"Hey Michelle, you alright?" said Denise, an attractive, dark-skinned, black woman, entering the bedroom, wearing a blue bikini. "What's wrong?"ar
"Oh it's that damn Susan," said Michelle, a slender, Latino woman, wearing a black bikini, sitting up. "She just couldn't take no for an answer."
"Girl, we' been together for nine years, and I think it's time we tied the knot."
"What are you saying?
"What do you think I'm sayin'?"
"You mean get married?"
Denise approached her, sank to her knees, and asked Michelle to marry her, opening her hand, revealing an expensive silver and gold ring.
"It's beautiful."
She took it, placing it on her index finger.
"Michelle Leadron, will you marry me?"
She hesitated for a moment, weeping.
"Will you?"
"Yes, yes!"
Denise stood up, faced Michelle and kissed her, throwing her on the bed. They passionately French-kissed with Denise taking control over most of the action.
Michelle enjoyed submitting to Denise, but rarely did Denise submit to her, preferring to be on the dominant end. Both were bi-sexual, preferring women.
"Mmm Mmm," said Michelle, as Denise continued, then stoped for a minute.
"Girl, you got the best tongue action in captivity."
"Want some more?"
They locked lips again and continued kissing.
The phone rang.
"Shit," said Denise, answering it, with Michelle, easing out from under her to go to the bathroom.
It turned out to be one of many crank calls.
"What's up Denise?" asked Michelle, returning.
"Oh nothing. Just another crank call."
"Could be Susan."
"Oh her."
She got back on top of Michelle, squeezed her petite, firm breasts, and licked her way down on her washboard abs, into her clit.
"Oh! Oh!" she cried out, throwing her head back on the pillow, squirming. "Shit! Fuck!"
Denise wiggled her tongue all around Michelle's pussy muscles, savoring her pubic hairs.
"Mmm," said Michelle, licking her lips. "Uh! Uh!"
But Denise continued licking her clit, causing her to jerk up, shivering with pleasure.
"Like it?"
"Shit yeah! "What the hell are you stopping for?"
She went back down, spread Michelle's pussy and continued eating.
"Oh Fuck!" cried Michelle, trying to raise up, but Denise held her thighs down firmly, then slid her hands under them, holding her butt.
"Girl, you got some good pussy."
"Tell me about it."
Denise continued licking for about ten more minutes, then Michelle turned the tables.
"Let's sixty-nine."
"I thought you'd never ask.
Denise got under her with Michelle licking her pussy with a fury, flicking her tongue, while Denise licked hers aggressively.
"Mmm," she said, stopping. "This is a good snack."
She continued licking Denise's sparsely-haired pussy, working her tongue along the clit lines.
"Girl, work them pussy muscles!"
And Michelle did just that, making Denise's pink pussy muscles move up and down, while she continued flicking at Michelle's.
"You got skills."
"Girl, we gotta keep doin' this shit," said Denise.
Michelle came up for air, straddling Denise, licking her lips.
"Michelle, nobody can eat pussy like you."
"Well, I had a good teacher."
"I think we should try to cum together without runnin' off with the mouth."
"You said it, girlfriend."
They continued eating each other and stopped.
"Oh, that pussy was good," said Michelle, getting off Denise, falling to the floor.
"You alright?"
"And how's your clit?"
"Fine and yours?"
"Never felt better."
Denise had something special for Michelle, so she went into another room and returned with a big, ten-inch, strap-on dildo.
"Okay Bitch, I'm gon' fuck the shit outta you.
"C'mon with it."
She got on top of her, inserting the dildo into Michele's pussy, stretching it to the max.
"Oh shit! That's a big one!" said Michelle, in Spanish.
"And that's only the beginning."
She fucked her like a pile driver for about twenty minutes and vice versa, with Michelle returning the favor a little slower, since she didn't have much experience with what she called "artificial fucking."
Soon, they both finished.
"At least we aint gotta worry 'bout gettin' pregnant," said Denise, getting dressed.
"Don't forget to bleach that thing."
Michelle finished getting dressed, and they left the room---THE END

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3 years ago
This sounds like the script for a bad mid 90's soft-core HBO or Stars porno. LOL