Me losing my virginity to a bombshell of a girl

Hello all :). This shall be the first time i post a story on any site.. It is the story of how I lost my virginity. I'm now a 23 yo guy, about 1.74 m tall and with a weight of 60-64 kg ... Anyways, u can call me Ern ;). This is what happened with me and my playmate in my first year of Law School when i was 19. I'm not gonna give u real names so pls dont ask or be bothered by this. Her name was A. she was a couple of months younger than me, about 1.64 m tall, a bit on the round side, not fat but not slim, with big round and hard boobs, big and round ass..
So now let's get it from the start of our unusual relationship.. She had a boyfriend that she was always in fights, which made her pretty depressed. One day i noticed her crying on the stairways of our college and i decided to go and see what was wrong. She told me what happened and i told her to bear with the guy cause he might be in a lot of stress.
After this conversation we started talking more often, we exchanged our messenger id's and really started 2 talk a lot. It was the end of our first semester, in the middle of winter when i got d***k and talked with her on messenger.. By absolute stupidity i told her that i feel very attracted 2 her and that id like to get to know her more "intimate" .. Luckily she didn't get offended by this. The next time i saw her she started 2 flirt with me, which at first i didn't like cause she was in a relationship.. But after a couple of her tries i kinda got carried away and started 2 return the flirting ... This went on for roughly 2 weeks, until one day when we went to play pool near our college. We played some pool, made some flirts and subtle sexual references to the pool table and the potential it has. Afterwards she kinda complained about a back problem.. As i enjoyed myself a lot and didn't want her to leave cause of a back pain i offered 2 massage her back a bit..
I told her not to worry about me massaging her 2 hard or trying anything funny and she said that she hopes i wont break her back.. Anyways, i started massaging her back gently, as gently as one can, which resulted in a "wow" sound from her and a little moan of relaxation.. She then turned around and told me she never had some1 massage her so lovingly, afterwards planting a kiss on my lips without giving me any time to react.
I was quite stupefied of her reaction to my massage not to talk about the fact that she kissed me, so i didn't say a word and just went with the flow ..
The next day she was literally chasing me down the hallways of our college, doing a cat and mouse game that i didn't enjoy at first.
I kept pushing her away cause of her bf, and she kept coming and coming the more i pushed..
Finally 1 day we went to play pool again, this time with her bf. After i had beaten the crap out of him at pool he went to buy some drinks.
Immediately as he left the room she jumped in my arms and tried 2 kiss me, which made me push her away and kinda raise my voice and go like "woman, are u mad? he's right here, how can u do this?". After i did that she was mad and didn't even exchange a word with me till later that night when she told me that she feels attracted 2 me.
We kept playing cat and mouse for a couple more weeks until she told me crying that she broke up with her bf and that she feels lonely. So the next day i went to her place b4 college to cheer her up.
She was all alone and was kinda mad about something. Anyways she made me some coffee and we talked about a lot of things, including my massaging skills which she couldn't stop complimenting and even asked me if i can massage her using body lotion. I told her that it's O.K. as long as she is not naked (didn't wanna freak her out).
She replied "yeah sure, ill just slip my top off and ill be in my bra".
And immediately after saying that she took her top off and lied down on bed. I grabbed the lotion and started massaging her. In no time she started moving and jerking her body and breathing heavier, which was not something i could understand cause i wasn't trying to arouse her at all..
She started 2 moan a bit and asked me why am i just massaging her like that, why not her whole front side.. And took of her bra..
I was kinda shocked but i said "ok" and went on massaging her breasts too. When i started massaging them she grabbed one of my hands and pushed it in her pants and underneath her panties..
She was totally WET.. I kinda stopped a bit to clear my head but immediately i continued and made her cum with a loud scream and a lot of shacking from her side.
She then got dressed without a word and told me that we have to leave. All the way to college we didn't exchange a word. When we got there she pulled me to a corner and kissed me like no tomorrow.
After these event i caught her every now and then on the dark hallways and fingered her to orgasms before classes.
3 months went like this till she asked me to come to her place cause she wants to fuck the brains out of me..
I was kinda a full virgin, never having sex with a girl, just fooling around with cunnilingus, fingering and petting..
Told her that and she didn't wanna believe a word of it replying that "u are too good 2 be a virgin".. I still tried 2 convince her and finally she believed me..
She was kinda mad about me not telling her that at first but then went on and said "tomorrow at my place at 9 a.m. with whip cream, or else.." and she hanged up..
The next morning i went and bought whip cream, a pack of condoms, and a bottle of white wine.
I knocked on her door, and was pulled inside fast and kissed before i even got the chance to say hello. She then told me to put the cream in the fridge and to wait for her in her room since she had a thing to do in the bathroom.
I went to her room and waited about 2 minutes. She opened the door and called me over. I went near her and held her by the waist. As i was approaching her to plant a kiss on her lips she started to unbuckle my belt buckle... I was shocked and i guess she saw that on my face cause she said "told u i wanna fuck ur brains out"
And immediately pulled my jeans down and took my t-shirt off.. I still was in my black boxers.. She pushed me in her bed and told me to wait.
I went and lied down on bed with my eyes staring at the ceiling.. She returned with the cream and told me to close my eyes.. i was like "sure, whatever u want"
I closed my eyes and i could hear her get undressed. Then suddenly i felt cold cream being poured on my chest and belly..
I gasped for air and bit my lip. After she finished putting cream on me she got on top and pressed her boobs on my chest.. I was in ninth heaven feeling those hard round BIG boobs pressing on my chest.
She then started licking and biting my neck, sucking on my nipples and going down to my belly with her tongue to clean the cream up ..
I opened my eyes and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back a bit so i could lick and suck her gorgeous boobs.. she immediately went like "cheater, u opened ur eyes" and left out a hard strong moan when i bit her nipple.
After i cleaned her boobs she pushed me back and blindfolded me so i was unable to see and to "cheat".. Afterwards she pulled my boxers down and took my dick, which was rock solid by now, between her hard boobs and started 2 move em up and down my dick .. i thought i died and went to heaven..
She went like this for a couple of minutes and then she suddenly stopped. I felt her getting on top and took my dick in her hand and started to jerk it a bit and rubbing it around her pussy.. she then put the tip of my 7" long wrist thick dick at the entrance of her pussy
She pushed down a bit till the tip was in her wet hole.. Immediately i held my breath cause it felt so tight and i thought that the skin on my dick was going to be pealed off by her thigh pussy.
She then started to press down easily and moaned with every inch that went inside till she took it all in .. this felt like it took forever and she took the blindfold off and asked if i was ok (cause i was still holding my breath).
I was only able to say "It feels wonderful".
She smiled and started to move back and fro, slow then faster .. i started to feel her getting extremely wet so i then grabbed her ass and held her a bit as i started to pump her with hard but slow strokes, till i went fast.. as soon as i went fast i felt a wave of moisture going down my balls and i felt her collapse on my chest. She then whispered "ern, you liar, you are not a virgin, cause u made my cum so easy"
After hearing that i stopped a bit to let her catch her breath and for me to put a condom on.
As i was putting a condom on she went on her back with her legs open and started playing with her boobs and watching me with lust telling me to get between her legs faster.. As she wished i jumped right there and told her to put it in cause i was kinda of a lousy shot .. She grinned and made a bit of fun of me, which made me a bit "angry" so as soon as i felt that my tip was at the entrance i pushed my dick in with one strong stroke. I heard her moan like hell and she scratched my back as i did that and the grin immediately disappeared from her face and told me "you are good..."
I started then to move slowly, in and out as i was sucking her boobs. After a few slow steady strokes i started to move faster and faster.. I noticed that her breath was getting a lot heavier and that she was grabbing my ass hard with her hands and legs so i pulled almost all the length of my dick out leaving only the tip in and rammed it hard in her, making her scream with pleasure. I repeated the move about 3 or 4 times and started to move faster again till i felt her getting tighter.. I told her that I was going to cum and she said "do it already cause i came a couple of times already" and immediately felt her getting super tight and catching my dick with a strong hand like grip in her pussy. i came hard.. and moved till she let me out of her grip.
I then pulled out and took the condom off and threw it.
When i came back in the room she was still in the same position gasping for air and with her eyes closed..
I sneaked between her legs and started to kiss her belly and as i was going 2 start licking her pussy she opened her eyes and asked what i was going to do.. and i was almost laughing and replied with "what do u think?". And with no warning i gave inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and planted my mouth on her clit.
I started finger-fucking her as i was sucking and licking hard on her clit and pussy lips. She stopped me before she came, which made me a bit mad but told me that she wanted me to enter her in doggy-style..
She went and sat on all 4rs and i stood in amazement looking at her perfect shape and the perfect roundness of her big hard round ass..
I then went and tried managed 2 find her hole without any help and started to fuck her hard and fast as soon as i was in. She let out moans and grunts and started to push her ass on my dick as i was entering her stronger and stronger. She told me to tell her when i was going 2 cum cause she wants to cum with me.. It was tight as hell so it took me only 5 minutes of moving till i was on the edge.. I told her that im gonna cum soon so she pulled her legs closer and made her pussy super tight. I immediately came in 3 strokes.. and with her body shacking like hell.. She told me not to pull it out yet cause she likes the way my cock throbs inside her after i come..
I stayed like that till i felt my dick getting limp.. i then pulled out and got the second condom off and threw it.
I wasn't satisfied yet so i told her i wanna go for another round. She was looked surprised at me and told me that she want to try a new position.
So she laid down on bed on her back and told me to come in front as if i were to enter her in missionary. but she then turned on her side a bit and put one leg beneath me and one on my shoulder. She then guided me inside her and told me to stay straight. I did as instructed and the position felt wonderful. After 6 - 8 minutes of hard pumping i felt her cumming again. This time i stopped and she went crazy about me stopping, she kept trying to move on me to grind but i wouldn't let her. Instead i pulled her on top of me and started pumping like no tomorrow. She came another time in 1 minute of that and then i felt my dick getting harder and i just pumped like and came harder than ever without warning.
After that she got off of me and lied on be trembling and panting as i threw the last condom.. I went and started to kiss her and lick her pussy again and made her cum again which made her shake even harder and more uncontrollably.. i stopped and went on with just caressing her body with my hand on her back but even that kind of touch made her body shake even harder. It took her about 8 full minutes to catch her breath and to be able to speak again.. and when she did she said "you are good, you are damn good"
After that we stayed in each others arms a couple of minutes and then i had to leave cause of her mom who was going to come home soon.
This was the first time i had sex and it was such a good memory that i thought i had to share it. I hope you like it and please comment. See you all soon, i hope ;)
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2 years ago
great story mate!
2 years ago
Hey there every1 :) Thanks for the comments .. I rly hope u enjoyed this story and maybe if i get a lot of women who like it ill post others ;).. till next time keep it naughty
2 years ago
Hey there :) never thought some1 would actualy like what i wrote here... i think i got some more stories 2 tell about my sex life till now :)
Untill i write the next one hope u enjoyed this one and im waiting for friend adds and why not, some pics dedicated 2 me :P c ya soon u porn lovers ;)
2 years ago
I enjoyed it a lot, what a good experience! :-)
2 years ago
2 years ago
this was the most hot story i hav ever read
2 years ago
Love it. Any more to tell?
2 years ago
Great story!!