Morning Wood

Stretching with a groan, my hands reach for the warm body I can feel under the covers beside me. The early morning light pours in from the window just above the bed, and as my hands run over your chest -tangling in the thick hair that covers it- I can feel you reaching up to close the blinds. A smile erupts on my suddenly warm face, there can only be one reason for closing the blinds at this time of the morning. I reach above us to the windowsill to grab my glasses, making sure to lean as far over you as possible, my breasts raking over your chest causing my sensitive nipples to harden suddenly. Instead of rubbing your face between my breasts as I expected you to though, you tug me to the other side of the bed, away from my much-needed glasses. Your deep chuckle makes my already wet pussy tighten and you pin my arms under your body, kissing my face and murmuring into my ear that I can just feel my way around. I laugh, blindly running my fingers over your blurry silhouette. I like this game. Gently pulling me atop you, you use one hand guide my own over your face, feeling your smile and the edge of your teeth as you nip my fingers. Your other hand strays down my side, fondling my breast before slipping between us to caress my wet pussy. Your name escapes my lips in a throaty whisper, pleadingly, as my breath catches in my throat. Feeling your mouth with my hand I turn my head to kiss you passionately, your demanding tongue sliding into my mouth in an invasive yet thoroughly arousing way. Your semi hard cock twitches against my stomach and I reach down with both of my hands, slowly stroking and gripping the quickly hardening member, my thumb caressing the head lightly.

Your groan, the thrust of your hips into my hands and your fingers slipping between the lips of my pussy to penetrate my warmth begin to build the pressure deep inside me. My whimpers and cries of pleasure increase in volume and become more rapid as your fingers increase their speed, sliding deep inside me again and again. Already so close to an orgasm. I beg you to put it inside me, to make me cum on your big hard cock. I can’t see your face to judge your reaction, but your strong hands release my throbbing pussy and push me onto my back. Sliding between my thighs, which spread willingly to accommodate you, your cock hovers over my pussy teasingly. Wrapping my arms around your neck, I spread soft kisses all over your whiskery face. You whisper sweet words to me, kissing my ear, telling me to put your cock inside me. I don’t need to be convinced, reaching down to guide your swollen cock to my tight pussy, just sliding the head in. As you adjust your position your cock slides an inch or so inside me drawing a deep throaty moan from the both of us. The pounding of my heart fills my ears, as you take your time pushing deeper inside me. I’m frantic, my hands moving rapidly from my breasts to your back, grabbing, kneading, and clutching everything within reach. The arms you were using to brace yourself against the bed move to hold my hands still above my head, the action causing you to slide in that last bit so our hips are pressed tightly together, your balls pressed against my ass. The sudden, blinding flash of pleasure of my orgasm wracks my body and causes my muscles to clench around your big cock. My back arches involuntarily and I instinctively clutch my breasts, pinching my hard nipples.I can feel your chest rising and falling against mine, almost as brisk as the pounding of my heart. Sweat forms on our bodies as you develop a steady rhythm, pounding inside me. You release my wrists to take hold of my legs, pushing them further apart and back to pound deeper inside me.

You moan that you won’t last much longer, and I tell you I want to watch you cum. You reach with one hand and grab my glasses off of the windowsill, and I take them from you. Sliding them onto my face, I look into you eyes. Your face is red and your mouth open with a constant stream of moans and breathy gasps. The sight of you so close nearly pushes me over the edge, but you ask me to cum with you, so I hold the rush of pleasure back, closing my eyes and pushing my head back against the bed as I try to contain my ecstasy. I barely recognize that my mouth is open and I’m crying out your name, begging you to cum inside me, to make me cum with you. You reach for me, holding the back of my head as you piston inside me. You tell me to open my eyes and I do so, and with one final thrust you grit your teeth and I feel you explode inside me. My mouth opens to scream in bliss as I reach my orgasm, squeezing every last drop of cum out of your cock, but no sound comes out, silently I pull you against me, wrapping my arms around you and whimpering your name over and over. You tangle your hands in my hair and bury your face in my neck, shaking from the f***e of your orgasm. We quickly fall asl**p just like that, your softening cock deep inside me. Sated and exhausted.

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1 year ago
Got me hard again.
2 years ago
that's good! :) Very hot!
2 years ago
twice i have come back to read this i love it xx