My Crazy College Sex Life Part 2

I could not believe I was about to do this. I had never had sex with a condom, so I was scared, but then she told me we did not need it, cus she was on the pill, which I knew. She threw me down and started riding me and kissing me. I had never been fucked like this before. Her pussy felt sooo much better than Amber. After about 2 minutes she screamed "harder make me fucking cum". I thrusted as hard as I could and she screamed and kissed me while she came. I could feel her body stiffen and she even squirted a little, something she said she never did before. I was pretty close to cumming as well and I threw her down and started to fuck her missionary. She whispered in my ear "come inside me pleaseee it will make me cum so hard again." After about 3 minutes of pounding her I told her I was ready. I started kissing her so passionately as I shot my load inside her and I immediately went down and licked her clit, she came in about 30 seconds. We then turned and laid next to each other. She told me we could never speak of this to anyone, but that I should stay for awhile. We discussed everything about our sexual desires, fantasties, fears, and our relationships. I felt really bad about cheating afterwards. I confessed to Christy my feelings and she told me not to worry about it that this was just fun and she is not very nice to me. That kind of threw me off, but whatever. Christy then went into her laundry bin and gave me a pair of her workout panties. She said "I wore these all day then worked out in them. "You can keep these and think of me when you need to get off." I then went home with thoughts running through my head.

Amber called me and we talked as normal, but I felt really guilty the whole time. I could tell she really missed me and it was very hard to be away from her, for even a day.

Nighttime fell and with the semester over and nothing else to do I decided to go out and get d***k. Christy started texting me and we eventually met up. She was with their other roommate Karen. I had always had a crush on Karen and even tried to go out with her right before Amber and I started dating. Karen was so beautiful about 5'6 golden blonde hair, round ass, blue eyes, and perfect b cup size tits. She was a total bitch though and I was wondering where this night was going. Karen went to the bathroom and Christy started kissing me. I told her to stop, but then she said I have a special surprise for you if you could back with me. Karen came back from the bathroom and she said "come over in 10 minutes." I was afraid that she would tell Amber and our relationship would be over. She knew I would never tell her boyfriend and obviously she had all the power in this situation. Christy used to do modeling in high school, so she can have her pick of men.

I went back to my apartment and smoked 2 huge bowls and drank about 2 more beers. I got panicked that if I did not come over she tell Amber and all my friends. I then thought about how hot Christy looked tonight and how she kissed me. I decided to go.

As I walked into their apartment their was a sign as I walked in that said come into my room. I walked into amazement. Christy and Karen were laying in her bed in 2 sexy lingerie outfits with garter belts and all. Christy said "So do you like your surprise?"

Part 3.....coming
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