Ricky's great idea

Ricky entered his senior year in high school when i got laid off from my job! I remember crying and not knowing what to do! I was an unemployed 32 year old single mom! One evening during diner alone with Ricky, we were talking about how to make some money and survive the month, when he surprised me with this crazy idea he had! He told me i should start stripping! I was shocked to hear this from my own son! He told me, "mom, your a beautiful woman, and you have one of the best ass and tits i have ever seen, I mean, they are huge!". I didn't know how to react, i was embarrassed, but flattered at the same time. He said, "all my friends think your a hot milf!" He then told me, "Mom, all my friends have seen the fuck videos you made with my step dad" "To tell you the truth, Ive been jacking off to them since i was 12!" I was extremely embarrassed by what he told me! "Where did you get those videos?" i asked him! "Those were private moments me and your step dad shared"! He said, not anymore! I uploaded them to the internet, and showed them to all my friends!" I could not believe it! "What the fuck" i said, "show me" ..He showed me the site where he uploaded them! I couldn't believe it! There I was! Riding on my ex husband's huge cock! The site of myself getting fucked hard on the internet was driving me crazy! Ricky then told me,"Mom, I have a better Idea, since all my friends want to fuck you, why don't you just fuck them, and ask them to pay you?" His idea turned me on even more!! I said "Do it" "call em over right now!" "All i ask is that they record me fucking them and have them upload the video to the internet"! Within 30 minutes, i had my house full of horny teenagers with their cell phones ready to record! My son Ricky was pimping me out! One by one, i fucked and sucked 13 eager teenagers! All of them using their cell phones to record and take pictures of me as i pleasured them! In two hours i had made $1300! After the last k** left, me and Ricky went to the website where he had uploaded my videos, we waited and with in an hour, there was 13 new videos of me! An amateur Porn star! Today, there are over 150 videos of me all over the internet, thanks to my son Ricky and his great idea!
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