Memories, part two

One night, the first of many, Nadia told me that she felt cold, and would I mind going into her bed and keep mummy warm…..I must say that she was a very kind person, years after I found out that her dad, also a widower, had remarried, and Nadia and her s****r Maria were victimized by their step-mum, and she would not do so to me….(but that’s another story).

Nadia was much younger than my father, 20 years difference to be precise, and when he married her she was just over 18.

I got out of my bed and climbed under her blankets, she asked me if I ever slept with a woman and I did mention that sometimes I did sl**p with my cousins in the summertime…..although I did not really expand, since Pat and Vicky made me promise not to tell about our afternoon games.

Nadia asked me if I knew that Eskimos, to keep warm inside their little igloos, would strip naked and keep their bodies close together…then she proceeded to take off her nightdress and asked me to take off my pyjama.

As it was very dark I could not see much, just shapes, then she asked me to put my head in the small of her shoulder, I was to her right, took my right arm and wrapped it around her waist.

I was feeling very comfortable, and I would have fallen asl**p very quickly, but I could feel my dick growing and getting harder, and a very pleasant warmth was pervading my whole body.

All of this time Nadia was caressing my face and hair and giving me little kisses, on my cheeks, lips and neck.

I let my right hand wander up from her waist to her left breast, she did not stop me, and when I found the hard nipple I stated teasing it as my two cousins taught me.

Nadia let out a little moan and slightly adjusted herself in bed, now her right breast was closer to my mouth. I started kissing it and sucking on her nipple as my hand was fondling the other one.

I felt Nadia’s left hand caress the length of my body, starting from my right shoulder, down to my ribcage, my hip and my upper thigh, and returning on the inside of my thigh, my groin, where she paused on my prick of a fraction longer, then up my belly to my chest and back down again, to finally rest on my little swollen shaft.

At this point I got balder, I let my right hand slide from her left breast, caress her belly, twirl my fingers around her belly button then down, towards her pubes.

My hand stopped as I reached her hairy mound, it was much coarser than Pat’s or Vicky’s, and more of it, then I slid my hand further down and felt the heat that her pussy was emanating.
I let my middle finger follow the crack of her lips which felt as they parting themselves, and I let it rest on her clitoris, and started rubbing with the circular motion that Vicky had taught me.

Nadia broke the silence, she asked me where did I learn to do what I was doing, saying that it was very pleasant, I didn’t let the cat out of the bag, but told her that a girl a bit older than me did, and I was happy that she like what I did.

She asked me what else this “girl” had taught me, and I told her about licking pussy and some of the pleasure she would give me by rubbing and sucking my willy.

Nadia asked me if I did 69 her, to which I asked what she meant (bless me for my innocence), so she asked if I would lick this “girl’s” pussy while she was sucking me, and I said yes, then she asked me if we did it by resting on each other’s side or one on top of the other, and I confirmed that I did do it in all manners.

She asked me which one I preferred, and after a bit of thinking I told her that I preferred it better with the “girl” sitting on my face.

Nadia asked me if she could sit on my face and I agreed.

Her moist pussy was much stronger smelling than either Vicky’s or Pat’s, but very different, much muskier, and her juices were thicker. I did not waste too much time, and started lapping at her pussy lips, sucking on her clit and flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

Nadia was grinding her pussy in my face with considerable f***e, and she was sucking my cock like no one ever did before…..or since that I can think of…..and it was obvious that she really did like what I was doing, because her moans turned into little groans, her body was shaking and tensing and relaxing all at the same time.

It wasn’t long before I shot my modicum amount of spunk in her mouth, and that make her grinding even harder and faster, until she gave this low, from deep down in her belly, sigh come groan as she tightened her thighs around my head.

She came off me, took me back in her arms, rested my right hand on her left breast and told me that I did make mummy very happy, so happy that she did not want anyone else in the world to know….that happiness was going to be our secret for ever…to which I was more than happy to agree.

These sex games with my step mum went on every night until after a few months my father came home for a short holiday.

At first he complained about having to put the two beds back together….but I volunteered my help and the moaning soon ended, and he did agree that it was not fair for me to sl**p on a sofa in the living room, so he agreed that he was going to get a builder to add another room to the house.

Whilst the building work at home was going on, he took Nadia and me on a holiday for around three weeks, near the place where he was working, constructing an electricity power station.

We were staying with this older couple, who rented part of their house out to the workers at the building site, with home cooked meals, it was very cosy. I learned at the time that before the building of the dam started, and what they were hoping to do in the future, was to rent their house out to tourists, and Nadia did mention this to my father who agreed that when the work was finished he would approach the couple and ask if he could book 4 to 5 weeks, each summer for the three of us to come and stay, although he would have only be able to reside with us for two weeks.

I was a bit disappointed, because I could see the next summers being spent here, and not with my cousins…..I mentioned this to Nadia, and I could see a sign of the penny being dropped on her face….she said that I would have not missed my cousins much if I was prepared to learn something new….but said that I might be able to spend sometime at my aunt’s Summer House for the two weeks that my dad had his holiday.

At the end of the holiday, when my grandparents had let us know that the new room was finished, we all went home.

My new bedroom had been added to the side of what had been my old bedroom, with the addition of an en-suite for my parents, a shower room with toilet for me and a short corridor to connect the new extension to the rest of the house.

To be honest I was really pleased, my new bedroom was bigger, brighter and had a huge built in wardrobe….my new bed was like a bunk bed, but instead of having another sl**ping place at the bottom, it had a desk with drawers, and there were two reading lamps, on fixed to the desk and one fixed to my headboard…..simple things to make a simple boy happy.

My father was going to stay with us just for a few more days before returning to his work…one night I woke up in the middle of a funny dream….I got out of bed, went to my bathroom for a pee, and when I came out I could see a slither of light coming from what now had been classified as “my parents bedroom”.

I could hear muffled sounds, a bit of giggling, my father’s deep voice trying to whisper, the ruffling of sheets and the squeaking of springs.

I approached the door, which was slightly ajar, peeked through, and saw Nadia sitting on father’s groin, with her back to him, facing the door. She was rocking back and forth as she was holding her balance by gripping my father’s knees.

Both the bedside lamps were on, and I could see Nadia’s tits gently sway with her hip movements, her eyes were shut and from the expression on her face you could tell she was enjoying herself, the she raised her hips and saw my father’s prick in her pussy…it was the very first time I saw anybody fucking….then she went down again and started all over again, grinding back and forth, raising and lowering and she was moaning louder by the minute. Until I saw my dad grab hold of her tits, arch his back and thrust in her harder four or five times, until both of them, panting heavily, stopped.

Nadia lifted her pussy from my father’s cock, which was glistening with the mixture of their juices, and a dribble of spunk came out of her crack and dribbled onto her arse cheeks. My father turned her on her back and dove face first in between her thighs and started to lick her pussy.

Without realising I had been stroking my prick and was jolted back to reality by my own orgasm, squirting my little bit of spunk on the bedroom door and dribbling some of it on the wooden floor. I remember going back to the bathroom and get some toilet roll to clean up my mess, then went back to bed, but it did take me a long time to fall asl**p again.

A couple of days later dad left for his work to be away for the next four months or so.

That very night Nadia came to my bedroom and found me reading a book, and asked me if I would have liked to keep her company now that father had gone.

I did not need asking twice, and I was in her bed within seconds naked.

The scene was the same as before, my head on her right shoulder, my right hand on her left breast and her left hand on my prick, with here fingers slowly caressing my ball sack.

As I got harder she started pulling my foreskin back and forth and my hand slid down to her pussy toying with her clit. I did then tell her what I did see a few nights before, and asked her if my father prick inside her pussy hurt….she giggled…told me I was a naughty little boy for spying….and that no, it did not hurt, in fact it was very pleasant, and asked me if I wanted to learn how to do it.

I was then eleven and fucked my stepmother for the first time.

In those four months I learned everything I needed for the rest of my life, and my production of sperm was definitely improving, to the point that I could spurt at least three times a night. And Nadia was enjoying my cum in more way than one.

Sometimes, even when dad was home on one of his short leaves we would find time to fuck, and we carried on for a further 8 years, that is until Nadia and dad divorced, she left the f****y home, after all it was my grandparents home, and moved hundreds of miles away.

I kept in touch with her, for a variety of reasons, and occasionally we would meet for lunch, which always ended up with a fuckfest in a motel or something similar. There is one thing I am sure of though, and it is not rocket science, but Nadia had two c***dren, my half b*****rs Max (12 years my junior) and Paul (14 years my junior), and that is that I am very likely Paul’s father, since he was either born 11 months or 7 months after one of my father’s holidays, and definitely he was not premature.

Unfortunately Nadia is dead now, she succumbed to cancer when she was only 45, and there is no way that I am going to tell the boys of my suspicions, and I would not want to hurt my father really, although we do not particularly see eye to eye.

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3 years ago
interesting and sexy,very true to life,enjoyed it!
4 years ago
very good but sad story