Three huge-breasted women falling in love with my

I work at this bookstore in my neighborhood, and there's this pretty, thin, HUGE-BOOBED 20-something brunette woman with short hair and grey eyes that has been coming in lately during lunchtime. We've chatted a few times, but yesterday, I decided to try something bold. I went to work with no underwear on, which is a bit of a risk for me, since my cock is HUGE.

Sure enough, she came to the store and, after greeting me, took her jacket off, throwing it over her arm, and arched her back, thrusting her GIANT BREASTS against her lovely white blouse as she walked around the stacks of books. I gaped at her huge tits and enormous nipples protruding thickly through her cotton top. Naturally, my thick 10-inch cock responded and began expanding down my leg and stretching hugely against my pants.

She looked at my crotch and was immediately awestruck. She stared, utterly amazed and transfixed by my huge, growing cock ... she blanched and gasped,
"YOUR COCK ..." she stammered, "MY GOD ... YOUR COCK ... YOUR COCK IS HUGE!"

I tilted my hips and thrust my big cock toward her, "You think so?"

"Are you k**ding me??? YOUR COCK IS MASSIVE!" she cried as she stepped forward and reached for my crotch.

I pushed her hand away and said, "There's no way you're touching my cock until I see your big tits!"

"That seems fair," she said and unbuttoned her blouse. She took it off and thrust her mountainous tits forward as she reached behind her back and unclasped her 4-hook bra--releasing her titanic, 34JJ tits! I stared in awe at the hugest, most perfectly shaped gargantuan breasts that I have ever seen--and she was such a young, thin girl! Her nipples were huge and perfectly positioned, pointing slightly upward at the exquisite apex of her gigantic boobs ... she had Yulia Nova tits--only they were much bigger and firmer!

"Do you like them?" She asked as she reached once more to unzip my pants.

"Your tits are incredible," I said, as she reached deeply to pull my enormous, pulsating cock and balls out where she could see them at last. She stared, unabashed, at my giant cock. "My god, your cock is sooo fucking huge! It's amazing! Can I please suck your gigantic, gorgeous COCK? ... I desperately want to feel your enormous cock plowing my mouth!"

I nodded, and she immediately knelt and began voraciously sucking as much of my massive thick cock as she could handle. Looking up at me, she stretched her mouth wide open to accomodate the huge head and gigantic thickness of my enormous cock as she worked to enjoy as much of it as she could. I majestically pumped my gigantic cock in and out of her grateful mouth as she wolfed what she could take of my fantastic hugeness. She moaned her sheer appreciation, "Mmmmmmmmphffff," she exulted at the ecstatic pleasure of the magnificently massive cock plowing hugely in and out of her grateful mouth.

She released my cock long enough to exclaim, "I've been coming in here for weeks! I've been coveting your your huge hot cock ... dreaming and masturbating about what your cock would look like ... but I had no idea that your cock would be soooo massive and so fucking beautiful!!! I love sucking your huuuuge cock!"

She was out of her mind with pleasure as my enormous cock thickly pumped her lovely face ... she couldn't believe how lucky she was ... it was like she had hit her own personal cock lottery.

"Right now, this very moment, with your enormous, spectacular cock pumping my mouth--is one of the greatest moments of my life! You and your amazing cock just make me feel so good about myself! Thank you, thank you so much for honoring me with your wonderful, massive cock!!!!"

She pulled me closer and lovingly laid the enormous length of my exquisite cock over her face, cozying up to my big, fragrant balls, rejoicing in my overall massiveness. The sheer weight of my gigantic cock on her face amazed her. She couldn't believe how lucky she was!

"Ohhh, your big thick cock feels so good on my face," she sighed, as she inhaled the musky aroma of my huge cock and balls. Then she voraciously stuffed my giant cock back into her welcoming mouth. Grasping my hips with each hand to manage the luxurious rhythm as she worked hard to take as much of the massive head and big, thick shaft, as she could ... she moaned deliriously, "Ungh, ungh, ungh," with each majestic thrust!

She released my enormous cock from her mouth and stared adoringly at it as it bobbed massively just above her happy face, "What's your name?" she asked respectfully as she tilted her head back to look up at me.

"Scott," I said.

"Well, Scott, my name is Leisa, and I wish I could find the words to tell you how amazing your gigantic cock is. Sucking your gigantic cock makes me feel so special. I'm just so lucky to take your magnificently huge, thick cock filling my mouth and throat. When you pump your gloriously massive cock in and out of my mouth, I just feel so ... valued ... that you would choose me for the honor of your amazing, giant cock! Thank you, Scott, thank you for choosing me for the massive gift of your enormous COCK!!!"

Leisa lovingly rubbed the massive, smooth head of my huge cock all over her face, her neck, and her mountainous tits, thrilling at its extraordinary size and perfect proportions. Then she sucked my giant cock back into her desperate mouth, delighting in its enormousness as she thrust her gigantic chest out and thrilled at the feeling of her huge tits swinging heavily in time with each stroke of my giant, gorgeous cock.

I reached for her fabulously huge tits and stood her up, unzipping her tight skirt and slipping it off. She was only wearing black stockings with a satin garter belt and high heels ... looking exactly like a Swedish Erotica porn star!

"Wow," I said, nice lingerie."

"I wore them just for you ... do you like them?"

"They are a lovely enhancement to your already amazing body. I love them!"

Her smooth firm ass cheeks felt fantastic. I lay her back onto the counter, and she pulled her gorgeous stockinged legs up (with high heels still on) and spread them wide as she begged, "Please, Scott, please plow my beefy wet cunt with your huge, hot cock!"

I paused for a moment to admire the her gorgeous, beefy, neatly trimmed, brunette cunt. Her cunt lips were thick and full and already soaking wet.

"You have such a beautiful pussy," I said respectfully.

Leisa said, "If you don't mind, Scott, I prefer "cunt" ... I don't have a delicate little "pussy," I've got a big, beautiful, beefy CUNT!" I love the sound of that word. Is that ok with you?"

"Yes, honey, I completely agree, I've always preferred the word CUNT ... and your CUNT is really, really amazing! You're so beautiful, and can't wait to plunge my huge, hard cock in and out of your beefy, gorgeous CUNT!!!!"

I stepped forward and gently separated her beautiful big cunt lips with the massive head of my rock hard cock, slowly easing the huge head and titanic length into her steaming, beefy cunt.

"OH ... MY ... GOD!" She breathed huskily as she began to take the enormity of my giant cock penetrating deep within her. "Your cock is beyond anything I could ever have imagined ... my god, your cock is sooo incredible!!!"

"Ohhh," I sighed, as I began pumping in and out of her extraordinary cunt, "Your cunt feels so very good wrapped around my big cock!"

"Yeesss, Scott, that's soooo great! I love hearing you talk about your huge COCK and my CUNT ... your cock is soooo fucking awesome! I love your huge, hot cock!" she cried, as I pumped most of the enormous length of my massive cock in and out of her gorgeous, soaking wet cunt. She felt so honored just to be in the presence of my wonderful cock--to look at it, to admire it's massive, perfect proportions, and to obsess about my cock's awesome power--but there was so much more ... she exulted in the sheer ecstasy of my gigantic hardness plunging in and out of her throbbing cunt ... her thick cunt lips grasping it wetly as I thrust powerfully in and out of her ... her magnificently massive tits moving luxuriously up and down her chest in time with each soaking wet pump of my stupendously huge cock!

"My god, Scott, your cock is soooo fucking big, so huge, and so fucking perfect!" she cried, moaning enthusiastically each time I plowed her beefy cunt with the MY GIANT COCK!!!

"This is it," she gasped as she launched into the first of her thunderous orgasms ... "Ohhh, jesus, oh my god, oh, oh, UNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

As the waves subside, Leisa held my face in her hands and spoke directly, "I'm right where I belong ... with your huge, wonderful, hot cock, Scott! I LOVE YOUR AWESOME, AMAZING, GIANT COCK! Your cock feels so good in my cunt. Thank you sooo much for blessing me and PUMPING MY CUNT WITH YOUR STUPENDOUSLY HUGE, GORGEOUS COCK!!!!"

It was then that we heard the gasps and noticed the two wealthy and expensively well-dressed women in high heels who had come into the store and were now intently watching my huge cock plowing in and out of Leisa's soaking wet cunt. They had both pulled their skirts up above their own garter belts and stockings and were furiously masturbating, involuntarily humping their sopping wet, beefy cunts toward my cock--transfixed and staring--at my enormous, glistening massiveness pumping in and out of Leisa. They were naturally mesmerized at the sight of my gigantic cock fucking Leisa's lovely cunt, but just as much, they had been unexpectedly turned on by how breathtakeingly uninhibited Leisa was. They each wished that they could have been more like that if the moment had ever presented itself--they had never had the confidence--but perhaps now was the time! In this single transcendent moment, Leisa and I were liberating them ... freeing them to be the sexually expressive women that they had each secretly wanted to be ever since they were teenage girls. They loved our passion and sincerity, our openness, and the wonderfully enthusiastic and articulate way that each of us spoke about my huge cock and Leisa's beefy cunt. They wanted to be a part of it ... to go anywhere that Leisa and I would take them. Most of all, they both desperately wanted my enormous cock, to feel my size and majesty plowing their grateful mouths and sopping wet, beefy cunts.

"Do you mind if we stay and watch?" asked the first one, mouth agape as she shamelessly admired my gigantic cock cloaked in Leisa's big beefy cunt lips.

"Can we?" begged the second, as she stepped forward and dropped to her knees to get her face closer to the perfect, massive cock of her dreams ... my huge cock ... she wanted to see my enormous, glistening, rock hard cock in action at close range ... to hear the wet sounds of my huge veiny cock plunging in and out of Leisa's soaking wet cunt, and to breathe in the musky smell of my cock mixed with Leisa's flowing cunt juices.

"Yes," I assured them as her friend joined her and they hiked their skirts up further to get comfortable on their knees and leaning in to gaze at the enormity of my gigantic cock sliding wetly in and out of Leisa's grateful wet cunt, "But you have to get your tits out for me. Introduce yourselves while you enjoy my big cock plowing Leisa's lovely cunt!"

The thin blonde woman to my left stared at my massive cock as she raised her thin sweater and pulled her big tits out of her bra. She spoke first, "My name is Laura, and I'm not going to lie: You have the hugest, most beautiful cock I've ever seen! I need your cock, Scott. You're so ridiculously handsome and your cock is so ... fucking ... huge! Please, please! I NEED to suck your gigantic, gorgeous cock!!!"

I gently pulled out of Leisa's cunt (with an amazing sucking sound), and turned slightly, and began lovingly pumping my giant cock in and out of Laura's sweet mouth. She looked lustily up and into my eyes, reveling in the massive cock now stuffing and stretching her mouth, and struggling to wolf down as much enormous cock as she could.

Next was Laura's tiny friend on her knees to my right, who was breathlessly looking on in sheer amazement. She was only 5-feet tall or so and less than 120 pounds, and as she unbuttoned her silky blouse, she revealed the hugest, most amazingly firm giant tits I've ever seen on such a tiny woman, with gorgeous big nipples, "My name is Alicia, Scott, and I'm sooo glad to finally find your astoundingly huge, beautiful cock--at long last, a cock that can match my stupendously huge, perfectly shaped breasts and fill my wet beefy cunt as I have dreamed and needed to be fucked for so long!" She bent lower and began licking my heavy balls as she looked upward to watch my cock pumping in and out of Laura's excited face.

Leisa welcomed the new girls, "That's it ladies! Lick Scott's gorgeous balls and worship his giant cock! Isn't his huge cock amazing?"

"Yessss," they each sighed in unison. Laura reluctantly released my hot cock from her mouth and fed it back into Leisa's beefy cunt, "I want to watch his huge cock pumping your gorgeous cunt!"

"Unnnnnhhhh, oh my god, my cunt feels so good!" Leisa cried, as she launched into her second overpowering orgasm.

Laura smiled as she watched Leisa's cunt gushing wet cum all around Scott's enormous hot cock and spoke tentatively ... "I wish you could see this Leisa. Scott's gigantic cock looks so, um, fantastic pumping into your gorgeous cunt!"

She had loved saying that out loud, but she was nervous about how Leisa would react to her racy words. She needn't have worried. Leisa yelled, "That's it, Laura, tell me what it looks like when his huge cock pumps my cunt!"

Thrilled, Laura had an idea--she grabbed her cellphone and quickly snapped several close-up photos of my massive cock at various levels of penetration moving in and out of Leisa's beefy, wet cunt. I paused a few times so that she could sharpen her focus. "That's fantastic, Scott! You're a natural at this ... now open your hips a little this way, I want to get the full length of your huge cock and your luscious big balls too! Oh, my god, this is amazing!" She held her phone up for Leisa to see the amazing footage. Leisa beamed proudly, and then once again exploded into another earth-shattering orgasm.

Laura spoke louder, "You are soooo lucky, Leisa, I would give anything to be in your place, to feel Scott's enormous, amazing cock plowing in and out of my cunt!!!"

Leisa thought that was a great idea, "Please Scott, if we get together, will you please pump your enormous cock into each of our cunts doggy style? I want you to spread my legs and watch my beefy wet cunt getting plowed by your amazing giant cock! I'm sure that Laura and Alicia would love for you to do the same thing to them too! The two elegant women nodded appreciatively and quickly rose as they removed their clothing except for their stockings, garters, and high heels.

I kissed each of them in turn, massaging their huge tits with enormous pleasure. They arched their backs to thrust their tits toward me before they turned and bent lewdly over the stacks of books, their amazingly smooth asses displayed for my pleasure with legs spread wide.

As I surveyed the lovely tableau, three gorgeous women with huge tits, exquisite asses, luscious backs and steaming beefy cunts waiting ... I couldn't believe my good fortune. Leisa took the lead and spoke for all of them, "Please ... we want all of it ... don't hold back ... please pump us full of your wonderfully huge cock! You are our world. When we're in the presence of your humungous, perfect cock, we are truly alive!" I stepped forward and began pumping my massive cock fully in and out of her lovely cunt.

Leisa couldn't stop talking about my cock,"I never imagined that I could be with such a huge wonderful cock ... you're so amazingly big ... and beautiful, and so fucking massive. I'm so so lucky ... blessed ... thank you soooo much for honoring me with your gigantic, gorgeous cock!"

Amazingly, and for the rest of her long life, Leisa verbally worshipped my huge cock whenever we were together. It made her so hot to talk about my cock and her cunt! She made sure to tell every one of her girlfriends about my gigantic, gorgeous cock! She would forever enjoy their unabashed admiration ... that she above all got to enjoy the massive plowing of my huge cock in her cunt and mouth ... but even more than that, she loved how they begged her for permission to be in the presence of my extraordinary cock, to feel it pumping in and out of their mouths, and plowing their grateful beefy cunts! She loved the power she had to share Scott's enormous cock at her discretion.

Leisa's gorgeous beefy cunt began spasming as she launched into the most explosive orgasm of her life ... "I'm cumming ... cumming, huge cock, huge cock, oh my god! ... unnnnnnnnh!" She convulsively soaked the full length of my massive cock as I held it buried deep inside her gushing beefy cunt. As the waves slowly subsided once again, she looked up at me and breathlessly begged, "Will you please, please cum all over my face? I want to watch your massive cock cumming for me and to feel your hot cum on my face and tits!"

I agreed of course, and as she knelt before me, she arched her back and thrust out her massive tits, hands brushing her erect nipples before coming to rest expectantly on her pale white thighs. She marveled at the sheer massiveness of my gigantic cock as it bobbed in front of her smiling, grateful face. She knew that she was exactly where she wanted to be ... kneeling before me to worship my huge, amazing, gorgeous cock and be glorified by my cum on her face!

She frowned slightly when I took a step back from her ... she seemed worried that I wasn't going to fulfill her wish to feel my hot cum on her face ... and then she realized ... beyond her wildest dreams, that I was making room so that I could shoot long, powerful jets of cum and cover her face!

Just then, as the other two girls stared in awe, I stoked the massively thick and long shaft of my giant cock ... and then the huge head of my enormous cock erupted with big long load after glorious load of magnificent cum pumping into and all over Leisa's welcoming, grateful face. Watching intently, they were utterly stunned and I launched each massive blast, lovingly stroking each huge load of spectacular cum for their pleasure all over Leisa's deliriously happy face ... I pumped massive loads of hot cum over her cheeks and into her eyes--she winced, but resolutely opened her eyes so that she could watch the huge loads spurting from my huge, gorgeous cock ... it made her feel so good that I came to much and so f***efully for her!

"Oh my god, you cum so much," she glugged through the onslaught of cum that continued to blast her grateful face. Alicia and Laura gaped and gasped in sheer amazement at my magnificent cock pumping each outrageously huge load of cum all over Leisa's soaking wet, cum-covered face!

As the enormous thick blasts of hot cum began to subside, Leisa gazed lovingly up at me, reached for my massive throbbing cock and gratefully rubbing the enormous head and thick shaft all through the huge loads of cum that now covered her face and ran gorgeously down onto the smooth, mountainous shelf and deep cleavage of her massive heaving tits!

Breathlessly, she sighed gratefully, "Thank you so much, Scott! Thank you for honoring me with your magnificently massive cock and huge loads of hot cum."

Laura and Alicia were completely blown away ... they couldn't take their eyes off of my enormous cock and the tremendous cum loads that covered Leisa's beautiful face and dripped down onto her massive tits. Laura leaned toward Leisa and breathed, "He's perfect, isn't he?" Leisa agreed and Alicia nodded.

"Would you mind giving us a moment?" Laura asked me respectfully from her knees, poised next to Leisa's glazed and dripping cum-covered face and huge tits.

"Of course," I replied. Looking at the three of them together, my cock already began to harden again. I stepped back so that they could talk privately.

It was Alicia who spoke for all three of them, "We've talked and we all agree: even though other women will want you and your spectactular cock and your huge loads of cum, we need to know that you and your amazing cock will be available to us whenever we need you ... probably every day. We know that when we're with you and your magnificent, gigantic cock, we are truly alive! The way you shoot such huge loads of cum is epic ... sooo amazing ... we need you to honor us with your cum pumping all over us every day. We need you, we need your beautiful giant cock, and we need to feel your spectacularly huge loads of hot cum shooting all over us. We need you to glorify our wet beefy cunts with your magnificently huge cock. We need to feel the massive length and thickness of your rock hard cock pumping in and out of our mouths ... to rub its gigantic, beautiful head all over our faces ... and to watch and feel your loads of spectacular cum shooting all over our faces and eyes and dripping down onto our massive boobs. We need your gigantic cock, Scott! Your cock is so enormously awesome. We've talked, and we're committed to working together to do everything we can to earn the glory of your amazing, giant cock and gorgeous cum every day!"

Then Laura stepped forward, "We've decided that we really need you and your stupendous cock to be available to us whenever we need you. We assume that you already have a job, but we need you to quit. Alicia and I are both married and very wealthy. We'll make you very comfortable financially ... you just need to keep working out and maintaining your exquisite body. Where do you live?"

"In a three-bedroom apartment around the corner," I replied.

Laura went on, "We have an idea. Alicia is a professional photographer, and if you are ok with it, she will install a photo/video/sound studio in your apartment so that we can document all of our amazing sexual adventures. The four of us have epic stuff ahead of us! Does that sound ok to you?"

"It certainly does, but I have only two conditions. First, I get one hi-res copy of every photo and/or video that you guys take of our exploits, and second, I need to know that when any/all of you come see me and enjoy the benefits of my big cock, you will come to me with no bra on and no panties. You can wear lingerie, but I need to be confident that your tits and cunts are easily available to me. Does that sound ok to you?"

The three of them made eye contact and quickly agreed. After all, they wanted nothing more than to feel my hands, mouth, and giant cock glorifying their bodies in every way.

In the months and years to come, it was amazing greeting these gorgeous, huge-breasted women at my door--separately and together--virtually every day. They never once failed to meet their agreement, whether they took their bra/panties off at home, at the office, or in their car(s) in the driveway, they were perpetually thrilled to come to me with their huge tits swaying heavily and wet cunts exposed, sopping wet, and ready to go!
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such a great story, I visualized the whole thing and came