I married a slut.

I was 19 years old. I had never been sexual with a woman. I had dated girls and fondled them, but I never had the courage to go any further than touching. I had only kissed one girl in my life. I was in the military. I was in law enf***ement. I was on patrol one night and was doing a routine barracks walk through. I walked by an open door and could hear a woman moaning. I peaked into the room and saw this gorgeous woman on top of one guy and another behind and in her. The woman noticed me watching and smiled. I watched the three of them for about ten minutes.

When I heard another door opening, I walked away and down the hall. The following night I was walking another barracks and saw the same woman with two other men. For about a week I saw this woman have sex with several men. One night I was working the back gate when this woman drove through the gate in a van with her and eight other men. This woman had nothing covering her breasts. I waived the van through. When my shift ended, I drove around and found the van this woman had been in earlier. I walked into the barracks the van was parked in front of. This woman I had been watching all week was on the pool table in the barracks break room naked and getting fucked by this group of guys she had driven onto base with earlier.

Another airman walked up to me and asked if I was going to fuck her. I told him no. He told me everyone else had. I told him that I knew that. He nodded and walked into the break room, got in line and eventually fucked this woman I had enjoyed seeing all week. I watched all of these men and this woman for over an hour. When the woman got up to get dressed I waked away and back to my car. I watched to see if this woman was going to leave. When this woman walked out of the barracks she looked around, saw me and then walked over to me. I was nervous as hell. This woman walked up to my car and asked me if I enjoyed the show. I told her that I had. She then asked me if I would give her a ride home. I gladly said yes.

When we got to her house, she asked me to come in. So, I did. We went into her bedroom. She undressed and laid on her bed. Her body was beautiful. I looked between her legs. Her pussy was wide and oozing cum. This woman noticed me ribbing myself and took my hand and put it to her pussy. It was loose and creamy. This was the first time I had ever touched a woman's pussy, or seen a real one close up. She told me to put my fingers in her, and I did. This was an amazing feeling. And I was proud that this woman wanted me to finger her used pussy. It was beautiful and loose and very inviting.

as I fingered this woman she told me that my fingers felt really good. I told her that I had never done anything like that before. She told me to enjoy myself. As I fingered her, this woman asked me if I was a virgin. I told her yes. She told me that I needed to change that. I told her that someday I wanted to. As I continued to finger this woman, this guy walked into the room and told this woman that he and his wife were going to a friends house and that they would be back later. When he left I asked this woman who the man was. She told me that he was her b*****r. I stopped fingering her. I asked what I should do. This woman told me to keep fingering her or do something more, if I wanted to. I told her that I had to go, but hoped to meet with her again some time soon. I left soon after.

I went home and jacked off thinking about this woman. She was beautiful. She had let me finger her. I felt like I was the luckiest guy on earth. Later that evening I was introduced to this same woman by a mutual friend. We talked for a while, then she and I walked to the park. While at the park I out and out asked this woman if she would marry me. Much to my surprise she said yes. That night I jacked off thinking about her and when I would see her again. I got up and walked to her house. Her bother told me that she was out and to try back in the morning. I drove around to all of the barracks and eventually found my soon to be wife. She was in another guys room and was with three other guys. I watched the four of them for some time. When my soon to be wife came out of the barracks, she saw me and waked to my car. She asked for a ride home again. I of course said yes.

On the drive to my soon to be wife's house she asked me if I intended for her to remain faithful to me after we got married. I told her I didn't expect her to. She smiled and said she was glad, because it was never going to happen. I told my soon to be wife that what had attracted me to her in the first place was that she had sex with so many other men. She told me that she didn't intend to ever stop, either. I told her that thought excited me. When we got to her house, my soon to be wife and I slept together. We just slept together. She told me that she was exhausted and just wanted me to sl**p with her. I told her that I was more than happy to share her bed. While she slept, I did finger her, and she let me. I knew then that I had found the best woman a guy could ever have as a wife.

Three days later me and my wife got married by the justice of the peace. The night prior, my wife had been with four other men to celebrate her last night as a single woman. When I went to pick up my soon to be wife at her house the following morning she was still in bed and with another man. When I walked into her room, my soon to be wife and this other man were going at it. He had just cum when I walked into her room. When my soon to be wife saw me, she told me that Gary, the guy she was with, and her b*****r and s****r in law had agreed to witness at our wedding. I thanked Gary. He told me that I was marrying a great girl. I agreed with him.

T and Gary, T's b*****r and s****r in-law and I drove to the justice of the peace and T and I were married. I was on top of the world. When T and I got ready to leave and go to a hotel that I had reserved for us, T asked if I minded if Gary came with. I told her it was no problem. When we got to the hotel room I got to watch Gary and T again. Gary told me that he had been fucking my wife for over a year. He said, "You have to agree, she does have the best pussy on base." I told him that I agreed, but that T and I had not had sex yet. Gary pulled out of my wife and told me it was about time that I did. T had not seen me naked yet. I took of my shirt and then my pants. When I had my pants off, T looked at my cock and then at Gary then back at my cock and said to me, "Holy shit! Are you k**ding? That's it? That's all of it? I married that?" T then told Gary, "I don't need this. Get your big cock back in me."

Gary told T that he had to go, and that he thought that me and T had a lot to talk about. When Gary left, I asked my new wife what was wrong. She pointed at my cock and said, "Look down and you will see the problem." I asked T what she meant. She told me that of all the men she had been with, and there had been a lot of them, I had the smallest she had ever seen. She told me that her nephew who was only 12 was bigger than me. T then told me, "I wondered why you never tried to have sex with me, and now I am glad you didn't try." I told T that if we never had sex I would be okay with it. I told T that I loved her for her, not because I would get sex from her.

T laid back on the bed and shook her head. She then looked at me, "You and I, we, will not have sex. Trust me. But I will." I told T that if she had sex with others it would be okay because that was what first attracted me to her. T said that just because we were married didn't mean that she would stop having sex with others. I told her that I was okay with that. She then said, "I am married now. I am a wife, but not just to you." I asked what she meant. T responded, "Now that I am married, I am the military's wife." She told me that although she and I were married that all the other guys would have the same marital rights to and with her that I do, only that they would get to have sex with her.

In the twenty seven years that I was married to T, she and I were intimate eight times, yet we never did have intercourse. T told me that if I truly loved her, I would love her without having to have sex with her. I proved my love for her for twenty-seven years, and I still do. While we were married, T gave birth to my oldest son, my daughter and our youngest son. My oldest was fathered by our biker neighbor. Our daughter was fathered by my best friend of twenty-five years. Our youngest son was fathered by a guy I have worked with for almost fifteen years.

Although we are no longer married, T and I are still friends. And she still lets me watch her with others. T and my current wife have been with the same men several times. My current wife's live in has sex with my T a couple times a week. My best friend, the father of my daughter, lives with my T and her girlfriend. I have seen him with T and her girlfriend many times throughout the last 20 year. And my daughter's father, whom I work with, has a picture of T and my daughter and him on his desk. So, every day I am reminded all day at work of what he did for me and T.

I am currently married to another beautiful woman who has just as high, or a higher sex drive than T. I let my current wife quit her job so that she could spend more time with our live-in who works from home, and so that she could have more time to be with others. I work a lot of hours and understand my current wife's need for sexual variety. She loves me for letting her quit working and for allowing her to dedicate herself to what she truly loves . . . having sex with other men.
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3 months ago
too much for me, nice to let her continue though
1 year ago
I think the word you're looking for is Cuckold.,,,have a good life my friend.
1 year ago