I took herthe deserted street

I was at the bar again when this woman was checking me out from across the bar.
She was older than me, a plump woman red hair, nice big tits, and a big plump ass! She walked over and started talking to me and we decided to meet again the next night since she was with friends. I picked her up at her house and we went to dinner and out for drinks after. She got kind of trashed and in the car on the way back she starts kissing my neck and then she sits back and starts playing with her pussy.
I'm having a hard time driving and putting a finger in her pussy. I tell her to take off her dress and she does, the I tell her to take off her bra. She is now only wearing torn pantyhose. A trucker slowed down to see what was going on. I had a hold of her tits she had two fingers in her pussy. I drove to the deserted street where took the other girl. I parked in the dark and started sucking the big tits. She was moaning and and grinding on my cock and said " Lets fuck now"!
I got naked and started fucking her she started to cum and we kept fucking for another hour and she really soaked me she was a squirter. I took her home and made plans for another night.
I picked her up the next night and we went drinking again. She said" Let's go fuck!" and we left in my truck this time she said " lets go down here this road". We were on a dirt road near a field andand puts her big tits in my face. she takes off her clothes. She undoes my pants takes out my cock and starts to suck. Damn she had a talent for cock sucking. SHe straddle my cock and starts to fuck. Her pussy milked my cock and came three or four times. She got out of the truck and went around to the bed of the truck and got on the tailgate doggy style wher i drilled her again. The woman was insatiable, she thrived on cock and took it all no stopping. Her 48DDs were swing back and forth rubbing on the truck bed . I bet there was a Border Patrol unit somewhere nearby enjoying the show. She ould squirt alot and I was soaked every time she came. She could suck cock too. She took it all down her throat. She swallowed all my cum and Said "I need too get home See you tomorrow".

The next day she call and says " we're going camping" and we went out to this lake paid or fee and wset up the tent in an out of the way place. When we finished that she stripped and took my cock out of my jeans and sucked me off. I was half inside the tent half out and she jumped on my cock and started to ride meShe came soaked me and the sl**ping bag. We kept fucking and I made her lie face down and took her from behind watching that beautiful ass jiggle with each thrust. I started playing with her asshole and she told me to fuck her ass. I pulled out of her pussy and didn't need any lube she had cum all over my cock. I positioned the head at the asshole and pushed in she let out a whimper of pain and pleasure and I picked up speed. It took five minutes in her ass for me to cum. We collapsed and lay there tired and sweating. It was dark when I woke up and there was a tent about twenty feet from ours they had two k**s running around. We were both still naked and she lay out sticking half way out of the tent. Tits showing to everybody. I climbed on top aodf her and fucked her till she came and the people next to us were watching trying to keep the k**s from seeing the naked woman. We fucked 4 or five times more up until 3:30 in the morning and the slept. I woke with my hard- on pressed between those beautiful ass cheeks. I rolled her over and fucked her ass again, she loved it. We packed up and when I dropped
her off she said" Come by tomorrow night." She squeezed my balls and got out of the truck
When I dropped by the next night she was waiting for me in a see through nightie. My cock was hard in an instant. We started watching movies and she played with my cock through my jeans. I fingered her and she came several times. We got up went to another room to fuck. She said " This is grannies room she won't mind" I fucked her silly for about 45 minutes and we went back to watch more movies. We were talking and she said she had wanted to try dancing for a living. I said "Lets see what you got!" she gave me a lap dance and then a quick fuck. No way she could work at my club, no sex allowed. She went to the kitchen and when i came up behind her i spread her ass cheeks and slid in to her pussy. SHe took my hand and put it to her throat.She had a **** fantasy which I gave her but not too rough , didn't want to leave marks. I tied her to grannies bed and fucked her senseless. she started to get alittle freaky then so I cut her loose and took her to the shower and started to clean her up I did do one thing she didn't expect , I shaved her pussy and she went nuts. I fucked her again and left while she started talking about leaving her husband. I said " your what?" Shew said she was married and her husband would be back in the morning and I should stick around while she told him. I said no way and got dressed and left too bad she was a great fuck!

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