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I sat back in my desk and eyed my young pupil as she squirmed awkwardly at her desk, waiting to hear me explain why she was here. I was in no hurry to let her off the hook as my eyes feasted on naive, young student. Her brunette hair was pulled into a cute ponytail, she wore a striped shirt that hinted at her budding breasts, and her jean miniskirt showed off her sexy, bare legs.

Sandy wasn't a bad student, she just seemed to make bad choices. Whether skipping class, or handing in homework that was only half finished, Sandy went from a C+ average at the start of the year, to being in danger of not graduating.

When I say "being in danger," what I mean is: if she was just some oversexed, teenaged boy, or a dumpy-looking girl, I would have already sent in the grades and failed her. But Sandy caught my attention. Little Miss Popular. Had all the right friends, went to all the cool parties, and was dating the captain of the school football team. After two years of teaching her and watching her body develop, now was finally my chance to put this perfect little princess in her place.

By now you are probably thinking I am a lesbian, but that isn't entirely true. I have a husband, and what most people would consider a perfectly normal, heterosexual home life. What my husband doesn't know, and for that matter nobody knows (save for my victims), is that I am dominatrix that gets off on subduing, controlling and ultimately fucking innocent, young girls.

It's not like its something I need to do, which is why I have been able to hide it from my husband and maintain a normal life for so long. But every so often time and circumstance meet to provide me with a little morsel to nourish my unholy desires. Today Sandy was to be my little morsel...

"I've got some bad news for you," I began. "You are not going to graduate this year."

I watch her head fall to her desk, defeated.

"I know you want to graduate with your friends, but it's just not going to happen with these grades."

I studied her reaction. Her hands came to her face, burying it. Exasperation. Fear.

"Can't I do like, an extra report or something? like, anything?" she asked.

I smiled inwardly, bargaining... this is already moving in the right direction. Still, it was soon to make my move.

"Look girl, this isn't junior high. You can't just throw a report in to get your grades back up to A's. You need to work the entire year... and you didn't. Obviously."

More fidgeting. Eyes swelling with tears. Resignation. Defeat. This was too easy. Time to twist the knife a little.

"Look. It's going to be fine. You did this to yourself, now you just have to deal with it."

I walked from behind my desk on the guise of comforting the shaken girl, who was now on the verge of accepting her situation. I carefully put my hands on her shoulders and gave a soft massage to her shoulders. I noticed there was no tension in her muscles at all as I kneaded her tender, young flesh. No resistance.

"My parents are going to be so upset," Sandy burbled with tears on her cheeks.

"Well I'd be upset too if I were your parents," (god I can be a bitch when I want to).

I could sense that Sandy was ready for my next step. With her still crying at her desk, I told her I had an idea and I would be right back.

I went to the supply closet to begin the next stage of my seduction. I took off my teaching outfit, leaving on only my black and pink lace bra. I couldn't believe how soaked my panties already were as I removed them, this little bitch had me wetter than a tropical monsoon.

Next I pulled on my knee-high "fuck-me" boots. And finally, my strapon, or the Purple Porker as I call it. I checked myself out in the mirror. If only my hubby knew what he was missing. I looked hot. I brought a finger down to my clit to get the juices going, but my cunt was flowing just fine all by itself. One last look in the mirror and I was ready to exit, and confront young Sandy with a decision.

She was too wrapped up in her own troubles to even notice my attire as I returned to the classroom. It wasn't until I was standing right beside her and the purple head of the dildo actually grazed Sandy's elbow that she straightened up, noticed my outfit and began to understand her situation.

"You want to graduate?"

"Well... yeah," she answered, softly and unsure.

"With your full cooperation, that could possibly happen. Suck it."

I thrust my hips out, pushing the end of the phallus toward her quivering lips.

"You want me to suck it... and I'll pass?"

"Go for it," I said, avoiding her question.

I practically came at the sight of her mouth opening to accept the cock between her lips. I reached down and caressed her hair and pulled her face deeper onto my cock.

"Deeper!" I commanded.

"Maybe this will teach you to pay attention in school. Did you think you would just slide through?"

"No..." she managed to say with four inches of rubber dick in her mouth.

After only a couple minutes of sucking the impudent little bitch had the nerve to ask (in between deep throating the Purple Porker), "So, do I pass?"

[Slap] "Keep sucking," I ordered as I watched the red outline of my palm take shape on the young girls cheek.

I couldn't tell the difference between her crying and the normal sounds that occur when a throat gurgles on an invading plastic cock, and truth is, I didn't care. It was all sweet music to my inner pervert and I knew I could frig myself off for years reliving what was happening right now in my memories.

"You little whore. You stupid little bitches think you can slide your way through life. You fucking slut, that's right, keep sucking you little slut." As I berated her I felt the power rise inside me and knew I was completely in control.

"Get up and get undressed," I told her as I roughly pushed her head back and off my cock.

With her eyes fixated on the floor, Sandy stood slowly, walked over beside me and crossed her arms and grabbed her shirt at the waist to remove it. Even though she was completely obedient, I couldn't stop myself from going after her.

"Come on, I don't have time for this shit... Let's go!" I snapped as Sandy tits came into view. Just as perky and cute as I imagined them to be. Not much more than an A cup, but adorable nevertheless. No wonder that she wasn't wearing a bra. When she dropped her shirt to the floor I picked it up and tossed it across to the far side of the classroom. I didn't want her getting second thoughts and trying to make a run for it when she saw what I had planned next for her.

Her jean miniskirt dropped, revealing cute red and yellow striped undies.

"Quickly," I implored, drinking in equal portions of flesh and fear with my eyes.

She stepped out of her panties and instinctively tried to cover her pussy from my view with her hands. Ignoring her attempt at modesty I took hold of her hair and spun her around so she was bent over my desk with her ass facing me.

"What now?" she asked naively, "I thought all I had to do was suck it?"

"Just fucking bend over. You want to pass or what?"

"Mmmmmnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnmm..." Sandy blubbered while bending over slightly more.

The little tart probably thought I was about to fuck her. My purple cock slid between her ass crack. I could see her little hand reaching back, trying to guide me into her pussy. I smirked, 'nice try sweetie pie' I thought as I waited to make my intentions clear.

"You like that don't you whore? You like that cock up your ass, huh? Little whores love cock up their ass. You like it?"

She looked back with fear in her eye a told me what I wanted to hear, despite whatever the truth happened to be, "Yes, Miss."

"If you just paid attention in class you wouldn't have to go through all this," as my cock buried itself in her tight little asshole.

"I will. I will pay attention."

The strapon slipped out of her ass but rather than simply reinserting it, a wicked idea came to me. "Suck your ass off my cock."

And sweet little Sandy didn't bat an eye, she just dropped to her knees and put that slimy purple cock right in her mouth. If her parents could just see their Daddy's Little Angel now... her ass leaking the same juices that are smeared all over her face, on her knees sucking my Purple Porker.

She gagged a couple times and looked up at me like I was going to tell her that was enough. Ha, fat chance! My cock was slick with Sandy's saliva and I was ready to bury it back in her little ass.

Again, her hand reached back in a futile attempt to direct my cock into her frustrated pussy instead of her ass. And again I slid the head of the dildo from the tip of her clit and all the way through her slit until it found the asshole and plunged in for a return visit.

[Slap!] My hand came down across her bare buttock as my shaft pounded away at her ass. [Slap!] Damn this little slut was making me hot the way she just took everything I threw at her. The desk groaned and creaked with each thrust, and Sandy's rhythmic "Ahhhs" and "Ohhhs" completed the symphony of sadistic sexuality.

With one hand wrapped around her little ponytail I fucked her ass methodically and thoroughly.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, oh, uh, unh, uh, oh, mime goin past?"

"What?" I demanded, trying to figure out what she just said.

"Am I gonna pass?" she stammered more clearly through her grunts and groans.

"Look," I said as stopped fucking her for a second and buried the dildo to the hilt. I pulled her head back and turned her so I could look her in her pathetic, little eyes.

"When I'm done fucking you, then we'll talk about it. Until then, shut the fuck up and take this shit up your ass!"

Before I could finish my sentence Sandy quickly agreed to my terms. I fucked her ass like she was a little slut as her face rested on my desktop, tears staining the wood grain.

"Please no more," she whispered.


"Please no more, " she repeated

"Are you k**ding me!!??" I raged. "You are such little fucking pussy." I chided her I switched to a slower, deeper stroke in and out of her ravaged ass.

"Shut the fuck up!" I said as her whimpering strayed from arousing to annoying.

"Please no more," she asked once more. A query that only resulted in a faster fuck pace.

I took hold of her hips on each side and pulled her onto my cock, deeper with each stroke.

"Now get on your knees, and suck it!"

How I loved the sight of this pretty young thing, debased and degraded at my feet, sucking her own ass off my Purple Porker.

"You like that? In order to graduate you need to learn your lesson. (Suck it all off)."

When I was satisfied that Sandy had cleaned enough of her ass of my cock I told her to stand up.

"Congratulations. You dirty, little whore. You just graduated... now get the fuck out of my office."

And with that Sandy hastily gathered up her belongings and skulked out of the classroom. Guess hubby gets lucky tonight...
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Really Nice.
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good retelling of the vid i did see it