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White wife said that she had been infatuated with black personal trainer muscular body from the first time she met me at the gym. She hired me on the spot to help her develop a fitness program at home. I then came to the house one day to meet her, review the exercise machines, and help design a program of fitness. I wore skimpy gym clothes and she was dressed in her skin-tight exercise outfit for the meeting. I planned to demonstrate on the exercise equipment how to use it as well as whatever personal instruction she might need.
Then we sat at the kitchen table and discussed basics first, including his fee. She continued to study the muscles all over my body as talked with horny delight and sexual anxiousness. My personality was charismatic, and I smiled a lot when I talked. The more I talked, the more she liked the fact that she hired me to teach her how to use our exercise machines and develop a fitness routine. She drooled heavily as she studied my body in great detail in the kitchen, becoming hornier by the minute. After a brief discussion at the kitchen table, we moved to the exercise room to get started. There was lots of close contact on the exercise equipment with my hands touching various parts of her body as I moved her into position. This soon caused her sexual desire to explode and lose control of herself. She continued drooling heavily as she marveled at my body. She began to wet her pants with vaginal secretions, thinking about him more and more sexually and visualizing me having sex with her.
After only fifteen minutes of this close body contact in the exercise room, she began to totally lose control of her emotions. With me standing right in front of her during one exercise routine with a large penis bulge in my pants, she reached forward and grabbed my penis on top of my thin gym shorts. I did not stop her, simply just letting her grope my cock. I tilted my head back and groaned as she tightly gripped my huge penis and squeezed it with both hands, becoming bolder as she handled me. She tightly griped and massaged my penis with her hands for several minutes as I groaned in obvious delight.
She suddenly pulled down the top of my shorts to see my black cock. She moved her hands all over my now exposed, black penis and testicles. She continued to grope my penis and testicles intently, feeling the humongous size of my dick in her hands. Quickly my dick became erect and seriously bulging as it extended to its full 8.5” as it protruded more and more over the top of his gym shorts with her help.
She bent over and put the head of my cock inside her mouth, sucking and licking it for several minutes as she moaned in obvious delight. She pushed my dick deeply inside her mouth and moved on and off of it with regular motions, getting into a rhythm of masturbating me with her mouth. She loved the feeling of my smooth, black penis sliding in and out of her mouth. Wanting to please me as much as possible, she jabbed my cock deeply inside her mouth like a delicious stick of candy.
After a few minutes of sucking and licking my dick, causing me to gain a rock hard erection, I removed her mouth from my dick and moved around behind her. I knew if she continued that I would soon cum in her mouth, and I had ideas of more sexual fun with her before that. I grabbed her breasts and body with my large, black hands. My rock-hard cock remained out of my shorts the way she had left it when mouthing it. My cock was now rubbing directly on the back side of her pants and buttocks. She continued to respond to my touches and we both became even more sexually excited about each other.
As our sexual passions continued building, I placed thumbs inside the top of her shorts and panties. In heated sexual passion for her, I jerked her shorts and panties together down her legs to the floor. I then pulled my own shorts down my legs and let them fall to the floor, stepping out of them and freely exposing my huge, hard dick behind her buttocks.
My cock now rubbed stiffly on the back of her bare butt cheeks. She quickly spread her legs and bent forward over the exercise machine, offering her pussy to me, doggy style. I bent in and moved it between her legs under the lips of her vagina from the rear, rubbing and massaging her labia with the top of my hard dick. Within minutes, her pussy was dripping wet as she continued drooling just thinking of the idea of me pumping her pussy with my impressive black penis. I noticed her wetness on my cock as I rubbed it under her vulva.
As my dick became wet with her juices and she moved her hips suggestively on top of it, I slowly moved the large, swollen head of my black cock into position at the entrance of her pussy. My cock head suddenly burst free inside her tight pussy, moving past the lips of her pussy as I pushed slowly inside her body. Short pumped her carefully, driving slowly deeper and deeper, letting her wetness lubricate me. Soon my cock was fully inserted to the bottom of her pussy and completely buried as deep as possible inside her body. We both gasped at the feeling of having coupled and my dick completely filling her up.
The feelings were mutually ecstatic as I paused with my dick pushed fully deep inside her pussy to the bottom. I slowly and sensuously started a deep pumping motion inside her. Soon I settled into a sensual rhythmic pattern of pumping as she also moved her hips in response. She was verbally and loudly to my fucking her as she rotated her hips on my dick as it continued to pump her deeply from the rear.
Faster and deliberate pumping stroke, making full use of her pussy to the bottom of her, which drove her crazy with desire and increasing ecstasy. She had never been pumped so deeply and the feeling was wonderful. We were both so excited at this casual sexual intercourse that within 30 minutes I was rapidly and rhythmically banging her as fast and hard as i could, nearing orgasm for both of us.
I then started cuming inside her, ejaculating large bursts of semen deeply inside her white pussy as we both groaned loudly. I continued to pump her savagely as I fully expended my load inside her pussy. She responded by also cuming as I did. We both had a huge, mutually satisfying orgasm in this standing position with her bent over one of our exercise machines.
After I finished and pulled out of her, she turned around and sucked and licked me dick until it was clean of all us. I then pulled her up, removed the rest of her clothing, and took her to the other end of the house. I moved her to bed where I proceeded to fuck her for the next hour or more, cuming several more times inside her with massive ejaculations each time from various positions.
She was a married white MILF mature lady that I still trainer with my black cock 3 times a week. If her husband only knew but I thinks her does because what a tip I received for Christmas.

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1 year ago
I wouldn't worry about how it was written...the story was HOT!!!
2 years ago
I understand the idea, but this story was very poorly written. Edit before showing your stuff.