In the thrall of his gorgeous huge cock ...

Today is the day.

Today's the day that Lisa can't stand it anymore. She'd had enough of flirting, admiring him, stealing furtive glances at his physique, unbuttoning her blouse an extra button to show off her deep cleavage, all that. She had become obsessed with one of her coworkers, but he didn't seem to notice, so she was ready to do whatever it took to change that. She'd had enough lonely nights masturbating her beefy clit and full-lipped cunt as she fantasized about him.

She was proud of her appearance. She was thin, had a pale complexion, light blue eyes, and short brunette hair. She was enormously well endowed with gigantic 36J breasts. Ever since she was a teenager, people had stared at her giant tits. It seemed that guys only wanted her for her chest. So after some experimentation to get some experience, she had decided to wait for the one, and began wearing minimizing bras and clothes that hid her huge tits. To maintain her fitness, running was out of the question ... her enormous breasts would bounce hugely despite wearing two bras, so she took up biking and that worked perfectly ... no one noticed her.

And that became the problem: he just wouldn't really notice her at work. He was the one ... and no matter what she tried, he would't pay extra attention to her. So today, she was going for it ... she dressed a beautifully tailored skirt and a white blouse, thigh high stockings, high heels, and noooo panties. Just before for their weekly meeting, she stopped in the ladies room and took off her bra. As she buttoned the blouse over her enormous breast, she knew she was ready. Would he be? Her thick nipples hardened against the cool fabric, and she pressed her notebook up to her chest to hide and contain her massive boobs for the walk to his office.

She knocked on his open door, "Is now still a good time?" He said, "Sure," and she stepped in, closed the door, arched her back--gigantic tits thrusting out against the cotton blouse--and by her sides strode confidently over to the conference table and sat down, her enormous boobs bouncing excitedly. She flushed, thinking about how unabashedly obvious her firm nipples were presenting themselves ... in fact, her entire areolas were visible through her blouse. She waited eagerly for his reaction ... which strangely didn't come. He resolutely looked her in the eye and asked about the agenda for today's meeting. Knowing it was now or never, she stood up, flung open her blouse and thrust her mountainous perfect breasts toward him exclaiming excitedly, "Look at me!"

He couldn't believe it ... so many times he had jerked off thinking about her amazing body ... her magnificent tits, ass, thighs, and cunt and imagined how they would feel, not ever thinking that she could be his. He stepped forward and at last reached for those incredible, enormous boobs now heaving lustily in front of him. So full, so heavy, so smooth, with amazing turgid nipples, they felt fantastic! He kissed her deeply and she thrilled at his touch. She reached for his crotch to feel his hardening bulge. "My god," she thought, "could that really all be him?" She opened his pants and reached inside, struggling to pull his cock out where she could see it at last.

She couldn't believe her eyes--it was incredible! By far the biggest cock she had ever seen, it was huge ... long, amazingly thick and so beautiful. She couldn't believe that had such a gorgeous, gigantic cock! Wide-eyed, she stared at the massive cock, grabbing it with each hand, and began slowly stroking it up and down toward her massively firm, swaying tits, saying, "Oh my God, your cock is unbelievable!"

He took her by the shoulders and with asked, "What do you mean?" She took his hands, lovingly placed them back on her massive tits, looked deeply in his eyes, and said, "You have the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful cock a girl could ever hope for ... and it's so fucking HUGE!"

He responded by massaging her gigantic breasts lovingly ... feeling their tremendous weight, rubbing the thick firm nipples between his fingers as they continued kissing. He had a thing for Yulia Nova and these were even more magnificent! She loved the way his powerful hands felt as they at last truly appreciated huge smoothness of her shapely gigantic breasts ... just as she had hoped!

Desperate to know what his amazing cock would feel like in her mouth, she breathlessly dropped to her knees, and gently grasping the big thick shaft, stretched her mouth wide open to accomodate the massive thickness of his enormous cock! He gently stroked her face and slowly began pumping the huge length of his gigantic cock in and out of her grateful mouth. With her mouth sublimely stuffed with his fantastic, huge cock, she looked up at him and moaned in sheer appreciation--she knew that right now, this moment, with his spectacular cock sliding wetly in and out of her welcoming mouth--was the greatest moment of her life! "Mmmmmmmmphffff," a muffled moan escaped from her ecstatically stuffed mouth and she withdrew the amazing massive cock to say, "God, I love your big, huge, beautiful cock!" She lovingly rubbed the massive smooth head all over her face, thrilling at its sheer size and beauty. Then she stuffed it back into her desperate mouth, delighting in its enormous presence as her huge breasts swung heavily in time with the thrusts of his giant, gorgeous cock.

He reached for her fabulous tits once more and stood her up, unzipped her skirt and slipped it off. Her smooth firm ass cheeks felt fantastic. Then he lowered her onto the couch in his office as she begged, "Please, please fuck me with your amazing cock!" She spread her gorgeous stockinged legs as he knelt, grasped his huge thobbing cock, spread her amazingly beautiful big cunt lips, moistened the massive head in her flowing juices, and slowly easedhis massive cock into her beefy, welcoming cunt.

"Ohhhh, your cock is soooo great," she cried, as he lovingly pumped most of the enormous length of his massive cock in and out of her gorgeous soaking cunt. She felt so lucky to be with him and his wonderful cock ... to feel its huge hardness plunging in and out of her throbbing cunt ... her thick cunt lips grasping it wetly as he thrust powerfully in and out of her! As her magnificent tits moved up and down in time with his cock, she couldn't believe how amazingly long and thick it was ... she knew she would tell her girlfriends about his spectacular cock ... and how jealous they would be!

She asked if he would please fuck her doggy style ... "I want to feel your enormous cock pumping my cunt that way! I want you to spread my ass cheeks and watch my beefy wet cunt getting plowed by your amazing giant cock! Please ... I want all of it ... don't hold back ... pump me full of your wonderful huge cock!" He withdrew and she turned over onto her knees ... her creamy back stretched out before him and her gigantic hanging tits moving lewdly as her hips swayed expectantly. Her legs looked beautiful in her stockings and high heels as she raised her ass high in the air to present him with her sopping wet, beefy cunt. He began pumping his long thick cock fully in and out of her lovely cunt. She hoped he wouldn't mind, but she just couldn't stop talking about it,"I never imagined that you would have such a huge cock ... it's so amazingly big ... and beautiful, and wonderful, and so fucking massive. I'm so so lucky ... blessed ... thank you soooo much for giving me your gigantic, gorgeous cock!"

Then her cunt began spasming as she launched into the most explosive orgasm of her life ... "I'm cumming ... cumming, huge cock, your cock, oh my god! ... unnnnnnnnh!" She convulsively soaked the full length of his massive cock as he held it buried deep inside her gushing beefy cunt. As the waves slowly subsided, she looked up at him and breathlessly begged, "Will you please, please cum all over my face? I want to watch your massive throbbing cock cumming for me and and feel your warm cum covering my face and tits!"

He agreed, and as she knelt before him, she arched her back and thrust out her massive tits, hands brushing her erect nipples before coming to rest expectantly on her thighs. She couldn't help but marvel at the sheer massiveness of his gigantic cock as it bobbed in front of her smiling, grateful face. She knew that she was exactly where she belonged ... that her best self was with him and in the presence of his huge, amazing, gorgeous cock!

She frowned slightly as he stepped back from her ... she worried suddenly that he wasn't going to fulfill her wish to shoot his cum on her face ... and then she realized ... beyond her wildest dreams, he was making room so that all of long, powerful jets of cum would cover her face and not shoot over her! "Is this really happening?" she wondered. She loved watching as his hand began stroking his gigantic hard cock. She admired its perfect length and gorgeous balls above his muscular thighs and thought, "I am the luckiest girl in the world"!

Just then, his stomach tightened, he arched his hips, and as she watched in awe, his enormous cock just erupted with huge long load after glorious load of magnificent cum pumping into and all over her welcoming, grateful face. Watching intently, she reveled in each massive blast as he lovingly stroked each huge load of spectacular cum for her pleasure. She was nearly delirious with joy ... she couldn't believe how much and how powerfully he came ... each load after massive load shooting into her eyes and soaking her face made her feel so very honored and appreciated. She didn't want this most wonderful, this most glorious moment of her life to end!

As the blessed gushes finally subsided, her face absolutely soaked in his magnificent cum, she reached for his beloved, massive cock and as he stepped forward to place his huge, still throbbing cock in her hands, she began rubbing it gratefully through the longed for cum that covered her face and ran gorgeously down onto the smooth shelf and cleavage of her massive heaving tits!

Breathlessly looking up at him through the thick loads of glorious cum that now covered her face and massive tits, she spoke from her heart: "Thank you so much! I love you, I love your cock ... and I know that when I'm with you and your magnificent cock, I am truly alive! Your cum is amazing ... please promise me that you will cum on me every day. I need you, I need your beautiful giant cock, and I need your spectacular cum shooting all over me. You make me feel so beautiful, so valued, and so very happy. My heart, my huge breasts, and my wet beefy cunt are all yours forever!"
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Thanks for the comment ... glad I could be helpful!
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Cool story, got the other half worked up, great work.
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WOW - I guess she liked it then.
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great story!