Monday Morning Shower

The alarm I set to go off each week day at 7am beeps aggravatingly on the other side of the room. Beside me you groan, throwing your covers off your naked body to go and get it. "I got it handsome" I murmur, putting a hand on your chest and pushing you back into bed gently. You don't need much convincing, rubbing groggy eyes and settling back against your pillows. I slip out of bed, already nude from a night of glorious, sweaty sex. Still a bit sore, I stretch, turning away to give you a nice view. You laugh and give a low whistle. Grinning ear to ear I grab the infuriating device and turn it off completely. Turning around and leaning against your dresser, I observe your smiling, mischievous face. "What?" I ask. You raise your eyebrows, and I follow your eyes as they trail down my body, lingering over my breasts and closed thighs. "Come back to bed?" you ask giving your sweetest 'I promise I'll be nice' face. "Not!" I laugh, grabbing a towel and heading to the bathroom. I can hear you groan and you throw a pillow across the room, narrowly missing my head. I bolt quickly through the door, laughing and evading another pillow. "I hate Mondays!" you yell.

Already nude, and in much need of a shower I reach into the large tiled bath/shower and turn it on hot, setting my glasses on the counter and hopping in. I shave quickly, and just as I'm soaping up for a good scrub down, hoping I can clean the smell of sex and cologne off my skin before work, I hear you brushing your teeth right beyond the thin white curtain. How close we've become so quickly, thinking of our night together my fingers slip between my thighs, gentle spreading suds over my pussy. One hand reaches up to caress my breast, pinching the nipple, imagining it's you. I let out a small gasp of pleasure, pushing a finger deep inside my wet pussy, wet not just from the water. Before I can pull my hand out from between my thighs or release my breast, you wrench the curtain back, soap bar in hand, wide grin. "oh sorry, am I interrupting?" you tease devilishly.

"Hey, I'm trying to shower!" I cry, covering my breasts with sudsy fingers. You snort, putting one leg over the tiled edge and into the shower. "No," you smile, pulling my hands away from my breasts and stepping completely into the shower "YOU," you put my arms around your neck, gently pressing me against your chest in the most intimate way, "Are doing my job for me" you whisper into my ear, reaching between my thighs and stroking my soapy, wet pussy. It's a good thing you put my arms around you, or I would have collapsed in pleasure of your big calloused finger pressing inside me. You gently run the bar of soap over my back, as your other hand withdraws from trembling thighs. I lean back to rest my head against the wall and you adjust to hold my ass with both your hands, leaving enough room between us for me to rub your already hard cock. I raise an eyebrow, and flash a one sided smile knowing that I wasn't the only one thinking about our fantastic sex. 

What should have been a short, one person shower had suddenly become a classic porno sex scene and I didn't even mind. You liked being creative, using what I was impressed to see was a multitude of soaps, shampoos and gels to clean what seemed every nook on my body, behind my knees, under my breasts, your expert hands causing shocks of pleasure to emanate through my body. I did my best to stay upright, feverishly using a large sponge to rub soap over your chest, neck, buttocks and paying special attention to your now very large and rock solid cock. All the while the warm water cascading over us, moistening what were already sweaty bodies and washing away copious amounts of soap and sud, but not the smell of sex. I could tell from your moans that my quick small hands circling and caressing your cock would finish you very quickly if I wasn't careful. I ease off, varying my pressure, up and down your shaft over and over. 

Precum trickles over the head and you reach a hand up to wash it off in the stream of water above us, and then slip it into my mouth. "Like you would suck me..." you moan, thrusting into my hands. I do just that, tongue sliding around your finger, sucking hard on it, drawing back and just licking it gently, bobbing my head to press my chin to your palm. You grab my hands suddenly, jerking your finger out of my mouth to pull away from my pleasuring gestures. Breathing heavily, cock twitching slightly. You're holding back, so I lean back against the wall, sliding my wet thighs against each other, biting my lip and caressing my nipples. Pleasuring myself to give you time to calm down, but unfortunately my intentions have the reverse affect. The pleasured almost pained look in your eyes turns suddenly to a primitive, intense desire, you grab me and spin me around, I put one foot on he ledge of the shower and with one clean movement you push your entire length inside me. 

I see stars as you begin to pound into me from behind, both of us lubricated by the suds and the showers continual rain on our heads, you're fast and rough, it feels so good to have you drilling into me, one of your hands grabbing my leg under the knee and holding it as leverage, the other reaching in front and grabbing my breast. You grunt and moan in ecstasy. I pull back the shower curtain, and I can see your face in the mirror, red, eyes closed, so intense and driven. As I feel the first rope of your cum inside me you let go of my knee and bend your body over mine, pressing your chest against my back to thrust again, both your hands holding the front of my thighs so you can press yourself as deep inside me as possible. I orgasm, feeling that cum jetting Into me. Screaming your name, as you pump into me several more times, your face pressed into my shoulder. I feel like I'm going to pass out the pleasure is so intense. Your arms and being impaled on your solid cock are the only things keeping me standing. And you pull me up, sliding out of my dripping wet pussy to gently lean me against the wall. Facing each other, you put your arms up on either side of my head and lean in to kiss me, just softly. I open my eyes and you grin and say "I think you're going to be late babe."
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2 years ago
Nice one..
2 years ago
I hate mondays too....:P