A good Start

A good start

Gerald awoke and turned over in his bed. Warm and peaceful he lay in the darkness. Glancing at his clock he saw that it was early. Even though he didn't have to go in to work, his body clock had woken him; or so he thought.

As he lay there he heard a buzzing, in his half awakened state he wondered what it may be. There it was again. Suddenly he realised what he was listening to; it was his own doorbell!

Quickly jumping out of bed he opened his bedroom door. The buzzing was much louder in the hallway. He reached the thick wooden front door to his apartment in two bounds and picked up the interphone fixed on the wall beside the door frame.

Still wondering who it may be, he picked up the phone and placing it against his ear, he heard a female voice speaking. "Hello? bonjour? Hello, Gerald, can you hear me?"

"Goodness!" He thought, suddenly conscious of his nakedness, "Hello, yes, is that you Stephanie?"

"Oui, c'est moi! Pardon, yes, it's me. Oh thank God you're at home! I 'm stuck outside and I haven't got my key! Can you let me in please?" "Oh, yes, of course, no problem. " He answered.

Pressing the release button for the external door downstairs at the entrance for the apartment block he heard a 'clack' over the interphone handset as the door released, followed by, "Merci, Gerald! Bonne journee!" From the earpiece.

Gerald put the handset back in its cradle and stretched. He yawned. Looking back at his bedroom he decided not to go back to sl**p but wandered naked into his lounge opening the blinds and the shutters and letting the bright morning sun stream in to the room.

He also opened the blinds and the shutters to the French Windows and opening one door he went out and stood, still naked, on the balcony. He felt the cool fresh air on his skin and looked around and up at the small bedroom window of the nearest neighbour's house.

He didn't know who lived there but was sure that they would have to be making an unusual effort to see him due to the angle of view.

"Whatever!" He thought. "If they can see me, that's their treat for today." He chuckled to himself.

Thinking wistfully, he pondered the girl who he had just been speaking with and his cock twitched. His mind recalled the previous evening and the conversation he had with his neighbour Stephanie as they came up in the lift and then stood for ages talking in the hallway.

Stephanie was the best looking girl he had met so far living in his apartment block. He wondered what was happening lately as so many old residents had left and were being replaced with new people; and it seemed that the incoming residents were all hot single women!

Stephanie was not only a really hot chick, she actually spoke English too, with a French accent of course, but that was more than OK in Gerald's book.

And now as Gerald stood on the balcony he thought back to their conversation and he recalled the things she said and realised that several things she said clearly should have registered with him.

She had talked at one point about the British sense of humour, how she liked it. She used an example to illustrate her point. "I saw a guy with a tee shirt, the front said "I'm hot!" and the back said "Do you want to fuck me?"".

In hindsight he wished he'd been quick enough to say "Yes I do!"

Also, she mentioned about food and he had missed the cue, she was giving him an opportunity to ask her to join him and he didn't grasp it. Never mind, perhaps it meant she wouldn't think him too desperate; he'd actually be more than willing to fuck her well, and would be looking out for the opportunity in the future.

His musings had the inevitable effect and his cock twitched as it hardened a little. He reached down, folded his fingers around the shaft. squeezed it and gave it a little tug.

Standing playing with his hardening cock he heard a new sound coming from the hallway and realised someone was tapping on the outside of his apartment door.

Gerald left the French door open and went down the hallway. He reached into the bathroom, grabbed the first thing that his hand touched and wrapped a small towel from the hot rail around his waist as the little 'tap tap' of a sound on the apartment door demanded his attention.

With one hand holding the join of the towel together at his hip; it didn't go all the way around his waist, Gerald opened the door cautiously and was pleasantly surprised to see Stephanie standing there.

His first take of her appearance was a wow! The night before she had been dressed in her work attire. Not unattractive, but nothing compared to how she looked today.

"Of course." Gerald replied. He held the door open and Stephanie slipped graciously through as soon as there was enough of a gap. She entered Gerald's hallway joining him on the large rubber mat inside and he closed the door gently.

As it clicked shut Stephanie thanked Gerald profusely. "Oh Gerald, merci, vous ete tres gentil!" She grabbed his bare shoulders in her hands and kissed his cheeks three times in the traditional French affectionate manner.

She was almost as undressed as he was and as he breathed in her perfume his eyes feasted on her appearance. She wore just a very thin dress made of white cotton. The edges of the sleeves and the hem were trimmed with fine lace patterns. Through the material he could see Stephanie's slim body and what looked like a pair of thin cotton white lace panties. Her dress was so thin that he could see the pattern of the lace of her panties through her dress.

As she kissed him, his right hand naturally fell to her back and he felt the smooth curve of her lower back as they conducted the normal social niceties of the greeting.

Gerald looked her up and down. Standing in the towel and looking at her beautiful form had the inevitable effect and his cock twitched as it pushed the front of his towel out to make an obvious bulge that kept moving with every surge of bl**d that his heart pumped into the member making it harder with every pulse.

Stephanie became suddenly aware that Gerald was wearing just a skimpy towel and also saw the effect that just seeing her was having on him. She stopped mid sentence... "I hope I haven't........"She looked down at the bump protruding and said "Oh sorry, were you busy, did I interrupt something? "

For a moment it seemed like it could be awkward between them, but Gerald laughed and said, "It's ok, I was having a lay in, no I was getting up late." He said as the towel fell twitched obvious to them both.

"Mmmm what's that?" Stephanie asked, looking at Gerald's towel pressing outwards. "You don't have much on do you?" She extended her hand and playfully brushed the bulge in the towel with her finger and tips.

This did nothing to ease Gerald's growing excitement and his cock stiffened lifting the towel upwards.

"Mmm, can I see?"He she asked.

She took one corner of the towel between her finger and thumb and lifted the towel, looking curiously at what was underneath.

As his cock was freed of the towel it stiffened and pulsed pointing directly up at Stephanie.

She let the towel fall on the floor and his cock free from the constraints of the towel stood bold and erect. For a moment neither of them spoke, and Stephanie just looked at the stiff hard cock pointing at her as it moved with every new beat of Gerald's heart caused it to harden even more and sway as though it was beckoning her towards it.

Any nervousness on Gerald's part at what her response may be was immediately banished as instead of objecting, Stephanie smiled, looked intently at his throbbing cock and slowly reached out with one hand, wrapped her small soft fingers gently around the shaft and murmered, "Mmmmm, bonne, si possible pour toucher?"

There was absolutely no possibility of Gerald objecting as he felt the softness of her grasp around his member and the almost imperceptible movement that her hand started to make as she held him lightly in her grasp.

"Oui, pas de probleme, oooh, yes" Gerald answered as the touch of her hand caused it to spring even straighter in the air pointing directly at Stephanie's gaze.

She looked at his face and saw with satisfaction the rewards of her ministrations as his face revealed the effect she had made upon his demeanour. She gracefully lowered herself to the floor brought her other hand into play, fondling him lovingly she gently held him in both of her tiny hands, leaned forwards and kissed the tip of his cock tenderly with her lips.

"Ooh" Gerald gasped with pleasure as she murmured and with one hand cupping his balls and the other around his hard shaft, gently proceeded first to lick and then to suck the warm head of his hard stiff cock.

"Ooh, oui c'est bonne, tres bonne!" Gerald encouraged as Stephanie's warm lips encircled him and her tongue massaged the hard length.

Gerald looked down on her busy tongue hands and mouth working away like an expert.

"Hey, steady, ooh! That's too good, you'd better slow down girl."He said. "You're so good, you'll make me cum."

Pulling her wet mouth off only long enough to say "Oui, c'est vrai. Mmmmm I want you to cum. Cum in my mouth, I want it all, give it to me." Stephanie was spurred on by Gerald's words and instead of stopping she sucked and licked and played with his cock and balls until Gerald, who was now leaning for support with his back against the door that Stephanie had come through barely 10 minutes before, felt an overwhelming urge to let his body release his cum.

The first surge of cum spurted out just as Stephanie had taken her mouth off his cock for a breath and so the hot creamy cum splattered her face, mouth and into her hair.

Immediately she jerked her whole body at the surprise then holding his cock in her hand surrounded the head with her lips, licking and sucking and wanking his cock. The next spurts were fully into her warm mouth and she eagerly sucked drawing the fullness of his cum out of his hardened cock. She murmured with pleasure and swallowed the warm liquid.

As the final spurt emerged from Gerald's cock she had again withdrawn her mouth from his head and another stream of hot semen splashed onto her cheeks and dribbled down her face.

Whilst still holding his cock in one hand and looking coyly up at Gerald she wiped up the remnants of cum and licked her fingers swallowing it down.

Again returning her lips to his cockhead she sucked the last drops out and Gerald was spent.

It had all happened so quickly and Gerald gasped "Wow! You are amazing! That was awesome! Stephanie! "

"Bonjour mon ami. You liked that?" She asked. "Of course." He replied. "Ok, so now fuck me."She said, standing up.

Gerald met her on the way up and they kissed passionately as he grasped her head in his hands.

The dress Stephanie was wearing was long and there was a join down the middle. A series of small white bobbles fitted inside corresponding loops of white cotton. When she had entered Gerald's apartment they were undone as far down as just below her bosoms.

As they kissed their hands roamed each other's bodies, stroking, grasping and kneading each other's flesh. Gerald started to unbutton the rest of her dress starting from the top and as each clasp parted Gerald saw more of her smooth skin revealed. Her firm breasts jutted out, her nipples were hard and erect, as she unbuttoned further down he saw a small patch of pale pubic hair.

As the dress parted fully Gerald pushed apart the sides and passed his hands between the dress and her smooth curved waist. His hands gently grasped her buttocks and he kissed her lips, her neck, and her breasts. He played with each nipple in turn, then licked and sucked each hard tip.

Stephanie groaned with pleasure and once again reached for Gerald's cock. She felt it grow again in her hand and responded with gentle squeezing and rhythmic pulling of the soft flesh as it hardened to her touch.

Gerald slid his face down her front and licked her navel. She let go of his cock as he went on his knees.

Stephanie moved her legs apart and as she did so, he buried his face in her pussy with his tongue parting her smooth shaven pussy lips and delving into their moist promising interior, his nose nested in her fine fair pubes.

Stephanie held tightly with both hands to Gerald's head and pressed him tightly against herself. She moaned repeatedly and threw her head back causing her long silky blonde hair to flow down her back.

After pleasuring Stephanie for some while Gerald re-traced his path with his tongue back up her body, stopping a while at her navel and paying both breasts and nipples appropriate attention. By the time he reached her soft wet mouth again she was squirming and moaning. His fingers massaged her smooth shaven pussy and teased her clit.

He kissed her passionately on the mouth and sliding his hands onto her shoulders he deftly slipped the dress off and it fell to the floor leaving. Stephanie naked in his embrace.

His now fully re hardened cock pressed firmly against her midriff and he grasped her buttocks in his hands. Her legs squirmed and parted. Lifting her light frame by her buttocks above his rampant cock he eased his hold on her so she slid downwards, legs around his waist with his cock sliding between the cheeks of her cute firm ass.

Leaning her back against the door and holding her there Gerald bent and straightened his knees causing his cock to slide back and forth along the groove of her ass cheeks lubricated by her copious juices. "Ooooh ooooh ooooh oui oui oui" she moaned with every movement as her pussy lips parted over his cock and brought wild sensations to her body which now trembled at his touch.

Gerald changed the angle of his body and pulled his cock fully out from her wet groove until the tip of the head was at the swollen outer lips of her hairless smooth haven. He played with her, teasing the engorged head at the entrance.

Stephanie was desperate, she strained her body trying to lower herself onto his cock. Gerald held her tight and only after a few moments in which Stephanie was groaning and gasping did he let her have her way.

Slowly he pushed the head between her outer lips and into the moist warm inner lips. She was so ready for him that his cock slipped in effortlessly.

"Mmnn oui ouioui mmm yes!" She murmured, her head buried in his shoulder and her arms tight round his neck. "Oui, le tous mmm, deeper" she begged as his cock stretched apart her vagina and into her hot tunnel.

Gerald progressed slowly, entered her a little then pulled back again so the tip slipped out. "Non! Le tous! No! Give it to me."She urged. "Le tous pour moi, I want it all!"She demanded.

He responded by pushing in again. And then pulling out. In and out, in and out. The head pushed in then slowly he pulled out. She was writhing now, moving her hips as his hands held tightly her bottom. Each time he pushed in she squirmed and moaned repeatedly trying to f***e herself fully onto the length of the hard smooth cock in her cunt.

Gerald started to give her what she asked and with each thrust entered a little more until his thrusts were pushing deep fully inside of her. "Aaaah, oui! Aaaah, oui Aaaah, oui! Yes! Oui! Yes! Yes! Aaaah Aaaah oui, Yes! Oui! Yes! Yes! Le tous! She matched each thrust with her own.

"Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm" he groaned with her.

"Yes, oui! Fuck! Yes, oui, fuck! Yes, oui, fuck, fuck, fuck! Oui! Fuck Yes!" Stephanie quickened her voice as he quickened his movements. Together they rocked standing on the mat inside the door with her back pressed firmly against it against by Gerald's urgent thrusting.

Now she was bouncing herself wildly on his cock pressing down with each hand on his strong shoulders. He in turn was lifting her petite body by her buttocks, his fingers digging deeply into the firm flesh.

Stephanie suddenly started to shudder and moved her body even more vigorously and shouting out her affirmation of what was being stimulated within her as she rose to her first climax. "Aaaaaaaaaah! Oui! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"Stephanie the pitch of her voice rose noticeably. "Oui c'est c'est vrai! Yes! Ce'est ca! Oui comme ca! That's it! Comme la! Yes! That's it! Aaaah! Oui! Oui! Oui! Oui! Aaaah! Ooooh! Aaargh!" Her body convulsed as the orgasm racked her body.

It was too much for Gerald and his hot sperm pumped deep within her. Feeling the warmth of his semen only triggered Stephanie to a higher plane and she screamed, uncaring of the volume of her cries. "Aaaaah! Ouiiiiiiiiiii! Aaaaah! Ouiiiiiiii! Fuck fuck fuck fuck! Aaaaah!"

Gerald's cock continued to pulse and surge as their bodies moved skin against skin with his cock sliding back and forth in her tight cum soaked channel.

Gradually their movements slowed then stopped apart from the throbbing and pulsing and involuntary twitching of their muscles.

They were joined tightly together at their sexes. Each time Gerald started to pull out, his cock twitched and his body involuntarily thrust his cock back into Stephanie's cunt. She in turn found herself enjoying another wave of delightful pleasure surging through her body. The nerve endings in her vagina were incredibly heightened with sensitivity and she grasped Gerald's buttocks pulling him f***efully closer to her and causing his cock to penetrate to its fullest depth.

This lasted for what seemed an eternity. Accompanied by gasps and moans interrupted by renewed passionate kisses they savoured the climax.

Then slowly he pulled out his cock and brought wild sensations to her body which now trembled at his touch.

As he pulled out his cock his cum ran down her legs and dripped from his cock onto the floor. They continued to kiss passionately, their hands roaming over each other's naked bodies.

Stephanie again lowered herself to her knees and taking the softening cock in her hand licked and sucked his cum from his balls and cock with obvious delight.

Wiping her mouth with her hand and licking her fingers erotically Stephanie stood, smiled at Gerald and said. "Mmm, that was delicious, perhaps I'll come round for breakfast again if I'm welcome."

Grinning from ear to ear Gerald cupped her neck in one hand, cupped her breast in the other and kissing her on the lips said, "You are welcome anytime. "

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