Pretty Sure I Was d**gged and Abused

I was at a local gay club as i frequent in my town, having a few drinks, talking, time is around 11:30 pm. I'm quite personable and have fun when i go out. here is where i mess up, thinking back, stupidly i get up to use the restroom, leaving my drink behind, i had maybe 2 or 3 bye this time, so i come back and casually finish the rest of the drink, during this time a guy sits next to me and we start talking, he was a black man, very built, charming, and good looking. obviously flirting with me, I am almost d***k and flirt back, we talked for quite a while, and i agree to leave with him. all night long there were warning signs but i don't notice till days later when i try to remember. So i follow behind him and get into his car. about five minutes later he parks the car on his driveway, as i get out he comes around grabbing my hand, says he wants to show me something, he opens a door i guess off to the side of the building, and its set up like a dungeon. this should have been a red flag to me and still i keep going forward with him, anyways i am not into the dungeon scene and i tell him this. that was fine he said we can go inside to the bedroom. and i say o.k. O.o so he takes me inside and bye hand takes me directly to the bedroom. he turns me around and kisses me, and keeps kissing me our tongues are touching, as his hand probe all over me, he is slick and before i notice all my clothes are off, minus the lingerie i am wearing. from when we left the club things were getting foggy, and progressed like that, i am vulnerable at this point. he lays me on the bed on my belly as i turn to take a peak. he is taking his clothes off, he reaches to my waist and grabs the rest of what i was wearing and pulls them off. i keep looking forward, a minute or two go bye, i take a peak and see him greasing his dick and getting it hard. i don't get a good look as i turn and keep looking forward. The bed moves as he gets on and positions himself laying on top of me. all his weight, he is a lot bigger than me as he smothers me. i can feel his dick sliding, finding its way inside, i feel the head is in, and then all of a sudden, he rams the entire dick all the way in, like a wrecking ball hitting a building, then he takes off, so fast, so hard, he is so big, i see stars, and he doesn't let up, slamming his dick in me over and over and over, as fast as he could, as hard as he could, i try to squirm forward, but he wont let me, he has me smothered and i cant move, and he keeps pounding me, all i can do is take this insanely hard pounding, taking his tremendous dick made my eyes roll back, im gasping for air, as i scream. ohhhh am i screaming. from the very first trust. he doesn't slow down for a second, and it felt like forever. omg, im fading in and out as he keeps pounding me and i take it. im putty in his hands as this fucking was sooo hard and so fast and aggressive, hes fucking me u*********s. After quite a long time of this im so foggy at this point, i cant move, I'm laying there and he is doing what he wants. i remember him then positioning me on my knees with my ass up and my face in the mattress. im close to being passed out at this time, but i guess i was looking back at him, i see him stand above my ass, as he waists no time to slide back inside me and again start wailing on my ass like there's no tomorrow. i remember a few minutes of being fucked in this position, and i was out. i know this because that is the last thing i remember. until waking up. i open my eyes and expect to be in my bed. but im not. i look next to me and this guy is laying on his side staring at me. i get startled and jump out of the bed, he is still naked, i am still naked. i look at the clock and its 7:00 am. i say what the hell happened. he doesnt respond but has a grin on his face. I grab what i see of mine thats laying on the floor. get dressed in a hurry and run from there. hitting a wall here and there on my way out, as my equilibrium is off. ran out the door and got back to my car at the club and went home. thinking of what i remember from that night, i was a drinker, there was no way 3 or 4 drinks would have made me pass out like that and lose 7 hours or so. i realy have no idea what happened from probably midnight through 7 am. but something happened. i could take a good fucking and this time my ass hole hurt for four days after. it hurt so much i couldnt even bend over, it hurt to walk. and i have no idea what he put me through. i should be more fucked up than i am having this in my memories. maybe its good that i passed out. i sometimes wonder, since we were still both naked, many hours later, did he just fuck the hell out of me all night, to hurt that bad for days something drastic happened. i wonder if he phoned in a bunch of friends and they took turns on me all night. he has a dungeon and all the equipment, so this was possible. but i will never know.

85% (13/2)
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