Got Jerked in Male Room

I watched so much porn this week that my inner horn dog needed something different..Took a trip into New York City and visited a wonderful sex shop with movie peeps. They have two areas, one for private peeps and one for buddy peeps. I chose the buddy booth, in hopes of attracting a buddy. While waiting for a "buddy" I discovered there are two types of buddy booths. One type has a "round cylinder peep hole" that a buddy can stick his cock through to have it sucked. The other type has a long raised "slot" the resembles a window sill that's open about four or so inches. This is the booth I was in.

This was a summer day so I took advantage of the weather and wore only sandels, shorts, and t-top. That helped me strip naked and sit in the booth quickly and start viewing dirty movies. (love my porn) I brought a dildo for my ass along with some lubricate, and my fleshlight so I could jerk off, in case no buddy was present.

Before I could get the bag open, a buddy sat in the booth next to mine, looked at me naked, an decided to stay. He closed his booth door, put money in the slot for movies, and immediately dropped his pants and started jerking off to my delight. I got a huge erection, sat down and started jerking off too. That was hot!!! It felt good jerking with a fellow wanker. He then surprised me by reaching through the open sill trying to reach my dick with his hand.

With my porn movie and full erection keeping me horny, I moved closer to give him full access to my dick. (I guess I was viewed as the "bitch" since I was butt naked shaking my dick in his view)
He got a hold of my dick and started jerking it. Damn, that felt good! watching porn and having someone jerk your cock FOR YOU cant be beat.

He tried to make me blow my load, but I held tall and strong. (this really was due to the earler jerking off at home, which paid off for me.) He jerked and jerked and jerked, even switched hands. He got flushtered, but by that time I had enough and signaled this by moving his hand away and standing up away from him. He left his booth, and I decided to get dressed and leave also. (after my movie stopped about 10 minutes later)

I left the booth feeling satisfied with my sexual encounter. The next time, I will choose a peep booth that has the round peep hole. It will be a nice treat if I can get a buddy to stick his dick through the peep. Guess what I'm gonna do with that???? When it happens, I will let you know the dirty details....
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3 years ago
nice story, never heard of this type of booth before.