspaper,Wilf passed me on the stairs and asked me to hold up cos he wanted to say something! He could recite 'bah,bah black seep' at me any excuse to get a few minutes with him,lol!
"Thing is mate" he began,"Just wanna say sorry if I make so much noise at times,if ya get my drift,yeah?" Hell,this was interesting! I managed to not launch myself at him,only just,heehee!
"Er,mate,no worries.Sounds like ya get lucky quite a bit,and ya get a bit kinky with it as well" Bobbing my eyebrows up and down so he knew what I overheard.
He had the decency to blush a little,well,not a problem for a red-head,eh!
He gave me that cocky grin though and I felt my knob twitch!
"Yeah,pal,like it a bit sleazy,innit,yer gotta treat 'em rough,matey,know what I mean?"
Oh,christ,did I ever!We were standing pretty close on the stairs and the smell of him almost had me squirting in my jeans!He clearly hadn't showered yet and he must have been wearing his clothes from the day before.he didn't smell too rank,just nicely sweaty,and an image of me with my face buried in his hot scally arse-hole sprang into my mind!he got my attention back outa the gutter when he said,
"Cheers,mate,didn't wanna piss you off.Mind you at least ya don't hafta buy any fuckin' porn when ya got me upstairs,innit" Oh,that cocky smile and the way he winked at me,hell,I WANTED HIM bad! Giving him a laugh I winked back and admitted,
"Well,mate,gotta say,listening to you go at it,it does get my knob all stiff and drooling"
I guess he would do one of two things at that little comment.Either he'd freak and give a me slapping or he'd get a buzz out of some bloke tossing himself listening to him porking some slut!I didn't get the slapping,lol.Instead he roared with laughter and then surprised me when he said,
"Oi,mate,that's well fuckin' cool,ya must like the kinky shit as well,eh?"
Phew,nice one!I might just get something out of this!I said I had to go the shop and he asked me if I'd get him a carton of milk.
"Yeah,course I can,pal,won't be long"And as I made off down the stairs he called out,
"Sort yer out when ya get back,mate,ok?"
Giving one of his cocky smiles and a wink I nearly fell of the step,lol! Christ,did he mean sort me out with the price of the milk,or was he meaning something else?God,I frigging well hoped so,cos my knob was dribbling in my jeans and I desperately wanted his 'fat knob' down my throat! I got to thne shop and back in double-quick time I can tell you!
Knocking at his door I tried to control my lewd thoughts,but not very successfully.
"Yeah,mate,come in,it's open"
Oh,sweet-fuckin'-christ.The sight that met me when I went into his living-room nearly made me squirt a load in my pants.Wilf was sat on his sofa in just his boxers!His smooth solid chest had a few tattoos over it,and he'd got pierced nipples.Does it for me every damn time that will.And,absolute bliss,his uncut bell-end was hanging out the leg of his undies!grinning like the cheshire cat he winked at me,patted the sofa and said,
"Now,why don't ya get yaself over here,mate so I can pay ya for the milk,yeah?'
I just stood there like a village idiot,blinking,mouth practically on the floor,which clearly wasn't the reaction he expected cos he barked at me,
"I said,fuck-wit,get ya queer fuckin' arse over 'ere,NOW,and suck my fat fuckin' knob.You's gonna get a gob-full of my milk,mate,innit"Now,I can handle myself in a fight,but I guessed he didn't want some 'macho-bloke'.He wanted some queer bloke on his knees sucking at that thick scally tool twitching out the leg of his boxers!So I covered the distance quick-smart and got on my knees and reached inside for his knob.Giving me slap pn the head he grunted,
"Nah,mate,ya gotta suck it through me skanky boxers first,innit,get the old cock-slime soaking into the crusty spunk-stains"
Oh,shit,how the fuck did he know that's just what I liked doing?anyway,that's what I did,and hell,the stink in his boxers was ripe.All gunky with dried scally spunk,but the smell got stronger as I sucked and his bell-end began leaking and soaking into his boxers.In no time his knob was rigid and throbbing away as I slurped all over it.
"Yeah,that's it,queer cunt,suck my fat fuckin' knob,ya dirty fucker"
I glanced up at him and he was tugging on his dark red pierced nipples and I areached up with one hand and started working on the one he wasn't tugging at.
"Oooh,fuck yeah,ya love it,don't ya,stiff str8 boy nipples,yeah?"
Well,having my mouth on his boer-clad knob I couldn't really do anything but moan! Another slap from Wilf and I wondered what I did to piss him off,
"Mate,ya gonna lick my arse-hole out now,yeah.I know that's what you arse-bandits like,innit"
With that,he pushed my face off his drooling knob and scooted forward so that his meaty arse was right on the edge of the sofa.He lifted his legs up and parted his arse-cheeks!hell,what a sight.His tight pink pucker was coated in red hairs and there was an amazing smell coming off it!
"Yeah,mate,ya just gonna fuckin' look at it,or are ya gonna get that nasty tongue in there?" Oh,I didn't need telling twice,lol,and in I went! I started by licking up and down his hairy crack,savouring that great smell of scally-boy arse!Wilf was growling and moaning as I worked my magic.
"Oh,yer a dirty fucker,aint ya?Fuckin hell,ya licking my sweaty shitter" And as my wet tongue dipped into his tight bung-hole Wilf was practically mewling like a big,soppy kitten!
"Oh,fucccccck,yessss,filthy gueer twat,lick my fuckin' shit-hole,aaaaaagh,fuck yesss" I could feel his big heavy low-hangers banging off my head as he fisted his big fat scally-knob!He was really going to town on his cock and as much as I was a pig for his hot hole,I really wanted his knob down my throat! As if he'd read my mind though he warned me,
"Keep ya tongue in me hoop mate,till I'm ready to fill ya filthy mouth wiv me thick loada muck,ok,fucker?"
Ah,well,at least I knew I was gonna get a bell-full of his spunk at some point!
So back to work I went,swirling my experienced tongue deep into his winking hole,practically sucking it out!Wif's breathing quickened,he must've been close to losing his junk I reckoned.Yup,I was right cos he let out a grunt and shouted at me,
"Fuck,close mate,really fuckin' close.Get that queer gob on me bell-end,quick"
No sooner said than done,lol,and I popped his uncut slimey knob-head into my cock-sucking mouth|!Shit,he was drooling like a ruddy tap and my mouth was quickly flooded with scally pre-slime.just how I liked it!The lad was huffing like a steam-train and he slid further into my mouth,bell-end catching the back of my throat.
"Aaaaagh,fuckin' hell,ya nasty twat.Ya fuckin' love it,yeah ya do,freakin' cock-sucker" I had a neat trick with the blokes.Pop a finger knuckle-deep up his chute and they are soon squirting like a hose,heehee!And it was well easy to do as his hole was good and slimey from my tongue-bath!
"Oooooh,shit,mate,gonna fuckin' blow me wad right now" Go for it,pal,s'what I need,I thought.
"Bucking his hips forward and letting rip with a roar his big thick scally knob spewed out a huge loada scally-spunk!
"Shiiiiiiiiit,aaaaaagh christ,swallow me muck,fuckin' do iiiiiiiit"
Hell,with his bell-end banging at my tonsils I gagged a bit and some of his junk squirted out of my nostrils!I thought he was never gonna quit.I've had some decent loads down my throat,but this was incredible.Seriously,he must've gone on squirting for well over 2 minutes.But,being the cock-sucker I was,well,I did a grand job of chugging down his hefty load!
Then,all of a sudden he pulled out of my mouth and rubbed his gunky knob-head over my face.He let out a moan and sneered at me from my place between his legs.
"Fuckin' christ,mate,that was well mint.Regular cock-sucker,aint ya?"
Letting out a belch and licking the slime of my lips I grinned up at him and said,
"Been doing it long enough,pal,glad ya liked it"
Then Wilf stood up and tossed his boxers at me,
"Little present for ya,mate.Yer can whack one off over 'em.Now,ya gotta piss off now cos me bitch is coming over in a while,innit,gotta give her a good shafting,like"
Feeling just a tad like a spare prick at a whore's wedding I got up and gave a weak smile.Just as I got to the door he shouted out,
"Oi,queer-boy,I want you pullin' ya pud and sucking on them skanky boxers when ya hear me fuckin' me slut.Right?"
Giving him a sly grin and a wink I told him,sure,you got it and then raced down to my flat to whack one out.Oh,I knew I'd have a full sack again when his girl got to his place but right now I wanted some time with Wilf's spunked-up boxers before his started in on 'his bitch'!

Hope you all enjoyed that.Comments always welcome.
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1 year ago
fuck, those skanky boxers musta smelled awesome! Enuf to blow a few loads!
2 years ago
wow that is so hot, i once nicked a chavs undies still got em actually nice spunk rag, love young chavs
4 years ago
that was special you should write what happened when dis girl arrived thanks
4 years ago
Nice mate !
4 years ago
you got me wanking good. very excited lol
4 years ago
reminds me of when i had a falt in a housing block, my neighbour used to have orgies, only got too see them fuck girls but man that story brought back hot memories...well fucking nice bro x
4 years ago
Very well written, really enjoy the way you and steamy, thanks. Hank
4 years ago
Wow fagboy46 you write like i think you are very good had me jacking off and made me cum all over my shorts wow thanks
4 years ago
well,there ya go,palanother successful load,lol!
glad ya liked it!
4 years ago
that was good made me cum everywhere