%%%%% returns for 1st time anal...(true story)

last night as i was sitting down after tea, a very faint tapping on the front door. strange as the time was around 10.30pm and no one visits me at that time. i gingerly peek out of the curtains to see %%%%% standing there clutching an overnight bag. fumbling for the latch, i open the door to see this sexy young woman standing there. needless to say i welcomed her in with a kiss and a hug so that she could feel the bulge in my boxers. i made her a coffee and we sat and chatted for some time about everything except what we both wanted. she was wearing a thigh high dress and a light summer top. those beautiful brown legs, both of which were within touching distance, just willing me to caress. there is something about maori woman that get me going and this woman was no exception. she has a perfect body. a little tummy, lovely breasts, etc. i could go on for hours - but i wont. lol.
i was tired and getting ready for bed as she arrived, so i asked her if bed was the place she would prefere. no sooner had i spoken the last word, than she had me hand in hand, leading me to my room. as i undressed her, i could see her chest heaving and i felt the rush of adrenalin through my body. not to mention the swelling of the old fellow who was eager not to let me down. once in bed, we cuddled and chatted away when our tounges weren't playing dentists with each other. i ran my hands over her soft body and explored every nook and cranny. hard nipples greeted me and a damp hairy pussy. after the last pussy licking i gave her, i knew what the taste would be like - DEVINE!!!!
being so inlove with pussy, and being the perfect gentleman, i wasted no time in spreading her soft dark thighs and drove my face into her. she was so wet so the only thing left to do was to dry her with my tounge. again her clit popped out from under her hood. little hard pink favourite of mine and i gave her the licking of her life. after 3 orgasms i thought i should stop. my mouth was getting lock-jaw. i slowly eased my way up her body til the tip of my cock was knocking on her pussy door. my precum juices made it easy to slide all the way in and i just stayed there motionless. i could feel her pussy muscles gripping me as i got even harder. god, i so wanted to ram in and out of her and fill her up. soon after, i lifted her leg up high so i could make my balls slap against her ass. she told me not to cum as she wanted to feel me unload into her mouth. who was i to turn down such an invitation. laying on my back, i told her to turn around so i could eat her out again. as she gobbled my cock, i was eating her out and driving my tounge as far as i could into her ass. i had to get her to stop sucking a few times as i wanted so much to cum in her.
it was then she told me that she wanted my cock in her virgin ass. fuck, i almost shot my load upon hearing that. i didnt have to be told again so i laid her on her side as i entered her from behind. talk about tight. %%%%% has a very tight pussy but her ass? i thoght i would rip her. with the help of some baby oil, i eased ever so slowly into her. the feeling and the heat on my cock was emense!!! her ass muscles were driving me crazy so i started pumping slowly, knowing i could not hold on much longer. i exploded and must have released so much as she felt it hit the back of her.
so pleasurable, i fell asl**p with my cock burried deep inside her. morning came, we showered and she left early saying she would certainly return. this 18yo nymp certainly makes this 55yo feel good.
100% (8/0)
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