My Very First Huge Dick Fucking

In my 20's, one night i was socializing at a gay club. Sitting at the bar, having a drink, this man sits next to me and we start talking. He orders us both drinks when my glass emptied. talking for a while, laughing and having fun, he kept ordering us refills. An hour of talking and I'm having fun, i guess he is having fun too, cause he asks me if he could kiss me. I hesitate for a few seconds, and say "O.K" Him leaning over our lips connect, as he kisses me, and then he parts my mouth with his tongue, filling my entire mouth, i gently suck and pull it in.
I'm thinking he is pretty forward, but huh, that was nothing compared to what was g about to come. we smile after kissing and continue talking, he orders one more refill, during this time, he is kissing me every so often, his hands have been probing me out. all of this giving me goose bumps and making me quiver inside. As the takes his last sip, he gets up and says to me "lets go" and he starts walking to the door, i take my last sip, and get up following him. He opens his car door to let me in and off to his place we go.

As we walk into his apartment, he walks me straight to his bedroom where we sit next to each other on the bed. Right away he leans over to me kissing and french kissing me, his hands probe my body. My eyes are closed and arms wrapped around him, his tongue filling my mouth and his hands taking my clothes off, feeling me up all over. I feel like I am quivering from head to toe. I am now naked, as he has me move laying my head on the pillow, he stands and gets undressed, and he lubes his already hard cock. i could feel his hard dick through his pants, but i had no idea how big and what was about to hit me.

He gets onto the bed and he pushes apart my legs and gets in position. As he grabs my two legs he pushes them over his shoulders and leans up above me, he shoves his tongue back in my mouth, probing my mouth, i can feel his dick rubbing on my ass hole, getting ready to plunge inside. My feet are near my ears, his tongue deep in my mouth, all his weight above me, and in one trust down, his dick parts my ass hole and plunges its way all the way in, up to his balls. In a split second my eyes roll back, I'm gasping for air, and i scream out "take it out, take it out, ohhh take it out" He did take it out, as i lay there a few seconds trying to breathe, gasping for air. My eyes are shut tight, and all of a sudden, he rams his huge dick back inside me. :O "Pull it out" i said again, as he starts to pump my ass hard, his reply was "NO!" and i scream "ohhhh pull it out." His reply again was "No! take it like the whore you are!" as he worked his dick in and out, fucking me so hard. He was bigger than me, all his weight on top, pounding down into me so hard, i was pinned and couldn't move. Every thrust sent my eyes to the back of my head making me scream and gasp for breaths of air.

After fucking me for a while, i can barely tolerate this massive dick in my ass. His dick was so big, and he won't let up the constant pounding in and out of me. every thrust has me seeing stars. i am being fucked so hard, and after what seemed like forever, he says again "take it like the whore you are!" I think he's almost fucked me u*********s, i can't move, and f***ed to take his dick pounding, and his tongue filling my mouth.

His dick so big, fucking me so hard, bye now my mind is half there. While he continues to pound me. he says "get ready, I'm gona cum in your mouth" A few minutes later he pulls his dick out of my ass, and moves to sit on my chest. this is the first time i get a good look at it :O, its quite fat, he must be 12 inches at least. Anyways, he grabs his monster cock and shoves it into my mouth, felt like he was stretching my lips. As gone as i was, and he is over me, pushing down, he did what he wanted, and i had to take it. while he fucks my mouth, his wight is heavy, when he dropped down onto my open mouth with his cock, it f***ed its way into and down my throat, right away i begin to choke on his dick as he is pumping and fucking my face, again i am pinned with his cock and keep chocking on it. just when i couldn't take another second and needed a breath, he pulls it half out, letting me take a breath, he starts to jerk his dick off at the base, my lips wrapped around the other half. while he pumps half of it in my mouth, my lips wrapped around the shaft, he's also jerking it. a minute of this and he moans out loud, as he pumps it all into my mouth. Even after he unloads it all in me, he doesn't pull out of my mouth. he even lays forward laying down onto me, taking a rest. with his dick now getting soft, inside my mouth. after a while he, pulls out and lays next to me, as we both go to sl**p.

This was my very first huge dick experience.

97% (54/2)
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3 months ago
Nothing like a real man with a huge dick to teach us fags our role in life…
11 months ago
That was pretty hot!
1 year ago
and then you two did it again and again and......
2 years ago
realy big thick hard cock gives alot of pleasure
2 years ago
Great Story...Reminds me of Horse Dick Harry man he was a good fuck...
2 years ago
2 years ago
That was fucking hot! I envy the guy you wrote of. Not for his massive cock, but because he used it in your sweet ass. Love your writing. :) xxx
2 years ago
Ouch. So much for foreplay!