Cougth by Her friend and Mother

A few years ago i was staying at my friends house for a few days while my f a m i l y was out of town. Not that they didnt trust me but i had nothing better to do. We were in the basement watching tv, playing guitar, and having a few drinks when his s is ter walked down. she was extremely attractive and had liked me for a while but my friend didnt approve so i stayed away from her. about an hour later (1:00 AM) he left to go get a pack of cigs. It was me and her on the couch with nobody around and i knew something was going to happen. " it's really cool that your staying here for a few days" she said. i said yeah knowing that she was trying to start something. "i dont know why my b r ot h e r doesnt want me to like you, it shouldnt matter to him" she said. Well i guess its weird to him having his little s i s t e r and his best friend together" i replied.
She leaned over in my ear and whispered "He doesnt have to know". My bl o od was pumping and i knew this was it, what was going to happen. She pressed her lips on mine and slid her tongue in my mouth. No, ithought, "i shouldnt do this to my friend" but i couldnt resist her. She stood up and started to take off her shirt, slowly pulling it over her head. Then she took off her pants, then her bra, then her panties. She then took my clothes off and layed down on the couch. "Go to it" she said. I layed down in between her legs and started licking her clit. I slowly went up and down and pushed my tongue inside of her while she moaned in pleasure then she picked up my head and layed me on my back. she got on her hands and knees and gave me a blowjob. back and forth going deeper into her throat. she wanted it rough so i pushed her head down until she gagged on my cock. tears rolled down her face and she said thats how she wanted it, so i continued.then i picked up her head and turned her around, slipping in my cock from the back. She told me to go hard and deep so i did pounding so hard i thought i was going to break her little body in two. deeper and deeper as she moaned outloud in pleasure.
I then pulled it out and started to prod at her ass. She said no because she had never done it before nad knew it would hurt but then she said "fuck it, go ahead" so i slowly put it in. she cried a little bit but told me to go deep and hard again and i did, reluctantly. within a few minutes she loved it and was screaming in pain and pleasure as i pounded deep into her ass. she then told me she was going to come and to go back in her pussy so i slammed my dick into her pussy and she screamed and (much to my surprise) squirted onto the coach. "wow" i said, "i didnt know you could squirt". "you better believe it" she said. I went back into her ass and we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. We thought it was her b r o t h e r but it was too late to get our clothes on so we just continued. Down the stairs came her friend, who was also very attractive and she gasped in disbelief. She came over and asked what we were doing like it wasnt obviouse but then with some persuation we got her to join us. My friends s i s t e r ate her friends pussy while i destroyed her ass.
Then footsteps again, but once again not her b r o t h e r. It was her mom who stood there frozen, mouth wide open staring at me inside her naked daughter ass and her daughter who's tongue was barried deep in her friends pussy. She turned around and said nothing, walking back upstairs. We continued and moments later i came inside her ass, as instructed and then watched her friend lick it out while i ate her pussy. to this day though its akward to speak to her mother knowing she saw us that night.
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1 year ago
good but longer
2 years ago
Gotta be involvement with mom!
2 years ago
great story. any more?
2 years ago
I bet mom went right to her room and rubbed her furry pussy into a froth
2 years ago
Great story.
Please make a part 2
2 years ago
Nice. Hope the story continues with u Fucking his mums ass
2 years ago
Very good!!!!!!!
2 years ago
loved it,hope there is a part 2