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this will be last update here, goodbye

Jan 19&20 - my sickness continued. i sucked 14 cocks on sun, found 4 used condoms, licked up 5 loads off the floor and 8 out of the cocks. i spent 4 hours naked in the booth, slave collar, cock rings around cock and balls and metal butt plug in my faggot ass. i took condoms to toilet and played as usual, filling used condoms with toilet water and deep throating them down and hitting poppers till i am rock hard. i tried but was unable to shoot off this day no matter what i did, how pathetic i am, i did slurp up the toilet water off the floor. mon i went and the place was packed, lots of guys walking around but most must have been cocksuckers like me cause i was only able to get 5 cocks and 2 loads, no loads off the floor, i did have one guy piss down my throat and i drank it all, it was nasty and humiliating, i found 5 used condoms and took them to the toilets.i found the toilet filled with piss which makes it even more humiliating to me, i had 8 condoms that i filled with toilet water, licked the rim and hit poppers then deep throated them, i sucked some pissy toilet water and let it drip down my body and over my balls, the water was ice cold and made me rock hard. i hit more poppers and bit a hole in one of the condoms and let it drip all over my face and body, the cold pissy water and hot poppers drove me on, i loved rubbing the cold toilet filled condoms on either side of my faggot balls, i sucked water out of the condom with the hole and swallowed a mouthful as i shot my load. i licked up my faggy load and the toilet water.

Jan 18 - got fed 10 cocks today in the holes, some really nice long ones that I was able to deepthroat, ate 6 loads, licked up another 4 off the floors and found 3 condoms to clean out, one guy came into my booth and face fucked me really hard, I was gagging and making all kinds of slurping noises that I know could be hard all over the booth area, all the guys outside knew I was being used as a cumdump cockpig and loving it. after I serviced the 10 cock I headed to the toilets to play with the used condoms, I filled them with toilet water as I kneeled naked before the toilet bowl and deep throated them, hitting poppers and licking the toilet bowl as I played with the toilet filled condoms, I had an empty water bottle that I filled with toilet water and poured into my mouth and let it drip out and down my body so it dripped across my balls as i jerked off on the floor, licked up the pathetic sperm and toilet water to finish my sickness and humiliation.

Jan 11 & 12 - Went back to the gholes and toilets to be the sick disgusting faggot i have become in my worthless life. it was slow for a cocksucker like me this weekend, only sucked 12 cocks and ate 5 loads, too many other cocksuckers there it seems, i licked up 7 loads off the floors and found 5 used condoms that I cleaned out, i took them to the toilets to play with and be the nasty toilet whore I have also become, huffing poppers and filling them with toilet water to deep throat and dip in the toilet water to swallow gain and again, it even disgusts me when I do my toilet play but I still get so turned on when I do theses nasty things, my cocklette is wrapped up by 2 metal cockrings and a metal bullet butt plug up my fag asshole, a slave collar on and "CUMPIG FAGGOT" written on my chest in lipstick I kneel naked before my new god the toilet, I am always stripped naked when I kneel before the toilet, I was excited and rock hard as I saw the toilet was filled with yellow pissy water. I dropped all the used condoms into the toilet water and started my degradation. I huffed the poppers to get a good high and dropped them into the toilet water to keep cold, this also makes me have to stick my hand into the toilet water to get them out occasionally to popper up more, my hand them dripping with ice cold toilet water I use to jerk my faggy cocklette, am buzzing good now and I take out my bottle of sperm I had collect off the floors of the booth earlier, I poured the sperm out along the rim and start licking from one end of the toilet to the other, I clean the entire toiler dripping sperm on the places I lick up. more poppers, more cold toilet water on my cocklette, I fill the condoms with toilet water and deep throat them and let the water drip down my body, I dip the condoms in the toilet water over and over, deep throat them over and over as I take poppers hits, I need more degradation so I take the last of the sperm and let I pour out on the floor where more toilet water had dripped out across the floor, especially in the grout lines, I am on all fours after a super large hit of poppers and I lick the floor clean of sperm and toilet water, dragging my tongue along the grout lines, this whole time I am stark naked wishing I had an audience to watch me be a sick faggot toilet pig. more poppers and I sucked up a mouthful of toilet water, I lean my head back and let it drip out of my mouth and down my body till it hits my balls, I start to orgasm and I swallow the rest of the toilet water in my mouth as I shoot my disgusting pathetic sperm on the toilet floor, after I cum I hit the poppers one last time and start the lowest sickness, I lick up my own sperm and the toilet water that has dripped from my faggy balls and dropped to the toilet floor.

Jan 3 & 4- I went to the holes both days to be the sick faggot I am before I am no longer able to go, time is getting very short for me.
first day I sucked 15 cocks and swallowed 9 loads, licked 4 guys assholes and pushed my faggot tongue deep inside their assholes and mashing my nose into their ass cheeks, this seems to get most guys really hard cause they usually turn around and ram their cocks down my throat hard. I had 2 guys ask to cum into my booth and I gladly said yes to both, one had a nice thick fat cock that was about 8 inches, I love these types of cocks the most, they really make me stretch my mouth open and I gag a lot on them. it makes me feel like a total faggot when working a fat thick cock, he sat on the bench and let me go to work as guys came into the other booth to watch and some added their cocks thru the hole and I worked those while jacking the fat cock in my booth. I worked the fat cock in my booth for close to an hour before he finally got it all the way down my throat and blew his load. he slapped my face with his cock after and told me I was a good little sick faggot. I went and did my standard toilet cleaning duty after things slowed and nobody seemed available to suck their cocks. I licked the toilet inside and out and lick the floor around the base until the floor was spotless.

second day I sucked 8 cocks, 3 loads swallowed, no asshole licked, found 3 cold sperm puddles on the booth floors that I licked clean. things were slow so I hunted for used condoms, found 2 but they were empty, no sperm to clean, I took the used condoms to the toilets and it had just been cleaned so no piss on floor or inside bowl. I filled condoms with toilet water and deep throated them and let the ice cold water drip down my body to my sissy cocklette, the whole time I am inside the bookstore I am huffing poppers continuously, I bit a hole in one condom and let it drain into my mouth and pushed the toilet water out of my mouth and down my fag body and over my sissy fag balls till I shot off on the floor, again I always lick up my sperm and the toilet water on the floors after, another weekend as the sick faggot cockpig and toilet whore I have become over the years.

Jan 1 - I went to the holes and stayed 6 hours, only got 9 cocks and 4 loads but the best thing was when I went looking for used condoms to play in the toilets. I went into a booth and found 1 used condom on the floor but the wild thing was finding 2 huge puddles of sperm in the corners on the floor, they were huge, both were close to a foot across and thick and full of pubic hairs, I stripped naked and hit my poppers then got down on my hands and knees and sucked up the sperm, each puddles filled my mouth with sperm like the bukkake vids u see on xham, I had an empty lube bottle and after I played with the sperm and pubic hairs I spit it in the bottle to keep for later in the toilets and then I moved to the other puddle and did the same, I could feel all the pubic hairs as I sucked up the cold thick sperm doing poppers the whole time. I went to the toilets to play after sucking up sperm and sucking cocks also found 2 more used condoms in the booths. the toilet bowl was filled with yellow piss and some tissue, dropped the used condoms in the pissy water and stripped naked again, I hit poppers as I played by filling the condoms up with pissy water and deep throating them, I continued dipping the filled condoms in the piss water and letting the water drip on my face and body, at times I would take sipped from the condom and let it drip out my mouth and down my body to drip over my cock and balls, the water is so cold it makes my faggot cocklette rock hard and the poppers kept me in the zone of being a disgusting pigfag, I pushed my face into the toilet water and sucked up the toile paper and chewed it as the water dripped out of my mouth, I spit out the toilet paper on the floor and sucked in a big mouthful of pissy water and let that drip too as I hit poppers continuously and finally shot off, I licked up my sperm and piss water off the floors before I left for the day. I still have the bottle of sperm to play with later.

Dec 29 - I went back to the gholes for the 2nd str8t day, sucked 9 cocks and swallowed 7 loads then hunted the booths for used condoms and cold sperm puddles I found 2 condoms and licked up 4 loads of sperm off the floors. I then went to the bathroom and licked a nasty disgusting toilet clean, again filled condoms with toilet water and deep throat them and got them down my throat as I swallowed.i then drank the toilet water out of them.

Dec 28 - i sucked 18 cocks out of them and swallowed 11 loads of hot sperm, licked up 9 loads off the floors and cleaned 7 used condoms. then took 7 condoms to the toilets and licked 3 toilets clean, I filled each condom with toilet water and deep throated them, i bit each one and sucked the toilet water out and drank it down, my belly bulged with all the toilet water in it, later I got sick and threw up all the water.

Dec 25 - i sucked 12 cocks, licked 7 assholes, swallowed 9 loads from hard cocks and licked up another 6 loads off the booth floors, was naked in the booth for 4 hours, then i cruised each booth for used condoms and found 3 used ones on the floors, I took them to the toilets and went into one where the floor was covered in pissy toilet water and pubic hairs, it was disgusting. I stripped naked and wore 2 metal cock rings, a metal butt plug up my ass and my slave collar, I started by playing in the toilet water and huffing poppers till I was so horny I filled the condoms with toilet water and deep throated them and swallowed them down my throat. I pulled them out of my throat to dip them in the toilet water and let it drip into my mouth and deep throat them again. i played more with the condoms and then got on the floor and rolled around in the pissy toilet water then licked up and dragged my tounge thru it even the grout lines that were full of piss water and pubic hairs while i huffed the poppers more, i licked the toilet clean outside and inside, under the rim and lapped and drank from the bowl. finally i got the filled condoms and bit a hole in one and let it drip into my mouth and all over my face and body as i jerked off and shot my load on the floor, i then licked up my own sperm and cleaned the entire floor till no piss or water was left, my mouth was full of pubic hairs that i chewed them and swallowed some. i cleaned up and left the glory holes only want ting to come back and do even more sick perverted sex acts.

Past - I have been sucking cocks for as long as I can remember but they were few and far between, when I discovered gholes I would go to the gholes to get a blow job from the booths cocksuckers, eventually I would reciprocate when the cocksucker would stick his cock thru, I would never swallow back then afraid of STD's, slowly I learned to like sucking cocks and even enjoy it. 20 years ago I was laid off from work and had a few months where I could go to the gholes on a regular basis and I moved from being sucked to sucking all the time. 10 years ago I again lost my job but it was for an extended time, I spent more and more and more time in the booths and started to swallow the loads I would suck out of those hard cocks, I started doing poppers and would spend 4-6 hours at a time sucking cocks thru the holes and letting guys into my booth to let them use me, always I was stripped naked and enjoyed being seen working cocks while others watched me degrade myself, 1 year I started to keep track of the number of cocks I sucked on and the number of cum loads I would swallow, I tried to avg 100 cocks a month but sucking cocks in the booths is a hit and miss endeavor, I have done as many as 148 cocks and as little as 40 in a month, that year I ended up sucking 1048 cocks and swallowing 503 loads. I had become a total nasty cock sucking faggot, then my fall started and poppers would fuel my fall into degradation and humiliation, I would push my limits by licking guys assholes when they requested it, now I beg to lick assholes when sucking cocks. I started to lick up small drops of sperm off the walls of the booths and eventually licking up sperm off the floors, now I have to lick up cold slimy sperm puddles off any booth floor and eagerly hunt for sperm puddles in all the booths hopped up on poppers. I then moved onto finding used condoms left in the booths and licking the sperm out of them, now I hunt them like I do sperm puddles. poppers kept me pushing the boundaries of my sickness. it was only a matter of time before my addiction took me to the bathrooms and toilets in the gloryholes, it started with timid licks of the toilet seat and outside of the bowls and the poppers pushed me further and further to get the high of degrading nastiness, from licking the rim to the inside of the bowl, under the rim, the base and the floor around the toilet to lapping at the toilet water and eventually pushing my face into pissy toilet water and sucking in mouthfuls of toilet water to let drip out of my mouth down my body and across my sissy fag cocklette encircled by metal cockrings, a metal butt plug up my asshole, the ice cold water and poppers making me shoot my faggy load across the toilet floor covered in toilet water. now I fill the used condoms I find with toilet water and deep throat them and have started to drink the toilet water.... my sickness is now complete and coming to an end very soon.

The obligatory disclaimer: WARNING: all individuals and/or institutions, including local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects and/or investigations. - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile information, pictures, videos, blogs, or stories in any form or forum both current and future. If you have, or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. (I suggest the rest of you post this notice)

Disclaimer WARNING: Sydney University and all other institutions using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. (I suggest the rest of you post this notice).
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6 months ago
Sie haben Wunder schöne Bilder,gefallen mir.
10 months ago
I luv exposure
1 year ago
darling take care will miss you xxxxxxxxxxx
1 year ago
Spent the day yesterday eating shit from toilets and used diapers in the family restrooms at 3 different malls.
1 year ago
whoresome darling and inspirational xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1 year ago
thnks, i´m sperm addict too!
1 year ago
I ate shit from 16 toilets today and completely ate 9 used tampons.
1 year ago
thanks for accepting dude
1 year ago
kisses +
1 year ago
This submissive sissy pain slut thanks you for your invitation. LOve the way you humiliate and degrade yourself in your profile. I hope you enjoy all of my perverted original pictures and videos of me abusing myself for the pleasure of others. Xxoo Pussyboy
1 year ago
Nice profile. Thx for the invite.
1 year ago
no waiting on BOP to assign me location
1 year ago
Did you get out?
1 year ago
I am the most disgusting waste of life on earth and I deserve to be locked in someone's basement and fucked and beaten to the edge of my life and forced to eat strangers shit for the rest of my life till I die from eating so much bodily solids and fluids
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite
1 year ago
Great collection of favorites.
1 year ago
look at it this way....your gonna very popular n the slammer...hot coc everywhere
1 year ago
1 year ago
Sounds ruff! Good luck Dude!
1 year ago
Yea your going down! Lol
1 year ago
i am the sickest most disgusting faggot ever now
1 year ago
Sorry to hear that, I spent 27 months in prison and it sucked, but The good thing was I was used pretty regular in there. The sex was great, but no damn internet to enjoy.
2 years ago
Hi, faggot, and thanks for the invite.
I love the taste of cum too

Ms. Nicole
2 years ago
Thank you for letting me lay on the gloryhole floor and suck your faggot cock while you sucked real mens cocks.
2 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I live in Atlanta and liked hearing about the glory holes. I need to get over there and have my first cock. Can't wait!
2 years ago
I have seen some pretty sick faggots in my time, but this guy takes the cake. Imagine licking toilets and sucking black cock and going to glory holes. I hope they put this fucking pervert in prison to protect the rest of humanity!
2 years ago
almost as depraved as me - deliciuus daaaaaling! xxxx
2 years ago
Dude you have problems. Get help. Don't add me again.
2 years ago
Dirty cunt. Make sure you upload everything you have before they put you away for a period of involuntary asshole stretching in jail.
2 years ago
thancks for accepting my invite ! can you uploading your videos of you in glory hole please ? thancks

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