Late Nite Hype

The past three months was spent by me trying to find a job. I looked & search every where to no avail. So, I went thru this temp service, Ameri-Temps for the time being. They gave me a study job. I worked the job for two weeks now it was cool cause i had got money in my pocket. After working so hard this friday, i was ready to go home & sl**p the night away. But, a buddy of mines said" Man befo i head in i gotta have me a drink. Ameri-Temps always had a van that drop us off & pick us up. After the van drop us off downtown where it was always told too. We were walking for a sec. My guy said man let's stop in here, they have the cheapest drinks in the city from what i here. We went in had a few drinks then bout an hour later we both had more drinks then tended, plus we smoke some erb too! He said' I'm out i'd catch you tomorrow "B". I said cool let me finish my drinks then i'm out too! I went to use the bathroom first then came back to finish my drinks. I haven't notice at first but, when i looked around the bar got full & it was a really funny crowd. I down my drink & headed out the door quick.

Now i'm walking towards my bus stop, but you can feel when some one's following you. I got a lil nervous so i hurry and dip in this alley so i can see who it is & be ready for what ever happens. I hide in this cut & somebody walk in wearing a tight fitted skirt with pumps on with a pink & green shirt that says, you dont have to run i dont bite. I know that's what the shirt said thou! The person scream out to me, where you go you forgot your hat. Then i thought i sure did cause i left so damn fast forgot to grab my hat. I came out from hiding & said, Thanks. I aiways keep a ball cap on my head for some reason. She said" your welcome! I grab my hat & i said" well let me go i gotta get home. She was like the nights still young. Yeah, but i gotta get up for work i told her. She said' your cute. I said" thank you. She was like my name is Porsha. I said ok my name is Hank. I said your fine as fuck yourself. She was like thank you. Porsha said she was mixed half rican with korean & black. look very exotic.

Porsha just kept lookin at me smiling then i asked what you smiling for. Porsha said nuthin i was just wondering. I said wondering what. Porsha said i was wondering if you have a big dick. I said of course i do i'm black. Porsha was like your right. Porsha ask me if she can see it. i said i would but not out here & it's late. Porsha was like nobody knows we're back here & people never comes back here. I said how do you know. Porsha said look around what's back here. I said you got a point. I said alright i'd let you see it for a sec but then i gotta go. So i unzip my pants pull my black dick out & showed, Porsha. Porsha was like damn that's a fine ass big black juicy dick. Porsha asked can i feel it. I was like wtf. Then i said ok just for a sec. I was semi hard but once Porsha put her hands on it it really got hard. Porsha was like i made it harder & bigger. Then, Porsha got down on her knees & put her mouth on it & started sucking, slurping & slobbing away. I was trying to stop her but it felt so good plus i haven't bust a nut in like four months. Porsha took her tongue & ran circles around my thick throbbing head. It felted so good i fell back against the wall as Porsha kept going. Porsha started sucking & licking on my balls & that felted so damn good. Porsha, tried to deep throat my dick but i'm too big so she gag & choke. I said you ok she said yeah just had to try thou! Porsha got back on that head & was going ham!

I stop Porsha, & i said i gotta go. Porsha said you dont wanna cum. I told Porsha i do but not like this. Porsha said if i cant make you cum i'd give you a 100 dollars. If i make you cum you have to come home with me & fuck me. I said that's a helluva deal right there cause i be thirsty for money. I said to Porsah, how old are you & do you just suck random guys dicks all the time. Porsha was like no your the first since me & my boyfriend broke up & i'm 20. Then she said eveybody in the bar was hitting on me but i didn't want them i wanted you. Porsha was like how old are you. I told her i am 26. Befo i can say anything else Porsha jump back on the dick sucking away. Porsha was determined to get my nut out. She were sucking on my balls. Then with her tongue she lick from my balls all the way to head. She was using both hands then no hands with alot of spit. It felted so good as she kept sucking i grab her head & f***e feed it in her throat then she look at me in thee eyes & see i was enjoying every bit of it. Then as it got so good i dumped a massive load down her throat. While i kept cumming she kept sucking & draining my balls to the last drop. She never let go of my dick while getting all of my nut until nothing else came out. That's when she release my dick had my stuck on the wall frozen in time. Porsha started swishing my nut around her mouth like good & warm. She swallow all my nut i said why you do that. Porsha was like dont leave any evidence! Smart.

Porsha was like told you i can make you cum. She was like you dont have to come home with me if you dont want to but can i get your number. I said sure maybe we can hook up another time. So i gave her my number & she went her way i went my way. two days had passed since that encounter i was at home chillin then my phone rang. I answer it said who speaking. It was Porsha. She was like i been thinking bout you ever since that night & i been dreaming about how that big black cock would feel inside of me. I said really. Porsha was like when can i see you. I told her when i get the chance i guess. I said you gave me the best head job i ever had so i know yo pussy gotta be good. Porsha said, thank you they always said a man can give a way better blow job to another man than a woman. I said wait what. Porsah said, Oh you didn't know i was a boy. I'm a transgender shemale thats very feminine with real boobs & an nice ass. I'm like what. I didn't tell you i'm so sorry. I hung up the phone like wtf. Posrha kept calling & calling i didn't answer. I was so fucking mad & upset shock didn't know what to do or think.

A few days pass by i never check my phone cause i were trying to forget that shit. I check my phone for messages & one was from Porsha. It said i'm sorry for what happen i was very attracted to you if i never told you. I do have a nice body with a pretty face & you would've swore i were a real woman. But, you have to admit that i probably gave you the best blowjob ever. I wish we can be friends atleast then. I had to admit it was the best blow job i ever had. But, i wasn't wit that so i sold my phone after i change the number & got me a new one. I never went to that bar again!

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