I felt her up

I used to work as a D.J. in a Topless bar. One night as I was getting ready to leave, at closing time, one of the dancers asked for a ride home. She seemed pretty d***k to me and when she got in the car it turned out she was d***k.
I had given her a ride months before but couldn't remember which street she lived on. I had the neighborhood right just not the street. I decided to go and park at on of my favorite make-out spots to stop and think and get out of the cops eyesight. I didn't want to get stopped and asked any questions since I had had a couple of drinks myself.
I parked on the deserted street and tried to get her to tell me the street she lived on. She was totally out of it. She was about 5' 8", and well muscled, she could have been a body builder. She had a set of 40 DD tits that sagged a little because of the weight. She had reddish Brown hair and a nice ass. We had joked around with each other on and off for about a year but never did anything , she was married.She had the seat back fully reclined and lay there looking real sexy.I said " Wake up or I'll suck on your tits" she just lay there so I raised her shirt and started to tweak her nipples. They extended like new erasers and just as hard. I lowered my head and sucked a nipple, she moaned with pleasure .
I moved from one nipple to the other enjoying the act. Am I a pervert or what? She was u*********s and I was taking advantage of her. I let my fingers trace down to her shorts and thought she might wake up and stop me or scream ****. So I looked up and said " If you don't wake up I'm gonna finger fuck you!" She only moved slightly making more room between her legs. I took that as an ok so I unbuttoned her shorts and lowered them slowly. She had on some nice panties and when I lowered them a little ( enough for my hand to fit) I felt a nice hairy bush and her pussy was wet. I fingered her and she moved around enjoying it while i sucked her tits. I did this for about an hour when I decided time to end this. My balls were turning blue and she had to get home before her husband got pissed. I lowered her shirt and pulled up her panties and her shorts . I drove to the neighborhood and by accident found her house it was 3:30 when I dropped her off. She never let on she knew what I had done. But on other occasions she found reasons to rub her ass on my cock whenever she had the chance to drive me crazy.parties were never the same when she was around.

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you are too nice