inspired by: "lesbian cop f70" (part 2)

we pick up this scene at the 9:09 mark of this vid clip:


Little did I know that I wouldn't have very long to bask in the moment of the first time a woman had ever made me cum. No sooner had the waves of pleasure finished riding over me than I found myself being f***ed into a new position by the petite, blonde officer.

She leaned against the car and took of her belt. With me facing her, still handcuffed, she put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down into a squatting position in front of her. She took her belt and put it behind my head as an improvised collar or leash and pulled my face toward her crotch.

I licked hungrily at her pink satin panties. I never done this before, not even as a teenager, so I wasn't sure I was even doing it right. But I heard her sigh heavily and felt her pelvis pushing into my face so i figured I must be doing something right.

She pulled her panties aside and I dove in to her pretty little pussy. Her pussy was just as beautiful as her pretty little self and a found myself mesmerized by it the moment it was exposed. I starting sucking and kissing at it like a teenager who had just discovered how to french kiss.

She pushed me back for moment, to remove her hotpants and open her shirt. Once again I was taken aback by what stunning figure this girl had. She reached for my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I again licked at her pussy. She pulled lightly at the skin just below her belly button, making her clit stand straight out against my tongue as I licked her back and forth. Her nipples stiffened making her small breasts swell as her breathing shortened.

Inside I was both secretly pleased at my ability to successfully bring off a real lesbian, yet also disturbed by the thought that I might be a dyke as well.

As competing thoughts bounced around my head the officers thighs bucked against my face and I could tell she was about to cum. I felt her juices as she came, and greedily sucked them out of her. She pulled me up and kissed me, with her pussy juice still all over my face. I kissed back wondering if we would ever see each other again, knowing the answer was 'no.'

She pulled my dress back up over my tits. I pulled it back down from the back with my handcuffed hands while the officer calmly and matter-of-factly dressed herself. I stole one last look at her naked body as I awaited my fate.

"Okay, I let you go."

And with that she let me in my car to drive away. I never did find Baron Von Hammerschaft.

If you enjoyed this "inspired by" story, let me know other xhamster videos that you would like to see a backstory for. I am thinking of doing a few more of these as a way to break into a writing gig
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2 years ago
Love hot and horny busty LACTATING hot-bod lesbian policewomen, like the one in my fitness club, in nasty girl-girl fun with that DOUBLEHEADER patrol-stick FEMCOX thrusting deeper and harder and faster into bumping and grinding and humping tight bald pink pussies AND sucking and MILKING each other's bra-buster fresh BREASTMILK gushing MILKERS !!!

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And, THANKS for very sexy, hot-n-horny cop-girl and femme driver pussy-fucking-pussy fun video clip !

More please, especially LACTATING Policewomen and LACTATING Femme drivers !

Wow, yummy!
4 years ago
good but should have been in 1 part