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hmmmmm for the several or so lucky guys that I've let have sex with me, and me wanting them :D , some were lasting boy friends. anyways, from where I'm sitting, or laying ;) ha! to be blunt, i do like laying there and hearing him behind me, either fiddling with a condom, and getting his cock and me ready, I'm thinking and knowing that I'm about to get it. guys i think tend to go for the slam dunk right from the start, but hey shrugs i like that too :) *blush* and then the next hopefully 15 minutes at least to an hour or more, even better. ha *blushes again* call me gay, that's ok, imo, that i can lay down with a guy and have certain attractions with a guy, comes from being transsexual, a girl in the wrong bod etc. i have to say though, being transsexual has a whole lot more to it than just being sexual, its who the person is. everything inside me says "girly girl" lol I've known something didn't quite fit from as young as 4, or whenever i got memories lol my natural, is on the feminine side :) and most everything about me, cept some parts attached to the bod lol oh well, it is a fact, that some people are born in the wrong bods, most know this, just informing the ones that dont lol. i used to date other girls too, and a lot of my friends are girls, prolly cause they can sense im not there trying to get in their pants lol jk but i cherish their friendships, most of them anyways jk lol :) i would be a dangerous girl if born right lol my personality, and way that i am now in ways, would fit and i would prolly be an nfl cheerleader, :D maybe a stripper, or in the movies, not with tom cruise but with tom crusher ;) lol maybe a hotters waitress :) maybe eventually a hair and nail salon owner, but that's just pondering, and just one part of me, and i cant believe i typed all that, normally i dont share details, got a few minutes to ponder lol anyways bye bye.
Posted by ext33095 3 years ago
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1 year ago
I know had I been born into a female body I would have been a whore, a rich one hopefully but a whore. The salon idea is great, I don't know why it never occurred to me. I hope it works for you.
2 years ago
You have your whole life to figure it out thanks
3 years ago
with other guys ive been with, im a submissive girl, and could never be the one givin it. i have been with girls, and i suppose the dominant one, but never aggressive dominant, thats just not me. think i was buzzed when i typed this lol first time ive read it back to respond to your comment, i cant understand some of what i was saying lol should rewrite it but oh well...
3 years ago
Have you ever fucked a woman or man? Ever been the dominant one, in charge?