Part 1

In my early 20's I decided to hitch hike across the US from New York down to Florida then across to California. My friends told me I would be mugged or murdered before I got to Texas but I'd done a bit of research I and thought I was pretty safe, however on one ride I got a lot more than i'd bargained for and more than I could have hoped for. I was hitchhiking just outside of Jackson in the pounding June sun praying I got picked up before my brain juices started evaporating when a beat up old camper van pulled up beside me. When you're hitchhiking beat up old camper vans are pretty standard fare, 4 wheels that work and a driver with some interesting road conversation, but this van had one very obvious unusual feature, both the occupants were topless. In the passenger seat closest to me sat a guy in his late 50's with short, slightly receding black hair and a 50 something's hairy chest and beer belly, in the drivers seat sat a lady I assumed was his wife, grey hair tied in a pony tail, bright blue eyes and a hippy pendant, her tits must have driven guys wild in the 70's and her body looked pretty great despite, or maybe because of, the beginnings a gut and slightly wrinkled, sagging breasts.,
“ I'd let you in but there's a dress code” said the man
I took off my top, grinning, and moved towards the van
“that's not a bad start” said the man “but you need to keep going”, and he pushed open the passenger door revealing his bare flanks.I had to pause for a moment at this, there was a steady flow of traffic joining the interstate and up til right then the thought of stripping naked in full view of a busy road hadn't crossed my mind, but I had started warming to my new friends and I took my time taking off the rest of my clothes enjoying the thought of 50 strangers in passing cars watching me get naked.
“Alright, climb on in” said the man, sounding surprised though not displeased.
The man, who introduced himself and his wife as John and Mary, scooted over into the middle passenger seat and I sat myself beside him, the cabin wasn't spacious but there was enough room to sit comfortably without encroaching on each others space.
“So, do you travel like this a lot” I asked, making a first light attempt at conversation
“What, you mean naked?” said Mary, laughing, “we're nudists, we never do anything with clothes on that can be done without. We find life is just a lot better naked, it's not usually a sexual thing”
I found it hard to disagree with this sentiment so I sat back and looked out the window, enjoying the sense of freedom I got from being naked in a place that would normally require clothes.

After a few minutes of driving on the interstate Mary turned off onto the backroads
“ There's often bad traffic on the next section of road so we find it's best to leave the beaten track for a little while” she explained
There didn't seem to be much sign of heavy traffic to me but I was happy to trust our driver. The backroads were a lot more bendy than the interstate and a certain amount of shoulder rubbing between the passengers became inevitable, however after a few bends I noticed that John seemed to slide over towards me on left hand turns a little more than he slid away from me on right hand turns, and was it my imagination or was Mary taking left hand turns more aggressively than right hand turns causing John to slide even more towards me than away from me?

After a few miles it became obvious that they had something in mind, John and me now sat with legs flanks and shoulders pressed against each other and Jon made no attempt to move back fully onto his own seat which was half unoccupied by now. At this point I decided to tease them. If I wanted to show I wasn't interested I had room to shuffle away from John but I sat still in my seat with my legs slightly spaced and letting the tension build. I kept watching out of the corner of my eye as John and Mary tried to interpret my mixed signals. It was only after Mary started looking directly at the road and John started fidgeting slightly that I broke into a grin and gently placed my hand on his slightly moist thigh and made eye contact with him. Instantly I saw the bl**d rushing to his cock until he had a semi.
“And I thought you said this wasn't sexual” I said still grinning at John
“ Well it depends on the passenger I guess” replied John, still looking a little sheepish even as I slid my hand under his belly towards his hardening dick.
At this Mary visibly relaxed and smiled at me, blue eyes and bronzed breasts shining, giving me permission to engage her husband.
“So” I said “how bi are you John?”
“pretty much as bi as they come I reckon” he said, looking straight back at me now
“You mind if I test that?”, in my experience curious guys will often give and receive blow jobs and even anal but if you want to find out if someone truly likes men you need to kiss them.
With this in mind I cupped my hand behind his head and pulled him slightly closer. He didn't flinch and carried on looking straight at me with his big brown eyes and slight smile. We kissed for what felt like a long time, I felt my dick start to grow at the same time as I felt his dick start to throb in my left hand and he pressed our faces together to better facilitate ramming tongue down each others throat, after a minute he swung his leg over me so his hairy, sweaty (this being july in Florida everyone was sweating freely) stout bellied body rubbed against my toned, firm one and left me ready to cum on the spot even before we started rubbing our cocks together. Eventually we managed to separate ourselves without either of us finishing embarrassingly early, much to Mary's delight
“wowee looks like you boys won't be needing any of my help for the moment, why don't you go through to the back there and get better acquainted”
Me and John glanced at each other, slightly embarrassed at becoming so passionate so quickly, before I nodded at him to lead the way.
“Are you sure honey? What about.. you know..”asked John
“Oh i'm pretty sure we'll be fine on that front.. go on through”
“Ok, if you're sure, we'll give you a blow by blow” said John and climbed between the driver and passenger seats to the living area of the camper van. I followed suit pausing for a quick kiss with Mary before meeting John for an upright kiss and grope. This went on for some time before I found myself with my cock in his ample ass in the doggystyle position kissing his back and neck and lips. “Ok now he's fucking me good” he squealed as I stood up and put a thumb in his ass while I continued fucking him from behind.
“Yeah?” called Mary from the front “yeah that's it fuck him good i'm watching you in the mirror”
I was considering adding my other thumb when I heard a new voice chime in.
“oh wow daddy, you take that dick”
The van quickly became silent and I turned around to where the voice had come from. Above the drivers cabin there was a small sl**ping alcove and in it lay a goergous naked 20 something girl.
“Mary you said.. Jess i'm sorry, please” said John
“Jessica I thought you had gone up there with a sl**ping pill not two hours ago, normally we can't wake you for another 6 hours even if we want to..”
I watched all this in shock, as Jessica ignored her parents and swung down to the floor and walked over to me.
“Hi, i'm Jess” she said holding out her right hand for a handshake, As my right hand was still partially in her dad's asshole I held out my left to greet her but she swatted it away and held out again for my right. Slowly I pulled out my right thumb out and tentatively extended my hand.
“honey.. you don't need to” whispered John
“we're sorry, you shouldn't have seen this” said Mary
“I learned a lot when I was away at college, let me show you” she said
Jess moved as if to shake my hand then grabbed it and stuck the thumb that had just been in her dad's ass into her mouth

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5 months ago
yes very hot cant wait till the rest mmmmmm
6 months ago
Great beginning, hope you continue this soon