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I'd been in Germany for over a week trying to track down Baron Von Hammerschaft for my article. All I needed was one more interview and my damn feature on the Bavarian Purity Standards for beer would be ready to submit for publishing. I thought it would be an overnight trip, but the guy owns so many castles and estates that even his staff don't know where he will be one day to the next. I love traveling, but seven days of hotels, rental cars and meals was starting to add up.

As I was climbing up a cobblestone road to yet another historical Hammerschaft estate, I was flagged down by a female police officer. Immediately I noticed that her uniform was incredibly form-fitting and revealing. I guess that just how they do it in the hills, I thought to myself.

Not that I was dressed much better I suppose. I like to wear revealing attire to conduct my interviews, today I chose my pink one-piece dress, well more of a camisole really. I find my interviewees, particularly male ones, tend to focus more on the potential for panty flash, than they do on the questions I ask. If I can get good quotes for the price of crossing and uncrossing my legs a few times during the interview, why not?

Not that today's interview was a hard-hitting one, just some trade magazine crap. I suppose I've been doing it for so long I just get a thrill out of exposing myself whether I have to or not. These interviews give me an excuse to let my inner slut out.

Weird the stuff that goes through your head while you are being pulled over, isn't it? Anyway, I got my passport and driver's license got it ready for the approaching officer. I couldn't believe how stunning she looked as I checked her out in the side view mirror. Tall, blonde, with long legs and stiletto heeled boots on. I'm not even a lesbian and even I have to admit she was fucking hot.

After looking at my documents for a few seconds she mentioned my license had expired. (Shit! I was going to renew it when I got back home, I just didn't think I'd be here a week...)

My heart started beating heavy. "Step out of the car please."

My knees felt weak as I stepped out. I didn't know if it was just my mind playing tricks but I swear i saw her billy club flex and swing a little... a little... like, like ...a dildo? What the hell is going on here??

"Did you know you were driving on a pedestrian only walkway?" she said authoritatively.

I shook my head "no", I honestly didn't know. The signs are all German. My mind raced thinking back... didn't that one sign say "verbotten?"

"Do you have any idea on how we solve this problem?"

I remembered that I had 300 Euros in my purse in the car. I leaned in the window to find it, hoping it would be enough to bribe my way out of this.

As soon as she saw the money I knew it was a mistake to offer it. With a disgusted look in her eye she told me to turn around and face the car.

"You rich tourists think you can buy everything with money? You think you can buy me?"

She took my hands and handcuffed them behind my back and pulled me over to the hood of the car. When she pushed me over the front, the hood still burned hot from my six hours of mountain driving. The thin material of my outfit did little to protect my breasts. At the other end I could feel the cool wind across my bare ass as my short skirt rode up. The cop grabbed the back of the hem and pulled it high up my back. I heard her spit and suddenly she pulled my pink panties aside and roughly stuck two fingers in my pussy.

She spanked my ass and the pulled open my asshole hole wide a spat again, this time right into my ass. I couldn't believe how quickly this was happening. Just two minutes ago I was driving up a quiet country road, now here I am bent over, handcuffed and getting violated by a lesbian cop.

"Do you like it?"

Smack! (Another quick spank)

"I said do you like it?"

I moaned a little and I guess she took that as a 'yes' as she went straight to my clit and I felt my pussy moisten a little at the touch of her deft fingers.

"You have a nice pussy, do you like big cocks in your pussy?"

"...Yes," I whispered.

In one fluid move she pulled my panties to the ground and spread my legs wide while squatting behind me. Her strong hands pulled my ass cheeks apart and her wet tongue drove straight to my asshole. She rimmed me while groping my ass, my tits still stimulated by the heat of the car's hood. I couldn't believe the way my body was responding to this assault. I never asked for any of this to happen, but I couldn't think of one thing I didn't enjoy. Does this mean I am a lesbian? I decided to leave the introspective questions for a time that I didn't have a hot, blonde cop's tongue flicking away at my quivering cunt.

She put a finger inside me. I noticed that I was now holding my ass open just as much as she was. I wanted it. I moaned in time with her thrusts and dug my fingernails into my ass to show her I was a willing participant in whatever she had in mind for me.

She slapped at my ass and continued fingerbanging me for a bit, but then suddenly withdrew to retrieve something from the car. She returned with her billy club and stuck it in my face and said, "Do you like to suck big cocks?"

It WAS a dildo. The tip had a detailed foreskin and their were veins all down the shaft right up to its billy club handle. I looked my oppressor in the face and smiled, "Yes."

She pulled down my top to expose my tits, oh how the cool air felt as it passes over my overheated nipples! I took the head out the "club" my mouth and began to suck it.

My ass got to experience the burn of the car as I got fondled from the front for a while, but it wasn't as bad sitting on the side as it was when I was bent over the middle of the car. It was know that I realized the cop was much shorter than me. Even with her high-heeled boots I could see I was much taller. I don't know why this surprised me so much, just the way she dominated me I guess I assumed she was a 6 foot 4 inch Amazon woman the whole time.

What a spectacle! The spendor of the outdoors in Germany's old country, historical buildings and landmarks. And here I am, your intrepid reporter, standing against my rented Mercedes with a black plastic cock in my mouth, my dress pulled down to show my tits and pulled up to expose my pussy. Meanwhile Gretchen Goodcop is giving my pussy the finest fingering it has had in years. I couldn't believe it was happening and I didn't want it to end.

When she knelt in front of me again it was like an electric current when the tip of her tongue hit my clit. She gave my pussy a long, passionate french kiss that had me whimpering like an orphaned a****l. I felt on the verge of coming when I was spun around yet again and bent over the hood with my back to the officer. The hood was cooler now, but that made me wonder just how long I had been getting violated in broad daylight. Any tourists who made the trip out today could definitely get some great holiday photos to bring home...

I was jolted out of my meandering thoughts by the penetration of the billy club into my wet pussy. Now I was the only one holding my ass apart so I could take more of that cock inside me. My god , how this woman has teased me, at least now I am finally getting fucked! Wait, did I just think that?

(A slurping sound and it slips out of my pussy...)

"Put it in! Put it in! Put it in!" my thoughts scream out as I wait for the inevitable reinsertion. Guess that answers my last question.

With one hand on the back of my neck, holding my face to the hood of the car, the other rhythmically pounding my pussy with her black plastic invader I felt myself again on the verge of losing control.

"Oh god I hope she lets me cum before stopping," I thought.

As though reading my mind her hand slipped between my thighs and began softly massaging my clit, steadily increasing the pace, as a signal that I could finally feel relief. My breathing increased and my moans became more audible as I felt the waves come over me. And just like that my fingernails dug into the delicate skin of my ass as I came all over that black, plastic shaft.

She pulled me to my feet and like a lover, kissed me and stroked me as I wallowed in the warm afterglow of the moment.


to be continued, 9:09 point of video clip
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2 years ago
Love hot and horny busty LACTATING hot-bod lesbian policewomen, like the one in my fitness club, in nasty girl-girl fun with that DOUBLEHEADER patrol-stick FEMCOX thrusting deeper and harder and faster into bumping and grinding and humping tight bald pink pussies AND sucking and MILKING each other's bra-buster fresh BREASTMILK gushing MILKERS !!!

It sure does my shapely curvy hot body aplenty GOOD!

Yummy, yummy!
Give me more fresh breastmilk for my fit and trim shapely tummy !


And, THANKS for very sexy, hot-n-horny cop-girl and femme driver pussy-fucking-pussy fun video clip !
More please, especially LACTATING Policewomen and LACTATING Femme drivers ! Wow, yummy!
3 years ago
I just watched the video and now I'm reading the story as I watch again. Very hot....thanks.
4 years ago
very hot & good